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Big Tits

I’ve managed to get home before you and only I know why…

I jump in the shower to get myself ready for what is to happen. I have to be quick as you’re due home shortly. I’m going over what I’m going to do to you in my mind and the temptation to relieve my erection is enormous, but I’m not going to touch it.

I finish my shower and towel myself dry. Running into the bedroom, I throw my dressing gown around me and tie it up at the waist and then make my way to the hall, which is where my plan will come to fruition.

I hear you coming up the drive. All the lights are off in the house and you don’t know that I’m already home. If only you knew!

You put your key in the door and start to struggle through it with your briefcase in one hand and a shopping bah in the other. You look up and see me standing in front of you, leaning against the wall. One leg is up, it’s foot resting on the wall allowing my dressing gown to open slightly. You can see the hair on my chest and can tell that I’ve just showered.

I lean forward and raise my hands until they’re supping your face, then I lean even further forward so my lips are now touching yours. I manage to kick the door closed with an outstretched limb. You’re still standing there, holding your case in one hand and the shopping bag in the other, slightly shocked. Our lips slowly tuzla escort open and our tongues meet in the middle. It seems as though a shot of electricity has shot through the both of us. Still you stand there, unable to release your burden.

I move forward and my arms move around your neck, as our kissing grows more passionate. You can feel my erection against your stomach as it presses your navel. I remove my lips from yours and start to kiss you face and hair. I move my head round slightly so I can get access to your ear. I gently start to nibble your ear lobe and I can tell that you enjoy this as a moan escapes from your lips.

Suddenly, you manage to drop your bags and you encircle my waist with your arms. I begin to lower my head, kissing and licking your neck. I can feel the goose pimples on you and can hear your sharp intake of breath.

I remove my arms from around your neck and lower them until they are level with your breasts. I start to unbutton your whit blouse, just a couple of buttons, enough to expose the firm tops of your breast. My lips leave your neck and travel to your breasts. I can feel you tremble slightly as I start to kiss them, still ensconced in their lacy prison.

You remove your hands from around my waist and reach into my dressing gown. You start to feel for my cock but I move away. This silent signal tuzla escort bayan makes you understand as you remove your hands and place them back to where they were. I resume my kissing. First one and then the other breast. My hands reach down and I tug your blouse out of your skirt. I continue to undo you, working my way up until your belly is bare and I can see your navel.

I again move my head further down, kissing in between your breast and down your belly to your navel. I kneel in front of you and carry on kissing your belly. My hands reach around your back and I begin to stroke up and down on your spine, until I reach under your skirt and begin to feel your buttocks. Kneading them. Caressing them. I look up and see that your eyes are closed, your head leaning against the door, your mouth agape. You start to lick your lips in anticipation of what is to come.

My hands find the zip on your skirt and I tug it down. Your skirt falls around your ankles. The only thing separating me from your pussy is a thin layer of silk. I tilt my head forward whilst still caressing your bottom and kiss you through your panties. I can sense your arousal. I can feel the heat. I can smell you juices. I can see the wet patch starting to form in your crotch.

I move my mouth over you pussy lips and start to lick you through the material. I can hear escort tuzla you gasp. I grasp the waistband of your panties and start to tug them down. I want them in the same place as your skirt. At last, I manage to get them down and you step out of them. You are now naked. I can see your pussy clearly. Your shaven lips are just inches away from my mouth.

You open your legs wider so that I can have complete access to you. I move closer and closer, but not actually touching. I start to blow very gently on your engorged clitoris. The combination of the heat of your pussy and the coolness of my breath send shivers up your spine.

I dart out my tongue making firm contact with your clitoris. I can taste you. I can smell you. I can see the juices running down the inside of your thighs. My tongue starts to vibrate on your clitoris and I raise one hand towards your pussy. I extend my finger and ease it into your warm, inviting wetness.

I start to lap at your pussy with my tongue whilst simultaneously pumping one, two then three fingers in and out of your dripping pussy. This seems to send you into overdrive. You start to shake. Your knees buckle. You take a sharp breath. Your orgasm sweeps over you and you almost collapse from the intensity.

I stand up and look you in the eyes. I have a smile. You can see your juices on my chin. I lean forward and kiss you and you can taste yourself on my tongue. We part our lips. I can see that you are flushed.

“What on earth did I do to deserve that?” you ask.

“Being you.” I reply


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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