Help Around the House Pt. 02

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Daniel showered and thought back on the amazing morning he had had. The house phone rang as he left the shower. He warily answered it.

“Hello.” he wheezed.

“Mr. Masters?” a voice asked.

Daniel froze.

It was Holly Grayson from next door. She must have been home.

He regained his composure and said “Yes?”

“Mr. Masters. Can you call over here? I need your help and my parents are at work.” she said.

“Sure.” he replied and the line cut off.

He got dressed and cleaned himself up.

He popped next door and stood on the porch for a moment, brain whirring in case of the worst.

Holly opened the door almost immediately and gestured him in.

She was nineteen, just started college. She had long blonde hair and green eyes framed by a plain black pair of glasses. She wore a long sleeved white t-shirt with black stripes, a denim miniskirt and black Converse. She was tall, like Emily. Holly was nerdy and sweet, with a crooked smile that was endearing.

She shut the door after him.

“So, Holly. You said you needed help?” Daniel asked, eager to be in and out.

“I’m happy you’re here, I thought you’d have work.” she said, her naturally husky voice was doing no favours to Daniel’s focus.

“I’m actually sick.” he answered coolly.

“Same here.” Holly replied, with a sly wink.

She started walking up the stairs. Daniel followed mutely, hoping this would be brief.

Holly led him onto a landing and paused at the nearest door.

“One sec.” she said and opened the door slightly and peered in.

She had her ass stuck out in the denim miniskirt and her back arched. Daniel felt a hunger that he didn’t expect then.

“All clear.” she chuckled and opened the door.

She walked into her bedroom. It was dominated by an unmade king-sized bed.

“Mr. Masters, I was taking a day off from college today.” she said, in an unfamiliar tone.

Daniel felt his blood turn to ice, he knew where this was going.

“I got up to make some coffee when I saw you in your back garden with your maid.” she said.

“Ok Holly. What do you want?” Daniel asked.

She turned to face him with an almost bashful expression.

“Well Mr. Masters I saw her leave, I know that Rachel is generally pretty busy and that you may be still a bit ‘fired up’.” she said softly and slowly walked towards Daniel.

“I know I’m still a ataşehir escort bayan bit ‘fired up’ and I was up here.” she admitted, blushing.

Daniel was in shock registering the connotation of what was being said.

“So how about we just have a bit of fun on our day off?” she smirked and stood in front of him.

He weighed up the situation. She wasn’t wrong about his readiness and Daniel felt himself aroused by the impure thoughts he had just had about Holly.

“OK. If this were to occur.” he said, Holly’s expression lighting up.

“There would be rules.” he said firmly.

“One” Holly began. “Not a word to Mrs. Masters or my parents.”

Daniel nodded, inwardly thrilled at Holly’s insight.

“Two, this is today. I’m not looking for a married boyfriend. Having a regular one is tricky enough.” she joked.

Daniel’s ego flared at the attention she was giving him and that he was worth cheating on her boyfriend.

“Three” Daniel began, trying to regain control. “If you want to be fucked by a married man, then no condoms.” he said.

Holly’s smirk broadened at this. “Well, I’m not on the pill. So, this ought to be very interesting.” she purred.

Daniel stepped just in front of her, her fingers already trailing down his chest.

“Four. We wrap this all up by 4.” Daniel said. Holly grabbed his belt and unbuckled it quickly.

“Mmm, sounds good to me.” she said slyly.

“Now, can I have my first taste of married cock?” she asked wide-eyed as she reached into his pants and grasped his cock.

“Yes you may.” Daniel gasped as Holly dropped to her knees and wrapped her soft red lips around his shaft.

Her mouth was the perfect balance of warm and wet. Daniel cursed at the exquisite pleasure he was feeling. Holly certainly had either remarkable natural talent or had spent high school leading a double life. Top grades in the class and being ‘very friendly’, especially to guys.

Not that Daniel cared regarding her promiscuity, he had leaned back as this not so innocent blonde worshipped his cock with her mouth.

“Oh fuck me.” Daniel gasped. Holly let his cock pop out of her mouth. “Well that’s the plan Mr. Masters.” Holly giggled.

“You certainly know what you’re doing.” Daniel sighed, as Holly grinned at him while jerking him off.

“Well. Being as nerdy and innocent looking as me, most girls didn’t suspect that I was mastering escort kadıköy these skills on their boyfriends.” Holly admitted with a smirk.

“I thought you had the skills of a slut.” Daniel replied.

Holly’s face shifted to a naïve looking expression, despite her hand stroking him expertly. “But, Mr. Masters, I’ve only had sex with one boy. I just gave some other boys who needed it a hand, and sometimes to stop them making a mess I used my mouth.” Holly answered sweetly.

“Well Holly, today you’re going to use your pussy to stop me making a mess.” Daniel growled.

“I don’t want my bedroom to be a mess and I’m meeting my boyfriend later. So I can’t have a ‘different’ taste in my mouth. So I guess you’re right Mr. Masters.” Holly agreed with a wicked grin.

“Holly. Take everything off.” Daniel ordered.

Holly pulled of her t-shirt to reveal a red lacy bra that held her small pert breasts in place. She had a nice figure that suited her well. She slid her skirt down, revealing matching red lacy panties.

“Holly. Stop.” Daniel said.

Holly paused, looking confused.

Daniel took out of his phone and pointed it at her.

“Smile.” Daniel said.

Holly chuckled and posed several times as Daniel took photos.

She then took off her shoes and socks. Daniel undressed himself entirely as she revealed her naked body. She had a small triangle of hair pointing down to her pussy.

Daniel was thrilled, he couldn’t believe he was about to plunge his bare cock inside a teenager.

“Holly, lie back on the bed. You’re about to have a man inside you.” Daniel ordered.

“Can we try doggy after?” Holly asked sweetly, as she lay back on her teenage bed and spread her legs.

“Yes Holly. We can after.” Daniel promised as he lined up his throbbing cock to her young entrance.

He slowly pressed on the gap in her lips and eased his cock inside her. Holly gasped and arched her back as the thick intruder began to force its way into her young tightness.

“You’re going to split me in half.” Holly groaned as Daniel buried his cock deeper inside her. Holly’s eyelids fluttered as his cock passed further inside than her boyfriend had ever reached. She could feel his bare cock pressing out against her fleshy walls blissfully.

“Now I get why they always told us about condoms in high school.” Holly sighed.

“If they didn’t, you’d all only do this.” Daniel maltepe escort added, further claiming her teen pussy.

‘Mmm, Daniel’s right. But I’m unsure to tell Toby that. Maybe just a few of his friends, I’d enjoy the practice.’ Holly thought deliciously to herself.

Eventually, Daniel reached as deep as Holly was and withdrew his cock.

“I can’t believe you opened me up enough to take all that.” Holly sighed, just before Daniel thrust his entire cock inside her in one fluid thrust.

“Fuck!” Holly exclaimed. Daniel set to pistoning in and out of her pussy. “Oh fuck. This is what real sex is, isn’t it?” Holly asked.

“Nearly.” Daniel grunted and he moved Holly so they were in the doggystyle position.

He grasped her by the curve of her hips and slammed his cock inside her. The jolt ran up Holly’s body and her glasses skewed.

Daniel proceeded to fuck Holly hard, plunging into her young depths. Holly’s face contorted with pleasure as Daniel manhandled her in a way that set her pussy tingling.

“Mr. Masters, I’m about to-” Holly began huskily before the orgasm washed over her.

She cried out hoarsely with pleasure and her pussy convulsed around Daniel’s cock that was still hammering her. Daniel grinned as Holly came, her young cum coating his cock. ‘Now, to give this slut a new experience that she’ll remember forever.’ Daniel thought to himself as he felt his own cum rise.

“Holly. I’m close.” Daniel gasped. Holly smirked to herself, flush with carnal thrill.

“Please Mr. Masters, fill me up.” Holly begged.

Daniel thrust one last time and exploded inside Holly’s fertile, young cunt. His seed flowed into her and filled her. “Mmmm.” Holly moaned as she felt her womb fill for the first time in her life. ‘I am definitely doing this again.’ Holly promised to herself.

‘Well, that’s the first teenager claimed in a long time.’ Daniel thought gleefully.

They both fell back on Holly’s bed.

“Best day off ever.” Holly said.

“Yeah.” Daniel agreed and rolled over. He kissed Holly deeply, like a lover would.

He broke the kiss. “How about you give my cock a work over?” Daniel asked Holly.

She shook her head slowly. “I told you I’m meeting my boyfriend later.” Holly reminded him, yet she drifted down towards his waist.

Daniel watched as she looked up at him with a disapproving look, just before she took his cock reverently into her mouth.

She worked it over adeptly and once she let it pop out of her mouth every drop of their cum was flowing down her throat.

Daniel heard his phone and answered it.

“Daniel, Something happened at work. I’m on my way home.” Rachel said curtly and hung up.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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