Gloria Retires

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For those who have read my previous entries about Gloria, this may come as a bit of a shock. I told you how we met and finally came to be lovers after a very long time of working together. I told you about our breakup and reconciliation. Then I told you nothing for a long time, and now I’m telling you that she is retiring.

For those who have never read my previous tales, let me sum up. I went to work for a company and met a beautiful woman named Gloria. She was my boss’s secretary. She was married and had a young son. For years I was content with just having her friendship and enjoying my fantasies about her. Eventually, my boss left and I became the boss and she was then my secretary. I still did not approach her and was content with just having her near me for eight hours each day. Then one day she confided in me that she wasn’t getting enough attention or affection at home.

I tried to do the right thing, but it wasn’t in me to resist for long and we became lovers. In all ways but one, her husband was as much as any woman could want, so there was never a question of her leaving him for me. In fact, he was so good to her that she felt guilty about every little thing we did together and she eventually became so overwhelmed with guilt that she broke up with me. Luckily, for me, her hunger for affection overcame her guilt and we resumed our sexual adventures.

It has been some years since then and we have had our ups and downs, as all lovers do. Still, there has not been a repeat of our breakup because we both know that I fill a gap for her. That’s why I haven’t sent you any word of our activities in the interim. There was nothing really to tell you that you couldn’t get from any number of other writers. In the past few years there have been many times when she came to my office to sit on my lap and cuddle, or lean back against me while I played with her tits or fingered her to orgasm. There have been many times when she would kneel in front of me and take my cock into her mouth just because she knew that I needed it. There have been lunch-times at my small apartment with the big waterbed, or in my office with her bent over my desk. There have even been times at her house, something I thought I would never do, stretched out on her brass bed; the same bed that she would share with her husband just a few hours later. But all of those things can be found in a hundred or more other stories if you want them.

Now I have come to a crisis of sorts; a drastic change in our relationship, maybe the end. Gloria has retried. She has assured me that, though there will necessarily be some changes, she still loves me and wants me, and we will still have this bond between us. I’m not so sure though. She has had moments all through this when she was wracked with guilt and wouldn’t let me near her. Sometimes for days or even weeks at a time she would keep her distance. I am afraid that she will use this as the opportunity to go back to her old life; the one where she was the good wife who would never cheat on her husband.

I should tell the new readers something of what Gloria looks like and what is so appealing to me. She is almost fifty, but don’t let that give you a picture of someone old and wrinkled; she’s not. She can stand proudly next to any thirty year ataşehir escort old woman and you would be hard-pressed to say which is the younger one. You could even stand her next to the current line of teenagers and twenty-somethings, with their thirty extra pounds and she would easily come out on top. Part of that is because she is so petite. She’s only four-foot-eleven and weighs about ninety pounds. Even though she has been a married, working girl for most of her life and has a son who recently graduated college, she has kept herself fit and trim. Not one ounce of that ninety pounds is wasted. Her breasts are firm and round, her ass is still tight, and the only wiggle in her walk is exactly where it should be. Her legs are flawless examples of what a woman’s legs should be, smooth, strong and perfectly formed. Her face is to die for, with brown eyes, full lips, and golden-blonde hair down to her shoulders. In spite of her age she has this little-girl quality about her that has never faded away. She dresses to show off all of those features. Lately, she has asked me if she’s dressing too young and my answer is always the same; women twenty years younger can only wish they could make that dress look so good. It’s the truth. I wish I could include a picture, but she’s still married and I can’t take the chance.

I’ve often taken her with me to meetings and other business functions, or just out to lunch on special occasions, and I’ve noted how the other men’s eyes follow her across the room. Those hungry eyes that look her up and down, then glance at me with a new appraisal before going back to watch her. There are those among you who know what I’m talking about. Other men look at you and may think, “He has a nice suit,” or “He’s pretty fit, “or some such thing. Then they see this gorgeous woman you’re with and they look back at you with that question in their eyes. “What is there about this man that attracts such a woman?” I’ve seen those eyes a thousand times or more and it makes me feel good every time. Envy towards me, desire for her, the comparison (always lacking) between her and their own dining partner. I can honestly say that I’ve never taken Gloria anywhere where she was not the most beautiful woman in the room. Over the years she has had many offers to move up to a more prestigious position within the company and I’ve held my breath each time, wondering whether or not she would take the offer and be gone from my life. Twice that I know of, she has seriously considered such offers, but she has always turned them down, to my great relief.

Well, two weeks ago Gloria retired after thirty years with the company. I’m terribly happy for her. At the same time I’m terribly sad for obvious reasons. She did it right the first time; she went to work for a company at an early age and stayed put. Now she can enjoy life for the next thirty or more years, secure in the knowledge that she will have money adequate to her needs. We gave her a retirement dinner on her last day, with all the usual trimmings; a plaque for her wall, a cake that was too big, many ‘thank you’ speeches and gifts. Before it was over she had tears in her eyes. After she left I had some of my own. I still have another ten years to spend here without her.

Today though, I had reason kadıköy escort for hope, maybe…

Gloria called me today, Sunday, to say that she had forgotten something at work and could I meet her there, so she could get it? Of course I said yes and went to meet her. She arrived just behind me and we walked in together. I was going to open her old office when she said, “No, it’s in your office.” I was a little puzzled, but I changed direction and unlocked my door. Now, over the years, Gloria had used my office for many things. She had a drawer in my filing cabinet where she kept some personal items, she had come to leave her purse in there because my office was more secure than her own, she had even taken to ‘sprucing up’ in front of my full-length mirror instead of going into the ladies’ room, because she knew how much I enjoyed watching her ‘putting on her face’. I thought though, that she had cleared everything out of my office by the time she had left the company.

I asked, “Where is it?”

Her reply was to put a hand on my shoulder and twist me around. “Right here,” she said, as she pressed her body against mine and crushed my lips with a passionate kiss. In less than a moment I had my arms locked around her, pulling her closer to me. I could feel her pelvis grinding on my cock and it began to rise with anticipation. Two weeks worth of missing her took me in two different directions. On the one hand, the ache of seeing her empty desk, the loneliness I had lived through, were being swept away and on the other, my pent up desires came rushing in and my cock swelled with want and need, finally released from its torturous denial.

That kiss lasted an instant or an eternity, I still can’t tell you which, but before it was through we both had used our fingertips to search for every forbidden place on each other’s bodies. We continued to kiss as we undressed each other, breaking only long enough to pull my polo over my head. We were in a frenzy as we disrobed and I remember that I actually ripped her panties off of her, not wanting to break our kisses long enough to bend down while she stepped out of them.

I almost threw her backwards across my desk in my haste to plunge into her hot, wet pussy and, in no time at all, I was breathless from pounding into her. I slammed my cock into her so hard that I would have to pull her back to the edge again in order to slam my shaft into her again. All the while she was saying things to me that egged me on. “OH, you’re so hard, so thick; fuck me with that big, fat, hard cock!” And I did.

Her tight little ass was on the edge of my desk and her legs were straight up with her ankles at my ears. Now and then I twisted my head sideways to lick her toes while I fucked her unmercifully and she tried, unsuccessfully, to pull her feet out of reach of my questing tongue.

I’m not as young as I once was, so I can’t fuck a woman vigorously for more than twenty minutes or so. When I got winded I pulled my cock out of her hot, wet pussy. Did I mention tight? Gloria has the tightest pussy I’ve ever been in. That’s one more of those little-girl qualities she has. Her husband seldom uses that sweet thing she has between her legs and she had been two weeks with nothing, just as I had. At times like that it’s bostancı escort difficult to get more than one finger inside of her. When I push my cock inside it’s absolutely incredible. There has been more than once that I had to use lube just to get inside of her. Maybe if you take both hands and squeeze as tight as you can on your hardened cock then you’ll get some idea of what it was like. Her cunny is so tight that it has actually hurt me a couple of times to fuck her, and I’m not a huge man down there.

I pulled out and dropped to my knees, burying my face in her sweet little snatch. I licked her and sucked on her sweet spot till I had got my breath and she was bouncing up and down on the desktop, with her fingers twined in my hair, then I got to my feet and slammed my cock up into her sopping-wet hole. It cost me a few hairs to wrench my head out of her grasp, but it was worth it. She said, “Oh!… God, yes!… Fuck me… fuck me… Make me… cum… Oh!… Oh!…. OH, yes… OHHH!”, and her hips went wild as she thrashed about, gripping the edge of the desk and pulling against me as I slapped my pelvis against her up-turned thighs and ass.

Speaking of which, I have always wanted Gloria’s ass, but she has never given it up to me. I had no promise that there would be a repeat of today. This might still be a last ‘good-bye fuck’ for old times’ sake, so I felt like there was (maybe) nothing to lose. Her pussy was still rhythmically pulsing around my cock and I couldn’t understand the noises that were coming out of her perfect mouth, so I thought, “Why the hell not?” and I pulled out of her pussy, gripped my cock in one hand and aimed it at her puckered little asshole.

When I pushed against her it was like I had poured ice-water on her while she slept. She was immediately aware of what was going on; her eyes sprang open and she said, “NO! Not there, I’ve never had it there!” But by then it was too late. Her own juices had given me enough lube to pop the head inside and it was Glorious (please pardon the pun).

To soften the blow, I reached around and rubbed her clit while I worked my cock a little further in. I looked into her eyes and saw anger there. I said, “Please? Let me have this last bit of your virginity,” and I waited for her reply, afraid to move.

The anger faded away; she closed her eyes and gripped the edge of the desk. I took that to be a ‘Yes’ and started to work deeper into her ass. If I’d thought her pussy was tight I was in for a surprise here. I didn’t get more than half-way in when I began to jerk. My cumming eased my passage and I fell across her as I sank in to the hilt and pumped the last inch into her. I was spent and I couldn’t move. As I lay there I felt her heels come to rest on my lower back and I heard her say, “I love you.” Gloria’s arms were around me and, if I had died there, I would have died a happy man.

Again, some time passed; more than an instant, but less than eternity, and I lifted myself off of her. We dressed, even though I didn’t want this interlude to end, and she kissed me before she left, not saying anything. Will she call me again? I don’t know. I hope she does, but she didn’t leave me with any promises for the future.

There have been so many times that I wished I had met her before she met the man she married. I know I could have been as good a provider and I know no one could love her more than I do. I also know that I could have given her enough sex that she would have never strayed. What will the future bring? Only time will tell…

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