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She followed him down the long aisle. Walking just far enough behind him as to not attract his attention, she was smiling to herself. This was a new game to them. He didn’t know the rules. Hell, neither did she, she was making this up as she went along.

They had been seeing each other only a short time. But the excitement she was feeling was indescribable. Just simple things like driving to new parks to walk had become exciting with thoughts of secret meeting places, places where she could kiss his lips and touch his skin. The images of him kissing her and caressing her rushed through her mind. Slightly distracted she almost walked into a display of light bulbs.

He had turned around the corner at the back of the home improvement store. She quickened her pace to catch sight of him again. She turned to head down the same aisle and saw where he was headed. A long stark hallway with “RESTROOMS” above the entryway was before him. Into the men’s room he disappeared. She came to a stop before the door and leaned against the wall to wait for him. He was in the room for a few moments when she realized, this was her chance… Not a soul had as much as walked past the aisle that lead here to the restrooms. It was the middle of the day; there were very few customers in the whole place that she had seen to begin with.

Taking her chances, she opened the door to the men’s room and walked in.

He was standing at the sink washing his hands. He looked up to meet her gaze and a curious look passed across his handsome face. Her eyes darted to the stalls to make sure they were alone in the room before acting any further. They were empty, and when she turned back to his look, quickly she lifted her index fingertip to the center of her lips, motioning him to stay quiet.

He was still washing his hands when she walked up to him and grabbed his left hand out of the sink and pulled him away from it towards the last stall in the room. He had left the water running and his hands were dripping, when he bursa escort looked over his shoulder. He was going to say something about leaving the water running, she could tell.

“Leave it”, was all she said and continued dragging him into the handicap stall of the restroom. She shut the door behind them, turning him so that he was facing her; she forced him to press against the cold, concert wall of the room. She hung her purse on the hook of the door while holding him in place with her other hand on his chest. When she turned to face him a coy smile covered her face, he on the other hand, looked completed astonished and his eyes told her he was somewhat nervous about what was to come.

His lips opened to speak; she reached up and placed her index finger on them, once again motioning him to stay quiet. Slowly dragging the fingertip away from his top lip down to his lower one, she slid it back and forth, feeling the softness of his lips. Lips she envisioned at her breast, suckling her nipples. The thoughts raced again through her mind and she shut her eyes a moment to indulge in them.

When she opened her eyes, he was enraptured with her. His eyes sparkled with exhilaration, waiting to see what she would do next.

She leaned towards him and kissed him full on the mouth. His lips parted and his tongue reached to meet hers. She enveloped his succulent tongue and sucked on it. He groaned with anticipation, the nervousness was draining out of him and being replaced by sheer wanton desire.

Her hands moved up and down his body, rubbing him and touching him firmly through his clothes. He reached up to envelope her in his arms and she pushed them back down to his sides. Still kissing him and caressing him through his shirt, she lifted her knee to between his legs, nudging them apart a bit. He groaned again as her lips traveled to his neck, kissing and licking the tender skin there.

Her hand roamed lower, reaching in-between the two of them, pressing against his stiff cock through bursa escort bayan his pants. He was straining against the material, and his hips thrust to her hand as she rubbed him. Cupping his cock, she worked it up and down through his pants until he moaned again.

She herself was wet with desire to feel him thrust inside of her. She pulled back some from him, and reached down to undo his pants. Pulling the zipper down, his hips pushed towards her. She could see, and hear, and even smell how much he wanted her. She tilted her head to look up into his eyes while moving her hand into his pants. Grasping his hardness, she pulled his cock free from them. He was swollen and red with need.

He leaned forward to kiss her as she stroked his manhood with both her palms. She released his hardness and pushed him against the wall again. Somewhat rougher then before, he bounced off the wall some then came to rest his back on it, looking down, letting her have her way.

The water in the faucet he had left running abruptly stopped. The couple froze, looking at each other then the door of the stall. They waited for a split second, as they heard a man move into another stall of the bathroom.

So as not to be caught, she quietly backed away from her amorous lover and put the lid down on the toilet behind them. Then quietly she got up on it and kneeled, so her feet couldn’t bee seen from the rest of the room. She grasped his cock again in her hand and moved him to stand in front of her. Anyone looking under the stalls would have seen a mans legs and shoes pointed in the direction of the toilet in his stall. She turned her face up to his and grinned. He was stifling a laugh himself, when her hand started to stroke his cock again. He looked at her with disbelief as she stroked him back and forth, playing with the head of his penis, pleasuring him.

They continued like that, him standing in front of her, her stroking his rock hard cock, until they heard the man in the neighboring stall finish escort bursa his business and leave the restroom.

Undetected and undeterred by the interruption, she once again pushed her lover to press his back at the wall of the room, stepping down off the toilet; she immediately dropped to her knees in front of him.

She dropped one hand from his cock and used it to spread his legs enough to pull his pants down more. Pulling them to his knees, she fully exposed his hard on, and balls to her face. He inhaled sharply as the cool air from the room hit his privates.

Without looking up, she leaned in and took his cock in her mouth, sucking on it, using her tongue to cup it. His head fell backwards towards the wall and he moaned with what could have been mistaking for a sigh of relief. She loved to hear him moan and groan for her, and took it as an incentive to suck faster. Her right hand held the base of his dick as she followed up and down on it with her glistening wet lips. Her left hand reached up between his legs and cupped his balls, gently tugging at them with her fingers. Coinciding soft tugging with the envelopment of his engorged dick with her mouth, his hips were thrusting forward to meet her.

She moved faster still, wanting to bring him too the plains of orgasm. His hips drove towards her, and soon she felt his hands on each side of her head, intertwining in her hair. She allowed him to glide her mouth onto his cock with his thrusts and grasps of her hair. They moved faster together, both wanting him to explode.

She was moaning with passion, creating a humming vibration in his balls as she sucked on his shaft. The combination of thrusts, tugs, vibrations, and sucking put him over edge. He let out a soft yell as he shot his hot semen into her warm silky mouth. He seemed to cum forever, filling her mouth with his juices. Slowly she released his cock and pulled back. She tilted her head back, opened her mouth to show him his own cum, then promptly swallowed it and stood up.

A look of such pleasure passed over his sweet face, she smiled at him, and to herself. She leaned in and kissed him again, full on the mouth. Turned away, gathered her purse from the hook and walked confidently out of the men’s restroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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