Handyman Milks a Good Joke

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Far more interesting and outlandish sexual escapades probably happen to most people, and probably much more often – and I sincerely say, “good for them”! I have been blessed to experience and survive many different pains. I deliberately say, “blessed” because those things taught me to more richly appreciate the unprecedented power of joy! They also help to daily inspire me to do everything in my power to help others experience opportunities to find joy wherever and whenever they can!

My whole life I’ve heard the world try to tarnish me with phrases like, “you’ll never get ahead by letting other cut ahead”, and “good guys finish last”. I think they miss the point that regardless of where we finish, we STILL finish. Indeed, it makes me grin to admit, that for me at least, many times coming in last has resulted in me cumming the best!

That was certainly the case with my surprise encounter with my lusty, busty, black neighbor in the grocery store! It was also the case with that same neighbor and my two nympho nieces the day before at my pool. And it proved true yet again when my wife called from her out of town business trip and asked me to interrupt my vacation to go help her former coworker who was having problems with her pool.

Her name was Lisa, and while I honestly hadn’t seen her since her early retirement party, a few years back, it was my pleasure to see if I could lend her a hand. I didn’t much care for her husband but I always found Lisa to be charming and funny. She was nearly six feet tall, blonde, average build but very attractive. She also had a tendency to wear low cut, loose fitting tops, and at least outside of work, often did so without wearing a bra. I know, because I can remember many a time during our family visits, stealing pleasurable glances down her blouse or various revealing kartal escort swimsuits at her lovely, well-tanned, lightly freckled, tits. On a few of those occasions, I even got to see her extremely large nipples – a major turn-on for me!

I was already out and about when I got the call and so, since I always carry some tools with me, I simply drive directly to Lisa’s house. She met me with her standard warm hug and a light kiss and hooked my arm in hers as she directed me to the pool while explaining the problem. She explained she thought the pool motor had seized-up and explained it was hot to the touch as she bent down to feel the pump casing.

For an early 60s aged woman, she still was a major MILF with a cute ass, dazzling smile, and firm, perky breasts. I got to see them dangling freely under her scoop neck tee shirt when she bent and they looked as inviting as ever.

I investigated as she made small talk. I learned her boys worked out of start, her husband left right after she retired. That stunk but was no great surprise as the boys always had lofty ambitious and her husband always seemed harsh and inattentive to her.

I learned her 30 something daughter, Ashley, moved back in, and was now an accomplished writer as well as a wet nurse. Also no real surprise as Ashley was always creative and big hearted like Lisa (just a lot shorter at about 5’5″, and quite a bit more shapely with large, natural tits… I know because she shared her mother’s tendency to often go braless and wear loose fitting and/or revealing shirts).

The pump had tripped a breaker because the suction line was partially blocked. I proceeded to back flush the lines and had the pool pump and filter assembly back up and running in about 30 minutes.

Ashley came home just as I was wrapping up and greeted me with similar fondness and affection. The attractive mother-daughter duo, knowing that maltepe escort bayan my wife was still away at a conference, invited me to stay for a swim and some lunch and even dinner, if I cared to stay.

I accepted their generous offer but explained I’d need to just play lifeguard as I didn’t have a suit with me. Lisa laughed and said that was no problem as they usually swam naked to improve their tans but then did try to put me at ease explaining she might still have one of her ex’s old swimsuits if I insisted on covering up.

She always had a delicious and slightly naughty sense of humor.

Attempting to follow suit, I laughed and replied that I was, “always bigger than him and that the only thing of his I would probably ever fit into was you”!

We both laughed so hard we nearly cried. Then Ashley proved once again she was indeed her momma’s, “mini-me” by catching the both of us completely off guard when she said, “No… not true… you’d probably fit into me too”!

We roared again with great laughter. But I admit, I also began to get hard between their good looks and playful banter.

I retorted with the intentional innuendo, “you girls are two of my breast – eh, I mean – best friends but we should probably NIP things in the bud”!

They are used to my peculiar “dad humor”. Ashley fired back with, “two boob jokes for the price of one… wow, you’re really MILKING this one aren’t you?”, as she cupped her own large tits to lift them up and press them together.

“You tell him, Squirt”, Lisa cackled!

“Speaking of squirts”, I said, as I pointed playfully to the front of Ashley’s shirt.

Ashley looked down to see two large, circular stains on the front of her shirt. She shrugged and grinned before saying, “hey, I’m a wet nurse”.

I replied, “no better kind. Indeed, I’ve always said, the wetter the better” as I approached escort pendik and smacked her hard on the ass!

To my surprise, she stuck her tongue out at me, raised her shirt, pinched and stretched both nipples causing a few streams of milk to spray in my direction.

Caught off guard and still striving to be funny for fear I was misunderstanding the erotic act, I said, “Hmmm, now whose milking the tit jokes to get a rise out of the audience?”

“From the looks of your rise, I’d say it had better be you… now bring that cock here!”, cooed Ashley as her mother dropped to her knees in front of me to start unbuckling my pants.

The next thing I know, I am fondling and feeding on Ashley’s magnificent melons while Lisa is licking, sucking, and feeding on my now fully erect cock.

“Let’s get out of the sun so we don’t burn”, purred Ashley. She and her mother then opened a sliding glass door directly into the master bedroom. The beautiful mommy daughter pair finished stripping themselves and me before leading me to the large, king size bed.

I couldn’t believe my eyes at first when I looked over and saw Lisa’s glorious long nipples also dripping milky fluid. Catching my stare, she straddled me as she stuffed her right boob into my mouth and said with a sultry hush, “wet nursing is good money in certain circles… how do you think I was able to retire early?”

I felt Ashley spray her warm milk on my hard cock before engulfing it with her sexy mouth. After bobbing up and down on me a few times she released me with a loud pop and said in an equally seductive voice, “you were more right than you know when you called me my mother’s mini-me… who do you think it was that talked me into the vitamin and hormone therapy to help my titties make milk… and who do you think shared so many fantasies about wanting to fuck you and your big breasted bride?”

“Right you are daughter”, Lisa chimed in. “Now climb up here beside me so this hunk of a handyman can suck more of our milk and titty fuck the both of us before we get him to spray his thick cum all over us!”

And being a man who so loves to please, that is precisely what I did… twice!

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