Gathering Storm Ch. 01

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I’d been divorced for the better part of two years. And though I had had a few one night stands here and there, my sex-life at the moment was far less than satisfactory. It had been nearly five months now since I’d even been with a woman and I was climbing the walls. About the only thing keeping me sane was losing myself in work, and my right hand. When the opportunity came to attend a three-day seminar at a fairly nice resort close to where I lived, I jumped at the chance. I had been to a similar one several years prior, and though married at the time…and tempted, I hadn’t allowed myself to be tempted, even though the opportunity and offers had certainly presented themselves. This time, should that happen again, I had every intention of indulging myself.

I had arrived early on Sunday, as most who would be attending would do. That evening there would be a small cocktail affair, a “meet and greet” as we called them. The seminar itself beginning bright and early the following day, lasting through Wednesday. What was nice however, was most of the sessions only lasted until one or two in the afternoon, allowing everyone plenty of time to relax out by the pool, or in a lot of cases, meet in small groups to discuss what had been presented, and do what was called “home-work” in preparation for the following day.

At forty-four years of age, I still considered myself to be reasonably attractive and in fairly good shape. I didn’t have the perfectly flat stomach I once had, but playing tennis and golfing periodically had helped to keep me reasonably toned. With a full head of dark hair, though with a bit of a salt and pepper look to it now, I hadn’t had a difficult time meeting women and enjoying the pleasure of their company on occasion. Give the time and opportunity to do so. Like I said, it had been five months. Just thinking about it had given me an erection as I unpacked putting things away in the room I’d be staying in over the next three days. Deciding to head down to the pool, even though it was still early yet, I was in hopes of at least scouting things out for those who were likewise looking for a little adventure during the seminar.

It happened almost faster than I could have ever imagined. As I later learned, her name was Cynthia, a long raven-haired beauty with alabaster skin that looked almost porcelain in appearance. She stood easily close to six feet, minus an inch or two, with long shapely legs that just seemed to go on forever. And though she was wearing a two-piece swimsuit, it certainly wasn’t overly revealing. Her breasts were just large enough to hint at a reasonably nice size, a bit of revealing cleavage without her breasts threatening to tumble out of the cups like so many far more revealing bikinis tended to do these days. But then again…this was a business trip after all. It only stood to reason that it wasn’t the sort of place where you’d expect someone to be so openly flaunting their bodies as they might normally do otherwise.

Cynthia had purposely placed herself under one of the large umbrellas, obviously not a sun worshiper, and much like me…just out to enjoy the warmth of the day, relaxing with a drink by the pool, watching everyone else being idiots. When the waiter brought me my first drink, a Long Island Iced tea, she smiled upon seeing me receiving it, motioning the waiter over to her seconds later.

“I’ll have one of those,” she said pleasantly. The lilt of her voice pure, friendly, yet even then sensually suggestive as she spoke. Once again she smiled at me after the waiter left to get her drink.

“You here for the seminar?” I asked hopefully.

“Yes, and you?” She inquired back.

“I am,” I grinned giving her a look at my own bright smile, something that had in the past at least opened a few doors towards further communication. She grinned back.

“You live here locally or are you attending from out of town?”

“Sort of locally,” I laughed. Live about an hour’s drive away is all. But I much prefer staying here as opposed to having to commute back and forth every day. And besides, I’d much rather spend time relaxing here out by the pool between sessions as opposed to wasting the time driving back home. She laughed at that too, nodding her head in agreement, which is when we then introduced ourselves to one another. Cynthia lived almost an identical distance away in the opposite direction, and was staying at the resort for the same reasons I was.

“So Jack, are you married? Kids?” She asked after we’d spent a brief amount of time making small talk.

“Divorced,” I replied. “And no…no kids thankfully,” I told her. “Not that I didn’t want…my ex-wife simply couldn’t. How about you?” I inquired now curious about her as well, though I hadn’t noticed a wedding ring on her finger.

“I’m divorced too,” she smiled once again. “Five years now, and happy to remain single,” she then added. “I do have one daughter, and she’s a handful as it is, though she will be heading taksim grup yapan escort off to attend University here soon, and so hopefully that will give me a little more free time to actually look around a bit,” she again grinned, though I noticed she had now turned the chair she was sitting in, in order to face me a bit more directly. As she did, I once again had the chance to admire those long legs of hers, and briefly imagined them wrapping themselves around me as I thrust in and out of what I could only further imagine as a nice warm, tight cunt.

“So Jack…after we finish these drinks, would you like to fuck?” She asked.

For a second, I wondered if I had heard her right. Especially sitting there staring at those long legs of hers, which I only then realized she had opened up a bit, giving me a very subtle look at the juncture between her legs. Perhaps it was my own subconscious fantasizing I’d heard her say the words while looking at her. I know my mouth was open as I sat there trying to convince myself she’d actually said that. She laughed.

“Sorry if that was a bit forward…a bit crass, but the truth is, I like you. And I’d like to spend whatever free time we do have here enjoying myself. So…like I said, your place or mine?”

Neither one of us finished our drinks, heading up to her room, which was a bit of a surprise as she’d booked a much nicer suite than the one I had. Seeing that, I then realized she made a far better living than I did. But the fact she was interested in me, even knowing that perhaps, made the entire three day stay there far more enjoyable than I could have possibly hoped for. And she had a body to die for as I quickly found out.

The seminar ended all too soon. We’d gone back up to her room that last night, figuring as I did it would be a sweet, but totally expected ‘good-bye’ fuck and nothing more than that. I for one however, didn’t want it to end, and as I found out quite unexpectedly, neither did she.

Cynthia was sitting on my cock riding me, which was a pleasurable enough joy all by itself. I loved being able to reach up and fondle those magnificent breasts of hers, rose colored nipples, thick and hard which she loved having me play with. Even rough at times, especially when she climaxed.

“You should come up and visit us,” she told me. “I have a nice little place next to the beach. It’s not big mind you, but it is nice and comfortable. Nothing better than being able to go out in the early morning, or late at night and walk along the beach, watching the waves come in.”

“A beach house? Damn…I’d like that,” I responded eagerly, though trying not to appear too eager even when I said it. “When?”

She laughed, even as close as she was to having an orgasm as she continued to hump me, sliding up and down my hard stiff cock. “How about this weekend she asked? Can you come up and spend a few days?” I did have some time coming to me, quite a bit of time actually as I hadn’t taken a decent vacation in a couple of years. My boss had in fact been pressuring me to do so.

“I think I can manage a few days, sounds fun,” I just managed as I felt her pussy suddenly liquefy, her nectar suddenly pouring forth bathing my cock in her sweet succulent juice. As always, she cried out deeply allowing herself to fully feel the intensity of her orgasm. After she’d collected herself, now lying prone against me, the softness of her breasts and those amazingly hard nipples of her pressed against my chest. She sighed.

“Yes…it would be, though I hope you can put up with my daughter while you’re there visiting with us. She can be a bit of a pain in the ass,” she warned. “Unfortunately, she’s taken it upon herself to become my protective guardian, always worried about any of the men I meet. Which admittedly I do have to thank her for in a way. She’s chased away more than one man who was simply interested in me more for my money than for any sort of honest, real relationship.”

“I can assure you, I’ll be on my best behavior,” I sighed back as she slowly began working that incredible pussy of hers around my shaft again, already starting to work herself up and towards another nice enjoyable little orgasm, which I knew…I’d be sharing with her this time.

“It’s not your behavior I’m worried about,” she laughed. And then fucked me into oblivion.


I drove up to where she said she lived first thing Saturday morning, arriving just before noon. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed as I pulled into the circular drive. “If this is her idea of a small little place…”

Maybe it wasn’t quite as big as many of the other nearby homes, all perched on the cliffs overlooking the ocean below. But it was bigger than anything I’d ever lived in myself, and twice as nice. Obviously as I’d already surmised, she was well off, doing far better than I was, and I’d always considered myself financially well enough off too…but certainly nothing like this.

Cynthia taksim masöz escort met me at the door, this time wearing what I’d expected to see her in the first time perhaps. A black bikini that barely covered her anywhere, though it gave a stark contrast to her flawless near perfect skin. She hugged me, already settling her breasts against my chest as she invited me inside. Once again, I stood in awe looking through twenty foot high double-pained windows overlooking the ocean beyond. The view was spectacular as she led me further into the house.

“Glad you could make it,” she said kissing me, and then led me over towards the window for a closer look. “That’s Joy,” she said as we approached. Now being able to see the likewise beautiful redwood deck that would be even more desirable to sit out on overlooking the ocean, I now saw an even more spectacular view, and one that surprised me a bit. Though I couldn’t as yet see her face, I could see everything else about her, or nearly so anyway. Unlike her mother, Joy was obviously a sun-worshiper. She was currently laying on the deck having spread out a large beach towel…but more surprisingly, was the fact she was entirely naked. Needless to say, I was speechless. “Like I said,” she laughed seeing the look in my face. “It’s her behavior I’m more worried about. Trying to keep clothes on her is like telling her not to breathe. It’s almost impossible, though I’m sure once she’s had her fun making you feel awkward, she’ll dress.”

“Oh goodie,” I thought to myself. “This should be interesting.”

“Come on, I’ll introduce you to her.”

“Maybe you should let her know I’m here first,” I suggested, still surprised that Cynthia was even allowing me to see her daughter this way.

“Trust me…she knows. She saw you pulling up. She’s only been out there a few minutes, no doubt waiting for me to bring you out. Like I said Jack, as much as I try to…I can’t totally control her. But the whole point of this will be to see if she can rattle you some. She’ll no doubt be trying to size you up first, getting an idea of who it is you really are, and if she thinks you’re just out to get into my pants, and then my money. Obviously she knows you’ve already done the first one…so now it’s all about the second one.”

Now I said it aloud. “This should prove to be interesting,” I said just under my breath, but Cynthia heard it and giggled.

“Always is…”

There was a much smaller porch just through the sliding doors with a small set of steps leading down to the much larger spacious deck below which she was laying on. Even when Cynthia opened the door, and with the sound of our steps leading down towards her, she didn’t bother to even turn to look up, remaining motionless almost as though asleep. Which obviously now, I knew she wasn’t.

“Joy honey?” Her mother said. “This is Jack,” she said simply. Only then did Joy roll over onto her side, shielding her eyes with her hand as she looked up towards me. She had long blonde hair, and the sun now backlit it giving her an almost angelic look. Her eyes said otherwise however as she more or less simply glared at me. Once again the problem was however, she was naked. And turning to look at me quite clearly revealed her rather full breasts, larger than Cynthia’s were, though likewise having the same thick protruding nipples that her mother’s had. But in addition to that, also unlike her mother who sported a small neatly trimmed little strip of pubic hair just above her mound, Joy’s was completely bare. She obviously waxed it, or kept it totally shaved.

“Hi,” she said simply and then rolled over again acting totally disinterested. If her intention had been to shock or disarm me, it had worked though I certainly hadn’t let on, moving over to stand at the railing looking out at the crystal blue sea beyond, putting Cynthia’s daughter purposely behind me so I would stand there and appear to be gawking at her.

“Come on, I’ll show you the rest of the house, and then later if you’d like, we’ll take a stroll along the beach.”

I quickly followed Cynthia back inside, not once looking back, though I noticed through the corner of my eye, Joy had indeed rolled over onto her back, no doubt purposely doing so, seeing if I would in fact look back at her, which I didn’t. I smiled inwardly to myself. “Oh yeah…this is apt to be a very interesting stay here…very interesting indeed!”

I was again a little surprised when Cynthia led me into her own master bedroom where I unpacked, placing what little I’d brought along with me into one of her empty dresser drawers. After changing into a pair of swim trunks I joined her in the kitchen where she fixed up a few sandwiches to go along with a couple of cold beers. Once she had, she led me back outside onto the deck to eat and enjoy the view. Joy had slipped back into a covering of sorts, though it did little if anything to cover up much of her naked body taksim otele gelen escort beneath it. I could still clearly see the outline of her rosy pink nipples peeking out at me as she took a seat across the two of us at the table.

“So…how long are you planning on visiting with us?” She asked me directly, which I honestly had to wonder about, why she and her mother hadn’t already discussed this perhaps.

“Just for a few days,” I informed her. “Over the weekend, and then through Wednesday,” I explained.

“Which reminds me,” Cynthia said jumping in. “I do have to work Monday and Tuesday, but I was able to take Wednesday off, so we’ll at least have the last day of your visit here together.”

I was surprised to hear that. I’d been expecting her to spend the entire time with me, which now did make me feel a little awkward in having planned the time off spending it here.

“Sorry,” she went on further. “Important project I’ve been working on, and they pushed things up a little, so not much I could do about it. But I didn’t want you to have to cancel your plans just because of me. And…after all, we do have the rest of the day and tomorrow together anyway. And the evenings here are always nice.”

I had glanced over towards Joy as she said that, and could have sworn I had seen a smirk on the young woman’s face when she heard that. Even then I began wondering if I had indeed bitten off more than I could chew here, which was confirmed seconds later for me when Cynthia spoke to her.

“Try and behave if you would dear please? While Jack’s staying with us? He is a guest in our home you know, and someone I have every intention of getting to know better.”

“Don’t worry mother,” Joy said in response to that. “I’ll make sure to keep him amused and entertained while you’re at work.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” she said in response to that, though the two of them actually laughed about it. I chuckled as well…nervously however. Wondering as I did, just what the hell it was I had gotten myself into. It didn’t take long for me to find out.


Sitting out on the deck, Cynthia’s cell phone rang. Picking it up, she looked and saw who the call was from before answering. “Sorry…I need to take this, I’ll try and not be too long,” she stated standing, and then walked back up the stairs into the house. Obviously she worked, even when she wasn’t supposed to, though I guess that was the price she was willing to pay for living the life of luxury she obviously did. The moment she did, Joy sat back in her chair, pulling the cover up she had on up and over her head, once again now sitting in front of me with her tits hanging out. It was hard not to look, though I purposely turned my head trying to look out over the ocean rather than directly at her.

“Please don’t tell me your gay, mother will be very disappointed if you are,” she informed me. “Bad enough if you’re actually fucking her. Worse if you’re actually gay and then fucking her…for her money.”

Now I did look. “I’m not interested in your mother’s wealth,” I assured her trying to sound a bit irritated and indignant…on purpose. But all she did was chuckle to herself, shaking her tits some as she did.

“Well at least you’re now looking at me and not simply ignoring me,” she stated. “Though I will give you points for not actually ogling like so many of the men do that mothers had out here.”

I wanted to ask her how many men her mother had had out here, but didn’t. Though it now did make me wonder how many others had gone through this same obvious scrutiny. By the sound of it…many had.

“Hard to ignore a beautiful naked woman,” I ventured, now looking at her purposely. “And especially one that enjoys flaunting it, just to see what sort of a reaction she can get.”

“And am I getting one?” she asked leaning over as though to peek beneath the table at me. Truth was, I did have a partial erection. But at least it was only a partial one, and certainly not noticeable even if she had been able to lean over far enough to actually look. It was of course merely a suggested teasing ruse because she didn’t lean far enough over to actually do so before sitting up straight in her chair once again. Though she did lean back, thus thrusting out her own perky young tits at me as she did so.

I just shook my head at her, though smiling a bit as I did. She continued however not actually expecting, or perhaps even wanting a real response to that. She shook her head, her blonde hair releasing and then settling again seductively over her shoulders, part of which had now covered one of her breasts. I wondered how many times she’d performed that movement, practicing it until her hair landed perfectly the way it just had. One nipple peaking out between the long blonde tendrils, like an eye looking through a keyhole towards me.

“I love the smell of the ocean, and the warmth of the sun on my body,” she’d continued still eying me. “It always makes me horny sitting outside like this,” she now continued as her hand suddenly slithered down between her legs even though I couldn’t see what she was doing…even if she was really doing it. Though by her subtle hand movement, it certainly looked like she was. “I love masturbating out here,” she next informed me. “You enjoy jerking off outside?”

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