He Didn’t Catch Her Name

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I’ve been trying to write a very short story for some time and I’ve finally done it, coming in a hair over the 750 word minimum. Not counting this introduction, it clocks in at 752 and it was a real challenge.

He didn’t catch her name when she mumbled it. It was a small bar; he often stopped there on the way home. There were seldom attractive young women present.

He’d asked her to dance and then sat down with her. She had short brown hair, a cute freckled face and an enticing pout; she had a fine ass. Her clothes were modest but not shabby. They hadn’t spoken. He bought her another 3.2 beer; she was over eighteen but under twenty-one. He said he was leaving; she left with him. The bar was on the edge of town. She didn’t have a car; he wondered how she had gotten there.

He couldn’t take her home. He was staying with relatives. There was an old hotel close by which was still respectable but wouldn’t be in a couple of years. It was cheap; they didn’t ask questions if you didn’t have luggage. They catered to people who wanted to ataşehir escort bayan fuck. She didn’t say a word in the car or as they checked in.

She used the bathroom first. The room was cold; it would take time for the old radiator to warm it. When he returned from the bathroom, she was naked and under the covers. Her warm young body felt and smelled good. She had perfect little titties, firm and proud. Her skin was soft and her body lean and well formed. They kissed and fondled. His hand dropped between her legs. Her pussy was covered with soft hair and had a pleasant feel. He worked his fingers over her wet slit and then ventured a digit inside. Her hips came up to meet his finger, fucking it slowly. She made soft moaning sounds. She found his cock and stroked it.

He worked his lips along her flat belly to the steamy forest below. He found her button and caressed it. Her cunt was sweet and clean, not stinky with urine like the last girl he had picked up. Working a finger inside her hole, he made her cum. She uttered escort kadıköy her first word since they had left the bar, “orgasm”.

He kissed her; she broke the kiss and went down on him. He came quickly. His was not the first cock she had sucked; she swallowed. He rolled the condom on his still hard young cock and entered her quickly. She lifted her fine hips to meet his urgent thrusts. She moaned and whimpered. They both came after a vigorous fuck. She mumbled, “nice” as they drifted off in each others embrace.

He awoke with her ass in his face and his cock in her mouth. He returned the favor, lavishing attention on her cunt lips, then took a swipe at her puckered hole. She stopped her oral efforts, looked back at him and smiled. He concentrated on her ass hole and she moved her hips to fuck his tongue with her dirty hole. He didn’t want to cum in her mouth again; he wanted to fuck her up the ass.

He slid out from under her. Her head went down to the mattress and her ass elevated. He continued his oral efforts, maltepe escort forcing spit inside her dark hole. He should have put a condom on but was too excited to care. Raising up on his knees, he placed the bulbous head of his cock against her tight rear entrance. She mumbled another single word, “anal”. He broke through and she cried out. He continued his assault on her hot rectum and her hips began to move in small circles. He’d never done it before. He knew that the hot, tight, buttery smoothness of a young woman’s ass would become an addiction.

He came too soon and felt guilty. He flipped her over and finished her off with his mouth. They fucked twice more before day break, once in the ass and another pussy fuck.

She was up and dressed before he awoke. He showered and dressed quickly. He kissed her and held her in his arms.

“Where can I drop you off?” He said.

She mumbled. “Train station.”

He drove her there. She kissed him quickly, exited the car and dashed toward a waiting South bound train.

He didn’t know her name, first or last and hadn’t gotten her phone number. He had no idea where she was from. He discovered that the train she had boarded made over thirty stops before it reached Atlanta.

He stopped at the bar every night for a month but never saw her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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