His Favorite Shirt

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I pad barefoot into the living room with my tea cupped between my hands. He looks up from his book and a smile turns up the corner of his mouth as he looks me up and down. His t-shirt hangs loose on my bare breasts with my lace panties barely peeking out from underneath. Fresh out of the bath, my wet hair hangs over the shirt, wetting it down the front and teasing ever so close to my hardening nipples, which can be seen through the shirt without the help of the water.

“Come here” he says in that deep, husky tone that makes my stomach flutter. I decide to add a little extra sway to my hips as I walk over to him. He places his book on the side table then takes my tea from me and sets it down too.

“Are you trying to kill me with this?” His words echo the plea on his face as he slides his hands around my waist. “This old thing?” I tease, shrugging, as I slide my fingers through his hair. Looking into his eyes I lead his head towards mine and lean to kiss him softly on the lips. He moans and kisses me deeper, teasing my tongue with his and biting my lip as he pulls away.

I stand and stagger slightly but his hands on my waist steady me. He pulls me closer until my legs straddle his. Suddenly his mouth is over my nipple. Sucking through the shirt, using the friction it creates to his advantage. The sensation jolts through my body and makes me wet with anticipation. As he ravages one breast then the other, his hands caress my legs and slowly up my sides, moving the shirt out of the way as he goes. He pulls away and looks at me mischievously before ducking his head under the shirt making me giggle out loud as he kisses my belly button and sliding his hands around to grab my cheeks. My laugh is cut short by a gasp as I feel his mouth slide over the bursa escort front of the lace. He licks and sucks where he wants to be.

“Fuck this” I say under my breath as I tear the shirt over my head. As soon as I am free I pull his mouth to mine and sit down to straddle his lap. I kiss him ravenously tugging on his lip with my teeth as I pull away. He kisses my neck up to my ear where he whispers “Do you know how much you turn me on?” I smile and slide my hand down to find out for sure. “I have an idea” I whisper back as I find his hard shaft fighting against his jeans, drawing a moan from him. I pull in closer and use the clothes between us to tease him further as I grind my lace into him and feel him strain against the jeans willing to be let free. It must be too much because he picks me up as he stands and flips me into the chair instead. Tearing his shirt over his head he leans over and kisses me.

“You’re asking for trouble” he says as he stares into my eyes just inches from my face. He takes off his jeans and frees his hard shaft, which eagerly springs loose. As soon as I see it, I lean in and take him in my mouth. Sucking the tip, then a lick and a kiss on the head. A long lick up his shaft then a second suck that goes deeper and another deeper repeating until I gag on him. The moan I hear from him and the look in his eyes when I look up through my watery eyes is worth it. I love having this effect on him. “My turn” he says as he kneels down pushing me back in the chair. He spreads my knees and finds his way between them as he leans over and kisses my bare breasts. Sucking my nipples, his hand slides over the lace, the last remaining barrier between us. He rubs harder as he finds that perfect spot over my clit and grazes my nipples with his bursa escort bayan teeth as he pulls away.

He draws the lace down my legs and discards the panties leaving me completely exposed for him. He stares at my sex with a hunger that makes me want him just as much. His fingers rub again where the lace used to be, now tender and sensitive. He leans in and covers my clit with his mouth. Sucking long and hard making me writhe beneath him. One long lick before he slowly works one finger inside me watching my eyes darken as he does so. He crooks his finger and slowly draws it out again. He adds a second finger watching me and taking pleasure in the moans he draws out. He sucks my clit as he slides his fingers slowly into me and back out. Picking up the pace, he pins down my sex with the other as I try to writhe away from him. He feels me getting tighter and tighter inside and as he feels me start to come he pulls out and rubs my opening ferociously sending my juices flying as they squirt from me. He licks my wet pussy reveling in the taste of my orgasm. He gently rubs my pussy and kisses me. I love the taste of my juices in his mouth.

“Ready for more?” he asks. I can’t make sentences but I nod enthusiastically with “Hell yes” running through my mind. Now malleable in the daze of my orgasm, he rolls me over and places me how he likes. My knees propped on the chair and me leaning into it. My ass is sticking out to greet him. He rubs my ass appreciatively before closing in behind me. I feel the tip against me. He rubs up and down from my clit and back covering himself in my wetness. I groan as he slides into me. He slides out and back in once more filling me.

“Wait” I say. He smiles as he remembers how much I love this moment. This moment escort bursa he fills me with his pleasure. I could stay like this forever but we both get impatient and he draws out slowly then swiftly pushes back in filling me once more. He gradually picks up his pace. Harder and faster going so deep I can feel him all the way inside me. I am sure I am making unintelligible moans and screams but none of that matter as all I can focus on is that feeling of being filled to the brim. Every so often I feel his hands on my hips or hear his pants and moans, but mostly it’s the feeling of him inside me. It isn’t long until I feel my muscles tighten and I clamp around him as the bright white of the orgasm clouds my mind. He pulls out and leans over me. He kisses my neck and wraps his arm around me to hold my breasts as he lets the orgasm rack through my body. “That’s my girl” he whispers in my ear.

As I come down from the pleasure, he slides back inside me working back and forth slowly. “You want it?” He asks. I nod knowing exactly what he means. He stands and glides his hands down my back. He licks his thumb, making sure it is nice and wet. Then places that thumb on the tight pucker above his cock, rubbing lightly as he works his hard cock in and out just below, then he gently slides his thumb in. The sensation is so intense. Every nerve ending on edge and I am back to that place where I feel nothing but his cock and his thumb. He uses his new hold on me to his advantage and plunges deeper than ever with his hard cock. I begin to tighten once more and this time the feeling of me tightening around his cock brings him to the edge with me. As my orgasm races up my spine he pulls his finger and his member from me and finishes, covering me with his pleasure.

As I fall blissfully down from my intense orgasm back to reality he pulls me up to stand in front of him, wrapping his arms around me. As he leads me back to the shower he mutters one last thing. . “You should only ever wear that shirt.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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