He Pays Me Well To Watch Him Fuck!

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I am involved in a ‘secret’ relationship with an older married man. His name is Floyd Cooper & I’ve only known him for a few months but you could say I know him VERY well. I met Floyd & his wife Debbie one afternoon and although they are older than my husband James & I we became friends since they are so friendly & Floyd has been incredibly helpful. We recently bought our first house & we’d only been there a few days when Debbie & Floyd came by to introduce themselves. Since then we’ve called Floyd a few times to help us with ‘leaky pipes’ and he is there in a flash, tools in hand. James works for a marketing company so his days are long and he’s often away on weekends, busy with clients or some conference.

I love exploring our new surroundings and since Floyd is a city bus driver I’ve spent a few afternoons on his bus getting the ‘tour’. One particular day it was rainy and there was only one guy on the bus besides Floyd and myself. I looked back to see if he appeared friendly and since he smiled when I smiled I waved at him and invited him up to sit with us.

“No sense sitting all alone way back there. The view’s better up here”. I joked.

He got up from his seat and walked slowly reaching each arm out so his hands slid along the seat tops as he approached. With his arms spread out it opened his shirt nicely allowing me to admire his tanned muscular chest as he walked closer. He looked like a surfer/cowboy. Handsome, his blond hair a little long but still stylish. His cowboy shirt buttoned half-way and loosely hanging over his tight faded jeans. I wanted to see his ass but for now I was enjoying the front view. He smiled as he reached out to shake my hand.

“Hi! My name is Matt. Great day to go for a swim.” he quipped casually. What a smile. He looked about 25 and had an incredibly HOT body. He seemed to enjoy watching me watch him and I suddenly realized I hadn’t introduced myself yet.

“Matt, this is Marie. She and her husband just moved here and since we’re practically neighbors I’ve been showing her around a little.” Floyd seemed to know this cute young man.

I peered over my shoulder at Floyd, his hands steady on the over-sized wheel as he manueuvered the mammoth machine to the side of a quiet street staying silent until he’d reached a complete stop. He methodically set the parking brake and then adjusted his ‘sign’ to say Out Of Service. He turned toward me and since Matt was still standing to my left smiling broadly I was feeling slightly ‘sandwiched’. Floyd explained that Matt was a regular on his route and since Matt is often the last person on the bus they got to know each other.

As he uttered the five last words his voice seemed to drip with…SEX. ‘Got to know each other…’ Matt joked that he’d have to behave since I was a married woman giving me a wink as he headed back to his seat to grab his jacket.

Floyd leaned close and asked me if I wanted to have some fun. I was intrigued so I asked him what he had in mind. I’m not a swinger or even a ‘slut’ but Floyd is a very handsome man. He’s about 45 and his dark hair falls over his bright green eyes beautifully. His face is alive with the same energy he seems to ‘create’ rather than use. I’ve been spending alot of time with him and Debbie casino siteleri since James is busy trying to establish himself in his new work environment. I lean closer as Floyd motions me with his hands, grasping mine gently as he starts to speak.

“Do you remember the time we were all sitting in my hot tub and we started talking about…”

I knew what he was going to say before he even said it, but the part I was concerned with was my pussy was getting really WET! – here we go…I thought not sure if I should stay or go. Stay.

….”cocks” he continued. “And James said he’d thought about it but never done it.” he paused.

“Well, that story I told you was true and since then my biggest thrill comes from…well being watched.” he finished just as Matt sat quietly beside me. He was so HOT!!! My mind quickly wrapped around the situation.

We’d all been drinking late into the night and since Floyd & Debbie had a ‘hot tub’ we decided to enjoy the cool evening while soaking…in the buff! Floyd insisted everyone in his tub be NAKED and he didn’t waste any time tossing his clothes aside while Debbie stood politely assuring us we could keep our clothes if we wanted. She was plump, but such a kind woman you didn’t really notice her lack of ‘sexy’, her blond hair was always pulled back allowing her chubby face to stand out along with her smile. Her baggy clothes slowly came off revealing a soft body with large breasts hanging, rather resting on a round belly. She smiled modestly before climbing in beside her husband. James & I were drunk enough to oblige our new friends and the night began….

Floyd started asking rather personal questions, but his subtle prodding was effective and before long James was recounting his ‘one’ almost ‘Bi’ experience that is seldom shared outside of our bedroom, but never fails to make my guy hard as a rock when he tells it. I listen quietly as James slurs drunkenly through the story of the ‘friend’ back in college who climbed into his bed. We all laugh at his performance enjoying the kinky conversation.

“I had a similar experience. I was in the army back in Texas, my home state.” he proclaims proudly exgaggerating his drawl.

“I had been on a drinking binge and needed to get back to base before I was considered A.W.O.L. I was hitchhiking and finally a car stopped.” he continues, his voice filled with excitement recounting his relief at getting a ride.

“The fellow offered to drive me right to my camp…BUT” he paused “he said I had to earn my ride.” We all sat anticipating his next words.

“Well, since he had a boy in the back seat I wasn’t really comfortable, but I needed a ride and he wanted…he wanted me to suck his cock while his son watched.” Floyd was stroking his big cock beneath the water as he spoke. I reached for James’ cock, awkwardly trying to be less conspicuous than our host.

“I sucked that man’s cock for a loooong time” he boasted. “I didn’t want him to fuck my ass and luckily after he shot a load down my throat he was happy and zipped up! I got my ride and he got his…” he left the last words unsaid.

James wasn’t ready to open up to these people so he remained silent but in my drunken haze I blurted out the first of many questions canlı casino for my new ‘cocksucking’ neighbor.

“Did you like it?” I asked. “Did you see that man ever again?” I wondered.

Floyd patiently told me he hadn’t seen the man since but he’d wondered if the guy ever thought about the young soldier who’d traded ‘head’ for his ride. We chatted awhile longer before finally forcing ourselves to brave the cold night air. We jumped out and were dressed before either Debbie or Floyd had even started. They seemed to be waiting for us to decide. Both standing naked, broad smiles masking their dirty desire.

James & I headed home sure we’d just avoided what could’ve been unavoidable with a little more wine and perhaps some more story telling. We both agreed it was the wine and the ‘tub’ that had made us all so loopy. Now, as I sit looking from Floyd’s green eyes to Matt’s chiseled chest I wish I had a bottle.

I sit silently as Floyd stands unzipping his pants before walking the few steps to Matt’s waiting mouth. He slides his long cock past the young lips and with his mouth open wide Matt lets his tongue wander. He swallows eagerly trying to take what Floyd is giving him. I can’t believe what I’m seeing and I can’t help myself any longer. I reach down, sliding my hand inside my panties to find my swollen clit. I rub slowly at first trying to appear less ‘fucking turned on’ than I really am, but before long I’m finger-fucking myself furiously as I watch Floyd grab Matt’s head before roughly fucking his mouth. He pumps harder and harder before suddenly shuddering slightly as he slows his pace. Matt swallows and slurps until Floyd pulls his cock away and as Floyd begins to undress, Matt too peels away the ‘cowboy’ duds he’s got on.

I can’t remember how many times I’ve cum already and when Floyd starts explaining that he loves to have somebody watch him fuck & suck he pauses to watch me. My panties around my ankles, legs spread wide resting on the seats as I enjoy myself more than I expected. He tells me he’s happy I’m enjoying myself then turns his attention and his tongue to the smooth, tanned ass waiting for him.

Matt has his face pushed into the seat and his ass propped high in the air. Floyd kneels down and spreads his ass cheeks giving the tight little hole center stage. Matt puckers his ass anticipating the treat he knows is coming. Floyd buries his face deep in Matt’s ass & licks like a madman. His tongue darts in and out as his hands deftly massage the rock hard cock of his young stud, twisting and stroking just like a pro. Matt begins to moan loudly as Floyds’ tongue is quickly replaced with his fat cock. He rubs along Matt’s crack before sinking into his ass slowly thrusting deeper and deeper.

I remind myself that I’m having a great time, BUT I still haven’t cheated or had anal. I look around suddenly aware of the chance we might have an audience as I notice Floyd slide a red bag towards me. It’s marked ‘first aid’ but as I unzip it I expect to find more than band-aids and gauze. It’s packed with an assortment of vibrators and dildos, all still in the packages waiting to thrill some young nubile ass. The various jellies and lubricants along with the boxes of condoms lead me to believe Mr. Bus kaçak casino Driver gives alot of rides.

Floyd reaches for a bottle of lube encouraging me to pick a toy.

“Don’t beat your poor pussy much longer, it looks puffy and swollen from here!” he chides. I reach for a fat dildo, the likes of which my pussy has never seen. Since I’m exploring new things I decide to try it out tearing at the package like it’s Christmas. Floyd has already pushed a big black dildo up Matt’s ass and is turning it slowly while he slides it in and out of the young man’s asshole. He pushes it firmly until it seems to have reached ‘the end’ and then backs up giving Matt room to get up, still clutching the ‘black love’ in his ass. Floyd lays back on the seat as Matt reaches for his legs, resting his feet on the seats. I’m in the same position and with the bright pink ‘cock’ I’m pumping into my pussy I’m shaking the bus just as much as they are! I keep fucking with a steady rhythm as I watch Matt ease his cock into Floyd’s asshole. His hands reaching back to pump the large dildo in his ass as he slams his cock easily into Floyd’s ass. As I watch this man, who’d fixed our leaky pipes and BBQ’d with us…and his WIFE, I wonder if she knows. Probably not, I think. Why ask me to indulge him if he could get her to do it?

I wonder if I’ll be able to get James to join in..I think of what I might say, how I might tell him. Nah. I’m watching, still stunned, legs spread like a slut. The thrilling sensation of watching something so dirty is stronger than the shame that is creeping into my head thinking of James. What would he think if he saw us right now? I quickly put the thought aside as I watch Floyd fuck Matt’s ass, the two of them grunting and growling as they grind together. I wonder how it feels to have a cock in your ass since I’ve never had the pleasure. James likes to talk about it but claims he’s never done it either. I wonder, letting nasty thoughts invade my head. Picturing James, bent over as Floyd gives him ‘a ride’….Bad Girl.

I can’t take anymore and my pussy will probably still be sore and swollen 2 days from now when James gets home. I shift in my seat lowering my legs as Floyd grunts desperately…

“Uhhh, Marie! Just stay…ugggh, ugggh, just a little….longer.” he groans obviously needing his ‘audience’ a little longer.

Matt has his eyes closed and his ass braced against the side of one of the seats keeping his ‘black buddy’ deep inside his ass. Floyd is backing up, forcing his ass to take Matt’s cock deep and hard as he pounds grunting between thrusts. Matt is ready to cum and Floyd knows what to do quickly jumping forward releasing the throbbing cock from his asshole. He turns quickly gobbling Matt’s meat seconds before the eruption that leaves Matt crumpled on the floor and Floyd happily licking his lips and fingers hungrily. I am dressed and trying to sneak out quietly as Floyd turns, giving me a wink and the ‘sign’ for call ya – fingers splayed mimicking a phone receiver. I shudder a little not sure if it’s the creepy new friend I’ve made or the weakness in my knees from the mulitple-O’s I had. Anyway, I look forward to my next dirty date with Floyd. I found $500 dollars stuffed into my purse and a few ‘bus vouchers’…I’d already had a great time, but now I’m gonna buy an expensive bottle of wine and cuddle up with a dirty movie. Gotta find a good hiding spot for my new ‘sex toys’…just until I find a way to tell James. If I tell him.

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