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I lived on the fourth floor of a pretty nice apartment building downtown. It was nice, quiet and in a great location. I had been living there for several months, when one morning I walked out onto my balcony and saw a moving truck parked at the curb. The movers were carrying furniture and stuff into the building. As I stood there and curiously watched, I saw you helping the movers taking stuff in.

I noticed you right away. It was going to be a pretty hot day by California standards. It was already a hot and muggy morning. Hot enough already that a sheen of sweat coated your body as you made trips in and out of the building. As I stood there on my balcony, I wondered what apartment you were moving into, wondered who you were, what you were like. I watched you as you worked, your muscles standing out, straining against the fabric of your T-shirt.

From a distance I could see your dark hair and your masculine build, the nice tan color of your skin, but I couldn’t tell the color of your eyes. I was definitely intrigued. After a few trips, you came out of the building into the street without your shirt on. I stood there watching you – no shirt, your hair damp with sweat, your jeans clinging to you, the sun glinting off of you smooth muscular chest – and I felt a thrill shoot right through me, straight to my pussy, which was steadily getting wetter and wetter.

I stood there on the balcony on that hot summer morning, in nothing but my nightgown, raptly watching you move, in and out. After a while you must have sensed my gaze on you. You had just turned to walk back into the building, when you suddenly stopped, looked straight up at me and slowly grinned.

Our eyes met and my whole body flushed. Of course I didn’t realize at the time that the sun had me backlit and that you could see everything through my nightgown, including the fact that my nipples were as hard as diamonds, jutting out against my nightgown, and that my pussy was perfectly outlined for you.

I had never felt such intense heat before. After a few seconds, you broke the gaze and continued back into the building. I collapsed in a chair, on the brink of climaxing just from that heated, intensely sexual stare.

Well, time progressed, and you filled my thoughts, my dreams, and my every waking minute. You had become my obsession. Everyday, I looked for you, trying my damnedest to catch even the smallest glimpse of you. I would see your back as you turned a corner, your profile as you passed out of my sight, but fate seemed to have a twisted sense of humor, because I never did run into you. I always seemed to miss you.

Until today.

I’m just coming in from work. Normally I take the stairs, but today I am just too tired. It’s been an unbearably hot day. The city has been going through a terrible heat wave. Everything and everyone is so hot. I walk into the building and blindly get onto the elevator, not even noticing if anyone else is there. I just punch the button and close my eyes as the doors slide quietly shut.

As I stand there, the elevator slowly rising, I feel the tingling awareness of another presence. I open my eyes, and you are standing there beside me. You are leaning casually against the other side of the elevator, just staring at me. You have this look on your face, a kind of smirk around your mouth, one eyebrow arched, eyelids drooping as you appraise me, sliding your hot gaze first down and then back up my body, taking in every detail from the silent heaving of my chest to the sweat on my brow. My knees go weak as I stare back at you. I can’t believe that after all this time my obsession is here in the flesh, in this very small space, just the two of us.

Suddenly, the elevator lurches and grinds to a halt. The sudden motion throws me off balance, right into your arms.

One thought goes through my head – not “why are we stopped,” not “what’s happening,” not “how are we going to get out of here.” No, the only thing I could think was “I am going to rip this man’s clothes off and fuck his brains out, and damn the consequences.”

When the elevator stopped you had grabbed me to stop my fall. One hand is now wrapped around my waist, coming to rest on the curve of my hip. The other hand landed squarely on my breast. I look down at the hand on my breast and then back up into your gorgeous eyes. That one look says it all. You slowly began to squeeze my breast, kneading it as I push you back up against the wall of the elevator.

I’m so hot, I feel like I am going to explode at any second. I can feel myself dripping through my soaked panties, starting to coat the tops of my thighs. As you continue to squeeze my breast, your other hand roams down across my ass. I press my hands against your chest, tracing your body through your shirt, down your chest, across your stomach to your groin where I grasp your cock through the material of your jeans. I slide my hand up and down your shaft, raking my nails against the material of your jeans causing your cock to jump. You are ataşehir escort already rock hard, pressing against me, begging for my touch.

I yank your T-shirt out of your pants and up over your head, exposing your smooth chest to me. My head dips and I immediately take your left nipple into my mouth, sucking and biting on it, while my hand still moves up and down your shaft, squeezing the length of it, tracing down to cup your balls through the material. I move to your other nipple, giving it the same attention, licking it, sucking it. Your hands came up to my head and you push your fingers through my hair, holding me to you. I move my mouth down across your chest and your stomach, licking and sucking on your flesh, taking little nips of your skin, down across your abdomen, until I reach the top of your jeans.

I quickly kneel down in front of you, my skirt swirling around me. I reach to the front of your pants, and manage to unbutton them. It is a difficult task – you are so hard, straining against the fabric, making them so tight around your cock that I almost can’t get them undone. But finally I do, undoing the buttons one by one, slowly revealing your cock to my eyes, one small inch at a time.

I finally get the last button undone, grab your pants at the top and tug them down your hips. Your cock, fully erect, hard and pulsing jumps out at me. I shove your pants down around your ankles, and move closer until my breasts are resting against your legs, my hard nipples rubbing against them, being grazed through the thin material of my blouse and bra by the hair on your legs.

I slide my hands, opened out flat, up the back of your legs to your ass. At this point you are standing there, just your shoulders pressed against the wall, your hips jutting out, your hands in my hair. I grab your ass as your cock pulses in front of me. I lean forward and slowly lick your slit, taking your precum into my mouth, tasting you, and inhaling your scent. I wrap my lips around the very tip, sucking on just the cap, running my tongue over and over you’re slit, lapping up your precum.

At that moment, I just suck on that one small area, going no further, my hands exploring your ass, one finger tracing down the crack till I reach your heavy balls from behind. I take them into my hand and slowly squeeze them, tugging gently as I suck on the tip of you’re cock.

I move my tongue then, swirling it around the tip as I slowly began sliding down, taking you into my hot, wet mouth, centimeter by centimeter.

I take you further into my mouth; one hand continuing to slowly squeeze your nuts and the other hand sliding up and down the crack of your ass.

Slowly sliding down, I easily take 4 inches of you into my mouth. But I want more. I think to myself, “My god, you are so big, and I can’t take anymore.” But I want it all, and I take as much as I can, until you are pressing against the back of my throat.

I have you deep in my mouth. I can feel you pulsing. I can feel the throb of your heartbeat, racing through the length of your cock. I close my lips tightly around you, causing a vacuum in my mouth as I slowly suck back up to the very tip. There I run my tongue over your slit again, taking in your precum, coating my mouth and the tip of your shaft. I slide my mouth back down, my tongue rubbing against the bottom side of you as I slowly swallow you into my mouth again. Again I take as much as I can, deep to the back of my throat, my tongue running across your skin, feeling the texture, tasting you, memorizing you.

I begin sliding back up, my teeth lightly raking across the flesh of your cock on the top and bottom as I suck my way back up to the top. I begin a rhythm, sliding down, licking and sucking back up the length; raking with my teeth and swirling my tongue around the length; up across the tip, licking, taking in your copious amounts of precum, loving the taste of you.

I can feel your chest heaving as you try to catch your breath; I can smell the scent of our sweat and musk as it mingles, the scent of sex heavy on the air. Your legs slowly move back and forth teasing my nipples, making them unbearably hard.

I can feel your balls starting to draw up; I know that very soon you will cum. But I don’t want to let you cum yet. So I tug hard on your balls, and you cry out from the combined pleasure/pain of it. Your hands tighten in my hair as you quickly back away from the brink. I continue moving my mouth up and down your shaft moving it slowly in and out of my mouth. I can feel how badly you want to let go. I can feel the savageness in you that you want to fuck my mouth, hard, cumming deep in my throat. Again, you move so close to orgasm. My hand moves, giving your balls another quick tug before moving to the base of your cock, squeezing the base hard, pulling you back from the edge once again.

I continue moving my mouth up and down your shaft, one hand squeezing the base, the other moving, across your ass, down the crack to your kadıköy escort bayan asshole.

I suck on your hard cock, slowly slide it deeper into my throat, wanting to take you deeply into me. I move one finger slowly across the pucker of your asshole, sliding it across, massaging it. My mouth moves up your shaft and down in the very rhythm of the hot animal fucking that we both desperately want. I can’t seem to get enough of you. You taste so good, you feel so good.

But once again I can feel your body tightening. As I move my mouth back up your shaft, I look up and can see your head thrown back, your eyes squeezed shut, the tendons standing out on your neck, the sweat coating your skin. It turns me on so much, to see the affect I’m having on you. My juices flood my pussy, pushing out of me in a rush, again soaking through my panties and coating me, making me slick and wet.

I’m ready to let you cum. I reach my hand down to my pussy, scoop up some of my juices, coating my finger, and move it back to your ass. I move my other hand up and down the base of your cock, quickly, my mouth opening wide and sliding down your length. I can feel you right on the edge of your release. I relax my throat and you slide down as I push my finger into your ass.

Your whole body arches tightly like a bow as you cum, pumping your hot, sweet, load deep into my throat. Over and over, I feel you shoot, as I swallow every single drop.

Your body jerks; I hear you moan with the intensity of your release. As you ride the crest of your climax, I continue moving my finger in your ass, I continue stroking the base of your cock and I continue sucking on you, still hard in my mouth.

I move my mouth up your shaft, my tongue moving along the length as you slowly slide out I lean back from you, my lips slowly moving up your length as you slowly slide out of my mouth. I slowly start to rise, moving up, kissing my way along your abdomen, up across your stomach. Licking my way up your throat, across your strong jaw to your mouth.

I press my body tight against the length of yours, melding us together from hip to shoulder. I push my fingers through your hair, pulling your head down, meeting your lips with mine. I hungrily explore your the soft sweet curve of your lips, pressing my tongue between them, into your mouth. I move my tongue in, rubbing across and exploring yours, tasting you, giving you a taste of yourself. The kiss is wild and a clear indication of what is to come.

I tug at your hair, pulling you closer to me. I want to devour you, take you into me, every part of you; I want to absorb you into my skin and make you a part of me. Your arms wrap around me, your hands sliding down my back to my skirt. You grab a handful of material, pulling it up, up my legs, up over my ass. Your hands dive inside my panties to grasp my behind, squeezing the globes in your hands, massaging, molding them. I move restlessly against you. I can feel your cock swelling against my stomach. I want it, I want you so badly.

I tear my mouth from yours, arching my back. I yank my blouse up over my head, and peel off my bra. I want to feel my bare breasts pressed against your chest as you fuck me. You stare down at me, your eyes glazed with passion. Your head dips down, your mouth coming to rest on the top curve of my breast. There you lick, nibbling my flesh, before moving down to my nipple, sucking it deep into your mouth. I hold your head to me, pressing my breast harder to your mouth.

As you suck, lightly biting my nipples, your hands begin to slide under the edge of my panties, your fingers moving down from behind, along the folds of my pussy. Your long fingers, dip in and out, gliding through my juices to my opening. One finger slides in and out rhythmically, in an imitation of what I so desperately want your cock to be doing. As one hand continues playing from behind, the other slides around between us, down into my panties, finding my clit. There you circle it with your fingers, skipping around it, but never touching it, playing with me until I beg. I beg you touch me, I beg you to take me, to fuck me, to make me yours. I’m shaking wildly with the need of my release.

With one quick turn of your hand, my panties rip and flutter to the floor. You lean back, and spin us around until my back is against the wall. You press your chest against mine, holding me there as you grab my legs and lift them up around your waist. Your shaft is now resting directly on my pussy.

I wrap my legs around you, lifting my hips up and down, forcing your cock to move against me. I wrap my arms around your shoulders, my nails biting into your flesh, trying to pull you to me. But you grab my arms, pulling them up over my head, and then you grab my wrists with one hand, holding them there. This forces my back to arch, thrusting my chest out, giving you easy access to my ripe nipples and soft large breasts.

My breath is coming in fast pants as I move restlessly against you. escort maltepe I’m so wet; my juices are dripping down, silently hitting the floor. Your cock is now slick with it. You use your free hand to reach down and position yourself at my entrance. Slowly, oh so slowly, you begin to press your way into me. Steadily, you push deeper and deeper into me, until you can go no further. You are in me to the hilt, touching my womb. I revel in the feeling of fullness, completeness. My breath is coming in shallow gasps, keening. It feels so good, but now, I want you to move. I want more, I want to feel you thrusting in and out of me, pumping hard into my pussy.

You move your hand down to my ass to support me as you begin to thrust. Long deep strokes, in and out. You pull almost all the way out, until just the tip remains in me, before pumping your length back into me, fast and hard. I can feel the thickness of you, filling me, rubbing against my inner walls. I can feel the texture of your cock as it rubs against me. My muscles clench, squeezing you as you move in me.

I know it won’t be long. I’ve wanted you too much, for too long, dreaming about how it would be. My fantasies never even came close to the reality of it. I can feel your dick pressing against my g-spot, rubbing over it again and again.

I can feel my climax as it starts to build, with your shaft moving in me, your chest rubbing against my breasts as you thrust. It swells up, the pleasure building wave upon wave. I moan, thrashing my head from side to side, clenching my fists, my nails digging into my palms. You lean forward, licking at my neck, move down to my shoulder and lightly bite me, marking me, possessing me.

And I explode.

I scream out, my legs squeezing around your hips, my vaginal walls clamping down around your shaft, squeezing you inside me, milking you as you continue moving in and out seeking your own release.

You continue thrusting inside me as I ride the crest of my climax, prolonged by your moving in and out of me. You look up, right into my eyes and I can read every thought going through your mind; every desire, every passion, every secret is there for me to see. I lean forward grabbing your mouth with mine, ravaging it, and devouring it. I suck your tongue into my mouth, just as I’m taking your cock into my pussy.

I milk both, sucking and squeezing. With a final thrust, you cum, deep inside me; flooding me, filling me, sending me over the edge once again.

As I ride the crest of my second climax, I can still feel you, filling me deep and hard. I slump against you as you release my arms. I am totally drained at this point.

But you have other things in mind.

My legs slide down coming to rest on the floor. As I stand there in front of you leaning against the wall for support, your hands roam over my body, touching every curve, every dip, every crevice, every swell and valley.

You kneel down in front of me and move to arrange our clothing. You create a makeshift pallet, take my hand and tug me down to lie on it. You move over me, spreading my legs to kneel between them.

Your hand glides down across my stomach to cup my pussy. You can feel my heat, my juices. You lean up over me, one arm braced on either side of me, I think you’re about to kiss me, but no, you just place gentle kisses on my forehead, then my eyes, my cheek, down to my jaw. Your tongue licks a trail along my jaw back to my ear, where you bite gently at the lobe, before licking down my neck, across my throat, down to my collarbone.

You lean down and put your mouth on the top curve of my breast, your tongue licking across my skin as your mouth slides down to my nipple. You again take it into your mouth, sucking deeply. I grasp your head, twining my fingers through your hair, pressing you to me. You suck, lick and lightly bite at each nipple in turn until I’m moaning, panting, wanting more, before moving down across my stomach, my abdomen. There reaching your ultimate goal, my pussy.

You kneel there in front of me, as I lay open to you. You reach out and run your fingers through my slit, across my clit, down through my juices, to my opening. You run your finger lightly around it, never allowing yourself to go in, just moving around, teasing me, and making me squirm.

As you move your fingers over and across me, I cry out because the pleasure is unbearable. I open my legs wider, arching my back, my neck, throwing my head back. You pull your hands away, resting them on the tops of my legs, before bending over and taking me in your mouth.

Your tongue moves out and swipes across my clit before moving down, licking me, tasting me. You reach my opening, your tongue dipping down into and out of it. It’s such an amazing sensation. I’ve never felt such intense pleasure before. You move your hands down my legs, grabbing my ankles. You pull them up and over your shoulders to give you better access. You lick at my pussy over and over, running your tongue up the entire length and back down again, across my clit, swirling your tongue around it, sucking it into your mouth, rubbing it with your tongue. My back arches and I cry out, moaning with the incredible sensations coursing through me as your tongue, rubs across me over and over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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