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The doorknob felt cold; it was a really cold night. But as she stepped out of the bathroom, she did not shiver; on the contrary she felt quite warm inside thinking of where she was headed. Images flashed in her mind and felt a slight twitch below her navel.

She walked into the room and her eyes fell on him. There he was, lying on the bed and gazing intently at her naked form. She saw him drink in every inch of her skin and flushed as his eyes roamed all over her. She looked like a sultry goddess. He wanted to burn her into his memory. After what seemed like hours, he beckoned to her. Her limbs felt like jelly as she sidled beside him into the blanket. She looked up to find him searching her tremulous doe-like eyes for something; there was a hint of longing in their depths.

He moved closer to her; she could smell him now. It was intoxicating. She closed her eyes, trying to stay focused. He kept moving closer until their lips were barely an inch apart. He waited, gently holding her close, one of his hands stroking her long silken tresses.

And then their lips met; it was like the floodgates of a dam were opened, and they would never close again. The sensation washed over her with the fury of tidal waves. The intensity of the emotions she felt shocked her as they kissed like never before. After what seemed bostancı escort bayan like several sunlit days, they parted. She opened her eyes to see a gentle, teasing smile play on his face. His hands slowly moved up and caressed the warm skin of her cheek. She crooned his name.

His hands slowly slithered down, gently stroking her skin as he moved to kiss the nape of her neck. And suddenly his lips were everywhere, biting and kissing and caressing her neck and shoulders. She took a deep breath and shuddered. His eyes flickered up and down between her breasts and her face as he brought his hands to them, cupping her soft, tender flesh and running his thumbs around her nipples. The feeling of her skin was driving him crazy. He brought his lips back to her, as he took her nipples in his mouth, and started tugging at them. He bit and licked as he felt them getting aroused and stiff. He tentatively licked between her breasts and felt white, blazing heat burn his tongue. He slowly slid lower, never taking his lips off her, kissing every inch of her skin that he could reach.

And further he went till his hands were grazing the skin on her thighs as he crouched between her legs. His lifted them gently and placed them on his shoulders as his eyes rested on the treasure trove that lay before him. She ümraniye escort felt the curls of his hair tickle the inside of her legs as he turned to kiss her thigh. Closer and closer he kissed until he could smell her aroused anticipation. She could now feel his warm breath tingling her, so painfully and tantalizingly close.

He moved in and kissed her as she let out a soft sigh, beckoning him further. A moan escaped her lips as the tip of his tongue made contact with the outer folds of her lips. He slowly licked her, teased her, taking his time as he sought to explore every little contour from the outside in, while she grasped onto the hair on the back of his head, trying to push him closer to her. And suddenly he parted the delicate, pink inner folds as his tongue delved deep into her, tasting her honeyed nectar. He buried his face inside her and feasted unbidden on her sweet juices as he felt her breathing quicken, the feeling building inside her threatening to prove too much for her to handle. And then she broke as her orgasm crashed over her, shaking her to the very core of her flaming depths. Only his strong hands on her thighs kept her from pushing him off the bed as she lay there shaking and writhing, breathless from the force of it.

She tried to pull him up, not wanting to let it pass, but kartal escort found she didn’t have the strength for it. So he swiftly rose upwards and once again their lips met as they kissed with a ferocity that surprised them both. He positioned himself at her entrance and held it there as she waited on tenterhooks. And then he slowly entered her, gently parting her once again. He groaned at the velvety silkiness of her insides as he probed deep into her. The faint calluses on his fingers dragged lightly over her skin as he grabbed her ass and slowly drew back. Her breath left her lungs, leaving her gasping.

He elicited a moan from her as he slowly pushed into her again, filling her. He started thrusting into her, deeper each time as they moved to a rhythm. Her body lifted slightly from the bed to meet him every time he pushed in. She was drawing short, rasping breaths and her throat felt parched as her climax slowly started building inside her again, like a flame being rapidly stoked. His strokes became faster as he too neared his crescendo. And then it was all over her body once more. Her head rolled back and her body exploded in fiery ecstasy just as he climaxed inside her. Her breath was knocked out of her and she lay there whimpering for several seconds, as he crashed beside her, dazed and bewildered from the massive rush.

Finally she closed her eyes and dropped her head onto his shoulder, every nerve of her body still tingling, as he held her close. He turned and pushed a few strands of damp hair from her rosy face, as he softly kissed her cheek, a satisfied smile on his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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