Highway Ride

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7I am driving in a highway, speeding and feeling the friction between the tyres and my car vibrating throughout my body.

The town I am going to is just few minutes away now, after having driven a few hours. I see the red and blue lights flashing behind me and I realize that I’ve been ‘caught’. I pull over, the police car stops behind me. I see a police officer taking his time to leave his car, and though daylight is fading, he’s still wearing his sunglasses.

He approaches my car door, leans over and studies my upper body. He shows a cute smile which doesn’t match his voice tone when he orders me to get out of the car. I get out and without giving me any time, he grabs my arm and pushes me around, against my car, facing him. He removes his glasses and now I can see his eyes traveling my body.

He tells me that I was speeding, hence, broke the law and that he will have to body search me, just in case. Then he turns me around, and now I am facing my car, when I begin to feel his body getting closer and his hands around my neck, going down my shoulders, my side, following the shape of my body. I can sense he is kneeling while touching my hips, down to my legs. He stands up again and his hands move to my breast. bursa escort I try to resist, I can feel him too intimate, but he pushes my body against the car, with his leg, and pushes his body against mine to restrain me, while whispers that I have to let him do his job, obey and be a good girl, or else. His fingers are pressing my breasts, his chest against my back, he starts undoing my blouse, and sliding one hand inside my bra, grabbing my left breast, finding my nipple and playing with it until it is hard, restless like my breathing. Then it is my right breast’s turn. He does the same, and then, each of his hands are cupping each of my breasts, after he pull my bra down.

After he plays with me like that for a while, he fixes my bra, and tells me that he wants to check my reaction to his authority. I am still pressed between my car and his body. His hands move to my hips, he places his leg between my legs and spread them open. He starts playing with my skirt, while making comments on how I am shaking. Telling me to relax, that he’ll be doing only what’s necessary, he gets his hand underneath my skirt while holding me around my waist. After fondling my ass, my hips, my tummy, I feel his fingers walking over my g string, then bursa escort bayan pulling it to the side. Now his fingers are walking all over and around my pussy. He keeps telling me to stay still, to open my legs, while I am to push him away. I tell him to stop, I tell him many things, but he doesn’t seem to care. And then he reaches between my pussy and finds out how wet I am. He starts fingering me while telling me to accept his touch and how much he is making me enjoy, so much so, that that will be my punishment for speeding, he’ll make me enjoy, spreading my own wetness with his fingers, until he thinks it’s time to letting me go.

But he won’t make me cum, he wants me to keep resisting, he just wants to make a point of all the things he could do for me and my pleasures, but instead, he won’t, because I have been a bad girl. By then, I am not resisting that much, I want to touch my own breast, but he doesn’t let me, he restrains my arms above my head, against the car, and he is still fingering my pussy. I am rubbing myself against the car, he tells me stay still. He says that he is not going to get inside my pussy, but he is enjoying how much wet it gets by the second. I ask him to let me feel his finger inside, he says, escort bursa no way. That goes for what it seems a timeless infinity, an all senses shaking experience, until he lets go of his strong restrain, moves away from me, licks my neck and spanks my ass while he tells me to get back in the car and drive away, slowly. He says he’ll follow me to make sure I’ll obey, that he doesn’t want me touching myself either.

I can hardly move, I feel like if I don’t rest against the car I will faint. He grabs me from my hair, pulls me away, opens my car’s door and orders me to get in and move. He repeats to me, softly, looking into my eyes as if he is actually penetrating me that way, that I am not to touch myself, though I am allowed to shiver as much as I want. He is laughing while he walks to his car and drives away.

I don’t remember how I made it to the town, to my destination. It was supposed to be a relaxing drive through the highway, and here I am, confused and aching, craving for more of what I didn’t comprehend. My breasts are swallowed, my nipples still hard. For some strange reason, some supernatural power, I won’t, don’t want to want to make myself cum. I finger my pussy and lick my own juices, expecting to taste the flavor of his fingers instead.

The small town, the hotel room’s privacy, the silence of this country town at dusk, I know somehow that I haven’t yet seen all that there is from this guy,,, but that’s the second chapter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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