Handsome Ch. 17

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Chapter 17

Introducing, Leah Tarred

At seven sharp, Leah Tarred pulled into my driveway and honked the horn.

“Tell her not to do that again, Aubrey,” my mother said admonishing me.

“I will, Mom,” I said and ran out to greet Leah.

Leah was a lithe, very flexible young thing, almost nineteen, with long brown hair and almond shaped eyes that hinted at some Asian genes in her past. She had almost no breasts to speak of, but her nipples were certainly pronounced under the thin yellow sweater she wore.

“Hop in!’ she called out with a nice smile.

“Naw, c’mon in. My mother wants to meet you.”

“What! Your mother….”

“Come in. I told her we’re going to be studying for a math test.”

“I don’t have any books…”

“We’re using mine. C’mon, we’re going to study in my room. We won’t be disturbed.”

That convinced her, and Leah got out of her car and locked it. “Your room, huh, Aubrey?”

“Yeah, that okay?”

“You’re one of those guy’s plans ahead, huh?”

“You might say that,” I said, putting my hand around her waist and escorting her into the house. I was surprised that my mother had made herself scarce, and led Leah right to my room, closed and locked the door behind her.

Leah turned slowly, taking in the room. “It’s nice,” she said.

“Come closer, I want to kiss you.”

“Oh, yeah … I want that too!”

Our lips met, and knowing how hot Leah had gotten from seeing me kissing Jessie, I expected her tongue to coming slithering into my mouth. But there was no tongue, and I let it be, just the soft touch of her lips on mine, pressing ever so gently, like a whispering wind full of promise.

Leah must have noticed my restraint, because she pressed her lips a little more firmly as the kiss went into the second thirty seconds. Maybe it was the touch of my fingers on her cheek, I don’t know, but her mouth opened and she responded with what amounted to an almost serpentine tongue that darted into my mouth, almost overpowering me as it began licking mine.

I knew instantly that her tongue was much longer than the other girls and women I’d kissed. I had a fleeting image of her sending that tongue up my ass, but she pulled her tongue away from mine and ended the kiss; and before I could react, began licking my ear closest to her. It wasn’t a subtle, gentle licking but a strong insistent one, which corresponded with her mood. And when I had the opportunity, I looked into her eyes, and saw the flames dancing brightly in them.

Later on Leah told me that a tingling had spread through her whole body, and seemed to collect down in between her legs, where she could already feel some wetness spreading.

She reached up, and putting her arms around me pulled me down into the bed with her, so that I fell into her lap. My head fit naturally into the V between her neck and her shoulder, and there I rested it briefly, only to turn slightly and begin a kissing and licking of that very sensitive juncture. The effect on her was electrical; we were both trembling with excitement.

“Your mother….?”

“Won’t bother us.”

“What if she hears…?”

“She knows what’s going to happen?”

Leah gave a sharp laugh, and said, “And what’s going to happen?”

“We’ll probably fuck our brains out.”

“You’re that confident?”

“You came here after I told you about the blowjob.”

“Yes, but that was…”

“No bullshit.”

“I understand, but…”

“You came here to get laid, or am I off the mark?” Leah didn’t respond.

“C’mon, you called me. You say you found my number, and called me. You wanted a date … again, with me. And this was after seeing me kiss Jessie. And after letting you hear the woman sucking my dick over the phone.”

“Alright, alright! I came over to pick you up and take you to … god knows where, and fuck you!”

I kissed her then, this time it went on and on, and the heat between her legs grew more insistent. She could feel my hand groping towards her breasts, feeling her nipples through the thin layer of her sweater. Almost at the same time, she was reaching to touch me, feeling between my legs and rubbing her palm the length of my erection and moaning into my mouth when establishing its approximate size.

“I tore my mouth from hers and croaked, “You’re a great kisser.”

“You too,” she replied.

My eyes were riveted to her nipples that seemed to be trying to pop through the material of her yellow sweater.

Gradually I raised them to look at her, and found her staring at the bulge in my shorts.

“That’s real, isn’t it?” she said, meaning my erection.

“Yeah, it is.” She was already peeling the sweater over her head. From under the sweater her voice called, “So lemme see it.”

I was dropping the shorts as the sweater landed on the corner bedpost. As soon as it was free, my dick sprang up — there is no other way of putting it and it hovered proudly at a forty-five degree angle from my body.

Leah looked it over from close range, and murmured, “It’s beautiful!”

I kartal escort tried looking at it from her eyes. I saw a long, hard somewhat thick appendage with blue veins, and a purplish head.

“It’s really beautiful!” she said again, and kissed the tip three times, once at the tip, once in the middle, and once at the base. “It’s gigantic!” she said, re-examining my cock in its rampant glory.

“I saw one like it at the Smithsonian.”

“You did?”

“Yeah,” she giggled; then said, “It was in a jar filled with formaldehyde. It came off some guy named Dillinger, or something like that. The description card said it was twelve inches long … something like that. And all the girls in my class stared at it until the teacher chased us away from it.”

“When was this?” I asked, for my class wouldn’t be going to Washington D.C. until the following fall.

“Last semester. I was at another high school in Denver. This is my first term here.”

“I didn’t know that.”

I saw the lust in her eyes, then glanced down and saw her nipples, they were stiffly erect and standing out almost an inch from her pretty little tits. They seemed to be begging for my attention.

“I’ve never seen nipples as pretty as yours,” I replied in kind. The truth was they were standing out at least an inch, and that was far more than any nipples I’d ever seen before.

“Thank you, my tits ain’t so much, but my nips are a mouthful, you know what I mean?”

“I know, and can’t wait to suck them.”

Leah acted as if I hadn’t said a word. “I’ll show you my pussy in a minute, but first I wanna suck that big old cock of yours a little.”

“Let me get a little suck on them first, okay?” I said.

“Okay, have it your way,” Leah sighed, and I went for them, taking each in turn, finding them hard as well as long. I thought ‘I might well be sucking a little kids cock, they’re so long.’

I began to tease them, and she grabbed my dick and began jerking me off. But I ignored that, and sucked and chewed on them, and when I bit down a little harder than I normally would; I quickly learned that it drove Leah crazy. She began to mew helplessly, as I squeezed them and pinched them and flicked them with my teeth and tongue.

Soon enough, both breasts were covered with my saliva. I kept at her. She moaned and squeezed my cock harder and harder. Her breathing was now shallow, almost gasping for breath. Her eyes were glazed.

“Oh!” she moaned.

“Mmmm?” I responded.

“We … we should get naked,” she groaned; and we did just that, and I heard her whisper, “Bring that big thing up here to me, lover.” Moments later she was humming happily as my dick vanished into her throat.

I was transfixed. Her mouth and lengthy tongue began doing some marvelous things to my cock. I recall her popping it from her mouth and saying, “Tastes great!” Then lewdly kissing and licking the velvet soft purple head, making loud, slurping noises as she sucked away.

Those sounds, and the feel of her mouth on me, created a sheer sexy wantonness in me, and I was ready to come then and there, and pulled my dick from her mouth to prevent it.

“I don’t want to come yet.” I told Leah, “Let me lick you first.”

“Sure, eat me out, lover,” she responded, her own arousal unmistakable in her voice.

Though this was the second time she had used the word ‘lover’, it was the first time I’d really noticed it. And as I scrambled down between her thighs, the thought that she’d used such a word to mean me pleased me almost as much as all the sex-play they were engaging in.

“I don’t want to come yet.” I told Leah, “Let me lick you first.”

“Sure, eat me out, lover,” she responded, her own arousal unmistakable in her voice.

Leah spread her legs for me, raising her knees up. I positioned myself prone between them, with my face right up to her very wet pink lips. I began to shower little kisses on her inner thighs, and on her pubic mound. My idea was to build anticipation for the greater pleasure to come. But in this case, I could tell from the amount of lubricant, and the swollen condition of Leah’s outer and inner lips, that she did not need, and would not want, very much teasing.

I drove my tongue into the lower portion of her moist slit; my nose was at the middle of her overflowing pussy and her wonderful scent had my cock throbbing crazily.

I gave her a long sweep of the tongue and elicited a moan from deep inside her. Her clit had emerged from its hiding place, and I flicked over it with the next sweeping motion of my tongue.

She was gasping with pleasure when my tongue entered her slit and licked at her tangy walls.

“Yes.” she moaned, “Do it like that!” She lay back and let herself drift willingly, no longer trying to control her reactions, no longer thinking, only feeling. She spread her legs wider, to encourage me, cooing, “You’re so gentle … so gentle…”

I might have blushed at the compliment, but was otherwise occupied. Still, I wanted to please her even more, and so I covered her outer folds with soft, gentle kisses, maltepe escort bayan taking care to avoid her clit for the time being, but edging ever closer to it.

This created an excitement in her that I hadn’t come across before. Some partners had begged me to touch them there; others had led me there by taking hold of my head, or hair and steering me to their most sensitive spot. Leah was different; she appeared willing to wait, knowing her reward would be that much greater.

The result of this was a building of lust within her not unlike a rising tide. Soon she succumbed to the desire for release as all the others had and found she was unable to just lie there and moved her hips to press herself on the tantalizing tongue just where she wanted it.

The resultant burst of pleasure made her moan and beg. “Please, please … I know I’m pathetic, but lick me there. Make me come. I need to come.”

There was no denying her any longer. I allowed my tongue to gently and rhythmically pulse right on the pleasure-trigger of her clit. The steady, even strokes made the sweet agony climb and build still further, until she felt even more desperate for release. But I kept right on giving her what she wanted. She didn’t have to fear disappointment. She knew she could trust me.

It wasn’t long before her pleasure peaked. As it did, just before her muscles tightened, I heard her murmur, “Oh, you are my lover, you sweet lover, mine!” and then the killing agony ripped through her, causing her hips to lift off the floor as the spasms drove her conscious thoughts to the four winds.

After several spasmodic hunches, her behind settled back to the floor, and I knew the orgasm was over. I lay there next to her and tried to ignore my own throbbing organ as I very gently kissed her open cunt until feeling her hands tug gently on the sides of my head. I gave her one last sweet kiss and rose up until my face was in front of hers.

It was so quiet I could hear my mother moving around downstairs. Evidently Leah heard her too.

“Will she come up here?”

“No, I’ve told you she won’t. We have an understanding.”

“You have an understanding … about girls in your room?”

“Yes, as long as I don’t get anyone pregnant.”

I moved to kiss her, but she stopped me by placing a finger to my lips.

“Wait,” she whispered.

“What?” I wondered what I’d done wrong.

“I just want to smell myself on your mouth … and then…”

“You’re going to taste yourself,” I said finishing the sentence for her.

Leah laughed. “You read minds too?”

“No, but it followed, you know?”

She kissed me then, taking care to lick each of my lips in turn with that long tongue of hers. We continued kissing for a few minutes and then she started searching for my rigid cock, found it and gave it a squeeze.

“You’ve a longer than average tongue, Leah,” I said, feeling obligated to point it out.

“Mmmm,” she half-hummed.

“Watch this,” she said a moment later, and kissed me again, but this time her tongue shot into my mouth, licked and lapped at my teeth and then started down my throat. Seconds later, I began to panic. This must have been what most girls feel the first time they attempt to deep throat a cock, I thought, as I fought the panic to a draw, and then breathed a sigh of relief when Leah withdrew the tongue from what I considered the deepest recesses of my throat. Actually, she had only entered a portion of the way.

I felt her spread her legs bringing her searingly heated cunt into contact with my raging hardon.

She broke the kiss, and said rather fiercely, “Put it in me.”

“Is there a rush?” I asked just to tease her.

“Yes, I don’t want to cum without you this time, I’ve been fantasizing about this big cock sawing in and out of me ever since you kissed Jessie.”

“I like your honesty, Leah.”

“I hope that’s not all you like about me.”

“It’s not. I like a lot about you,” I said and began tearing the condom open.

“Can I put it on?”

“It isn’t as easy as you might think,” I told her, but handed her the condom.

She made me look foolish, easily sliding the condom onto my throbbing erection.

“Good, now let’s fuck!” she chirped after finishing the job. She was staring into my eyes as she spoke.

I brought my body forward, and with my hand guided the tip of my cock up to the pink shining lips of her cunt. I bent my cock down, and with a well-practiced move, popped my meaty cockhead into her tightly clinging pussy. I pushed some four inches of cock into Leah, intuitively knowing this was all she was ready for at the moment, and felt that pleasure of pleasures as I sank into her velvet sheath.

The transformation of her face was a wonder to see. The dark pools of her eyes lit up even brighter, as her mouth opened slightly and her lids closed partially. As my progression into her continued, the lids dropped more until the eyes were closed entirely.

Some ten or fifteen thrusts later I started to jiggle my hips, working my dick into her as if it were escort pendik a vibrating dildo. Leah was working too, moving her ass in circles, making sure my cock stretched and rubbed against every square inch of her vaginal walls. She grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it so that she wouldn’t be alerting my mother she was being thoroughly screwed.

I began thrusting faster, and soon her muffled screams signaled her orgasm, and then a minute or so later, another.

She was in the midst of a third orgasm when then she felt me swelling, and then she yelled, “Oh, yes! Oh, yes!” as my sperm pulsed out and coated the interior of my rubber with a gigantic load as I released into a fantastic orgasm of my own.

We lay there panting and I pulled the rubber off and spilled half its content on her inner thigh.

“Jesus! That was something … I never … I mean it wasn’t the first time, you know?”

“Was it the best?” I asked wanting to hear her say it.

“You better believe it.” then she covered my face with sloppy kisses.

Eventually, I grabbed a tee shirt and used it to wipe my sperm of the two of us, while Leah giggled softly pretending I was tickling her as I wiped.

Then I fell on top of her and bit those magnificent nipples until I was afraid they’d start bleeding, but Leah yelped with pleasure all the while.

After more kissing, I got up, and began to dress. “You made me cum again,” she said, matter-of-factly.


“Just then, when you were playing with my tits.”


“Oh, yeah, I love that … havin’ my titties roughed up. I love the feel of your teeth on them, really, I love it.”

“I’ll remember that,” I said, and tossed her yellow sweater at her. She caught it and pulled it on.

“What should I say to your mother when we go downstairs?”

I thought about that for a moment, and then said, “Goodnight, Mrs. Morgenthall.”

“Seriously? I mean, after we’ve just…”

“Seriously. She knows what happened. She does care, but realizes it’s going to happen, and might as well happen here, under somewhat controlled circumstances.”

Twenty minutes later, Leah kissed me goodnight, there having been no embarrassing confrontation with my mom.

A half-hour later we were on the phone, and I asked her out that Friday night.

“A date? A real date?” she’d said.

“Yeah, sure, a real date. Maybe a movie or something?”

“I’d love to, what time?”

We agreed on a time, and I told her I probably wouldn’t see her, except at school for the next two days because baseball practice started tomorrow. Leah knew this, being a cheerleader, and took it for what it was, a slight dent in our romantic interlude.

We agreed that what had happened was wonderful, and that we couldn’t wait to do it again. ________________________________________

The next day I tried pitching off a mound for the first time. I couldn’t seem to grasp the nuances involved, for coach kept calling “Balk! Balk! Balk!” each time I delivered a pitch with an imaginary runner on base.

I was a little better at covering first on balls hit to the right side of the infield, probably because I had some experience playing second base the year before.

As the afternoon wore on, I began to get the hang of it, and was starting to look forward to actually pitching to a live batter.

Coach called me in and I drank what seemed like a gallon of water before he sent me out to play some shortstop. My growth spurt came in handy at the new position, as I was able to reach some balls deep in the hole that I would have been waving my glove at the season before.

The following day, Coach had me resting my arm, but permitted me to take batting practice against a new kid on our team, a right-hander, named Duane Klosterman.

Duane would become a good friend, but was apparently an eccentric kind of guy. He had a good sense of humor, and didn’t take himself very seriously. In class, he seldom spoke and soon got the nickname Silent D. He could talk a blue streak, usually after having a couple beers, and was from rural Georgia, so he had a n accent that everyone found pleasing, on those rare times when he opted to speak.

Now I dug in against him, and watched his first pitch rush past me. He was fast, I gave him that, still this was batting practice, and the central idea was to let the batters get their timing down by putting the ball over the plate and letting the batter hammer the hell out of the pitch.

Duane didn’t seem to comprehend this, for after I pulled his second pitch sharply to left, he dusted me off with an inside fastball that put me on the seat of my pants. I looked out at him and grinned. He nodded back, and I dug in again. The next pitch was right at my head. I was lucky to bailout in time to avoid being beaned.

The assistant coach came trotting out and had a few words with Duane, as I got back up, and dug in again.

The following pitch was a change right over the middle of the plate, but I took it, and waited for the next one.

Duane went into an exaggerated windup and heaved the pitch at least ten feet over my head. Everyone on the bench was laughing. I felt a concern as I gripped the bat. Was he really wild? Was he trying to make me look bad during batting practice? I didn’t know, and tried to put the thoughts out of my mind.

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