Haitian Flag Day 2016

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The sun rose over the beautiful, vibrant coastal City of Cap-Haitien, second largest metropolitan area in the Republic of Haiti. After a spectacular night spent dancing and drinking at Feu Vert Night Club while celebrating Haitian Flag Day, Nicholas Pierrot was spent. Inside the Pierrot villa located in the suburb of Bel Air, which overlooked the metropolis, all was quiet…

The annual May 18 festivities had a way of bringing out every soul’s inner patriot across the island of Haiti. For proud Haitian national and fortunate son Nicholas, the consummate frat guy, it always unleashed his party animal…and then some. Driven to conquer in the bedroom, at school and at work, Nicholas at long last found someone who could truly match his savvy.

The tall, handsome young man had recently received an acceptance letter from the prestigious Law School of the Universite d’Etat d’Haiti, and he simply couldn’t be happier. Finally, Nicholas was going to attend the same school his father, legendary Judge Dorvil Pierrot graduated from, nearly three decades ago. Perhaps someday he’d work at his father’s firm, after passing the bar, of course.

“Ma Cherie, last night was awesome,” Nicholas whispered as he stretched luxuriously next to his lady love, the unforgettable Natalie Duchene. The sight of the gorgeous, dark-skinned vision of beauty who lay in bed next to him stirred something almost primal within Nicholas. Natalie smiled at Nicholas, and tugged on his chest hairs, causing him to wince.

“You don’t have to tell me, mon ami, I was there,” Natalie said coyly, and Nicholas impulsively wrapped his arms around her curvaceous form. Damn it, Nicholas could never get enough of Natalie. This foxy, smart and fearless young woman was something else. A Haitian diva in the flesh. Who would have thought that the young woman he met at a party held at the all-female Soeurs Saint-Joseph De Cluny school four years ago would become such an important part of his life?

Born and raised in Cap-Haitien, Nicholas attended the all-male Christian school known as College Notre Dame Du Perpetuel Secours. After graduating from C.N.D.P.S. in 2012, Nicholas then went on to study criminal justice at and subsequently graduate from Universite Roi Henri Christophe, an elite university named after one of the Haitian Revolutionary War’s legendary heroes. Along with Soeurs Saint Joseph De Cluny, those were the finest schools in the city, where the local elite sent their sons and daughters.

“Can’t get enough of you, my sweet Natalie,” Nicholas said, and Natalie grinned as her lover fastened those sweet lips of his to her right breast while gently rubbing her left one. Just like that, Nicholas kissed and licked his way from Natalie’s succulent lips to her throat, and finally, down her belly and pelvic area. Pausing briefly, Nicholas locked eyes with Natalie, who licked her lips and nodded.

“Come on, come on, we both know you know what to do, mon amour,” Natalie cooed softly, rubbing Nicholas’s head encouragingly. Grabbing her crimson panties, Natalie pulled them to the side, revealing an obvious target. Nicholas buried his face between Natalie’s legs, licking her core and tasting the essence of her womanhood. No two women smelled or tasted alike down below, and to Nicholas’s experienced taste buds, Natalie was quite simply addictive.

Nicholas looked up at Natalie as he ate her out. Hot damn, this woman was like none he’d ever met. Nicholas had always played the field, throughout his twenty two years upon this earth. His wealthy father often sent him to escort bostancı spend summer vacations in places like Boston, Massachusetts, and Miami, Florida, where various relatives reside. He’d bedded women of virtually all races, and while he had a fondness for Hispanic women and white women, black women were second to none as far as Nicholas was concerned.

When Nicholas Pierrot met Natalie Duchene, the rich stud got far more than he bargained for. Born in the rural commune of Trou-du-Nord, and raised in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, Natalie grew up fast and hard. For starters, Natalie was raised by a single father, Benoit Duchene, and only got to attend the prestigious Soeurs Saint Joseph De Cluny because of her stellar grades. Being poor at a school for the daughters of the wealthy toughened Natalie, and by the time she graduated, she’d become ambitious, fearless and ruthless.

While attending the American University of the Caribbean for civil engineering studies, Natalie Duchene met professor Leonard Jenkins. Sparks flew between the tall, curvaceous Haitian beauty and this interesting, middle-aged white man originally from Baltimore, Maryland, with whom she began a passionate affair. Jenkins taught Natalie about the ways of BDSM, and soon she embraced her inner dominatrix. The affair ended when Natalie proved harder to control than Professor Jenkins realized.

Rumors of the affair between professor and student swirled about the American University of the Caribbean campus, and soon reached the ears of the Provost. Professor Jenkins was summarily fired, and returned to America in disgrace. As for Natalie, whom the Provost saw as the innocent victim of a charming, manipulative womanizer, she was awarded a partial scholarship to help with her studies, with the university’s sincerest apologies for what she’d endured.

“Lick my clit,” Natalie said sharply, and Nicholas complied, flicking his tongue over her clitoris while sliding two fingers into her cunt. The first time Natalie laid eyes on Nicholas Pierrot at a Soeurs Saint Joseph De Cluny alumni party, she knew the tall, Hershey-hued, sharp-dressed brother would be a good roll in the hay. She had no idea that he was a sharp-witted guy, a sexual dynamo and the man who would steal her heart…

“Damn it you’re bossy,” Nicholas paused to say, and then he resumed eating Natalie’s pussy. Natalie cocked an eyebrow and smiled, amused. The young woman’s voluptuous body shuddered as Nicholas teased and probed her cunt with his tongue and fingers, practically setting her on fire. Squealing loudly, Natalie thrashed about on the bed, orgasmic at last.

As much as Nicholas liked to complain about her bossiness, in and out of the bedroom, Natalie knew he was turned on by it. Hell, this was the same brother who recently confessed to her that he swung both ways. Nicholas admitting to having had sex with both women and men. He considered himself bisexual. While most sisters would have been turned off by such a revelation, Natalie Duchene was turned on by it. Hell, she even found a way to incorporate Nicholas’s bisexuality in their fun and games…

“Yeah, and you better not forget it, now let me catch my breath,” Natalie said, and then she pushed Nicholas’s face away from her pussy. Hot damn, this brother’s tongue game was second to none. Nicholas knew how to make Natalie’s pussy not only pop but sizzle, as they say. Sighing deeply, Natalie looked at her boyfriend, and a wicked idea sprang into her mind. Time to remind Nicholas who’s the boss…

“Shut up and eat ümraniye escort my ass,” Natalie Duchene said sharply, glaring at her sub, Nicholas Pierrot, who obediently knelt at the foot of her bed. Grinning, Natalie yanked down her crimson panties, which hugged her heart-shaped chocolate ass like a glove, and got on all fours, spreading her ass cheeks wide open. Turning around, Natalie saw some hesitation on her sub’s face, and clucked her tongue impatiently. The foxy Haitian lady was not in the business of repeating herself…

“Yes ma’am,” Nicholas replied, and then he proceeded to grasp Natalie’s voluminous, darkly glistening cheeks with both hands and pressed his lips against her butt hole. Nicholas wormed his tongue into Natalie’s asshole, and began licking his way around. The young woman sighed happily as she felt her sub’s tongue sliding down her asshole. Dammit, that dude Nicholas had a real passion for eating ass…

“Ou vremen renmen goute bonda anpil,” Natalie said in Haitian Creole, and she turned around to see a look of surprise on Nicholas’s face, followed by a smile. Hearing his lady love speak of his ass-eating skills in his mother tongue turned Nicholas on even more. Grabbing Natalie’s ass cheeks, Nicholas smacked them and then resumed eating her asshole like a condemned inmate savoring his last supper…

“Hell yeah,” Nicholas said enthusiastically and then a laughing Natalie pushed him down on the bed began riding his handsome face, smothering him with that thick dark ass of hers. Reaching over, Natalie grabbed Nicholas’s long and thick, uncircumcised dick, and began stroking it. Soon Nicholas was hard as a rock. Natalie slid Nicholas’s body like a jungle gym, and grabbed his dick with both hands. Inhaling Nicholas’s manly musk, Natalie took him into her mouth.

“Zozo ou gen bel gou,” Natalie paused to say, complimenting her lover Nicholas on the way his dick tasted, before she resumed sucking him. While going down on Nicholas, Natalie slid two fingers into his ass, and he said absolutely nothing. Indeed, Nicholas made himself useful by eating Natalie’s ass, and just like that, the two of them continued pleasuring each other till sexual exhaustion claimed them…

“Fuck my ass please, mademoiselle,” Nicholas whispered, and Natalie laughed and slapped her man’s ass playfully. Nicholas frequently told her about his sexual dalliances with other guys while attending C.N.D.P.S. Hell, Natalie knew about Lucien Magloire, Nicholas old buddy and the dude whose big ole dick he loved riding the most. Fortunately for Natalie and Nicholas budding relationship, Lucien recently graduated from Universite Notre Dame d’Haiti and moved to New Jersey, leaving the foxy Haitian diva with her man all to herself.

“Ladies first, mon cher, remember?” Natalie teased, and she made Nicholas roll over, and grabbed his dick. Stroking him into hardness, Natalie climbed on top of her man and impaled herself on his dick. Nicholas hands went to Natalie’s tits and he gently caressed them but she batted his hands away. Grunting in frustration, he reached for her waist but the same thing happened.

“Let me ride and just fuck me,” Natalie said, and Nicholas tried not to roll his eyes as he began fucking her. Dammit, this woman was bossy in every way. Bucking his hips, Nicholas thrust upward, slamming his dick into Natalie’s hot, tight pussy. Resting her hands on Nicholas broad shoulders, her big tits flopping this way and that, Natalie rode him with all of her might, hissing as he stabbed her cunt with his big ole dick.

“That kartal escort bayan was fun,” Nicholas said, sighing happily, about an hour later. Natalie said nothing and rubbed her wet pussy, which was sore from the relentless pounding it just received from her man. Even after fucking the hell out of Natalie and having cum twice, Nicholas was still semi-hard. Glancing at Nicholas cute ass, Natalie licked her lips.

“Bend over and show me that ass, big man, you fucked me, now I get to fuck you,” Natalie said tersely, and Nicholas complied without hesitation. Grinning, Natalie reached for a nearby drawer, and grabbed the glistening black dildo which she bought at an online store called Haiti Sex Shop. Natalie held the dildo this way and that, hefting it in her hand before waving it at a stunned-looking Nicholas, who grinned nervously.

“I bet my dildo is bigger than your ex-boyfriend Lucien’s dick,” Natalie said as she attached the phallic implement to a leather strap. Nicholas gulped, stunned. He’d taken Natalie’s fingers and butt plugs up his ass before during their kinky fun and games, but this was altogether different. For the first time in ages, Nicholas felt genuinely nervous. Not a good feeling…

“Um, go easy on me, that thing is huge,” Nicholas said, and Natalie smacked his cute dark ass before spreading his cheeks wide open. Using hand lotion as lubricant, Natalie greased up Nicholas asshole, and then fingered him some. After a few minutes of this, Natalie deemed Nicholas ready, and pressed her dildo against his ass. Without further ado, Natalie pushed her dildo into Nicholas ass, and began REALLY fucking her man…

“I love bending you over,” Natalie whispered into Nicholas ear, and then she clamped one hand down on his mouth and smacked him with the other while thrusting her dildo deep into his ass. If Nicholas could have screamed, he would have, but those would have been screams of pleasure mixed with pain. With the dildo buried in his ass and Natalie’s tits pressing against his back, Nicholas felt dominated, and violated, but part of him liked it. The more Natalie fucked his ass with her dildo, the harder Nicholas dick got…

“Too damn good, that felt awesome,” Nicholas said, much later, after he and Natalie hit the showers. There was a well full of rain water hidden behind the garden inside the villa, and sometimes, on a really hot morning such as this one, Nicholas liked to shower outside. Few of the women he brought home cared to join him on such an excursion, but his girlfriend Natalie was definitely no one’s idea of the average female…

“Face it, Nicholas, I fucked that ass of yours better than anyone else, and I really connect with you, you’re never going to want to let me go,” Natalie said confidently, as she lathered herself with soap. Nicholas considered that, and his eyes roved all over Natalie’s chocolate-hued, deliciously voluptuous body, which glistened in the morning sun.

Nicholas Pierrot had bedded quite a few women and more than a few men in his twenty two years, and he loved sex in all of its infinite variety. Still, he knew he’d found something special in this woman. For a moment, Natalie reminded him of a gorgeous sculpture he saw while visiting the City of Atlanta, Georgia. The statue represented Yemaja, a female deity once worshipped by numerous cultures in West Africa.

“Who says I’d ever want to?” Nicholas said, laughing, as he pulled Natalie close with one arm and used the other to give her thick ass a firm slap. Laughing, Natalie pushed him and darted away, running barefoot across the grass. The sight of her thick ass swaying from side to side, in the nude, stirred Nicholas like nothing else could. Grinning wolfishly, he pounced after her. What better way to start the day than by chasing the finest ass he’d ever seen?

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