Gold Coast Schoolies Week

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Blake drove home slowly his mind full of conflicting thoughts. He was recognized in business circles as a smart creative consultant, highly skilled in computer technology with a reputation built on solving the most difficult computer problems for the cities top businesses.

He had created a lifestyle that was the envy of his peers. His social life was full of interesting people; He moved in the best circles, his photo appeared regularly in the social pages mixing with the cities rich and famous.

At the same time Blake was a regular patrol member of the surf club. He was equally at home mixing with his surfing mates most of whom rarely had enough cash to make ends meet.

Few 26 year olds in the city could boast of the sexual successes he experienced with the young hotties that thronged the business district every day. He was six foot four inches tall, with the clean good looks of a young man who surfed and exercised regularly.

He drove a Mercedes sports and rode a Harley, owned an apartment in a swanky city block and another on the beachfront down at the coast, overlooking the ocean. He was a success by every measure one could apply, but he was bored.

“Bored shitless,” he said speaking aloud as he parked his car and made his way to the elevator.

He slammed the apartment door shut and poured himself a blue label Johnnie Walker before switching on his message bank.

Most of the messages were from women who had stayed more than one night with Blake and wanted to continue the relationship. Blake was not in the mood to respond to their pleas for him to ring, passing from message to message without showing any interest.

Finally he sat up and replayed a message from Kenny Jarrett one of his surf clubs schoolboy members. Kenny was a good junior surfer. Blake had liked his style and had taken him under his wing helping him to adjust to club life.

Kenny sounded worried, “you’re our last chance” he pleaded. Intrigued Blake poured himself another scotch and called Kenny.

Kenny had turned to Blake as a last resort. “Mate I need your help, its Schoolies week next week. With all the bad publicity from last year, our parents and the school are talking of stopping us from going down the coast for the week.”

“It’s the traditional time for kids like us to let our hair down; thousands go down the coast to party. It’s been ruined by bad publicity about rape, drugs, booze and sex.”

“All right, all right, cool down,” Blake said when he could break in on Kenny, “settle down, how can I help?”

“My girl friends mum and a school teacher from the school have volunteered to supervise us. It will ruin everything if they tag along. So we went to the headmaster complaining that it showed a lack of trust. We pointed out that if schoolies week on the coast was as bad as it had been pictured, then two women may not be the answer.”

“That argument turned out to be a mistake.

Yesterday the headmaster banned our school from participating; he said he couldn’t let two women take responsibility for thirty kids.”

“Mate, we asked to talk to him and he relented, we can go if we can get a responsible man to help chaperone us. We have rung everyone. None of the fathers wants to go. Mate I wouldn’t ask but I’m desperate, would you help.”

“Why me?” gasped Blake taken by surprise.

“You are a well known school old boy. I’m sure the headmaster will accept you.” Kenny did not speak for a minute then he whispered, “Mate I want to lose my cherry. Suzy and I were going to spend the week together. Say you’ll do it; I promise no drugs just booze and birds.”

Blake was thinking as Kenny spoke .He was recalling the first time he had tried to take a girl down the coast for a week of sex, and how her parents had stuffed up the arrangements.

A week at the coast may be just what he needed; he could help Kenny and hit the beach at the same time.

“Ok, what do you want me to do?” he asked.

Kenny quickly arranged for Blake to meet both headmaster and parents.

The meeting was a challenge. Blake could hardly contain himself as the woman teacher who had volunteered, tried to lay down rules that the “chaperones” as she called them would have to enforce.

Finally Blake could take no more, “look I’m no prude and I’m not a school teacher, if the rest of the kids are like young Kenny I don’t think we will have much trouble. Anyway I’m only prepared to help if we are left to play it by ear.”

A well polished forty year old who had sat quietly through the teachers tirade readily agreed.”No rules, we are adults leave it to us to work it out,” she said as she stood giving Blake his first chance to study her long voluptuous body.

She turned to Blake catching him staring, “I’m Helena Christie, Suzy’s mum. Her boy friend talks a lot about you, I’m sure with your experience we won’t have any trouble.”

The woman teacher finding no support for her rules quickly agreed.” Yes, I am sure every thing will work out. I’m Whilemina Sangster call me ataşehir escort bayan Willie,” she said as her eyes ran all over Blake.

The next day Kenny rang to say that the headmaster had announced that Mr. Blake Howell would assist Mrs. Christie and Miss Sangster in providing support for students during Schoolies week.

“You did it,” he cried. “You did it, I owe you one. When the head announced your name and withdrew his opposition, the class went mad. I think half the girls creamed in their jeans at the thought of being down the coast with you for a week .If you want a bit of young stuff there will be plenty available.”

Blake cut Kenny off short, “that’s something we better talk about right now. You don’t touch girls under eighteen, and you don’t try to fuck them if their dead drunk.”

“Bring a few of your mates over to my home tomorrow night and let’s work out some ground rules before Miss Sangster takes over.”

Blake was surprised when ten young men stood at his door waiting when he got home from work. “Right oh boys lets talk about getting laid,” He said as he served drinks.

Blake waved his hands signaling to be quiet when they all started to protest. “Just listen, we all know that Schoolies week is about partying and sex. If we stop pretending and be honest we can work out how you can achieve your goals without hurting either yourself or your girl.”

“If you’re like I was when I was eighteen, there is a good chance that at the end of the week you will still have your cherries when you return home and both you and your girl will be disappointed.”

“I’ll personally kick your butts if you don’t act the gentleman next week. You are going to treat all of the girls with respect, even the ones you don’t want to fuck.”

“Women love to talk and they love it if you really listen.

They love flattery; come to think of it we all like to hear someone say nice things about us.”

“Your intended partner is probably at home now thinking of you and what you will both do next week. Getting them into bed won’t be hard, if you treat them right.”

“It’s what you do when you get them into bed that will make the difference. Take your time, don`t be nervous, be kind gentle and considerate. If you get them into bed and you’re not still making love to their pussy with your tongue an hour later you’re a failure.”

“Wham, bam, thank you mam, is for brothels. You want this girl to remember her time with you. You want her to get wet just thinking of you.”

“You want the memory of your first time together to turn her on whenever she thinks of you. If she doesn’t enjoy it and want more, you’re not a stud you’re a failure.”

“I’m not going to give you a lesson in how to do it, the best advice is talk to her, listen to her, make love to her, all of her not just her pussy. Use a condom, and keep your success stories to yourself.”

“If you have to tell a mate, make sure he can keep his mouth shut. No girl will have anything to do with a man who ruins her reputation by bragging. When women find out you fuck and tell, they will treat you like the plague. So tell no one.”

“Now go home and get ready for a great week. When we meet on Friday be polite to Mrs. Christie and Miss Sangster. More importantly make the girl you want to bed, think she is the only one you are interested in. Good luck”

Friday evening was an eye opener for Blake. These weren’t school girls they were beautiful young women. He was impressed by their style and dress. His prick agreed making it hard to hide his growing excitement.

“My god you boys are lucky I have never seen so many beautiful young women in one place,” he said as they came forward to introduce themselves. Their light summer outfits displayed their fit young legs and in some cases quiet remarkable boobs to perfection.

“You’re going to be a great help,” Miss Sangster said as she came up behind him. Blake turned around to find her standing with her hands on her hips frowning.

“If you think I’m not going to look at these lovely young ladies then you’ve got anther think coming,” he said to the joy of the giggling girls.

They were staring at each other when Mrs. Christie intervened. “Stop it you two,” she demanded, “we are working together and if we have any criticisms of each other we will do it in private.”

“Sorry, lets start again, call me Blake, can I call you Willie and Helena,” he said as he took their bags and passed them to the boys.

Blake studied them both as the talked together. Helena was a stunner. He decided that she would have made the former Italian movie star Sophia Loren look positively ordinary. She looked to be over six foot but did not look lanky because of her opulent breasts and hips.

He licked his lips, to bad she is married he thought. as he turned his attention to Whilemina Sangster.

Helena’s dress displayed her body to perfection especially drawing attention to her prominent breasts. Willie Sangster’s dress hid everything; it did nothing to escort kadıköy help Blake discover what her body was like.

The best he could do was to note that she was slightly shorter than Helena’s six foot. Her three quarter length skirt swept around as she turned, giving a hint of strong thighs and a rounded bottom.

At the coast the resort had allocated two to a room all on the ground floor adjacent to the pool. Blake, Helena and Willie were given single rooms on the other side of the pool, “To give you a little privacy,” the manager said as he studied Helena’s breasts.

The manager handed out keys and invited them to a poolside sausage sizzle to meet the other guests. When Blake arrived at the pool he was surprised to find most of the other guests were young married couples.

Kenny had been in the pool and signaled him over to the deep end. “Can you keep Helena entertained so Suzy and I can escape?”

“Take your time lad, remember what I told you. I’ll do my best, but she hasn’t come out yet. Grab a sausage and slip away if you want. My advice is to hasten slowly.”

Blake half climbed out of the pool as Willie Sangster strolled down the path to the pool. He stopped and stared, my god how wrong could I have been he thought as he studied her full sexy body. Her skin was pearly white, her Bikini small and black, the contrast incredible.

Her legs were shorter than he had imagined but they made up in composition for what they lost in length. His eyes followed them up to what was a prominent pussy under the skimpy black thong.

One of the boys whistled causing Miss Sangster to turn quickly, providing Blake with a side on view of her rounded arse and shapely back. Miss Sangster would be a star on the platform at any gentleman’s strip club. She had one hot little snow white body.

“Who whistled?” she called. No one owned up. Blake finished climbing out of the pool and moved to her side. “Don’t get angry,” he whispered, “it’s a normal reaction from a hot blooded young male when he sees a beautiful lady.”

“Oh you men” she said as she shook her head,”you’re impossible.”

“No you are very beautiful and that boy reacted instinctively when he saw you in your tiny bikini,” Blake replied as he steered her away from where the boys were sitting.

“Is it too small?” she whispered her anxiety showing on her face.

“No not at all it’s fabulous and so are you, so just sit down and enjoy the boys and my admiration.”

He was getting Willie a drink when he remembered he had half promised Kenny that he would keep Suzy’s mother occupied.

When he returned a guest had moved in to sit beside Willie and engage her in an animated conversation.

Blake took the opportunity to slip her the drink and excuse himself as he went looking for Helena Christie.

Mrs. Christie was sitting amongst a group of girls. A group of frustrated male students stood nearby wishing for her to disappear.

She looked up as Blake called to her “I am going for a stroll around the shops, would you like to join me.”

He could hear a murmur of pleasure from the boys when she agreed.

Helena wrapped a silk sarong around her waist leaving her magnificent breasts exposed in her tiny bikini bra. All of the boys watched as she slipped on a pair of high-heeled sandals and stood up. She was magnificent.

They strolled down the street together moving through the mall and down a small arcade. Ahead of them a bunch of schoolies were giggling and laughing at something in one of the windows

“Let’s find out what they are carrying on about,” Helena said as Blake tried to steer her away.

The girls scattered as Blake and Helena arrived.

One stayed behind. “It’s awesome isn’t it?” she asked as she pointed to a large vibrator pulsating in the corner of the window.

Blake whispered, “It’s an adult shop.”

Helena stood staring at the large black vibrator. It had been set up to stand on a base and pulsate vigorously.

“I’ve never visited one of these shops,” she whispered. “They are always so sleazy that one doesn’t want to be seen near them.”

She looked at him shyly, “I don’t think I would ever have the courage to go into one on my own.”

Blake waited a moment to see if she would start to move away. He looked around the arcade was empty. He took her hand “no one’s around let’s go inside and have a look,” he whispered.

“Oh my do you think we could?” she cried as she squeezed his hand. Blake didn’t answer he led her through the door into the dimly lit shop. A heavily painted blonde with what looked like man made breasts appeared from behind a curtain.

“Hullo I’m Yvette, can I help you?” she asked

“No thanks, we are just looking around,” Blake replied.

She sat down on a stool and picked up a catalogue, “That’s ok if you and your wife want anything just call.”

“I have a nice range of sexy clothing, oils books vibrators.”

They giggled together. “We must look like an old married couple,” Helena bostancı escort giggled.

Blake winked at Helena, “do you get many married couples in here?” he asked.

“Oh yes we do. When the excitement starts to die many couples turn to us seeking ways of spicing up their love life.”

Helena was blushing Blake squeezed her hand and winked. “The excitement hasn’t died. I find her very exciting. She looks a bit like one of those sexy European film stars, don’t you think.”

Yvette stood up and studied Helena who was now blushing furiously. “Oh yes” she cried. “That’s the type of body our local sex magazine publishers like. They pay good money for mature full bodied models.”

Blake was enjoying himself, “it’s a great body all right but I think I’ll keep it for myself I don’t want to share.”

Helena could not help laughing, “Is that right?” she growled as she squeezed his hand and urged him towards the door.

When he steered her towards the rear of the shop she looked at him and shook her head, “you’re terrible,”

Blake laughed, “She thought we were married. I was only responding as I would if we were married. I am sure the excitement of being married to you would never wane.”

She blushed as he continued teasing her. “I was telling the truth you look like one of those sexy Italian film stars.”

“Don’t deny it,” he growled when she objected. “The blonde agreed with me.”

He squeezed her hand and grinned, “Maybe I should go back and ask her if she can get you a job as a model for that local sex magazine. If she does I want to be the photographer or better still the male model.”

Helena didn’t try to change the subject. She was surprised how much fun she was having with Blake.

“My god look at that” she cried when they reached the vibrator display, “it’s huge.”

“It has batteries and three speeds,’ Blake said as he picked it up and read the instructions.

“Something like this can make a man feel redundant.”

“Rubbish” she cried, “plastic and batteries will never replace the real thing.” They stood staring at each other both surprised at the heat in her reaction.

Blake squeezed her hand. Pulling her close he kissed her on the lips.

She opened her mouth and returned the kiss. Then pushed him away, “behave,” she whispered. “She’s watching.”

He slipped his arm around her waist and held her close. “She won’t take any notice of a married couple kissing. I’m sure she would have seen much more,” he whispered.

He kissed her again. This time her hands moved up to pull him closer. She finished the kiss and pushed him away “stop it,” she groaned, “we shouldn’t be doing this.”

Helena stood in the shower back at the resort. She smiled as she remembered Blake explaining the big vibrator. Dan her husband would never take her into a place like that. He would have been too concerned about his image. To scared that someone might see them. Since he became a success, he rarely did any of the fun things they used to do these days.

When they first met, Dan had been exciting and full of fun. She had not realized how much they had changed, how staid they had become, until this afternoon when Blake made her take chances and laugh at herself. She recalled his kisses and felt a tingle in her pussy. He is exciting but too dangerous, she thought.

Blake spied one of the schoolies sitting alone. “What’s up mate?” he asked as he slumped on the sun lounge beside him.

Harvey sat up, “Hi Mr. Howell don’t worry about me. I’m going to spend the week surfing. I’m too shy to chat up birds.”

Blake looked him over. “You’re good looking. A little thin but you will fill out as you grow older. I cannot see anything wrong with you. Let me see if I can help.”

“Just the person I want to see,” Willie called as he made his way to his room to change for dinner.

Blake ran his eyes over the flawless white skin of her partly exposed breasts. “Anytime,” he smiled. “What can I do for you?”

“Kenny says you’re a trainer at the surf club. I want to learn to surf. I’m looking for some one to teach me early in the mornings before the sum gets to harsh.”

Some one up there likes me Blake thought as he remembered his conversation with Harvey. “Young Harvey is a surfer. He needs to build up his social skills. You need to learn to surf. You can help each other. Let me organize it,” he said as kissed her on the cheek.

That night after dinner, the schoolies went off to the discos and clubs. Blake suggested Willie and Helena join him on a walk around the streets where the young people congregated.

He asked Harvey to join them. “An extra man may come in handy;” he explained. “Make sure you stick with Miss Sangster”

“He needs to mix with women,” he told Helena. They strolled around the streets catching up with most of the youngsters in their care.

As the evening wore on, they relaxed. At Blake’s suggestion, they started dropping into different clubs for a drink. “Let’s forget them for a while and enjoy ourselves,” Blake said as he led Helena out on to the crowded dance floor.

He danced with his hands low on her hips. “This is nice he whispered.” Helena smiled and nodded her agreement. He lent over and kissed her on the cheek. “Let’s give them the slip.”

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