Her Masterful Tease

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The cock in her hand was of average width but its formidable nine inches made it appear exceptionally long. Together the nude lovers sat in bed where she had molded and transformed his manly putty into the stiff veiny monster that now pulsed in her grip. She possessed a practiced graceful manner in performing handjobs. The soft suppleness of her hands coupled with the hardened vigor of her extra long fingernails could entice his love flesh into supplying seed on demand. Her demand. Oh, the sweet economics of it! She could rule supreme and manipulate his “little fella,” instinctively knowing all the spots that made him turn to jelly. She had pumped, slowly at first, then, cupping the balls, had gently pinched, squeezed, and scratched his rod with her perfect manicure. Yes, and now she had it pulsing like a hornet stinger in July. He laid back, a mere slave in her young veteran fingers and grateful to go wherever her whim would take him. Supply and demand, oh the sheer beauty of it!

And so there it was – a fully grown manroot born in her hands. She curiously admired her labor of love. The pink blood-engorged flesh, the protruding spongy vein, the over-sized helmet that crowned her handy work, the vulnerability of his ball sack; she loved it all!

Unaware of the mile-wide smile that had slowly stretched across her angelic face, Sarah clearly became embarrassed when Marvin looked up and caught her grinning. “Is there something funny about my cock?” he asked. “Oh, no” she said, “not at all, honey, it’s just that I never knew your cock was so long and beautiful. The morning sunlight brings out all its magnificence, its boldness, its soft pink and perfect skin. It’s like I discovered it again for the first time. Am I making sense?…oh, it doesn’t matter, I love the warm feeling of power it’s giving me. I love getting you hard and making you need me to finish the job and get you off. I guess you caught daydreaming about what I plan to do to it.” A nasty thought popped in her mind when she spied a clear pearly droplet of pre-come nesting atop his peehole. It sparkled in a ray of sunlight seeping through a crack in the curtains. Firmly holding his member in her fist, her tongue quickly dipped down and scarfed it up cleanly in one deliberate lick. “Mmmm, what a tasty morsel, Marvin,” she purred with a smile and rolled the viscous tang between the roof of her mouth and the flat of her tongue, exploring and relishing its musk and texture. “Jesus, you taste so fucking Goddamned delicious!”

“You really enjoy how it tastes?” Marvin asked.

“Oh, baby, you have no idea how much. There’s simply nothing quite like the taste of semen.”

“I’ll soon have plenty more for you, my dear” Marvin anxiously promised her.

“I sure hope so. Just the thought of eating a mouthful has got me ablaze with desire!” she seductively whispered in his ear, “why don’t you come sit at the edge of the bed. I want to blow you. I want to suck that fucking gorgeous dick!” Marvin moved to the mattress’s edge and she kneeled between his legs, positioning her pretty face adjacent his hairy crotch. She was not aware that his cock measured nine full inches, and frankly, wasn’t concerned with numbers. At her young age of twenty her only concerns were to please her man and to make her dream of throating this motherfucker a reality. She barely contained herself.

Though many of her girlfriends often complained how they hated giving blowjobs to husbands and boyfriends, Sarah never backed down from the opportunity. She had a mind of her own and she knew what she liked. To her, wrapping her two full cherry lips around cock and making it wet and hard by using her skillful tongue and throat was the most pleasurable part of sex. Nothing compared to making soft cock erect and left helpless to her devices. The fact that she held the key to extinguishing its demanding needs heightened her prowess. Even during her period she habitually sucked dick.

And so there ataşehir escort bayan it was poking out right at her face, so near she could feel his heat emanating through its thin veiny skin. Sarah wanted nothing more than to put that hot pecker between her pucker yet she also knew getting there was half the fun. And she so wanted this to last and last.

Sarah lightly let her breath fall upon it. It throbbed in response. Taking it in her hand, Sarah stretched open her jaws as fully as possible and placed the head of his cock into the darkness of her mouth without making contact. She exhaled her hot breath across it, teasing and warming him. When he throbbed and bucked she quickly pulled her head away and freed him from her hand. It now protruded just a half inch from her lips. She studied it closely, fascinated with his blood engorged muscle. It nearly cried out to her, “Lick me, lick me!” Looking up into his eyes, she pouted her red lips as if she were about to kiss the peehole. She dearly wanted to, of course, but held out on him. He moaned in agony of forthcoming ecstasy. She had him right where she wanted him. Slowly she worked her warm tongue lightly along the body hairs of his inner thighs. She had nearly brought him off earlier and now this tease made him long for release like he had never experienced before. Her tongue toyed with all the tender areas inside his thighs but never once did she lick his manhood. He grew petulant and she knew it. “Oh, baby please suck it, take it in your mouth please!!” he anxiously pleaded, “I gotta blow my load!” He reached out to grab her head. She pushed his arms away.

“Marvin, honey, please listen to me. I want to bring you to your absolute limit. I want to tease you until you can’t bare it any longer. I want to take you to that place where you have never been. That place where you simply can’t control yourself anymore. To the very edge of lustful rage, honey. Then, and only then will I surrender myself for the taking. I know you know what I’m here for and I know you won’t let me down, love.”

As eager as he was, he did enjoy the tease and conceded that he was intrigued by her suggestion. She then took the sash from her nearby robe and asked him to put his hands together behind his back. Wrapping the sash around his wrists, she tied them securely.

“There,” she said proudly, still on her knees, “I’ve got you just where I want you.” Her fingers ran through his chest hairs, rubbed his thighs, tickled his tummy, fingered his belly button, and all the while his pulsing cock zeroed in on her face. She blew on it, spat on it, and finally began jerking him. She scratched and juggled his balls as he moaned in lust. Then once again she stopped. He was a rocket ready to be lit. She pondered letting her dark curled shoulder-length hair caress his manly fruit when another pearl of sperm revealed itself. Instinctively, she caught it on her index finger and smeared the slippery droplet across her rosy lips like gloss. Their eyes met as she held his balls tightly and ran her tongue around her lips. “Mmmmmm…” she hummed.

As before, she stopped. Sarah froze. With lips literally atoms away from the tip of his purpled pepper, he felt her hot breath cascading over it. She loved surveying his helpless rod with her wide green eyes and especially grew fond of how the slickness of her bright tangerine nail polish played off the pinkness of his bristling hard-on. She thought about getting it on video or at least a Polaroid.

Then quite unexpectedly he felt her nails running themselves up and down the sides of his legs. Again she puckered up her lips. He became dizzy. Seemingly from nowhere, her hand grabbed his cock and pumped it rigorously. She looked him square in the eyes and presented her extended tongue as a pillow for his cockhead to rest upon while her relentless pumping yanked him to the brink. He moaned, ready to fire when she abruptly stopped, squeezed his escort kadıköy nuts, and pressed the underside of his penis, stifling his climax. With panting breath and pounding heart, he bucked several times to a dry ejaculation. His throbbing uneasily subsided.

Marvin was burning. “Come on, baby finish me now. Free my hands. I WANT YOU NOW!!”

“Now, now, settle down big boy. You’ll have your freedom all in good time,” she said, loving every minute of it. She stood up and said she needed to get a drink of water. “No. No, Sarah, make me come first. Goddamnit, come back here.” Marvin stood up and followed her.

“Hey, go sit down like a good boy and wait there for me or I’ll stop everything. Maybe I’ll just go out shopping. Would you rather I do that?”

He gave her an impatient look but returned to the bed. She went down stairs to the kitchen. A few minutes later, she returned with an ice cold glass to water. Sarah got back into her cocksucker position, placing the glass on the floor. “I see you’ve lost interest” noting that his cock had grown soft. “I haven’t lost interest. I just miss you, honey, and it needs you to grow again,” Marvin quite nearly whimpered.

Taking it in her hand, she pumped the blood slowly back into it. Just as it was hardening, she held it with one hand while the other peeled and pushed back the forskin. When the red head was in full view, she rubbed the peehole slowly across each of her lips. “Look, honey, natural lipstick! Too bad they don’t make a cum-flavored chapstick, I’d be their biggest customer”

Parting her lips she began to suck him. Getting wet and steely again. He closed his eyes enjoying her favors. Stealthly she took the glass of ice water and in one quite motion, shoved his nuts in the glass. The cold sensation took him by surprise and he almost blew his load. She then dipped his pecker in the water, making it cool. She alternated putting it in her mouth and then in the water. After a few minutes of this, Sarah took the glass to her lips and drank it down.

Now with one hand she captured the head of his cock with her nails and pulled it up and held it while she dipped down and sucked greedily on his hairy balls. She made twisting, turning motion with her nails on his cockhead as she exploring the taste of his nuts. “I love sucking you Marvin, tasting your salt and musk, getting my face fucked, licking your balls. I want to be your blowjob queen. I wish that every time you come it would be in my mouth. Tomorrow when you come home from work, I’ll be the the kitchen. I want you to walk over to me without saying a word. Drop your pants, and start jerking off. I’ll just be sitting there watching you watch me. When you’re about to come, just nod your head. I’ll then wrap my lips around it and catch all of your spunk. Do you think you can do that for me?” Marvin was losing himself. Soon she just held the cock straight up with one hand, pinching the skin tauntly from the back side of the shaft so that the thick fleshy duct tube protruded. With her free hand, Sarah rhymically tapped it with her fingernails, up and down its length. Well, poor Marvin. That did it!

She’d broken the camel’s back. Marvin lost control. He was agog with lust. “Please, Sarah, enough. I mean it. It’s now or never. Untie me. I have got to have you right fucking now!” he managed to communicate to her in a deliberate and steady tone. She stood up and freed his hands.

He quickly stood up, put his hands on her shoulders, and pushed her to her knees. Marvin grabbed her head with both hands and she opened her mouth. She pumped his dick between her lips, giving it a thorough coating of saliva. This was essential for this impending face-fuck that she knew she was about to receive. Always lubricate the cock; experience taught her well. She quickly lapped the entire length until it literally dripped with her saliva. He then waved her hands off his cock and told her to sit on them. While maltepe escort he secured her head with his hands, he began ramming his cock in her mouth. Her pussy grew wet in anticipation of deep-throating. He rocked back and forth and at this point she managed about half the cock before the gagging reflex made her cough a bit. “Sorry,” she said.

“No, problem, baby. You’ll get into a rhythm, because I know you know I aim on taking this cock all the way down your throat.”

And indeed she did. And soon they were riding. Sarah relaxed my lower jaw muscle. Now his cock could easily soar fully and completely down her throat. Numerous times it plunged down her wet damp cavern. Though this intruder of flesh explored dark forbidden space, it quickly made this place its home. This blind worm of cock had a will all it’s own. She lost herself. She became nothing but an accommodation for nine demanding inches of bubbling tube steak. Sarah, too, became crazy in carnal fever. Each time the Cock Ness Monster submerged down her throat, she managed a small orgasm.

Between strokes she managed to blurt out: “Marvin, jam it down and hold it there. I need to gag on it!” She surrendered her mouth to him. It plunged its way down until her lips met his balls and he held her head down and rubbed her face into the nest of his hairy balls. He bucked a few times before finally letting her have some air. Gasping, Sarah took several deep quick breaths before taking on another mouth cram. Once again he buried his meaty tool in her gullet. The walls of her esophagus contracted and she gagged, coughing up the monster. Thick strands of spittle hung from his cock to her lips. She took air and composed herself. He quickly gathered the hanging strands with his hand and rubbed it all over her cheeks and chin. She glistened in her own saliva.

Breathlessly, she begged, “Don’t stop…I want more…fuck my mouth…bury that cock again…come on you bastard, dick my fucking throat…do it!”

He stood up, grabbed a fistful of her hair from the back of her head and forced his guiltless wonderboy in and out of her dripping mouth, coaxing down her throat. Sarah’s pussy juices stained the carpet. She began rubbing herself and climaxed several times with a throatful of dick. “Jerk me!” he commanded. Her fingers encircled his wand as she held the head to her tongue. Pumping it slowly, more pre-cum seeped from the peehole. Sarah drew the precious seeds directly into her mouth. It was going to happen any second now. In preparation, her hands found in his ass cheeks. As she anticipated the joyful eruption, her entire body trembled.

BOOM! The first wave of jism spurted hotly inside her mouth and she pulled him in, stuffing it down into her dick den. “Take it all, suck it in baby, eat my fuckin’ jism!” It was here, in the sole darkness of her pharynx, she held him and relieved him of wad after wad of sizzling cum as he moaned in pure unadulterated euphoria. She treasured the way his semen splattered her insides, how it clung like hot goo to her tonsils before sliding ever so silky down the recesses of her throat. The green of her eyes peered into him like an adoring puppy. Being force fed cum was not new to her. She craved it.

With no choice but to swallow, she dug her nails into his ass cheeks and he responded with two more squirts. He very slowly and carefully withdrew his expired cock. After taking several deep breathes of air, she grabbed the base of his shaft with her hand and expertly worked her thumb up its underside so that she could completely empty his dying penis of sperm. A large white glob oozed out the head and she allowed it drop to her waiting tongue. She held the runny oyster on her tongue just long enough for him to see before she swallowed the remaining lifeforce. Marvin’s gun was out of ammo. Finally.

His heart raced, lungs expanding and contracting, body sweating. He crashed into the bed. He was a dead soldier, another satisfied customer. Sarah curled around him placing her head on his tummy. It warmed her ear as she thought of letting him grow soft in her mouth but then decided to let him rest. In the morning, just as the sun rose, she’d go down on him. Again. And again when he returned from work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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