Gonna Make that Bed Squeak

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Jake and I were buddies when we were on the base and even after he got married we still went out together occasionally. He married one of the sweetest looking girls in town. Even before he got married we used to go out together a lot so after he would still include me in their outings.

One night we decided to take in the scene at a local popular club on the beach. His wife was sure a looker and many men ogled her as they danced. I drank rather heavy as I wasn’t driving but I do recall her getting more and more attention as they danced on since she was showing her intentions for him when she got him home.

After a while we headed back to their apartment and I had to work the next day. They convinced me to stay the night on their couch rather than drive in my condition. They then went to their bedroom for the night. It was a small apartment size cottage that they rented so the bedroom didn’t have any door on it. So before long it was evident his wife was going to have her way with her husband. It took me quite a while to get to sleep with the squeak, squeak, squeaking of their bed-springs escort ataşehir into the night. During this time I heard her breathing hard and moaning.

I got up early and headed out to work before they were up. The squeak of that bed really played on my mind all day long. When I ran into Jake I told him thanks for the great night and the place to crash. He said his wife was hot as hell that night and they had a great bout of sex half the night. I said I had heard the bed squeaking for quite a while and he must have had a great time.

It wasn’t long after this that they went off to visit relatives and they asked me to look after their apartment. I agreed right away because I thought it would be great to have in case I picked up any women. Well the first couple nights I struck out but the third night I saw a woman alone by the beach. I asked her if she needed a lift. She said she was hitching a ride from New Jersey to California.

She was a shaggy blonde with a light complexion and was wearing tight jeans with a prominent camel toe. We grabbed some pizza and I said kadıköy escort bayan I had a place she could stay for the night. I suggested she could finish her journey in the morning after a good night’s sleep. We headed back to the apartment.

Right away she went for a shower and I told her to go ahead and sleep in the bedroom when she was done. I had decided to leave her alone and sleep in the living room on the couch. I got really horny laying there thinking how nice it would be in bed with her. After about an hour I could stand it no longer so I stripped and went in to lay beside her. I laid there almost all night with a hard on waiting for her to wake up.

She was surprised to see me in the morning when she woke up around nine. I told her it was better in the bed than on the couch. I initiated some romantic thoughts by nudging her head then kissing her neck. She didn’t complain and in fact smiled at my efforts. Further she caught my head with her arms and began French kissing with me. When we got warm at this task I started to uncover her only to discover she had escort bostancı slept in her clothes from yesterday.

I removed her halter top and discovered some nice soft round breasts that pleased me no end Playing with them I helped her out of her jeans and panties. She seemed to enjoy me removing her clothes as I admired her slender legs and the soft glow of fuzz on her pussy.

I started kissing her from her feet up then to her thighs then inside her thighs. It wasn’t long before she was twisting and moaning in her passion so I continued working my way up to her belly button then her nipples. We went to French kissing again passionately and I entered her thrusting my cock right into her warm wet cunt.

I fucked her harder and harder causing those bed springs to squeak, squeak some more. This reminded me of the night Jake did that with his wife and that made me hotter. I pounded away until she squealed in orgasm and then she rode me until she had another. I fucked her tits until I finally cum all over her. We were both quite satisfied.

That day I gave her a ride to Mississippi. At a gas station she caught two girls that were driving to LA. and she got a ride with them. Jake and his wife returned that afternoon and I told him I had succeeded in bringing a girl to his pad and we had got those bed springs squeak, squeak, squeaking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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