Fun in the Lab

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My thesis submission was closing in. I was working at a furious pace. All my work of last 5 years was coming to a head. The pressure was rising. I found myself having to immerse completely in my work to get it done. I barely found time to talk to family or friends. I was spending 14 hours or more just trying to not fall behind my deadlines.

4 days had passed since I fucked Sud at my apartment. I was staying away from whatsapp with Sud because I didn’t want to be distracted at all. We just exchanged a few messages during the day most of which were about how busy I was and I can’t talk to her. Sud gave me space and didn’t bother unless I expressed a desire to talk.

Friday evening, I found myself at lab typing away. I was frustrated how much work remained despite pulling in long workdays. I needed a release. I needed Sud. It was late, almost 10 pm. I knew it won’t be possible to get her now. But I craved some sexual stimulation. The cubicles were all empty. I looked around to verify. Yes, there was no one around. Of course, they won’t be. It was a friday.

I texted Sud.

Me: Up?

Sud: Yes. What’s up with you busy guy? Long day again?

Me: Busy, at work, will be here all night.

Sud: Again! How hard is this PhD thing?

Me: I have a craving.


Me: You know what I need now?

Sud: What?

Me: Your pretty mouth on my cock.

Sud: (Blushing smiley) My pretty mouth would love to be on your cock (Blushing smiley)

Me: It’s been a very frustrating 4 days. I need you to do something about it.

Sud: But it is 1020 pm now. You know I would be there if I could right?

Me: Hmmm, yeah.

Sud: I am so sorry, but you know it will be too risky. You know I would just be there, if I could, right? But now, so late at night, it is just very risky.

Me: Yes. It would be.

Few minutes later.

Sud: What would you do to me if I was there?

Sud was initiating a sexting session. I thought well, I could do that. Not that I am getting any real action now, anyway.

Me: You want to know?

Sud: Yes. I am eager to. Tell me please.

Me: I would first fuck that pretty face right here. You will kneel and I will be on this very chair.

Sud: Will you bunch up my hair, hold my head and force my mouth down on your cock?

Me: Is there a better way?

Sud: No. Will you push your cock in deep?

Me: Very. Just before you start gagging. I love to hear that gug gug gug sound you make when I bob your head up and down on my shaft.

There was a pause. I guessed she must have started touching herself.

Me: Are you touching yourself?

No response.

Me: You know what happens when you don’t respond?

No response.

After 5 mins of absence, she popped up again.

Sud: Yes. I am. Sorry, I slipped out of bed.

Sud: God, how do you do this to me? 2 msgs from you and my hand goes to my pussy. My heart is racing. All I can think of is you doing those things to me. It makes my mouth water. It makes my pussy wet.

She sent a short video. It was a closeup of her fingers rubbing her pussy. I could hear the wetness from the slushy sounds the fingers were making.

I was hard.

Me: Your face, it is so slutty that it makes me want to slap my cock on it.

Sud: Yes, please. I love it. Can I pleasure your balls?

Me: You can.

Sud: I want to lick them on the outside first. Then I want to take them in one-by-one and suck on them.

She sends more videos. She is rubbing furiously. Her restrained breathing can be heard. It is like a quiet whimper being controlled by sheer compulsion.

I wanted to make her explore her own submissive desires by letting her lead the sexting. That way I could accelerate her transition. I knew she liked it. Now I wanted her to actively desire it.

Me: You are good at this, getting better. I need you to get better at one more thing. What’s that?

Sud: Licking your ass.

Me: So?

Sud: I want to get better for you. Can I do it now?

Me: Yes. I would like that.

Sud: Guide my face to your ass, please. Hold me in there firmly, until I have pleasured you enough. I don’t want to resist, but even if I do, don’t let me go. I will lick as long as you would want me to, howsoever you want me to.

Me: That’s like my slut. I will position your face such that I can see you lick my ass.

Sud: Yes, yes. Look at me when I pleasure you, it makes me so wet. God, just imagining your face gazing at me is making me want to be so dirty.

Me: I like it when you are this slutty.

Sud: I am, for you. And you alone.

Sud: Will you fuck me in your lab?

Me: Yes.

Sud: Where will you do it?

Me: On the lab bench. How would it go?

Sud: You will pull me up by my hair, strongly. I would just have to go with the pull. You would say nothing, but I would know what to do.

Me: What would you need to do?

Sud: Hop on to the bench, go on all fours and give you my ass. You would take me in doggy.

I was loving this transformation küçükçekmece escort now. I felt like my balls would explode with cum any moment. It was like I had struck a jackpot that keeps giving.

Sud sent more videos of her. She was dragging out strings of cum from her pussy. Her face had an expression of relief. She had rubbed out one for herself.

Sud: Can I moan in your lab?

Me: No.

Sud: Then you will gag me with your underwear.

Sud: You will ride me like a horse, pulling on my hair and slapping my ass harder and harder. I will be moaning and wetting your underwear. You like that?

Me: Yes, I like that a lot.

Abruptly, two of my colleagues came to their respective cubicles. There had just finished some long experiments. I had to control my urges and keep the phone away. There were just 3 of us in the lab now. Small talk ensued which led to some more scientific discussions and before I knew it, I had just spent 45 minutes away from the phone. The hottest sexting session of my year was interrupted.

It was now 1130. The two colleagues left for the day. I picked up my phone to see Sud’s texts and a few missed calls. She felt disappointed that I abandoned her in the middle of her sexting.

Sud: Hey you there?

Sud: I am waiting.

Sud: I will need to get back to bed.

Sud: You busy?

Sud: Take my call please.

Sud: When will you respond?

Sud: Come on! I was so high!

Sud: Ok, good night, I will get back to bed.

I texted her saying, “hey, sorry, my friends started talking to me and I had to keep phone away. Talk to you tomorrow.”

Sexting session had failed. I got myself a coffee and started powering through my thesis again. 1 am. 2 am. 3 am. 4 am.

5 am. My phone starts vibrating. It takes me a while to notice because I am deep into writing. The vibrating continues.

It is Sud.

Me: Hey, it is 5 am. Don’t you need to sleep?

Sud: Come fetch me from the entrance. You need to tap me in with your card.

What the fuck! Where was she?

Me: Which entrance? Where are you?

Sud: Your lab’s main entrance. I am here. Come quickly.

My heart was pounding. I ran to the main entrance. There she was. In workout attire. She smiled as I came to fetch her.

Sud: For the record, I am at the gym. But otherwise, can we continue our chat here?

I was shocked at how spontaneous she was. My heart was beating fast, real fast. I wasn’t planning to bring over to the lab. It was just for a sexting session. It was just imagination and fantasy. But now, she was here. All 110 pounds of her, in flesh, packed into a very well fitting workout attire which accentuated her curves so much that she was looking more of a knockout than she usually does. I was formulating an appropriate risk metric for what I wanted to do now. I was thinking which lab would be best. I had a massive advantage – it was 5 am and there should be no one around. People start pouring in at about 8 am, at the earliest. So if I played my cards right, I could do this safely and get both of us out before anything untoward has a realistic chance of happening. Only problem is, there could be a few all-nighters like me, and it is easy to get caught when things are very quiet. My mind was scanning through the parts of the building I had access to and are going to be likely locations.

Me: Wow, I wasn’t expecting to see you here and now.

Sud: I know, I wasn’t either. But I wanted you not to be frustrated.

Me: Come in, this way.

I led her in and let her walk ahead of me in the direction I had pointed out.

I was probably looking groggy and tired. It had almost been 24 hours since I slept. I was in a hoodie with my school’s name on it. Denim shorts and comfy slippers. The typical graduate student look. While she walked ahead of me, I noticed how attractive her ass looked in those yoga pants. It was like you took her usual ass and made it twice as hot. I came up to her and squeezed one ass cheek. Sud’s body shuddered at the touch but she kept on walking. We walked past the empty dark cubicles and lab benches. She was surveying with care if there was anyone around. There wasn’t. The adrenaline rush was making my ears hot. Was I really going to do this?

We reached my desk. Sud placed her workout bag on the floor.

Sud: This is where you work?

Me: Yes. This is where everything happens.

She was looking around, probably just to calm her inner panic. I was not very calm either. This is the kind of stuff that gets people booted out. I was close to finishing my PhD. Should I really be doing this? But there was something in me that wanted this thrill, this rush and I decided to go for it. I just had to minimize the risk. There were only two entrances to the lab. One was the main entrance and the other was used for deliveries to the lab. It is very unlikely that someone else will use that at 5 am. Also it was a very loud door, if it opened, I could hear. So that was covered. I positioned myself such that I could see kurtköy escort if someone entered through the main door. They would only see my face, part of shoulders. Everything else will be covered by the cubicles. It would take them 45 secs to walk to my position, which is enough time to tuck my cock back in and pretend like we were just talking. I thought through the risk once again and decided it was manageable.

Sud became convinced that there was no one around. Two rows of cubicles faced each other, such that the people had their backs to each other when they were working. She turned to look at me and came close to my body.

Sud: You look exhausted. I am here for you.

She looked at me as she gently fell to her knees.

Me: We are not going to use my desk today. It isn’t the best.

I sat on my chair, released the rolling lock and rolled myself back, stopping just where I could see the main door. Sud was now 8 feet away from me, kneeling on the floor.

Me: Crawl to me.

She started crawling on all fours, like a big graceful cat. Her body moved in such poise that it was arousing just to watch her crawl. My dick could burst with excitement. I dropped my shorts and underwear to my feet. Sud’s eyes lit up as my cock sprang free. She made a quick few last crawling steps and plunged her mouth on to it.


The tip of my cock was in her mouth. She looked at me with her big eyes. What a sight that was. I was really craving sex. My shoulders relaxed immediately.

Sud: So much precum. You were thinking of me at night.

She was right. I was.

Me: Yes. I wanted you.

The confirmation made her go wild. She didn’t smile but she sucked harder. It was clear that my words knocked her into the next gear. There was so much passion in her work now. She wanted to please me with her being. I felt the ferocity of her desires with the effort she was making.

She withdrew herself from my cock and looked at my underwear bunched at my feet. She spotted the dried precum on it. She bit her lips when she saw that and looked up at me while stroking my cock with her hands.

Sud: You made so much precum thinking of me?

I nodded. She bit her lips. She was getting aroused because of what I was saying. It was driving her wild. She stroked harder and harder.

Sud: All of this, for me? While talking to me? Just few hours ago.

I nodded again.

She made a hissing sound.

Sud: I will get so much better for you.

She used one hand to unzip her tight workout hoodie. And she was wearing nothing inside. Her massive tits just came out with that. I could now see them bouncing up and down with her handjob. She saw me watching and opened up her hoodie more to fully show them. The airconditioner air made her nipples big and pointy. I reached out and grabbed both of them and twisted it. Her face contorted and let out a hissing sound.

Sud: I will do anything for you. Anything.

Me: I know.

I let go of her nipples. I brought my groin forward and let my head hang over the chair, just in line of sight with the main door. Only my lower back was supported by the seat. I put one leg on one cubicle to open myself up. Sud knew what I wanted.

Me: Show me how you will get better.

Sud looked at me with intensity and got herself in position. She was now on all fours.

Sud: I will show you right now, how much better I can get for you.

She jumped face-first into my ass. She was licking like she had to extract something from me. I had never seen her so into the act. The pleasure her mouth was delivering was just incredible. Every few seconds there was a lick that fired up my nerves and sent me flying.

Sud: Please look at me.

She wanted to be watched. I was in so much pleasure. It was a stimulus overload. Sud’ pretty face eating my ass out was one of the raunchiest things for me. But today, she was doing it exceptionally well. I don’t know why but my hand went into my hoodie’s pocket and I pulled out my phone.

Me: I want to record this.

Sud didn’t bat an eyelid. She just kept doing what she was. I think she had concluded it was way past safe for her and she had given me her trust. With one hand I held the phone. With the other, I pushed her face in deeper. It made for a such a hot sextape. Her head was slightly bigger than my palm. I was burying this pretty face into my ass and she was struggling to keep her eyes and nose in view of the camera.

Me: I want to get you to do this everyday. Your tongue is meant to dig my ass. Oh this is so good.

Our moans were subdued. But every time I did moan, Sud would go into overdrive. Something about giving me pleasure was a massive turn on for her. She would immediately go hunting for the next tongue flick which would extract the next moan. Approving of her efforts was her fire.

She stopped and dug herself out from my ass and asked, “am I getting better now?”

I just pushed her back in and said, “keep eating my ass. I will tell you when I am done.”

She went maltepe escort back to working on my hole. She was licking at the right spots today. I don’t know if it was by accident or intent. But she had definitely upped her game. And that was a happy problem. Happy because it was giving me immense gratification and problem, because I was going to burst soon. Ideally I should have stopped and gained more time. But she was so good, I actually wanted to cum. I couldn’t help myself.

My phone screen showed Sud methodically and aggressively thrusting her face into my ass. Sometimes her massive tits would be in the frame bouncing as she did that. But mostly it was my cock, balls and her face.

It was too much stimulation for my brain. I abruptly got up, still recording and stood over her.

Me: Open your mouth

Sud quickly kneeled and opened her mouth wide. I pointed my cock into her open mouth. I stroked the shaft a few times and then grunted out one of the biggest loads I remember. 4 days of cum shot out in rope after rope into Sud’s open mouth. In the flashlight-lit video, it looked so intimate.

Me: Show it to me.

Sud showed my load now nestled in her mouth. I moved the camera close in to capture it. It was dense, thick and white. She had collected it all between her tongue and teeth. I took it all in through the camera pushing it almost into her mouth. Then I zoomed out and captured her face with the open mouth loaded with cum.

Me: Do you want to spit it?

She shook her head.

Me: Do you want to swallow?

She nodded her head.

Me: Do you like it now?

She nodded again.

Me: Go on. You can swallow.

I moved the camera close in again. Just her face in the frame. She swallowed with her eyes wide open. When she was done she wiped her lips and collected some more and swallowed that as well.

It made for some incredible footage.

I stopped recording and put my phone back in my hoodie pocket. With the orgasm getting done, I had the feeling of playing a joke on her.

Me: Ok, now you can leave, I have to get back to work.

Her face went red. She was visibly angry. She just got up and zipped her hoodie up, trapping those tits and grabbed her bag and asked, “really? That is that?”

I laughed.

Me: Of course not. I appreciate you making the effort.

I was still on my chair, naked from waist down. She hit me playfully.

Sud: You are such an asshole!

I pulled her to me, turned her around and pulled down her yoga pants. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I guess she wasn’t going to work out after all.

Just enough to expose her ass. I jiggled those cheeks.

Me: I have things to do to this. Only then are you done today.

I bit down on one of them ass cheeks hard. She winced in pain.

Sud: Oooooooooooow!

Me: And that is why we can’t fuck here.

I pulled the yoga pants back up. I got up and wore my underwear and shorts.

Me: Follow me.

It was 530 AM. There was still no one around. There is a loud machine in my lab. It is so loud that it has to be put in its own room with sound insulation. For preventing hearing loss, the regulations mandate that any people in the room have to wear protective gear. It is also mandatory to ensure that no sound is emitted outside of the room to people who aren’t protected. This meant that the machine had to be isolated and put in its own room. It also meant that there was a room, where no sound made in that room could be heard outside.

Location was found.

Sud followed me through aisles and pathways inside the floor leading to the room.

Me: This room is very loud. When you enter cover your ears till I get you something.

Sud: Where are we going?

Me: You will see.

I opened the door and the loud whirring sound shocked Sud. Her face became smaller and she covered her ears. I found the headsets we use to communicate in the room. These were totally noise cutting. You wouldn’t even be able to hear yourself talk. There is just a mum silence inside that headset. It takes some getting used to.

I planted one on her head and I wore the other. Sud smiled at the wonders of engineering. She was surprised how that loud noise was now gone. She tried moving one cup of the ear up and quickly put it back realising how loud it was. There was a CCTV feed of the outside door. I thought it was perfect. I pointed it out to her. She saw that and nodded. I typed out, “talk in gestures” on my phone and showed it to her. She nodded again.

I placed her bag in the corner and grabbed her, bringing her close to me. I unzipped her hoodie letting those tits free and grabbed them harshly. She looked up at me with some wincing expressions. I was getting hard, but I would need some help because I just blew out a massive load. I grabbed her by the neck and pointed her to an experimental workbench which was made of steel and had holes in it. I pointed it to her and she climbed up immediately, went on all fours and gave me her ass. I was happy how she was doing exactly the things that please me, but I needed her mouth first, so I grabbed her hair and tugged on it, to rotate her and point her to my semi-hard cock. She understood immediately and proceeded to remove my shorts and underwear. She placed them beside her. The table was cold to touch. Her erect nipples accurately described the temperature as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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