Gym Surprise

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I turn up for my PT session slightly late, rushing up the stairs to see my trainer. This is my favourite time to come to the gym, as late as possible before they close when it’s at its quietest. I’m surprised he agreed to a session this late at night, but thrilled at the same time, it’s always fun when he takes my training sessions.

He greets me with a scowl at reception, scolding me for being late. I can tell by the look on his face I’m going to pay for this, there are only a couple of people left in the weights area. I quickly lock my stuff away, already in my kit, and come out to the floor. After a quick 10 minute warm up doing some cardio we get straight into the weights. He leads me around the machines, showing me which settings to use and how much to lift. We flirt casually, not unusual for us, it always feels like harmless banter, always a bit of electricity, but never anything we’d act on. The next challenge he sets me is using dumbbells and the wobbleboard to work on my core.

He demonstrates the exercises he wants me to do on the floor before I get on the wobbleboard to do them. I know my balance is rubbish so I avoid it for as long as possible, making him show me the exercises one last time, biting my lip unconsciously as I watch his gorgeous arms lift weights with ease. Now it’s my turn, as he leaves the room to say goodnight to the last members leaving the club for the evening I try to balance on the wobbleboard. I’m trying my best but it’s just not happening, I can’t get my balance right at all. He comes back to the room and helps me balance, his hands round my waist, just gently supporting me, hardly touching me, but I catch my breath. I don’t think he’s noticed, but just that slight touch has given me goosebumps…

I pretend everything’s fine and continue to try and do these sets of weights. After what feels like forever, my arms and legs are burning, I am on the last set of squats with dumbbells. We’ve been chatting away as though everything is normal, and he moves closer to me, ready to take the weights from me after my last set. I’m not focussing on the set anymore, and my lack of focus causes me to lose my balance, falling sideways off the board. Instinctively he tries to catch me, grabbing my hips and holding me upright, whilst pulling me to him.

I can’t look at him, I feel electric, I shake myself and pull away, feeling ashamed, and convinced it’s all in my head, he’s not feeling what I am, that’s impossible. I’m sweaty, and now blushing, and extremely aware that such a small touch has made me feel hot, damp and very sensitive, so I quickly excuse myself to go shower and get ready to leave, I can feel him watching me walk to the changing room, even as I left his hands brushed against me…

I gasp in the changing room, it feels as though I’ve been holding my breath for hours. How did I not notice this feeling before?! He’s so fit, so sexy, and so effortless, but why am I now finding myself struggling not to walk back out there and rip his shirt off?! A shower will make me come to my senses, that’ll be the answer. I open my locker, pull my phone out and put some music on as loud as the phone will play it. The gym is closed now, but I don’t care, I need to get in the shower and calm down.

I pull my top over my head, my fingers brush against my nipples, highlighting to me how hard they have become from this escalating need to be touched further by him. Trying to pull myself together I quickly strip off my sports bra, releasing my breasts and rubbing them briefly, before peeling off my cut off trackies and pants in one swoop. I release my hair escort bostancı from its tie and kick off my trainers, throwing them into the pile with the rest of my clothes, grab my towel and head for the shower. I haven’t bothered closing the cubicle door, there’s no-one here but me, and it means I can use another cubicle as my towel rack.

The water hits my sweating chest, it feels divine after a hard workout, instinctively I turn around, plumping my hair up and then allowing the water to flow over me, closing my eyes. I start to loosen up and squeeze some shower gel into my hands, and begin washing myself, lathering my whole body. I’m dancing to the songs playing from my phone a little, and I decide I need some relief after being turned on earlier.

My hands move over my ample breasts, my nipples now warm and soft, then further down, rubbing my belly, then down to my pussy lips, one finger parting them. I can feel my wetness increasing, the water now against my back as my head rolls back and my finger finds my clit, rubbing it gently, a small moan escapes my mouth.

My head snaps back and my eyes open as I hear a noise. He’s in the changing room, watching me shower. I don’t know what to do with myself, I’m wondering if he knows I was thinking about him while touching myself. The grin on his face says he does… somewhere along the line he’s lost his clothes while watching me, and is just in boxers. I’m too shocked to grab a towel, I’m standing under a torrent of water, trying to cover myself up with just my hands. He steps into the shower area, the closer he gets the more I realise he isn’t confident in what he’s doing, he doesn’t know whether he should back out, but I know it’s too late for either of us now, it’s all or nothing.

I move out of the cubicle, as though I’m going to grab my towel, giving him a chance to come closer, he takes it. As I come forward he takes my wrist and pulls me towards him, my wet body being thrust against his dry, warm flesh. He pushes me back into the water, then turns me, so I’m against the wall, all the while our bodies pressed together. He moves my wet hair away from my face and neck with one hand, the other hand on my hip, stroking up and down my side. I look up to him, and he leans down, his mouth covering mine in a passionate embrace. My back arches against the wall, our tongues entwine, I feel his hard cock pushing through his boxers towards me, and I’m very aware he should not be wearing boxers in the shower.

As his mouth moves down to my neck and I moan I slip a hand into his boxers, feeling the length of his shaft. I gasp into his ear from both the tingling feeling his kisses and giving me, and the surprise at how large he is. I can feel his lips form a smile against my skin and he nips at me, with the most gentle of bites. I push him back to the other side of the cubicle and hook my fingers into his waistband, pulling his now soaking boxers down, tapping his legs playfully to get him to step out of them. I hurl them to one side sit up on my knees, smiling at his cock standing to attention for me.

I hold the base of him, and kiss along his shaft, licking and teasing him, then moving down to his balls, licking them, suckling on them lightly, before I cover him with my mouth and begin bobbing back and forth. He’s much bigger than anyone I’d been with before, and it’s hard to accommodate him but I do my best, trying to push as much of him into me as I can. I massage his balls while I’m taking him into my throat, as deep as I can, and moan thinking about how it’d feel having this huge cock stretch my pussy.

My ümraniye escort other hand starts to work along the rest of his cock, I couldn’t fit it all in my mouth, and I’m simultaneously sucking and jacking him off. He starts tensing up, and I encourage him, moaning more and more onto his cock, until he cums deep into my mouth. I continue to suck him until he is spent, enjoying his moans and sighs of pleasure. I swallow his seed and try to push myself up, but he is already there, taking my hands and pulling me up, looking at me with pure lust.

His hands take both my breasts, and my nipples harden immediately into his palms, it’s a delicious feeling for me, as he drags his fingers across them. We kiss deeply and sensuously, while his hands explore my body, running over the curves I try to hide, fully appreciating me. As soon as his hand reaches my pussy lips I gasp out loud, I am dripping wet, my pussy so slippery and hot, I need to feel him inside me. I wriggle and try to force his fingers inside me, but he moves slowly to tease, spreading my wetness over my entire pussy, making my clit even more engorged.

He plunges a finger deep into me without warning while he kisses me, after just touching my entrance and moving away for so long, causing me to moan loudly into his mouth. I want him, I don’t care how I just need him. He knows he’s in control though, and after fingering me for a short while he pulls his finger out, dipping it into my mouth, and then cleaning it himself, so we both taste me. He releases me from his hold and tells me to finish showering and dry myself, he’ll be waiting for me. Before he gets out the shower he tells me not to wash away my juices, he wants to see how much wetter he can make me.

I’m almost delirious with need as he leaves, and wash my hair very quickly, jumping out the shower and drying it as fast as I can. I do as instructed and try not to wash away any of my cum, slipping on my loose t-shirt and a pair of pants as I venture out the changing room to find him. He’s laid some towels out in the same room we had our earlier electric experience, and gained his trackies. I can see his cock hardening in front of me, creating a tent in his bottoms and wastes no time in kissing me again, turning me around so he can push his erection into my back while he kisses along my shoulders.

His bottoms are quickly discarded, and I am moaning loudly now, there is no-one to hear us so we can really let go. My panties are soaking wet from the earlier stimulation coupled with this new, wonderful feeling of his tongue across my skin. My nipples are poking out of my t-shirt, and they are tweaked through the material, making me push my bum out against his cock, grinding against him. One of his hands moves down to my pants and pulls them aside, his fingers just brushing my hot pussy lips, feeling my dripping wet arousal. He spins me back around, pulls my t-shirt over my head, and drops to his knees, kissing me through my pants.

My hands run along his strong shoulders, and across his head, almost massaging him while I fall away into a world of pleasure. My pants are torn from me, and his tongue pushes between me, lapping my juices up. My legs buckle when he reaches my clit and he has to support me, I can barely speak for the enjoyment, just muttering ‘don’t stop, please’. Once I’m on the floor he tells me it’s my turn to cum, and goes to work on my clit, my legs are pushed back, he has total access to me.

As his tongue pushes inside me, soaked in my nectar, while his thumb flicks my hard little nub, I can’t take any more. I’m so close but kartal escort bayan I need him inside me, I have to be filled. I pull him up to me, positioning his cock at my entrance, then I stop to kiss him. He eases himself inside of me while we kiss, he is stretching me further than I imagined he would, my tight pussy struggles to adjust to his size. Luckily he had me so desperately aroused nothing could stop me pushing back on him, to encourage him into me quicker. I need to be filled by him, and it doesn’t take long until he is fully inside of me, to the maximum. My breathing changes, I am short of breath as every stroke he pumps into me feels like it’s sending a shiver through me, he is finding places I didn’t know I had.

I want to ride him, be in control of how deep he can push into me, and I tell him so. As we roll over and I adjust my position I lean forward pushing my breasts towards his mouth. Greedily he takes them one by one and sucks, bites and licks them, adding to the orgasmic feeling of him filling me. I sit down on him fully, breathing deeply now to accommodate him, it hurts a little but the pleasure overrides the pain. My entire pussy is soaking, and I reach down and rub my clit with my fingers, then letting him suck on them.

The site of him enjoying my taste turns me on so much, and I want to cum on his cock, so I move back to my clit, rubbing it with 2 fingers, it’s so so wet, it’s messy but delicious and it doesn’t take long at all until I can feel my muscles start to contract. He can feel it too… and he takes my nipples, twisting them a little, pulling them, rubbing them, pushing me right over the edge, making me throw my head back and scream. My legs turn to jelly as I come down from my orgasm, my head feels fuzzy.

I’m aware of being rolled over, and kissed. I know he’s still hard, I don’t want him to pull out of me, I feel like I’m having orgasm aftershocks…but he has move and adjust, telling me to lay on my back and open my legs wide. This instruction makes me smile, it gets me off hearing that he wants me. He sits up on his knees, from this position he has total control, he can reach my nipples, and he does, rolling them between his fingers and pulling on them slightly. I want his mouth on them, but I want every sensation at once, they are all incredible. He looks down and watches his cock move in, and out of me, he is pulling out almost entirely before he thrusts back in, each stroke is heaven.

I feel another orgasm building rapidly, and I tell him so, I don’t know if I can actually take cumming again, but from this position I won’t have a lot of choice, he is far stronger than me, I’m at his mercy. His hand moves down to my stomach, pressing on it, massaging me slightly, but moving lower and lower to his cock, which is still pumping in and out of me. He uses my wetness to again rub over my super sensitive clit. I jump but really I’m pinned to the floor, trapped into having another crashing orgasm. It builds and builds inside me, as the pace of his fucking increases, and the pace of his rubbing my clit. He is determined to make me cum, encouraging me, ‘cum for me baby, cum on my cock’, those words taking me over the edge again, my walls clamping onto him, I can’t even make a sound, I’m totally overcome.

As soon I start cumming he leans down, leaning over me, and fucks me harder and faster, my legs wrap around him as he works my pussy, it keeps my orgasm going for longer than I expected, my arms are around him, nails digging into his back, and he reaches his own climax, shooting his ribbons of cum across my chest and stomach, collapsing next to me. He rubs his cum into my nipple, already leaving me yearning for his cock again… but now we must clean up and leave, both looking forward to our next training session, the thoughts in my mind as I drive home centre around how big he would feel from behind…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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