Hidden Treasures Ch. 02

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Authors note: I want to thank my friends, ‘Naked in Seattle’ for their help in writing about nude cruises.

Hidden Treasures Ch. 2

Fantasies Come True

Kim showed me no mercy that day and forwarded a link to a web site dealing with nude cruises. She made it worse by adding, “Let’s get naked and go online to check it out.”

We both had been on cruises on the large ships before but this would be different. That evening, during dinner, we talked about our fantasies. The nude cruise we could easily do but did we want to make the other fantasies a reality? We both were excited about the idea and agreed that giving it a shot would be fun. Our first priority was to check out nude cruising. We sat at the computer, Kim in my lap so she could type and she placed my hands on her tits. “Your hands make a great bra,” she said with a smile.

“A difficult task but I’ll do my best.”

We read about nude cruises and selected one that fit our busy schedule. I really wanted to know more about the nudist life style and suggested we see if there was some blogs or someone we could talk with who could give us some insight. The internet can be a great resource and we found a blog written by a couple who live in Seattle. We sent them an email stating some of our concerns and questions and hoped they would reply.

We returned to the web site of a nude cruise just to look at the pictures. I told her that I was sure a lot of guys were going to enjoy looking at her body, to which she responded that the women would feel the same about mine.

“I’m sure we’ll find a wide variety of people doing this cruise for various reasons. Who knows, we might satisfy the threesome fantasy on the cruise as well. Do you think you could handle two women?” Kim asked.

“It’d be fun to try,” I said. “Will you eat her pussy while I fuck you from behind?”

“Oh, I like the thought of that. How about you in my mouth and another man’s cock in my cunt? Would you like that?”

I pulled her closer and said, “Just talking about it makes me horny, and the answer is yes as long as you’d like it.”

“Here’s what I think about it,” she said and then placed my hand against her very wet pussy.

It felt so wet and wonderful that I finger-fucked her to an orgasm. She collapsed into my arms and I held her until she caught her breath.

“It’s my turn so don’t go away.” She left the room and returned with some lube that was in her special treasure box.

She put some in her hand to warm it up and then began to give me an exquisite hand job. It was an incredible sensation and soon my knees were getting weak as my climax was building. Just as I was ready to cum, she placed her mouth on my cock and I felt my load pump through her hands.

The next day I received a text from Kim saying that she had a reply from a couple in Seattle. They were happy to share their experiences and answer our questions. The one stipulation was they wanted a video chat. Kim said that wasn’t a problem and thought it was a good idea, too.

That evening we met ‘naked in Seattle’ via the internet. A handsome couple, who appeared to be several years older than us, however, the first thing that we noticed was they were nude. After the introductions were made, Marge (the wife) suggested we get comfortable, too.

It only took a few moments before Kim and I were also naked. Kim remarked how free she felt and a bit naughty. “Well you both look great and I’ll say that there will be a lot of people enjoying how hot you two look,” Marge said with a big smile.

I asked them what they could tell us about doing a clothing optional cruise for the first time. Len and Marge had sailed more than once with the group hosting this cruise and gave them high praises. He gave a good explanation of what it’s like from the nudist point of view. Sensing that this was a lot of information, he sent an email with the following information:

You register like any cruise, through seemingly endless lines of fellow travelers. The only difference from other cruises at this point being there are no children. Boarding is the same boring process as well, followed by the mandatory life boat drill. By the way, at this point you still have your clothes on. Additionally, you’re always clothed when in port as visitors may come aboard and people on the ship can be seen from the dock. An announcement is made when the passengers can get nude – this is always followed by a loud cheer throughout the entire ship. Clothing is required in the dining room although it can get a little naughty. At the buffet, nudity is allowed for all meals. Other than that, nudity is permitted everywhere…pool, hot tub, etc.

First let me say that, even though we’ve been nudists and swingers for some time, the freedom to be naked (I like ‘naked’ rather than ‘nude’) on the ship practically 24/7 is life changing, especially in an environment like this. To be able to just get out of bed, brush your teeth, and go to breakfast is a real kick. By the way, don’t let anyone tell pendik escort you that nudists aren’t voyeurs and exhibitionists. They are. All that bullshit about the spiritual and healthful aspects goes out the window when you’re on board a ship with 3,000+ naked bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Nudist etiquette:

– You always sit on a towel or an article of clothing. Towels are provided throughout the ship.

– It’s rude to stare. Casual glances at any and all body parts are permitted and usually encouraged.

– No intimacy in public areas of the ship.

There WILL be swingers on the nude cruises. Some cruises have a blog for swingers to make themselves known and possibly see if there are any swingers from your home town. One cruise, there were wrist bands given out to the couples who registered on the blog. This was helpful. Additionally, any and all sexual behavior goes on behind closed doors in the staterooms or suites. Oh, our neighbors did a lot of fucking on the adjoining balcony, though, and didn’t mind us peeking, listening, and commenting.

At discos or other party gatherings, it will only be slightly risqué, no more than at clothed parties – just that you can see everything.

Connecting with like-minded couples is not a problem or you can use the blog idea. At the bars and disco, you can tell if a couple is shopping for partners and the old ‘wanna have a drink in our cabin?’ always works. When you’re dancing with a naked person, it’s obvious if he or she is interested in more than dancing.

The ship’s crew are clothed in the usual uniform for their position. All crew have the ability to turn down a nude cruise – none do. They say the nudists are the best passengers. But, just like all cruises, the crew are not allowed any fraternization with the passengers.

I voiced my concern about dancing in the disco and getting an erection. Len laughed and said, “Get over it; you’ll have one for sure.”

“You will also find that for the people your age, most of the women have very little or no hair on their pussy and the men are trimmed too,” Marge noted. “You both look great right now. I see you prefer the bare look, Kim.”

We chatted more about the places they had been that were clothing optional. They seemed to enjoy the nudist and swinging lifestyle. Who knows, we might see them, literally, on a future cruise or at a resort.

That night Kim and I were even more excited about the cruise. We talked about the idea of swinging and decided it had to be by mutual agreement. If we are approached and both feel comfortable with the couple, then we might do it. Either party was free to say no.

The cruise was several weeks away. I was spending more of my time at her house than mine and we began to settle into a routine. We enjoyed the time really getting to know each other more than just sexually. The evenings were perfect for long walks after dinner and we talked about what was important to us and what we desired in a relationship. We purchased a recommended relationship book and read it together. Being in love with Kim was more than I could have imagined.

In the meantime, we enjoyed lots of great sex. I really enjoyed the morning BJ ritual and Kim thought it was the best way to start her day, too. She felt emotionally secure with me and eager to explore her sexual side. I just hoped I could keep up.

Time flew by and soon we were headed to the ship. Even though Kim and I had prior cruise experiences, this was our first together. If you would have told me a year ago that I would meet an incredible woman like Kim and go on a nude cruise, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Usually when I’m waiting in a line and going through the check-in process, I like to say hello to my fellow passengers. Those on a nude cruise are different as they are much more friendly and outgoing. We met several couples our age and received several invitations for meeting up later for drinks.

The boarding process went smoothly and soon Kim and I were in our cabin. I didn’t take any time in removing her dress. Our clothes were soon on the floor and Kim’s cunt was wet and ready for my eager cock. Our love making was raw, intense, and I pounded her hard with my thrusting. A long day of anticipation had us both in a lustful frenzy. It didn’t take long for Kim to cum and I soon added mine with hers.

I collapsed in her arms, catching my breath and enjoying the sensation of my cock inside her cunt wet with cum. I looked into her eyes and my smile became a grin and then I started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“This is like a dream. I’m with the woman I love and we are on a nude cruise.”

“I love you, too and I’m so happy that we are living our dream together.”

“Now that we’re here, what about swinging?” I inquired.

“Well, we’ve met some nice people who enjoy being naked. I’m ok with it if you are.”

“If the right couple comes along and we are both in agreement, then why not? Speaking of being naked, why don’t maltepe escort we put on the robes the ship provides and sit out on our balcony.”

We felt sexually intoxicated standing at the rail with the warm breeze going up our robes while we looked directly at passengers on a cruise ship across from us. It was all I could do to keep Kim from flashing them. I solved that problem by standing in back of her and holding her robe across her breast. It was pretty obvious to the voyeur on the other ship that I was copping a feel by the way he grinned and gave me a thumbs up.

We heard the balcony door open from the adjacent cabin and a few moments later, we saw a couple standing at the rail. We noticed they too were wearing their robes. We exchanged greetings and learned that our neighbors, Bill and June, were from Austin and were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. They were very friendly and invited us to come on over and join them for some champagne.

I don’t know if June heard me gasp when she greeted us at the door as her robe was hanging open. I didn’t want to stare so I looked over at Bill only to discover he was also naked. “It’s ok to look, Larry,” she said with a grin. “Make yourself comfortable,” she added as she tossed her robe on the bed.

I felt a bit embarrassed because, when I removed my robe, my dick was pointing straight out. “That will happen a lot on the cruise,” June said with a big grin. “How very nice for you, my dear,” she said, looking at Kim.

“Oh, I take advantage of it very often,” Kim replied with a giggle.

“We’re new to all of this,” I added.

“Welcome to the wonderful world of nude cruising,” Bill said.

“I take it you two have done this before.”

“Several times. As a matter of fact, we have done six nude cruises so far and this is our third on this ship.”

“What made you decide to do it?” Kim asked.

Bill and June looked at each other, laughed and then June said, “One night we were sitting in the hot tub and somehow the conversation turned to our fantasies. It turned out we both had thought about doing a nude cruise. To make a long story short, we tried one and really liked it.”

It was our turn to laugh. “We had the same fantasy,” I said.

“Before you ask,” Bill injected, “We don’t engaged in any swapping or swinging.”

We toasted to their wedding anniversary and then chatted about cruising in general and places we’ve gone. Suddenly, we heard the announcement that now we’re officially a nude cruise. You could hear a cheer erupt throughout the ship. I took Kim’s hand and we joined June and Bill on a stroll out to the pool deck.

When I surveyed the pool area, it was full of naked bodies of every shape, size, and age. It was certainly a festive atmosphere. Kim squeezed my hand and gave me a kiss as she pulled me to the hot tub. The group in the tub was having a good time and they made room for Kim and me to literally squeeze in. It didn’t take long for us to be part of the merriment. Even though I tried not to stare at the naked bodies around me, I noticed that everyone around me did their fair share of looking. Some were more discrete than others and the nicer the body, the longer the look.

It seemed very strange to go back to the cabin and put on clothes for dinner. Kim put on a simple black dress, sans underwear, and I wore the required slacks and polo shirt. I did have on my new thong that Kim surprised me with for the cruise. I must admit, it looked sexy and felt great. She said she was looking forward to removing them later.

Dinner was interesting to say the least. Although the men were dressed casually, the women were a lot more audacious, sporting see through blouses, neck lines that plunged to their waists, dresses with slits up to their navel, and some very short skirts. I was in eye candy heaven.

There were four couples at our table with Kim and I the youngest. We also were the newbies as far as nude cruises go. That was evident by the outfits the other women wore. The whole scene ranged from sluttish to very erotic. Regardless, they all did their best to make us feel welcome and the talk at the table was about doing their first nude cruise and why. The common theme being that it was a fantasy and easy to do. Jim and Terri, a couple closer to our age, invited us to join them at the disco. Kim gave my leg a squeeze and said ok.

On the way back to our cabin to undress for the rest of the evening, Kim and I were anxious to know each other’s thoughts.

“One thing for sure,” Kim said, “I felt overdressed. Tomorrow I’ll wear a blouse and not button it.”

“What do you think about Jim and Terri?”

“I like them and we’ll see if they have other things in mind tonight.”

“And if they do?”

“I’m good with it. How about you?”

“I am, too.”

We made our way to the disco and spotted Jim and Terri at a table. The place was full and the bunch of naked bodies jumping around to the music was quite a sight. Tits were flying kartal escort everywhere and dicks were going in all directions. I tried not to stare as we made our way to their table. Jim laughed and said, “Pretty amazing sight isn’t it?”

I nodded then shifted my look to his lovely wife. She stood next to Kim and I could see she was slightly taller, with a nice figure, and almost the same size breasts. I couldn’t help but notice the erect nipples on both women and like Kim’s, Terri’s pussy was bare. Drinks were ordered and over the loud music we chatted about the cruise. They do a nude cruise or a nude resort every year, depending on work schedules. It wasn’t long before we decided to dance. I danced with Kim first and then started alternating with Terri. All the slow dances I reserved for Kim. I loved holding her in my arms and kissing as we danced.

We were having a good time with each other and I was doing a pretty good job of not getting an erection. That isn’t to say I was limp either. All that changed when the DJ played ‘The Twist’ by Chubby Checker. I was dancing with Terri and due to the crowd we were standing pretty close. I watched her tits sway back and forth and my dick was doing the same. Watching her and other people’s body parts in movement was turning me on. Every now and then, Terri would look down at my cock, but when she saw it getting larger she looked at me with a big smile and then shifted her gaze back down. By the time the dance was over, I had a full boner.

I was told this would happen and when I looked around I discovered I wasn’t the only one proudly displaying my manhood. Terri took my hand and was practically beaming as we made our way back to the table.

When Kim saw me she had a big grin. “No more dancing for you, I need to take you back to the room and take care of this.”

Terri responded with, “I see you did a good job getting my husband excited, too. I believe I need to do the same.”

“I love taking care of my man,” Kim replied with a big grin.

“Me too,” Terri rejoined. Then both girls began to giggle.

“Have fun tonight, Jim.”

“You too, Larry.”

Then we high fived and escorted our ladies out.

Once in our cabin, we made a dash to the balcony. It was our goal to make love on it every night. I detected some moaning sounds coming from Bill and June’s side. I peeked around the partition and saw Bill’s head between June’s legs. Kim looked over and whispered, “Let’s make some noise.”

Kim grabbed the rail, bent over and said, “I want to feel your cock deep inside.”

I rubbed my cock head between her wet pussy lips then pressed it against her love hole.

She gasped and sighed as I slowly filled her cunt. “Oh yes, fuck me hard.”

I held her hips and pulled her hard as I drove my cock in deep. She reached down, fondled my balls and matched her thrusts with mine. Her hand shifted to rubbing her clit with a sense of urgency. Her breathing was quick and shallow and I knew she was near the edge. Suddenly she gasped, arched her back, and grabbed my balls as her body trembled. After a few moments she said, “Wow, that was intense but I’ve got to sit down before I fall down.”

She moved into a chair, pulled me close and placed her lips around the head of my cock. Now it was my turn to gasp. I was in sensory heaven as she took me in deeper and swirled her tongue all around it. After she licked my cock clean she took it once again in her mouth and began a slow face fuck. The sensation was incredible and soon my hips were matching her strokes. I was panting and I could feel my climax building. I let out a low groan and filled her mouth with my load.

Our morning wake up came in the form of an announcement over the PA from the cruise director reminding everyone that we were in port and appropriate attire was required on shore and throughout the ship. I mentioned to Kim how surreal it felt going to breakfast and seeing so many people we had seen au natural the night before with clothes on.

We spotted Terri and Jim and they motioned us over to join them at their table.

“Nice to see you two,” Terri said with a big grin. “Although what you ‘wore’ to the disco last night was a lot more fun,” she added with a laugh.

“For sure,” I replied. “The view last night was far better.”

Terri turned to Kim and said, “I take it you took care of Larry’s…ah…”

“Hard cock? Actually he took care of me first. How about you?”

“We probably did the same. Sometime we should compare.”

“When we signed up for this cruise, one goal was to make love on the balcony.”

“I’ll bet a lot of balconies were in use last night for that purpose, ours included.”

“We…ah… sorta peaked around the partition and ah … witnessed our neighbors enjoying some … ah … cunnilingus,” Terri said with a giggle.

Suddenly the conversation became X-rated as the girls talked about sex and oral sex in particular. Jim and I just sat there, grinning from ear to ear at each other. I was ready for a repeat of the morning BJ Kim gave me earlier. I had a strong feeling that things were going to get much hotter than just the conversation. My blissful state was interrupted when Jim asked, “You mentioned one goal; do you have another?”

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