Happy Awakening

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As I awaken I remember the joy of the previous night…and you are sleeping next to me in bed, so delightful, so delectable, so delicious. My hand slides between your legs to cup your soft, clean womanness as I kiss you on the lips. Your eyes flutter open as a happy sigh escapes from your lips. I kiss your neck and whisper in your ear: “This morning I want to get to know every inch of you, every centimeter, every cell.” I nuzzle your neck enjoying the clean scent of your hair and skin, nibbling, kissing following the hollow of the collar bone out to the shoulder. My fingers caress your outer lips and the heal of my hand gently massages your mons, as my lips follow the curve of your breasts joining your chest. I kiss down between your breasts, sweet knolls of enchantment. My nose brushes a nipple as I kiss the underside and my lips work up around. I see the aureole grow taught and the goose bumps pop out. I take the hardening nipple in my mouth for a quick kiss, but do not linger.

There is more to explore with this enchanting woman. I kiss down between your breasts following a line down to your belly button. My hand eases off your womaness as kartal escort bayan I slide down, kissing your firm belly, the beautiful curve of your hips joining your waist, across to the top of your mons. I linger over your loveblossom, the clean salty smell of you filling my nose. I kiss where your leg joins and lightly kiss the swelling petals, getting a small taste of increasing moistness. Then down your inner thigh. You open your legs with a sigh. I continue down the leg, over the knee to nibble on your well-formed calf muscle. I move down to your ankle to the arch of your foot, light tickling kisses. You squirm with pleasure. My mouth finds your toes. I kiss each one. I move to the other foot learning its scent and taste. I kiss your outer calf then right along where your outer thigh lays on the bed to your ass. I nuzzle and nipple a bit then whisper: “Roll over my dear.” You follow my wish with a sigh of delight.

I kiss the dimple where your spine joins your ass. I kiss each cheek down around to your inner thigh. As I explore your body my need becomes more urgent. I explore more quickly, making notes of places to return escort maltepe to when the time is right. I kiss up your spine to your neck lingering there to nuzzle and nibble as my hardness slides between your cheeks. My hips ease back and forth slowly as I whisper in your ear: “You are my goddess, I am your servant. Let me please you”

I lift up and touch your shoulder to roll you over. My eyes catch on yours then descend down your body. You are wanton like a flower—innocent, unashamedly showing all of your sexuality to me. I groan and ease my body on to yours, delighting in the touch of your skin, the feel your breasts on my mine, the taste of your lips on mine. The tip of my cock presses on your lips. I kiss you fully, tongue slipping in. You open your legs and I surge to fill you, grunting as my pelvis rocks against yours.

I begin long full strokes feeling each inch of me slide into you, then out, your lips kissing my head as it almost leaves you. I look down at you lost in the moment. Easing into you with more urgency. My breath is ragged as my face falls into your hair by your neck. Your murmurs of delight urge me on. The pendik escort frenzy builds as I lock into you, needing to fill you, join you. My hips rock in a steady rhythm. Kissing your neck arched upward, finding your open mouth, almost too sensitive to kiss. My cock quivers inside of you feeling you tighten on me. I begin to rock fast and urgently, I press my body into you, wanting to be even closer to you. The orgasm begins in my toes and rolls in waves up my body. I press myself in as deep as I can go. I feel your walls pump me as I let go with a loud “Yessssssss.” I press into you, hips only slightly rocking, wanting to feel our deepness together as the orgasm rolls through us. As the waves subside I relax and melt into you. My lips find yours and I kiss gently as the last waves rock my hips into you. I rest on you, feeling your heart beat, listening to your breath return to normal, almost falling asleep.

I roll off and say: “I am going to make coffee and a big brunch and then we can really get to know each other. Make yourself at home, shower, whatever you need.” I slip out of bed, not bothering to dress. I build a hot fire in the woodstove so we can continue to be naked. The coffee is brewing, potatoes are cooking when you come downstairs wearing one of my work shirts, unbuttoned to reveal the roundness of your breasts and the delightful flowering of your loveblossom. I know it is going to be a good day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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