His Shirt

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It was the sound of running water from the next room that woke me. Stretching languorously, I became aware of the small aches and chafes I acquired through the night. A small blush crept up my neck as I heard him move about in the bathroom. The door was slightly ajar, and every now and then I would get a glimpse of him through it as he walked by completely naked.

Smiling softly, I remembered the night we shared together in this very bed. His bed. It had such a lovely sound to it as I quietly mouthed it. ‘His bed.’ I felt my body shiver when I said those words.

Quietly I slip from under the silky sheet to walk towards the partially opened door. I stop to pick up his white shirt. It lay over the arm of the chair where he threw it the night before. Holding it bunched in my hands, I raise the shirt to my face, inhaling deeply. His scent envelops my senses. I picture him in my mind wearing this shirt. The way he looked last night when he opened the door to me and welcomed me into his home.

I can still see the warm fire burning in the grate of the huge fireplace. Smell the faint aroma of vanilla from the candles burning on the mantel and side table. Hear the sound of slow background music emanating from hidden speakers in the room. Opening my eyes, I slide the soft cotton shirt up my arms, wrapping myself in his aura.

I listen and hear him humming, recognizing the tune immediately. It transports me back 12 hours and the beginning of our evening together.

As I make my way back to his bed, I think about the night we shared. He was the perfect gentleman. In all the time I have known him, he has never appeared flustered or out of place. Never at a loss for words, he is able to put the shyest person at complete ease or instill a sense of wariness and caution to the most aggressive of men. The words …a man’s man…come to mind when you think of him.

I sit on the edge of the massive bed, turning to look at the mussed sheets and scattered pillows and I can’t help but smile. I touch the small pink whisker burn on my breast and remember how his mouth looked when he nuzzled me there. Pushing back onto the bed, I allow myself the luxury of laying amid the rumpled sheets and pillows, listening to his movements in the other room. Hugging myself, pulling his shirt tighter around me I remember our night together. Closing my eyes, I let the memories of the night we shared surround me.

He opened the bottle of fine Bordeaux with ease and experience. The fine art of pouring was ingrained and he did it with a finesse and sense of style. The wine tasted like a drop of heaven mixed with fine tart berries, hints of lavender and the essence of arousal and desire. He kissed me after that first sip. The lingering flavour of Bordeaux combined with his taste was a heady mix. The slight lick on my bottom lip as he withdrew his mouth added to the slow burn that was beginning inside me.

He stepped back with that little sexy smile on his lips that he does so well. The small wink he added pushed me over the edge. I had to laugh. I had to release some of the happiness and tension that was churning inside me. He knew it was there, waiting just under the surface to erupt. I suddenly felt so relaxed, so at ease. Imagine! One small kiss, one small smile and one little wink were enough.

He took my hand and led me the small open space in the living area. I walked into his arms easily when he turned towards me. It felt so natural to have his arm around me, holding me close to his body. His other hand held mine tight to his chest as he began the slow steps bursa escort to the ballad playing. His hand slipped gently down my back to press me into him. We fit so nice together.

Swaying slow together we danced. My cheek resting against his chest and his head bent slightly to rest his jaw against my temple…..we became attuned to each other. When the song ended he stepped back. I could hear him inhale deeply as he turned his back to me, and adjusted the screen in front of the fire. He walked over to each candle and blew each one out. He stepped back to me with the unasked question in his eyes.

With a slight nod I smiled at him. He picked up my wine glass and his and handed them both to me to hold. Picking up the wine bottle, and with his hand on the small of my back he led me to his bedroom. I could feel the blood rushing through my veins on that short walk down the hall. I could hear the rush of my blood and yet every little noise, every small breath seemed so loud also. It’s amazing how the senses become so acute when your body is alive, awake and aware.

Setting down the bottle, he comes over to take the glasses from my trembling fingers. He begins to light the four candles in the darkened room as I walk slowly around the room. I peek into the bath and smile as I see the huge Jacuzzi tub and large walk in shower. Turning back to watch him in the candlelight, I admire his tall frame. His hair is dark and slightly on the long side. His hands are large and very capable.

He is wearing the shirt I like tonight. Soft white cotton, long sleeved, with small pearl buttons. It fits him so well. It molds to his body in all the right spots. Walking softly over to him, standing quietly as he sets down the lighter. Reaching up I carefully unbutton the top one. He watches me without saying a word. When I loosen the second one, he stops me with the touch of his hand on mine.

“Are you sure you want this J?” He asked. ‘Because if we do this, there is no going back’

Looking up at him I smile and whisper, “This is where I want to be.”

He releases my hand and lets me continue touching him. I work each button loose, taking my time, letting my eyes drink him in. He allows me to set the pace. He knows inside that I need to be the one guiding us right now. My fingers holding onto his shirt just over his belt, I pull it free from his waistband. He sucks in his tummy to help me release the shirttails.

Concentrating now, I finish with all the buttons. My eyes never leaving him, I release the buttons on each cuff. Reaching up, I gently touch him under that hollow at the base of his throat. Watching his eyes, I drag my finger down over his skin, down between his pecs, to his tummy and down around his belly bo. The edges of his shirt brush against the back of my hand as I touch him.

I watch his eyes darken and I can see in them how much he desires me. It emboldens me to touch him more. Working slowly, with great concentration I work on his belt buckle. Pulling it apart I let the ends hang loose. The button at the waist is soon slipped opened and I can feel the strength inside him as he fights his desire to quickly open them for me. He lets me take my time and it empowers me.

The sound of the zipper being slipped down half way is loud in my ears. I can see his tummy muscles clench as I pull on the metal tab. I step back away from him now. I catch his eyes with mine and hold them. I begin to remove my clothing for him. I take my time undressing for him. The silken blouse with its five buttons is first. I slip each button and watch his bursa escort bayan eyes as each inch of my flesh is exposed for his pleasure. I let it fall from my shoulders with a shrug, and leave it where it lands on the floor. My skirt is next. One long zipper at the side and it too joins the blouse on the floor. Standing before him in my heels, panties and bra, I can see the pleasure in his eyes.

I reach for his hand and pull him with me to the bed. I sit on the edge and pull him toward me. I press my hands, fingers spread on his chest and study how wonderful they look on his skin. I pull them down his skin to his tummy and let my fingers dig into his skin slightly. The small body hairs tickle at my palms. With my eyes I follow the hairline that arrows downward. My right hand slides down to slip gently into the front of his jeans, just resting inside the small opened vee. My fingers clenched and unclenched to dig and release just above the straining hardness. I hear him suck in his breath and he presses my hand tight into his groin.

I know he wants me to finish unzipping him and to release his cock from its confines. I wait until he removes his hand, then slide my fingers down into his jeans. My hand enclosed around his hard straining cock, barely touching him and begin to stroke slowly up and down. With each stroke, his zipper slips down further and further till it’s completely opened. I push his jeans down with my free hand, and he steps out of them for me. My hand never stopping its slow, barely there stroking.

I bend my neck and begin to lave the head with my tongue. Gently at first. Teasingly. Light curling licks round and round the head. My hand strokes the length of him so gently. My left hand slipped under his balls to tease and caress. I feel him lean back slightly, so he can watch me pleasure him with my mouth. His hand brushing back my hair, tucking it behind my ear so he can see what Im doing to him. He leaves his hand at the back of my head, fingers weaving into my hair, gripping it gently. He presses just a little bit on the back of my head and I slip his hardness deeper into my mouth. My tongue caressed him, wetting his shaft with my mouth. I can taste him now. He is leaking onto my tongue, coating it with his slick. Pressing down I let him slide deeper into my mouth. As he presses himself forward. The head slipping on my tongue, I begin to fondle and tease his balls with both my hands. Fondling them, rolling them in my fingers, feeling how swollen and full they are. My mouth is sliding up and down his thick long shaft, sucking hard with each pull back. Listening to him breathing quickly, the encouraging murmurs he is giving me, I know he is getting close to coming. He holds me with both hands at the back of my head, and presses deep and holds himself there. The warm saltiness is a direct contrast to the sweetness of his pre-cum. I swallow once, twice, a third time. He is groaning deep in his throat and trying to breathe at the same time. He holds me to him as he catches his breath.

My mouth and tongue savoured him. Caressing him softly.

Pulling back with a small smile, he lifts me up to him. He kisses me gently, softly, mouthing my lips with his. Sitting back on the bed on my knees, I help him remove his shirt. He turns and tosses it onto the arm of the chair behind him. His fingers brushing slow over my shoulders and down my back. They find their way to the top of my butt cheeks and slip inside. As he kisses my shoulder softly licking a warm, tantalizing path up my neck I feel him push my panties down my thighs. He lays me escort bursa down onto the bed and removes my panties completely. His hands begin stroking slow from my knees to my ankles removing my shoes deftly. He looks at me and I feel my inside start to melt. He never stops touching me. His hands were consistently soothing and exciting at the same time. Small gentle touches across my tummy, down my thigh, over my calf. It’s like he’s trying to memorize my body through touch. He moves to l up beside me without stopping the easy caresses. I scoot in closer to feel our skin touching each other from shoulder to shin. He slips an arm under my shoulder and pulls me to lie on top of him. It makes me smile to think of that. Such a smooth unhurried move made without any effort at all.

He whispers … ..”you fit nice there, a perfect spot for you. Take what you need J …tonight is your night”

I’m sure he could feel the shiver that raced through my skin at his words. Pushing back to a sitting position, I straddle his hips. I allow myself the time and the pleasure of exploring his body. My fingers began touching, caressing every little mark or scar. Rubbing slowly around his nipples with my fingertips, watching him close his eyes and arch slightly under my touch. I can feel him growing underneath me. My touch was arousing him again.

I reach up and undo the clasp on my bra, tossing it aside. I stroke two fingers on each hand across my breasts. I feel how aroused they are, the small pink nipples aching with desire. My hips are grinding slow over his hardness trying to ease the ache that is in my core. I can feel myself begin to slide over his long length as I rock back and forth. I am stroking myself on him and I feel my arousal wetting him. Fingers clenching into his chest muscles, I let myself lean forward to lift my hips to tease myself on his cock.

The tension and burn of arousal was high and almost painful. I know I need to let myself release. I ache to feel the burst of orgasm consume me, but I don’t want this delicious edgy tension inside me to end either. Stopping with long moan in my throat, I feel my labia wrapped around his cock. There is a throbbing in my deepest core and I know I’m close to exploding on him.

I look down at his face. He is watching me with half closed eyes. I feel myself quivering inside, my insides melting further. Without taking my eyes from his, I lift up my hips. I watch his face as I nudge his cock to my pussy and feel him slip inside. One long, slow, and deep slide to my very core. My breath is taken from my body in that one slow filling.

The air in the room is stolen and replaced with a hazy thick curtain of need.

Eyes closed, I begin to move on him. No sound, no voice, no thought. Only the slow hips grind into him. Selfishly I took from him. I could only feel my ache, my tightly coiled arousal inside me. Arching back, my hand reaching up to squeeze my breast, I felt it. That first delicious wave of orgasm. That first hit of pleasure.

It washed over me so easily, so lazily, so fully that I wasn’t prepared for the strength of it. Spreading up my core and through my senses. Finally catching my breath with a deep gasp I hear him and feel him. His hands gripped my hips tightly, with fingers digging deep into my skin. His hips arched under me with the flood of heat inside me. He fascinates me in his orgasm and the pleasure radiates through me again as I watch him come inside me. He pulls me down to lay on his chest as it heaves to regain its equilibrium. My breathing matches his….

I hear the shower turn off and realize I have slipped into the best kind of daydream possible. Pulling his shirt tighter around me, I rub the soft cloth into my skin as I watch him walk toward me with that sexy smile.


…For Scott

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