Good Friends Forever

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It was a warm summer Friday evening when Joy and Tom Roberts arrived. They had been good friends with Millie and Jim Mitchell for several years.

Millie and Jim had bought a few acres of land at the edge of a small town and started a Horse farm. It developed into a rather nice Park where there were training tracks and equipment. The barn was long and had stalls on both sides of the large isle. The loft housed straw bales and a small room with a bed so trainers could stay with their horses.

The Roberts had built a very nice ranch style home adjacent to the Park shortly after the Mitchells had opened the Park. It was the first of many houses to go up around the Park. The area was jokingly called Horse Park Neighborhood.

Millie and Joy were close friends from the very beginning. They enjoyed the same things and actually looked quite a lot alike. Joy was just slightly shorter than Millie but the rest of their stature was nearly the same. Both were round faced with button noses and deep dimples in their cheeks. They both were endowed with 38DD breasts and an hourglass figure with jutting ass globes and long, tapering legs. Many times they were mistaken for the other. It was a common joke for them to pretend to be the other.

Tom and Jim were as different as the girls were alike. Tom was tall and lanky. Jim was muscular and slightly shorter than Tom. They both were happy go lucky in their attitude and enjoyed playing golf and riding.

As the two couples finished the steaks that had been prepared on the grill, they lamented about their rather bleak (so they thought) life.

“Since we are such good friends,” Tom suggested, “I think I can tell you that Joy and I have become rather disenchanted with our sex life.” He said earnestly. “It seems to have lost the luster it used too have.”

Joy was surprised at his confession but nodded her head in agreement.

Joy started to walk by Jim when he caught her arm and pulled her down on his lap.

“Millie and I were just talking about the same problem in our lives,” he said as she plopped down on his lap.

Joy’s eyes grew wide. Her mouth flew open. She squirmed slightly on his lap.

“I see that you must like me a lot,” she giggled. She squirmed on his lap again.

Tom laughed at them. He took Millie by the hand. “You can sit on my lap too!” he exclaimed as he pulled her down on his lap.

Millie gasped when she sat down. Her face turned crimson and she gasped again as he moved under escort ataşehir her.

Joy grinned knowingly. She was aware that Tom was hot for Millie but was not sure how Millie would handle it.

Millie suddenly became quiet. She smiled at Tom and moved back against his chest. “You have a nice lap,” she exclaimed softly.

Tom grinned. “You are nice to hold,” he whispered.

Millie took a deep breath and moved back and forth on his lap.

Joy smiled at them and turned to Jim. “I think we had better leave them alone. They seem to be getting along quite well.” She slipped from Jim’s lap and took his hand. “Let’s take a walk,” she suggested softly.

The full moon lit the entire area. The flickering citronella candles were almost blown out by the cool wind. They began to walk toward the path that led to the arena when a cloud obliterated the full moon and the way was dark.

Jim took her arm and led her toward the shadow of the barn.

Suddenly there was a tremendous noise coming from the barn. The whinnying of the horses and the clatter of their hoofs reverberated in the still night air.

They hurried toward the noise. Jim opened the door to the barn. The moon came out in all its wonder. They could see the prize stallion had gotten loose and was in a mares stall.

Joy gasped at the sight.

The stallion’s cock was at least three feet long and he was trying to mount the mare.

With a tremendous whinny, he rose up on his hind legs and drove his cock into the mare. Her whinny rattled the barn. He began to move back and forth, removing all but a small amount of his cock only to ram it back in with a huge thrust. The mare whinnied loudly for a short time but gradually settled down and grunted with each thrust.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the stallion backed away, his three-foot cock dangling between his legs and becoming shorter by the second. His triumphant snigger and whinny echoed in the barn. He returned to his own stall and lay down on the soft straw.

Joy stood transfixed. “That was the most awesome thing I have ever witnessed,” she gasped.

She turned to Jim and kissed him passionately. “Do that to me!” she exclaimed lustfully.

Jim was as excited as Joy.

He picked her up and carried her up the steps to the room in the loft.

Joy was tearing at her clothes. She was almost naked when he laid her down on the bed. Her tits were hard and the nipples were standing out from them kadıköy escort bayan like huge grapes. She was trembling violently as he quickly removed his clothing, tossing them aside. His cock was rock hard and bounced up and down at the sight of her naked body.

“Hurry!” she exclaimed.

She felt his cock enter her. Her body vibrated at the touch. “Fuck me like that stallion did the mare,” she nearly shouted.

Jim thrust his body into her with great zeal. His cock disappeared into her soft, hot pussy.

Their grunts could be heard over the rattle of the horses below as they fucked with invigorating thrusts. Her body met his in the air, thrusting and driving together as one. Her orgasm rocked her body and spewed like a fountain around his throbbing cock.

With a devastating thrust, he dove his cock into her and shot his sperm deep into her wanton cunt.

They lay together for quite some time, listening to the breeze blow through the barn.

It was Joy who asked, “What do we tell Tom and Millie?”

They gathered their clothing. Joy gave Jim her panties and bra. “I want you to have these to remember me by,” she said huskily.

He hastily stuffed them in his pockets and they walked slowly toward the house.

“I believe we should explain how the stallion and mare got us excited,” He suggested.

Joy agreed.

Chapter 2

Millie and Tom were surprised but not upset when their spouses left them alone.

Millie moved back and forth on his lap, giggling softly. “You are quite a man!” she commented as his hard cock throbbed against her soft ass globes.

Tom grinned and pulled her face toward him. The kiss was full of passion and they groped each other.

Millie sighed deeply when Tom loosened her bra and cupped her tits in his hands. His face buried between them.

Millie squirmed on the stiff rod. She gasped at the size. Her hands found the zipper of his pants and quickly zipped them open. Her fingers found the button and she quickly shoved his pants to the floor at their feet.

Tom was busy removing her blouse and bra. Her skirt followed quickly. His eyes feasted on her bikini panties. He ripped them masterfully from her body, leaving her gasping at his actions. Her shaved pussy was pulsing in the flickering light of the citronella candles.

She slipped from his lap and kneeled in front of the bouncing man meat. Her eyes grew wide with anticipation as she sucked the head of his escort bostancı cock quickly into her mouth. She murmured softly as she sucked the stiff rod deep into her mouth.

Tom felt his first orgasm raging in his balls. With a huge grunt, he filled her mouth to overflowing with his cum.

Millie gulped greedily at the spewing cock, cum overflowing down her chin and dropping hotly on her tits. She was not sure how it had happened but was enjoying every moment.

Millie caught his arm and led him into the house. The deck seemed to creek loudly under their hurrying feet.

They barely had gotten to the couch when Tom lowered her down and took her in the classic missionary position.

His cock was long and thick. She was elated at how good it felt in her body. She cooed softly as he drove his cock into her deepest regions.

Her eyes were dancing and her body responding with extreme excitement. The thunder of their mutual climax seemed to reverberate in their ears. One orgasm followed after another. They trembled in passion as they fucked.

It seemed like seconds but they realized that several minutes had gone by.

They lay together, sated and satisfied by the wonderful fuck they just had.

They heard Joy and Jim on the deck and quickly pulled their clothes on.

They wondered aloud what they would say to their spouses.

Chapter 3

When Joy and Jim arrived at the deck, Millie and Tom were not there.

They kissed quickly and headed inside to find their spouses.

Millie and Tom grinned sheepishly when their spouses entered.

“We were just”-She then noticed the bra hanging from her husbands pocket. She frowned for a moment and then began to laugh aloud.

Tom had moved away from her and wondered why she was laughing.

“Look in his pocket,” Millie said grinning. “I think that belongs to your wife.”

Tom grinned when he realized that it was his wife’s bra.

Jim and Joy were uneasy until they noticed that Millie’s blouse was open and her bra was on the floor beside the couch.

“I guess we have found a way to get the excitement back in our marriage,” they said in unison.

They all laughed as they gathered into a circle of four.

“To very good friends,” Tom said as they hugged and kissed all around.

It was later in the night, as they lay four in a bed, that Jim and Joy told their story about the stallion and the mare.

“Show us!” Millie and Tom said enthusiastically.

Joy smiled at her husband’s persistence.

Jim grinned at his wife.

Jim let out a mock whinny as he mounted Joy from the rear and drove his hard cock into her with hard thrusts.

Joy whinnied her acceptance of her favorite stallion.

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