Herb Dominates Ann

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Editor: jellybelly2


One day Ann and Herb both are getting ready at their own places for a fun night in at Herb’s place. Maybe just a nice dinner and a movie and some snuggle time on the couch. They shower, shave, and practice good personal hygiene because they are sure there will be some intimate touching tonight. Ann is feeling pretty excited about tonight; she’s had a rough week at work and is ready to blow off some steam. The sexual tension has been growing between the two all week. Ann is ready for whatever the night brings.

Ann does all the things she needs to do to get ready; body lotion, and makeup- which she doesn’t need much. Herb likes the natural beauty of a woman. She even slips on a thong; hoping they won’t stay on for too long as she gets ready for her man!

Ann jumps into her car and drives a few miles to Herbs’ house. She parks her car, and beeps the horn. She gets out and walks up the sidewalk, and up four steps on to the porch. She sees the front door open to see Herb dressed very sharp. He smiles at her through the screen door. She loves his smile. He finishes opening the door to let his love into the house.

She steps in and closes the door behind her. He starts looking her over; liking very much what he sees, but not saying a word. The door closes. He reaches out and takes her hand, and pulls her against his body for a hug. He looks into her eyes and kisses her passionately; their eyes closed, and mouth open. Their tongues dance around in each others’ mouths. He holds her tight against his body; rubbing her back.

He stops kissing her mouth and moves to her neck- still no words have been spoken. He kisses her neck up and escort ataşehir down, then he bites her neck. She gasped at the pain… the pleasure. He spins her around and pushes her face against the door. He slaps her ass, then reaches around and unbuttons her jeans. With some authority, he grabs the top of her jeans pulling them down to her knees, and her thong also moves down. Revealing her bare ass, he keeps her pinned up against the door. He kneels down and takes his hands, one on each butt cheek and spreads them apart. He then buries his face into her ass. His tongue slips right into her muff. He pushes his face even harder into her ass from behind; trying to stick his tongue even farther into her pussy. He then moves to her asshole and slips his tongue in there. Licking all around it, he moves back to her pussy; now really flowing with juices. In this position his mouth can’t work on her clit. He just moves back and forth between her two holes; eating for several minutes.

Herb stops eating but still keeping her pinned. He stands and undoes his pants and lets them fall to his knees. He takes his hard cock in his hand and slips it between her cheeks. The head of his rock hard cock hits Ann’s asshole. It opens to take half of his head into it. Ann gasps, but Ann has never been fucked in the ass before and can’t take his cock in her ass. She wiggles her hips and the head of his dick slips out of her asshole and slides into her pussy. With one push he is balls deep in her from behind. He grabs her hips pulling them back into him, trying to put as much in as he can. He starts fucking her hard and deep from behind. With every push forward, he tries to go deeper into kadıköy escort her; continuing in this position for at least 5 minutes. But then he stops and pulls his dick out of her. He spins Ann around; looking into her eyes, he places his hands on her shoulder to lower her down. She complies and lowers her head down, and kneels onto the floor.

Herb’s throbbing hard dick was there in front of her face- dripping with her juices on it. He grabs the back of her head and pulls her toward him. She opens her mouth, taking as much in as she can. The taste of her juices on his cock is exciting to say the least. She sucks long and hard, twisting her head around the shaft back and forth, really getting into it. It doesn’t take long for her to suck all of her juices off of his shaft. He takes his dick out of her mouth then stands her up; reaching down and removing his jeans and underwear, then her jeans and panties. She still has her top on, but Herb pays that no mind. He takes her hand and moves her to the edge of the carpet facing outward onto hardwood floors. He sits her down so her ass is just on the edge of the carpet. He takes his hand on her knees and spreads her legs open, and lays her on her back. Herb kneels beside her, and takes his right hand up her thigh; moving closer to her pussy.

He moves his thumb to make contact with her clit first and slowly rubs it. Then he takes 2 fingers on the same hand and lines them up with her hole. He slowly pushes them in and makes small circles as his fingers penetrate her wet pussy to spread her juices all over his fingers. He slowly starts to bang her as his thumb is still working her clit. He starts to pick up rhythm; banging maltepe escort bayan harder. Faster. Deeper, and now starts to work her g-spot. Herb takes his left hand and places it on her belly and pushes downward, to help give him access to her g-spot. He really is hitting it good. His fingers banging her wet pussy were now making sounds from being so wet. He starts banging her in a violent manner.

“I feel so damn good,” she said. She sits up with his fingers still inside her and grabs his arm that’s inside her. “I gotta piss,” she says.

“It’s not possible. Just relax and let it come, lay back down,” he says.

He starts banging again. She starts to moan, starting to squeal, he can feel her pussy contracting around his fingers. Then a great squirt of liquid hits his hand. She cums all over the hardwood floor. Ann is breathing hard. Herb reaches his head down between her legs and laps up some of her cum. She doesn’t do anything but lay there exhausted. Herb cleans her up best he can with his mouth, then stands up.

Ann looks up to see his hard prick waiting. She rolls over and crawls forward to position herself. He takes his dick and slaps her face with it. She takes a few slaps and reaches up and takes it in her hand, and places it into her mouth once again sucking his dick. Sucking all the precum out of it, he starts to hump her face; not forcing it down her throat but deep into her mouth. She continues to suck for about 5 minutes and his breath quickens, his legs begin to shake, and he starts moaning. He reaches down and takes his cock in his hand removing it from her mouth. She’s looking up; and him down at her. He makes 2 strokes of his dick, and cum squirts from it- three decent size loads landing on her face. She watches it happen and takes his cock and cleans off the head with her mouth. He takes it back out, and slaps her in the face again. He then smears his cum all over her face; marking his territory, and owning her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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