Hole In One

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Big Tits

“Birdie! Do you know what that means? Not only was I one under par, but I also won the game. Time to pay up, little man!”

Robbie had always been the better golfer. People sometimes say golf is a “man’s” sport, but this definitely did not apply when it came to Robbie and Greg. For the past couple years, Robbie and Greg played a bimonthly game of golf. It was just eighteen holes of friendly competition, and this time was no different. The stakes were generally lunch…that is, until Robbie had another idea.

It was about 3 PM on a Saturday afternoon. Robbie and Greg took their usual table below the Hollywood Blvd. sign at the Chili’s on McSweyn. As on most Saturday afternoons, the restaurant had only a few people in it. The lunch rush had subsided and the dinner rush was not quite ready to start. This was perfect for Greg and Robbie; they always enjoyed their quiet, post-game chats.

“Ya know, I almost had you, Robbie. I was only two strokes shy. Next time is going to be different – mark my words!”

“Oh really? I think this is the 5th time you’ve said that in as many months. We’ll see.”

“We will!” The last Greg said with a sort of childish arrogance. Greg didn’t really think he was going to win; he was simply a sucker for competitive sport.

Lunch continued with the same old banter as usual. Robbie asked about Greg’s sister in Alaska and about his job. Greg inquired about Robbie’s dating life. It was more out of jealousy than genuine concern or interest. Greg had always found Robbie attractive. It was that attraction that sparked their friendship to begin with. Robbie’s shoulder length auburn hair had a wave at the bottom that let it tuck under her cheekbones. Her chipmunk like features seemed mousy to some, but incredibly sensual to him. Of course, the 36 C’s she was hiding below that beautiful face was nothing to be ashamed of either. Robbie was definitely hot.

As soon as it began, Robbie’s victory lunch ended. They parted their ways with the promise that the following Friday night they would meet for drinks at a local bar.

The week passed slowly for Greg as he anticipated his evening with Robbie. When the night finally came, he was greeted to his delight by a tight pair of black pants and blue mid-drift shit wrapped around a gorgeous brunette.

“My you look stunning tonight!”

“You’re not lookin’ to shabby yourself, Greg. I like the new shirt – silk?”

“Yep!”, Greg replied.

The two drank the night away and even danced a bit. bursa escort As Robbie drank more, he noticed her dance moves getting more risqué. A friendly distance between the two shrank to the point where Greg felt Robbie was almost freaking with him. The vulnerable appearance of her droopy eyes and small outfit gave Greg a massive hard on. Thankfully, Robbie did not seem to mind or notice. It was about 2AM when the two decided to leave the bar. Greg had to be up to meet some friends in the morning; otherwise he would never have left Robbie’s presence.

“Ya know, I was thinkin’…” Robbie slurred “Maybe we should up the ante for next weeks match”.

“What do you mean?” asked Greg.

“We always do lunch. Lunch is fun, don’t get me wrong…but I think you need a little more to lose than just a few dollars to force you to get your game better.”

Greg was not quite sure what Robbie was insinuating, but in her current state, it sounded like it was going to be good.

“Whoever loses the next match has to give the other person a strip tease. Whatya think of those stakes, buddy?”

All Greg could do was blink a bit. Was he hearing properly, or was his hearing distorted from all the alcohol? He figured he’d go for the long shot and assume that he heard correctly.

“Strip tease sounds fine. I’ll see you on the green at 8 next Saturday?”


Robbie wobbled a bit as she attempted to shake Greg’s hand. The both parted ways and went home for a good night’s rest. Unfortunately for Greg, his night’s rest didn’t come until he had first.

It was Saturday morning and the birds were chirping. Greg and Robbie gave each other a friendly hug as they met near the first hole. For most of the game, it went pretty much as usual – Greg was close, but Robbie was still doing better.

As they finished up the 11th hole, Robbie commented, “I hope you wore some cute undies, Mister,” and winked.

To Robbie’s dismay, the 18th hole ended with Greg ahead. Robbie pouted a bit about losing, but it was all in jest.

“So, I’ll meet you at ‘Friday’s in a few, right?” Robbie said quickly as she dashed for her car.

“Oh, no no no. You said strip tease, so I want what’s coming to me. My place, 30 minutes?”

Robbie blushed, “I didn’t exactly expect to lose, Greg…”

“Fair is fair and a deal is a deal. It’s time for you to pay up!”

Greg felt like the luckiest man in the world. Robbie’s bluff had come back to bite her, and he was about to have one of bursa escort bayan the most gorgeous asses in the world bare in front of him. He was about ready to start masturbating in the car, but he knew better.

Robbie had showed up at Greg’s door about 20 minutes late and her breath had the hint of beer on it. When Greg commented, Robbie’s only reply was that she had to loosen up a bit for her performance. She was a bit giddier that she had been when they left the course, and her clothes had changed. Robbie had donned a tight, black mid-drift with a slinky black miniskirt. She looked sexier than ever and the bulge in Greg’s pants grew in appreciation. Greg moved to sit down in his favorite chair and placed his hands in his lap.

“Before you start, Robbie, I just want to let you know you don’t have to do this if you don’t feel comfortable.”

“A deal is a deal – I’m just going to have to live with it.”

Robbie then put on the sexiest grin she could and sauntered over to Greg’s chair. She slowly slid her arms around his neck and slid herself forward. For a moment, she let her hot breath tickle the side of Greg’s neck before pulling her arms away and sliding her bare-topped breasts into Greg’s face. Greg blew a kiss in appreciation after Robbie had pulled away. She then slowly turned away and danced a bit to an imaginary tune, letting her hips gyrate and her rear swing sensually in front of Greg. Greg took the moment he had without Robbie’s eyes on him to stroke himself over his jeans for a little relief. Robbie’s head turned and she looked over at Greg and gave him another smile. Grabbing the bottom of her shirt, she slowly lifted her arms and peeled it off revealing her bare back. Robbie tossed the shirt over her shoulder and crossed her arms over her breasts.

“You tease!” was Greg’s response to seeing Robbie’s barely covered body revealed in front of him. Robbie gave a pout look and uncrossed her arms to reveal her dark aureoles. Shortly after, she gracefully peeled down her skirt, leaving her in a sheer, black thong. With a sexual gate, Robbie moved back to Greg’s chair and this time sat on his lap. She could feel his hard member through the fabric of their garments and found herself getting even more aroused than she was.

Robbie rocked her hips back and forth slowly, pressing herself firmly against Greg’s covered cock. “Feels like someone is enjoying themselves…”

Greg’s eyes had closed and his head had tilted back at Robbie’s movements. Between their escort bursa dry sex and the alcohol, Robbie was fit to burst with frustration.

“How about we let the big guy free, eh?” Robbie slid herself down Greg’s front until her face was between his legs and her hands had a grip on his fly. She unbuttoned and zipped Greg’s jeans and tore them away, taking his boxers with them. Once free, Greg’s cock sprung to life. It was not anything huge by any means, but it still maintained a modest 6 ½” staff. Greg almost came instantly watching Robbie lick her lips and then take his member in her hand. She stroked it slowly up and down, as if milking it. Her eyes were transfixed on the meat in front of her.

She glanced up at Greg to ask, “Enjoying yourself?”

“Mmm…yes…please, don’t stop.” Greg moaned.

“As you wish…” the last part was slightly muffled as Robbie’s lips wrapped themselves around Greg’s firm penis. After a few cycles on his member, Robbie let her lips and tongue dance on his head, teasing him to the point of madness. She smirked to herself as she watched Greg’s face contort with a mixture of pleasure and frustration. She made the decision of releasing him from his misery and worked herself into a frenzy of sucking and stroking as she molested his cock. Greg’s breathing became heavier and his moans more urgent as he neared climax. A large grunt was the only warning Robbie had before a stream of warm semen sprayed down the back of her throat. Robbie let Greg finish before sliding her lips off of his now decaying erection.

“Was the prize worth the win?”

Greg puffed a reply of “Yes…yes…”

Robbie looked up into Greg’s eyes and replied “I’m glad. There’s only one problem…”

“What’s that?”

Greg knew the answer. A question like that only leads to one answer.

“I’m going to be stuck with the taste of your jizz the rest of the day.” She said with a frown. It wasn’t the answer Greg was expecting, but he shrugged in response. Robbie shrugged herself and stood up and wandered to the bathroom.

For the next few minutes Greg simply sat in the chair quietly, reflecting on the past few moments. He had always fantasized about a sexual experience with Robbie, and now his fantasy had come true. The part that was different from his fantasy was that Robbie didn’t seem to care. She had bounced off to the bathroom like it was any other afternoon. This left an unsettling feeling inside of Greg. It appeared on the outside that this bet truly was only that – a bet. No emotion, no great sexual passion, nothing. Just a bet. A mixture of hurt and anger built up in him. Greg’s boiling point was reached after a few moments and he stormed off to the bathroom – he wanted answers.

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