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Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking

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I felt my butt getting squeezed. First one cheek and then the other! Not tentatively. Just grabbed and squeezed!

Startled, I turned to confront my molester. To my surprise it wasn’t my girlfriend, Sarah. Although Sarah had never done anything like this before! And it wasn’t her now. It was Hannah!

“What the hell?” I asked Sarah’s grandmother. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, dearie, I’m getting a handful of the best butt I’ve seen in years! Don’t tell me no one’s ever done this to you before?” She smiled up at me and moved a little closer to where I was washing the dishes. Hers was an old-fashioned house and she had no dishwasher. So…

So here I was, washing dishes and getting groped by my girlfriend’s grandma! Unexpected doesn’t cover it!

“Oh, don’t act so surprised! You work out every day, you must know what you look like! How you fill out these shorts! Everyone notices your butt. And what-not.” her hand drifted over my groin so I would be sure to understand by what she meant.

I was still up to my elbows in dishwasher as she moved even closer. I could feel her body moving against my side as she rested her head on my upper arm. Sarah and her Mom were out shopping so there was no use in yelling for help. Besides, I sort of liked feeling Hannah as she pressed against me. She was so soft and feminine. Everyone’s perfect Gramms!

“So are you getting any from Sarah?” she asked with a giggle blowing the Grandma image wide open. “She seems like a little prude to me no matter how she dresses. So have you and Sarah knocked boots, Chet?” I think she knew the answer from the way she was looking at me.

“Sarah wants to wait,” I told her.

“Wants to wait? Wait? Wait for what? Doesn’t she want to find out if all this will fit into her tight, virginal pussy? I know I’d want to find out!” She was watching to see my reaction. And her hand was still lightly running over my crotch.

I have to admit that I was starting to react to her. And when I react, there isn’t much I can do to hide it! All my girlfriends have told me that my dick is larger than anyone else they have met. I’m not sure how big it is but I know it’s longer than a standard foot long ruler. And thick as well!

“Oh, my!” she enthused. “You have been blessed, haven’t you, Chet? Yummy! I hope you’ll let me see!”

She stepped back away from me while pulling me to face her.

“I know you must like big tits. It’s about all that Sarah has to offer! And she’s such a prude about them, isn’t she? I guess the boobie genes skipped a generation. My daughter is flat as a board! Sarah seems to have her fair share of the boobie genes that me and my Mom carried.” Softly she shook her shoulders making her boobs jiggle and bounce under her tight sweater.

“Let me ask you. I’m sure you like big tits. But how do you feel about GIGANTIC tits?” As she said this she slowly lifted up her top! There was a moment when nothing happened and then her bra-clad boobs avalanched out! Bouncing and jiggling I could see her breast flesh shivering inside of the largest bra cups that I had ever seen! Jesus, Hannah had the biggest boobs I could imagine!

Hannah pulled the top over her head and dropped it to eat floor. Pulling her shoulders back she stood proudly in front of me. She swiveled slowly from side to side, allowing me to appreciate the amazing volume of bosom that she carried!

“Big, aren’t I?” she smirked.

“Big?” I asked. “Hell no! You’re HUGE! I’ve never seen tits this big before!” With out being invited I was running my hands over what she had to offer. Which was more than anyone I’d ever heard of. In the confines of the bra her boobs still stretched wider than her shoulders and projected SO far in front of her torso. Those softly firm melons hung to just below her navel! From just below her shoulders to just below her navel, Hannah was all boobs! Her tits were crushed together by her bra into a mind-blowing cleavage that seemed to call out to me.

So I heeded that call! I drove my face into her cleavage. She giggled and laughed as I motor-boated her immense tits to my hearts content. I used both hands to push on the outer reaches of her tits, forcing more and more cleavage to push up out of the massive bra. I licked and sucked, kissed and lapped at the swells of breast that were in my face. I didn’t even realize what else was going on until she firmly pushed on my shoulders to get me to stop.

Some how she had pushed my pants and underwear to my knees and she was purring with happiness as she used both hands to stroke my dick!

“What a big dick you have!” she enthused. “I’ve always liked big dicks and this has to be the biggest I’ve ever seen! How big is it Chet? How long is this huge, fat prick?”

“Um, I’m not sure,” I told her. “I’ve never really measured myself!”

“Well, come on! I’ll do bostancı escort bayan it for you.” She shimmied her shoulders to make her giant tits bounce and quiver. “And you can measure me if you are into that sort of thing! I have huge tits! Bigger than Sarah! Much, much bigger! And I will enjoy it if you play with them! I want you to play with my big fat titties, Chet!”

Still holding my cock she led me to her bedroom and pushed me onto the bed. She grabbed a cloth tape measure from the bedstead and knelt between my legs.

“Um, I want to be sure that you’re at full strength,” she purred while stroking me with one hand. The other hand went behind her and with a few deft movements she undid her bra clasps. Five of them! She pulled the shoulder straps down her arms and the cups, those immense cups, started to slide down her breasts.

She reached out and pulled her bra off to lie in her lap as she continued to run her hand up and down my stalk.

“Now, let’s see what we have here!” Slowly she measured from the join of my balls to the tip of my dick. “Wow! I get a measurement of thirteen and one half inches! That’s a record for sure! Does Sarah have any idea what you pack in your trousers?”

“Um, no. She wants to wait until we are married she says!”

“More likely she’s either afraid or too prudish! She has no idea what she’s missing! But I know!” she chortled.

She leaned forward and took the tip of my dick into her mouth. I could feel her tongue as it licked and tickled my dick head. It felt fabulous! I’d had a few blow jobs before Sarah and I hooked up. But nothing like this! Hannah had some real skills!

She pulled back to look me in the eye. “I know Sarah wouldn’t do anything like this. She probably thinks it’s dirty. But I think it’s erotic. And sexy! And it turns me on to have a dick like this in my hands. And I know it’s going to feel fabulous in my mouth, in my hot cunt and between my huge titties! I’m going to put it everywhere it will fit! I’m the ultimate GMILF, Chet! The ULTIMATE.

“So, let me ask, have you ever been with a woman with tits like mine?” She was holding her tits up for me to look at. “Do any of the girls in college have a rack like this?” She arched her back to emphasis just how big her tits were. And they were BIG!

“Nuh, nuh, no,” I stammered. I’d never imagined tits the size that Hannah was wobbling under my stunned gaze.

“I didn’t think so. Sarah’s always saying that she had the best figure on campus. And I’m more than twice as busty as she is. Maybe three times as well endowed! And I know what to do with them, unlike her. She likes to show off but she just doesn’t know what it takes to please a man. Or herself. Too bad. For her. Let me show you!”

Slowly Hannah leaned forward and, using both hands and both arms she cradled her tits to herself. And leaning forward even more, she absolutely engulfed my cock in her cleavage. There was nothing to be seen of it!

One of my former girlfriends had done this for me. But she was even smaller chested than Sarah. And when did I start thinking of Sarah as ‘small chested’? Sarah had confided proudly once that she wore a 36-F cup bra! And that was a larger bra of any of my previous girlfriends. And probably the largest bra on a slim body of any of the girls on campus. Sarah had a 28 inch waist and 34 inch hips. Slim and stacked!

And now Gramms was making her look inadequate! Well, not inadequate, but not so busty anyway! Jeeze, how big were these huge hooters, I wondered?

My thoughts were brought back to the present by the growing feeling in my cock and balls. I was right on the edge of cumming I realized. Hannah was wanking my big dick with her even bigger tits! And I was loving it!

“I’m, uh, I’m going to, going to cum,” I gasped out. “I’m right on the edge, Hannah!”

“Oh, goody! I like to see and feel men cum all over my big titties! Cum for me, Chet! Cum between my boobs and then I’ll beat you off over both my tits and I’ll suck down the last of it, honey!”

And she did! With a low groan I started to spurt between her boobs. The first three spurts were trapped between her man-melting mega-melons! The next three she she used to cover her tits! And then she pushed my erection into her mouth and to the top of her throat. I think she was surprised that I still had a couple of spurts for her! She didn’t let if faze her, she let my sperm gather in her mouth and then she made a production of tasting it and slowly swallowing it! Most of my previous experiences had ended with the woman spitting my cum out into a tissue or something. Not Hannah! She enjoyed swallowing my offering.

After she had taken in all that I had deposited in her mouth she used her lips, tongue and both hands to track down everything that was between her tits and on the top of her gigantic melons!

“Yummy, so good, Chet, so tasty! I want to do that again but first I want to see what it feels like to get fucked by a dick that’s ümraniye escort more than a foot long! I’ve never had a man that was more than ten inches long! You’re so much longer and bigger!”

“Um, I’m not sure we should,” I started to object. “I mean, Sarah and her Mom will be back.”

“Not for hours, honey! Not if I know them. They won’t be back until late afternoon! We have hours to fool around! And I don’t want to waste a moment of it! I’m so fucking hot and horny! Now come here!”

She reached out and pulled me between her thighs. Again there was no subtlety. She socked my dick into her hot wet cunt and pounded on my ass with both heels!

“Come on! You’re hung like a horse and I want to feel it all! Fuck my hot and horny cunt! Pound me! I’m not some delicate little flower! I love cock and I love big cocks most of all! So fuck me with your huge dick! I want to see what it feel like! Come on, Chet! Drill it into me! Now, now, now!”

I have to admit it was really exciting to hear her talking to me like that! None of the few other women I’d bedded were as vocal, as loud or as HOT as Hannah was! Sarah had never, ever talked dirty to me let alone while she was trying to pull my dick as deep into her as possible!

So I did!

We fucked for hours! Hannah knew how to make me feel so masculine! She would stroke and suck my dick. She would get me hard and then push herself down on my erection while smothering me in her amazing boobs!

They were so big! Both soft and firm at the same time! Just one of them could cover my chest. She would pile one on top of my face and encourage me to suck and lick her nipple while we both played with her other immense fun bag! Using all four hands there was still a lot of untouched breast flesh!

I think Hannah liked to tittie-fuck as much as I did. She enjoyed the fact that she had the biggest tits that I had ever encountered and that I enjoyed playing with them as much as I did.

Pushing those gigantic flesh pillows around her chest! Watching them slosh and flow from above her chin to below where my dick was punishing her cunt! Seeing her tits move and bounce and jiggle! So fucking exciting!

And she talked to me all the time! Telling me what she liked and what she wanted to do with me! And what she wanted me to do to her! How she loved having her tits played with and her nipples sucked and licked!

She would lower her boobs over my head and batter me back and forth with those dirigibles while she laughed and giggled! Watching me try to control her fabulous tits amused her! We just went on and on!

I have no idea of how often I blew a load on her. Into her cunt. Between her gigantic tits. Down her throat! And she beat me off over her tits a few times as well.

She came, too! Often! Easily! She would crash from one soul-shaking orgasm to another. She must have cum at least a dozen times. Maybe more.

But the time came when I didn’t have anything left to give her. Hannah had worn me down to a nub. My dick wasn’t getting hard again, I was sure. It lay, limp, exhausted and defeated across my groin.

Hannah cradled my head in her lap and dropped one of those immense tits on me. She directed her nipple to my lips so I could suck on it. At the same time she gently stroked and fondled my cock. I could feel her tit covering me. From above my forehead to below where it rested on my upper chest, I was encased in her munificent boob! To my surprise Hannah coaxed me back to an erection in almost no time!

This time she knelt in front of me. She leaned forward so that her tits were resting on the floor in front of her. Endless cleavage formed as she pressed her upper arms together. She gently took my dick into her mouth and slowly, almost worshipfully, pushed and pulled my cock into her mouth and down her throat!

No one had ever been able to deep-throat me. Hannah made it look easy! She took it all, retreated until only the tip of my dick was between her lips and then she did it again! She made that long trip again and again. She never hurried. She let me know that she was enjoying what she was doing. She was whimpering and sighing as she worked. She would pull free now and again to run her lips up and down my shaft, sucking up all the juices that were basting my rod. Then she would return to her deep-throat! It was the most amazing, erotic thing I had ever experienced!

Finally she bore down and worked faster until I could hold back no longer. I didn’t spurt huge amounts like I had earlier but I could feel each drop as it was ejaculated from my balls, rode up my shaft to burst into her mouth!

Hannah was smiling into my eyes as she took all I had to offer and enjoyed the taste and texture before she swallowed it down.

As we slowly cleaned up Hannah would stop from time to time to fondle and kiss me. “Just making sure I got all of it!” she would say. I assured her that I really didn’t have anything else to offer her.

When Sarah and her Mom got back kartal escort I was sitting on the sofa watching a golf match while Hannah was reading a magazine. All was as innocent as could be. Well, except when Hannah would pinch a nipple thru the blouse and bra that she had put on. Or when she would slowly lick her lips while staring at my groin. She was not done with me, I could tell!

The next morning I slept in. Not unexpected given all the activity of the previous day. I threw on a set of sweats and wandered down to the kitchen to get something to eat.

Sarah was working at the sink and Hannah was sitting at the kitchen table when I came in. Hannah made sure that I noticed when she winked at me. And with a proud smirk she made a show of lifting her sweater clad tits up onto the table. She used both hands to do it and once she had them resting on the table she took some time to run her hands all over those massive piles of flesh. By the time I reached the fridge I was as hard as a rock.

After I closed the fridge door I made a point of facing the table while I drank from the milk carton, giving her time to appreciate how my dick was distorting the front of my sweat pants. Just to make sure I also took some time to stroke my hard-on three or four times for her benefit. She was smiling and licking her lips while she watched me play with my erection.

I wandered over to where Sarah was dicing potatoes and kissed her good-morning. She gave me a perfunctory peck back without taking her attention from what she was doing.

Feeling a little pissed I made sure to brush my straining hard-on against her hip.

“Put that thing way, will you?” she told me. “It’s gross. It’s embarrassing!” She was clearly not interested!

“Chet, could you give me a hand?” asked Gramms. “I need to move some stuff in my room and they are so large I’ll need some help!” Luckily Sarah wasn’t watching as Hannah made clear what large loads she wanted help with! She was caressing and squeezing her tits while I watched! Just so large and firm and sexy! She forced breast flesh to surge up and over the edge of her bra cups. At some point she had unbuttoned enough to allow anyone to see the immense cleavage formed between her bra cups! God she had big tits!

“Of course, Gramms, any time you need help just let me know!” I responded.

“Thanks, you are such a good boy!” she told me while making kissy lips. She motioned for me to come closer. As I did she reached out to caress my hard-on thru my sweat pants. She ran her hand up and down while smiling up at me! Her fingers squeezed and patted me while Sarah worked unaware at the sink.

Hannah ran her tongue out to lick her lips while I watched.

“I want you to help me move the bed to the other side of the room. Let me help Sarah finish up while you eat and then we’ll get to it, okay?” She was still stroking my hard on and licking her lips while she spoke.

She moved to stand next to Sarah at the sink and began to put together a sandwich. The contrast was striking!

Sarah was wearing a loose pair of jeans and a blouse that was untucked. Her hair was pulled up loosely at the back of her head. She was pretty but not doing anything to call attention to it.

Hannah had on a pair of the tightest grey fleece short-shorts imaginable! You could easily see the fabric being pulled between her pussy lips! Her sweater molded to her torso. She had unbuttoned several buttons as I had noted and the sweater didn’t quite reach her shorts. Her flat belly was on display! She may have been older, but she was much sexier! There really wasn’t much competition between them.

As she stood with her back to me she made a point of swinging her butt back and forth. Arching her back and making her butt jut towards me, pushing it from side to side allowing me to appreciate how firm and bubble-ishis it was. Arching her back she would look over her shoulder to look at me. At the same time she would ogle my groin while running her tongue over her lips.

She strutted over to me with the sandwich and undid another button as she leaned down to place the plate in front of me. She made sure to smush her huge tit against my shoulder. I took the time to gaze down her blouse and admire her massive breasts and immeasurable cleavage.

Hannah heaved her self upright and stuck her chest out as far as she could. Her hands ran over the giant mounds while she smirked down at me.

“Hurry up and eat! I want to get to work in my bedroom, Chet!” I was pretty sure that there was a double meaning in her words. At least I hoped there was! As much as I had been worn down the day before, I was feeling pretty good just now!

“I’ve got some errands to run,” Sarah announced as she finished up the dishes and dried her hands. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

“Alright,” response Hannah. “I’ll keep Chet busy here!” She winked at me as she said this!

“Right, young man, come with me!” Hannah grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall to her bedroom.

“You want me to move the bed?” I asked.

“Yeah! I want to kneel on the bed and have you move it to the other side of the room by slamming your cock into my pussy as hard as you can!”

“Um, that might take a long time,” I told her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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