Ghost Story

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I felt like I was caught in a really bad horror movie. Here it was Halloween night and my car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. I had been on my way to a party with friends when my car sputtered, slowed to a crawl, and finally gave up. After banging my hands on the steering wheel a few times (I realize it couldn’t actually help the situation, but it did make me feel better), I looked around. I had taken a short cut (note to self – don’t do that again) and was on a bare road, no houses, no nothing. I grabbed my cell phone, and well, again with the movie scenario, the battery was dead. I keep forgetting you have to plug these things in periodically. Ok, next on the list of things to do – walk.

Grabbing my purse, I got out of the car and looked around. Wrapping my arms around myself, I shivered. It was a little cool and I wasn’t exactly dressed for the occassion. I hadn’t dressed in a costume, but the short skirt and linen shirt weren’t doing much for warmth. I looked up and noticed the sky was dark and cloudy. Great mood for Halloween, at least. I looked up and down the road and decided to head up inside of down. One foot in front of the other and all that.

I walked about a block before I saw an old house up ahead. I thought I saw a light in one of the upper windows, but I must have imagined it. When I got closer to the house, nothing was there. I pushed open the gate and walked up the front steps. The house was old, Victorian, I think. It looked like no one had lived there for a while. Kind of spooky. I knocked on the door but no one answered. Looking around, I didn’t see any signs of life. It was getting colder so I tested the door knob. It turned slowly with a little force. Opening the door gently, I peeked around and looked inside. Dark and silent.

Stepping over the threshold, I closed the door behind me. I yelled out, “Hello! Anyone here?” No answer. I thought about leaving and taking my chances down the road, but it was warm in here, at least warmer than it was outside. I walked in a little further and found myself in what must have been parlor way back when. Everything was dusty and dark. Sheets covered the furniture. When I pulled one of the sheets away, a beautiful Victorian couch was revealed. I ran my hand over the velvet and suddenly felt a cold breeze rush over my skin. Within seconds, I was warm again. Must have been my imagination.

I found a candle and wiped the cobwebs and dust off. Digging in my purse, I found a lighter and lite the wick. A little light didn’t help much. Still dirty and dusty. A soft thud upstairs caught my attention. Turning towards the stairs, I grabbed the old magoghany banister and slowly climbed the stairs, still clutching the candle in my hand.

“Hello? Is anyone here? I’m sorry if I’m barging in. No one answered the door. Hello?”

Still no answer. As I climbed the stairs, I again felt a rush of cool air spread across my body and then disappear. When I reached the top of the stairs, I stopped and looked down the hallway. I didn’t see anything. As I thought about going back downstairs, I heard another soft thud and then a low moan. Ghosts? No, definitely not ghosts. Maybe just a mouse or something. I heard another low moan and then another. I thought about turning around but something kept me going forward. I stopped in front of a door.

Soft, low moans were eminating from behind this door. I felt the cold on my skin again. ankara escort My hand reached out and turned the knob slowly. The door pushed open and I looked into a dark room. My eyes adjusted to the darkness. The smell was damp and musty, but there was something else. The odor was spicey and familiar, almost sexual. I looked around the room and then my eyes stopped. On the far wall stood a four-poster bed made of what looked like oak. As my eyes settled on the bed, I felt the cold breeze again and heard a low moan. Before my eyes, two figures began to appear on the bed. A man and a woman.

I stood rooted to the spot. I couldn’t possibly be seeing what I was looking at. The man was tall. I could tell that even from his reclining on the bed. His dark hair hung down onto his shoulders. His body was lean and muscled. My eyes followed his long arms down to his hand which was cradling the mound between the woman’s legs. She was beautiful. Her blond hair was spread out of the pillow, her eyes were closed and her mouth was softly moaning. Her petite body was curved and luscious. Her breasts were round, her nipples erect. I watched as her body arched up and her hands reached up to grab the pillow under her head. The man’s hand was teasing her, touching her, fondling her. I felt wicked watching but couldn’t stop myself.

I watched as the man leaned over and his tongue circled her left nipple as his finger dove in deeper. She moaned again and when she arched, the bed bumped against the wall. She was writhing in pleasure, her body responding to every touch. I felt my own body responding, becoming aroused. My skin tingled and my pussy began to moisten. My eyes moved down to his hand again and watched as his fingers slowly opened her sensitive lips and the tip of his finger rubbed against her. She moaned again and I felt as if my body was being touched. With each caress of her lips, my own throbbed, pulsing with fire. As his finger slipped in down to his knuckle, she bucked her hips and I felt her climax within me.

The man smiled and then slowly rose up above her. He was long and hard, his member throbbing. Opening her legs wide, he slowly lowered himself into her. My breath quickened as he plunged his cock slowly into her. She moaned and grabbed the headboard of the bed. Wrapping her legs around him, she pulled him deeper into her. With each thrust of his hips, my pussy throbbed, squeezing tight around an imaginary dick. I hadn’t touched myself but I felt as if my pussy was the one being fucked. A soft moan escaped my lips as the woman moaned and arched up, meeting each thrust. The man threw his head back, his hair flowing down over his face. The woman’s hands reached up and grabbed his shoulders, holding on, pulling him to her. He pushed harder into her, quickening his pace and fucking her harder. She moaned and my pussy contracted as her orgasm erupted. I nearly fell over the feeling was so intense. As I reached out to hold onto the door frame, my pussy shivered and an orgasm washed over me. I took a quick breath as the man turned his head and his eyes looked into mine as he grunted and pushed his orgasm into the woman.

It was at this moment that I realized I could see through them. The room went from warm to cold as the vision before my eyes disappeared. Like a mist, the image on the bed was gone. If I hadn’t felt my orgasm, I wouldn’t have believed I’d seen anything. As it was, I was escort ankara unable to explain what had just happened. My body was coming down off it’s high, but I was still extremely aroused. I looked around and shook my head. On legs that barely held me up, I turned and closed the door behind me. As I started for the stairs, I heard a noise from down the hall.

Taking two steps towards the stairs, I stopped and turned around. I heard my name being called from down the hall. My feet seemed to have a mind of their own as they walked me down the hallway to the last door. I heard my name again, a desperate cry of longing. Slowly, I turned the door knob and opened the door. Another bedroom. This one was different. Candles flickered by the massive sleigh bed in the middle of the room. No dust or cobwebs covered this room. It was clean and warm. A fire blazed in the hearth. I stepped in and the door quietly closed behind me.

I heard my name, a soft whisper on the air. I turned, looking for the man behind the voice. No one was there. I stepped closer to the bed and felt a warmth spread through me. Again, I was aroused without knowing the source. I reached out and touched the velvet quilt laying across the bed. Half expecting it to not be real, I was suprised when I felt the soft material against my finger tips. As my fingers touched the quilt, the fire in the hearth sparked. I didn’t turn around but somehow I knew I wasn’t alone.

My heart beat quickened but I didn’t move. When the soft cool breeze touched my cheek, I closed my eyes and held my breath. The caress was gentle, soothing and very erotic. The cold fingers cooled my skin but didn’t chill me. I was hot, my body radiating heat. I felt the touch on my neck, stroking me, arousing me. When I felt soft cool lips touch the back of my neck, I moaned. When I looked slowly over my shoulder, I wasn’t surprised to find nothing there. Yet, I felt something, something very masculine and very male.

I stood still, waiting, wondering what was next. My lips moaned softly as the cool touch stroked my neck again, moving lower with each stroke. My breasts were being caressed through my linen shirt, almost as if I was naked. My nipples were hard, responding to the mysterious touch. Again, I heard my name whispered on a moan and then I heard a soft command. Undress.

I didn’t think. I didn’t analyze. I just did. Slowly, my fingers unbuttoned my shirt. As each button popped open, the cool fingers flew across my newly exposed skin. As I slipped my shirt off and onto the floor, the fire raged again, heating me. I slowly unzipped my skirt, sliding it the floor. Within minutes, I was naked. Crawling up on the bed, I laid down and waited for what was next.

I heard a soft moan, my name and then the word, “Lovely.” The fire burst again, sending embers onto the grate then my eyes adjusted again. As the candles flickered, a man slowly appeared at the end of the bed. The man from before. His hair was pulled back in a pony tail by a leather thong. His eyes were blue, piercing as they looked over my body. I could almost see through him but I knew without a doubt he was real for me, and me alone.

My body shivered as a cool breeze moved over me, then my body warmed, filled with an intensity I couldn’t explain. I felt wet, aroused and excited. The man slowly crawled up onto the bed, laying beside me. His hand was large, larger than I’d expected. ankara escort bayan I watched and held my breath as his hand glided over me, touching my breasts. Where he touched, my skin chilled then warmed. It was incredible. I felt like electricity was shooting through me.

I looked up at him, at the heat in his eyes as his fingers moved over my nipple and then my stomach. Of their own volition, my legs opened. He smiled and his hand moved lower. Again, his hand touched me, chilling me then warming me. His fingers stroked my mound, teasing my pussy lips. With a feather touch, he fondled me, opening my lips and sliding his finger inside me. I moaned and arched up, just as the woman had earlier. This time, I felt all the sensations myself. This time, it was me.

I tossed my head from side to side as his light touch caressed me, opening my lips and sliding in and out of my tight folds. His eyes watched me, exciting me. I felt my orgasm building. He slipped another finger inside me and, as his fingers fucked me, his thumb rubbed across my clit. I moaned and arched, cumming hard, harder than ever before. He chuckled and smiled.

Looking at him, I watched him slowly rise above me. My body was covered in a sheen of cool air but as he lowered himself between my legs, my skin heated and tingled. I gripped the velvet quilt in my hands as I looked down between us. His hand was rubbing his hard member, stroking the tip. I could see him pulsing, throbbing. I moaned out, “Yes,” and he smiled. As he slowly pushed the tip of his cock against my pussy, I felt a shot of excitement race through me. The power of his touch was amazing. I moaned as he slid inside me, my pussy tightening around his hard cock.

My body throbbed with his thrusting. In and out, he stroked my body. He was just fucking my pussy, he was entering my entire body. Chill followed warmth, followed again by chill. I moaned and arched up, meeting his thrusts with each push of his hips. He moaned above me, his hands braced on either side of my head. Over and over again, he pushed into me, pounding my pussy with his cock. Tossing my head from side to side, I moaned as my orgasm ripped through me again. He kept fucking me, thrusting again and again into my tight pussy. My body was spinning, my heart racing, my pussy pulsing. I’d never felt so possessed, so alive.

His hands touched my breasts again, his cold fingers skimming my nipples and then making them warm. The bed shook as he pounded into me, his cock going deeper and deeper inside me. I moaned and grabbed the headboard, pulling myself up to him. He pushed again and again and then I felt a warmth spread through me from head to toe. He moaned and I felt his orgasm shake my soul, my very being. I moaned as another orgasm washed over me and I began to slowly calm down.

I laid there, naked and feeling more satiated then ever before. I felt a cool kiss on my lips and then I was alone. The fire pulsed and then shimmered. I curled up in the velvet quilt and slept. When I awoke, the fire was out, the hearth looking as if it hadn’t been used in years. The candles were down to the table, burned out years ago. I was naked beneath a velvet quilt that warmed me. The sun was shining through the window, and laying on the corner of the bed was a locket. Reaching for it, holding the quilt to me, I opened the locket and looked inside. The picture was me but it wasn’t me, and then man was my lover. I felt a chill wash over me, as if my whole being was being kissed and then it was gone. I knew that I would never experience anything like that ever again. It was a memorable Halloween night and I had made love to my ghost.

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