Friday’s Short Story Series Pt. 02: “Dawn”

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An act of fiction, all characters are over 18.


I frequented a local Chinese restaurant regularly. It was a bit upscale, mostly upper-middle-class customers, clean nice, cloth tablecloths, quiet but busy, well decorated. They made takeout but did not offer delivery. Very good food. The restaurant was owned by two middle-aged brothers, Gui pronounced Guy and Harold. It was generally known that Harold had some unpronounceable name and had adopted “Harold” as his moniker. I guess he liked his American name, he named his daughters Hanna and Dawn rather than traditional Chinese names when they were born in the US.

Gui had been a fighter pilot flying P-51’s in the Korean war and when he learned I had purchased a plane and was learning to fly he adopted me as his pupil teaching me some basic aerobatics and dogfighting strategy along with more than a few very good stories of how he survived the war against the jet Migs that he fought against. I liked Gui a lot.

Harold was more remote. He had two daughters that worked at the restaurant. Hanna who was oldest and in college and Dawn the youngest at 18, both were attractive, tall and thin, Hanna had glasses and looked a little like what one would think of a stereotypical Asian bookworm.

Dawn could easily be a model, 5’6″ size 2, long hair, with just enough chest not to look like the schoolgirl she was. A high school senior with plans of attending the community college in the fall.

Both girls flirted with me a bit when picking up take out or dining in.

One night, near closing, my take out order was mixed up with another order. I was a good customer. Dawn was sent to deliver the corrected order, something never before experienced and I invited her in momentarily so she saw a bit of the house as I checked the food and exchanged pleasantries.

She had been flirting with me in the past, and I am not sure if she suddenly thought I was this “rich guy” because of the house and the stories from Gui and my plane but suddenly she was much more forward in our interactions with me, although she was always aware of the eyes of her other family members at the restaurant. It became clear that the two girls lead a very sheltered existence.

On a random Saturday afternoon, I had stopped to get gas about a block from the restaurant and pulled up right next to Dawn without realizing it until I stepped out of my pickup. She saw me pull in and greeted me warmly, stepping over and giving me a nice short hug and saying hello. The hug was totally unexpected and made my cock stir immediately.

Her English was perfect as she was raised in Texas, and we had joked that I needed Chinese lessons in the past. I asked her what she was doing, she had just left work. Not turning down an opportunity for some potential strange I asked if she had lunch, her reply was no. Smart girl.

“Why don’t you park over at the school and we can run get a burger? ” I asked.

She was visibly excited. “OK, I’ll follow you!”

The local community college was a block or two away, Most people want to fight over spots close to the buildings, but I wanted something more distant and removed from the foot traffic but also surrounded by some other cars. I found a group of cars which were most likely employees of the college parked near some trees and shrubs. no visible foot traffic. Perfect.

We pulled up and she immediately was out her door and into my truck. She slid into the bench seat and moved to the center seat position scooting close to me. Good sign.

“Where to?” I asked. In fact, there were very few choices for a burger close by.

“Burger King? ” she asked.

“Sounds good.” as I rolled out of the parking space.

As we drove, we chatted.

“It seems to me that your family has you on a tight leash?” half stating/ half asking.

“Yes, it used to be worse.” she admitted, “Hanna is older and we may move into an apartment together close to the school in the fall.”

“Does Hanna have a boyfriend?” I asked, pushing the conversation toward a more sexual natural direction.

“She does.” Dawn boasted.

“Good for her,” I replied. and added, “Are they serious?” you know, like lovers?”

“Yes.” she almost whispered, but was enthusiastic, like she had wanted to tell someone the secret for some time.

“She has been telling me stories, I cannot wait until we get an apartment.” her excitement still showing.

“My parents do not want me to date, but it is March of my senior year and no one has asked me to prom yet. Even if someone does, I do not think they would let me go. I am so ready to get out of the house.” she explained.

“Hanna has told me of her times with Michael, her boyfriend, and I need a boyfriend too,” she said matter of factly.

We arrived at Burger King, went through the drive-thru, with food and drinks headed back the few blocks to the parking lot.

“So, what has Hanna told you about?” pushing the conversation more sexual, and prepping her for things to cum, literally.

“A lot, it’s exciting.” she sounded confident, kocaeli escort but also revealing her inexperience. I figured she was still a virgin at 18.

“So tell me, I won’t tell anyone, her secret is safe with me,” I reassured.

“They have had sex.” she almost whispered, smiling like she was revealing top-secret information.

“Well, I know that! Who hasn’t? ” I played it up a bit.

Suddenly she looked at the bag of burgers and fries and without looking into my eyes she said softly” I haven’t.”

Bingo. Verified virgin, Legal, Hot tall thin Asian, forbidden fruit.

“We can fix that.” I took my eye off of the road momentarily to gauge her reaction. maybe a combination of excitement and uncertainty was my quick read.

We pulled back into the parking lot and a new space had opened up, next to another pickup and in the shade of a tree. Perfect.

Dawn moved slightly away from me and spread the burgers and fries between us on the seat, We ate, the fries already giving off some of their heat. I steered the conversation in another direction.

“I just bought a new plane, not the one that I have been flying with Gui. It is big and fast. It will fly all the way to the coast in just over an hour.”

“Really?” she was astounded.

” It takes 5 1/2 hours by car because of traffic in Houston,” she added.

“Would you like to go maybe next Saturday?” I asked although, what I really was asking is if she were willing to fuck.

“I would love to go, but I need to make a story and get Hanna to help cover for me.” she reasoned.”

“Ok, it also depends on the weather, but if it is not possible, we should meet up here Saturday and we can figure out something fun, Maybe about 10:00 am?”

She was beaming. Action is always better than indecision so I cupped her ear and cheek and pulled her closer for a kiss. The move surprised her but she was willing and our lips met. It was pleasant, her lips small and maybe a bit hard from inexperience, but she did not resist. I wondered if it was her first kiss.

She tasted of fries and flame-broiled burger, maybe not the sexiest of meals but I had the same, and she did not seem put off by it. Eventually, Dawn gathered the wrappers between us and stuffed them in the bag. My cock was stirring in the confines of my jeans and I wondered how far she would let me take her in the middle of this public parking lot.

She placed the bag on the floor and turned and slid close to me, looking into my eyes and placing her right hand on my right leg. We kissed again. Our first french kiss. It was exciting, but she needed to relax and some basic training.

I looked into her eyes, “Relax, make your lips soft, I guided her hand to my lips, let her move my lips soft and supple, “Not like this” as I pursed my lips tight as she felt. Her whole body relaxed a bit. I took my thumb and rolled her lower lip open. definitely soft now.

I pulled her jaw and mouth open a bit, rolling her lower lip down, as she gazed into my eyes. She was trying very hard to be relaxed. I pushed my thumb into her mouth, laying it on her tongue, my fingers below her jawline. Her teeth gently closed on my protruding thumb.

“No teeth, Suck it, softly.” her lips surrounded my thumb, her eyes on mine, she began sucking gently as I stroked my thumb just a bit in and out of her mouth. “Roll your tongue around the tip.” she got that part right, her tongue was soft warm and wet. I could easily imagine replacing my thumb with the head of my cock.

“Have you ever seen one?” I asked.

She broke eye contact and looked at my jeans, my thumb still in her mouth, she did not answer.

I looked around and slid my thumb from her mouth. “Can you keep a secret?” I asked.

In her mind, she thought she was going to see her first real cock up close and personal. I unbuckled my belt and pants.

In my mind, she was going to see it much closer than she was expecting. lol

I was rigid, as I worked my jeans and boxers down.

“They are bigger than I thought,” she said as she grasped it and slowly began to stroke it a bit too firmly.

“Easy.” I guided.

She lay her arm alongside it, measuring then placing one hand grip at the base, a second hand above her first and then moving her first hand on top of the second in a little game of grab the top of the baseball bat. Lol

“Stroke me, easy, and soft.” her hand rising and falling. She was memorized.

I looked around, the coast was clear, I reached to the back of her head, applied a little pressure and for the first time, she became reluctant.

” I don’t want to have sex, not here.” She said, but never breaking rhythm on her handjob.

“Handjobs, blow jobs, playing with your pussy, squeezing your tits things like that are just making out, not really sex.” I reasoned with a straight face, almost believing my own bullshit.

She continued stroking me but was hesitating.

“Trust me, I won’t tell anyone,” I added


“Has Hanna told you about blowing Michael?” I asked.

No kocaeli escort bayan answer.

I placed my hand on the back of her head again and put the lightest force forward. She yielded and moved toward my cock.

“Just like my thumb,” I instructed.

She paused again, and then moved forward, My cock finally parting her lips.

She took in two or three inches and held it there as she stroked me below.

Make your mouth wetter, and stroke me with your lips.” I instructed.

She complied, but not sure if she was enjoying herself.

“Take in more- go deeper,” I instructed.

She pushed down,

“That’s it.”As I pushed her further on the back of her head.

She had a good amount of my root in her as I raised her back and then down again.

She was learning quickly while providing great eye candy as I stretched her jaw open.

A maintenance guy leaving the campus walked by heading to his car. He could see her head bobbing up and down on my cock, and just smiled as he got into his car a couple of spots over.

She most likely had no idea of what was coming next as I held her rooted in place and discharged my spunk into her. Rope after rope, she took it retreating a bit with each shot until only my tip remained.

She peeled off, looking at me and while I cannot say she did not spill a drop, my cock was not nearly as sloppy as I would expect a blow job virgin would leave me.

She rose from my cock vertical and swallowed.

Her hand went back to my sloppy cock. Tender, my rigid member now tempering, I allowed her tiny hand to gently stroke my wet cum covered manhood.

I spoke first, ” Did Hanna let you know what to expect?” referring to blasting my cum in her mouth.

“She didn’t tell me there was so much, or that it tasted so salty and creamy,” she said looking into my eyes.

“Did you like doing it?” I asked.

“Yes, Did you?”

“Very much. I just wish we had more time, I would like to make you feel equally as good.”

“Were you serious about the coast next Saturday?” She asked.

“Can you save yourself that long?” I grinned.

Yes, of course.”

“Then I am up for it if you are.”


Time stood still and the workweek slowly ticked away. I had the new plane gassed up, my flight bag packed and watched the weather each day. It looked like a great March weekend, maybe a few clouds but no thunderstorms or even high winds to make the trip more of a workload. I had an almost perpetual hard-on from Thursday to Saturday. lol

I had planned to do Chinese take-out for Friday night so I could walk into the restaurant and get a last-minute confirmation from Dawn. All went as planned, with the notable exception of Dawn’s sister Hanna, who had looked at me in a completely different way when I was in the restaurant. She was not mad, but I could not get a good read on her emotions during the brief time I was picking up the takeout. Dawn seemed excited.

I had been thinking of all the possibilities all week on a Saturday hookup with Dawn.

Weather permitting, I was less than 24 hours from parting those sweet pussy lips, one thing for sure I wanted to guarantee her an enjoyable ride on my cock and orgasm so she would want more than a one-off experience.

My sexual tension built over the entire week, I could not keep my mind off of Dawn. Saturday morning had arrived. Grabbing my flight bag I headed out at 9:30. I had reasoned that a quick trip to the pharmacy to get basic supplies and lube was in order, paying cash I added the items to my flight bag and went the back way to the campus parking lot to meet Dawn. I arrived about 2 minutes early and she was already there. She was in the truck and we were gone in 60 seconds. I think she was as excited as I was.

The plane was prepped and already out of the community hanger when we arrived. I saw the mechanic that normally services the plane in the hanger, He watched as I loaded Dawn on board and pre-flighted the plane. He could not resist walking over, doing the check her out thing.

He had recognized Dawn as some strange new.

“Plane looks good, real good,” he said not talking about the plane at all. “Let me know if you need some help maintaining that,” he said with a wink.

“Pretty sure I got it under control,” I answered with the same doublespeak he was dishing out.

Ok, then. enjoy yourself and have a good day.” he offered.

“Plan on it,” I said as I climbed into the plane.

“Clear!” I yelled as customary starting the engine.

The prop slowly spun and after about a half of a turn, the engine roared to life.

After taxiing out, a brief run-up and magneto check we were cleared for Runway 17 left.

This moment is always thrilling beyond belief and makes my heart skip a beat every time.

My plane, a Cessna 210, is an amazing aircraft. capable of outrunning a Porche turbo Carrea from a standstill. The throttle is shoved to the dash, the prop is pitched kocaeli escort for a climb and a second later the brakes are released. Going from 0 to 130 mph in less than 900 feet while steering the natural pull of the plane to run off the right side of the runway using your feet on the rudder pedals. Exhilarating.

At 130 lifting the plane a foot off of the runway it accelerates to about 190 in another second or so, rotating the plane upward, it eats the sky, climbing at 1600 feet per minute. OK, I admit it I am an adrenaline junkie. The roar of the engine at full throttle is music to my ears. Headsets and intercoms keep communication possible and prevent severe hearing loss. What did you say? Lmao.

Dawn had never been on a plane of any kind. as the ground moved away and the miles started clicking by she was glued to the window. Just as well, at just over 200 mph you have to stay ahead of the plane or shit gets out of plan real quick.

In about an hour and 15 minutes we were on final at Galveston and touched down without event.

I had called a rental car and they deliver to the airfield so our ride was waiting. when we taxied up and tied down.

Up to this point, we had little time to discuss plans, so in the comfort of the rented car, I suggested lunch.

We pulled into a seafood place across the street from the beach.

We walked in, Saturday around noon, in March the place was quieter than expected and we were seated right away.

“So what did you think about the flight?” I asked.

“Exciting,” she said with a big smile.

“You are exciting,” I replied.

“Me? no, I think I am boring.” I could see that she was being honest in her self evaluation.

“Well, you have had me excited all week.” I reasoned.

“I have been too,” she added.

“Did you enjoy our brief lunch last weekend?”

“Very much, I told Hanna” she admitted.

“And?” I asked.

“She wanted to come on the airplane too.”

“Is that all she was interested in?”

“She likes you very much also, I told her about last week and she wanted to come but I said no.”

“Why?” I asked.

“She has much more experience and would take you from me, I think.”

“Not likely, but you are sisters so you can share.” I broke a bit of a grin.

“That is what she said!” She added.

The thought of taking the two of them together had my cock dripping.

“She wants to take turns, but I want both turns.” She laughed, but not kidding.

“Speaking of turns, we can get a room overlooking the beach and I can turn you every which way but loose.” She smiled again.

After lunch, it was a forgone conclusion that we would head to a hotel, off-season we pretty much had our choice. A mid-line place with a great view was decided and we got a room on the 5th floor with a great view. the hotel, and it’s parking lot seemed all but empty. The ocean air, sunny sky, and a virgin ready for deflowering. Fucking Awesome.

We walked into the room, cool and crisp, the air conditioning on which took the salty smell from the air. Bath near the door, king bed, small table, wall to wall windows looking out onto the beach and the gulf. Pretty standard room, actually. I laid my flight bag down, as she pulled back the drapes to see the full view of the gulf.

She opened the sliding door and went onto the balcony, the salty breeze filled the room, the sheer drapes luffed, her long hair followed suit.

I approached from behind, placing my hands around her tiny waist, pressing my pelvis gently up to her ass. My cock was semi-hard and growing. I slid my right hand slowly around to her stomach and up her chest, stalling momentarily as I crossed her breast to take in the feel of its size, her nipple was hard. My hands’ path continued up to her neck, surrounding her throat with my large hand. not squeezing firmly in a threatening manner, but allowing my muscular large hand to gently surround her neck and turn her lower jaw so I could kiss her as we stood on the balcony.

Her dress was not sexy, while it’s fit was acceptable, it was one I had seen her wear to work many times. A long draping one piece that slipped over her head and had no zipper I could detect and thought that only older heavy set women wore them, although her youth and slender tall appearance made it acceptable if not modestly attractive.

I was anxious and turned her toward me on the balcony, and began French kissing her. Her lips were softer and more supple than the week before. Our tongues intertwined, she sucked on my lower lip, pulling it almost to the point of pain. This was a new trick, I wondered who had been her teacher.

I began working her dress up, and she stopped kissing me and started back into the room leaving the sliding glass door open and the salty breeze washing into the room. Some seagulls cawing.

I wanted her, and definitely was going to have her, but was concerned about hurting her, my size being large and her virgin status. I had thought of this many times over the past week and had decided to guide her to be on top, posting me, to let her set the depth and speed which she was comfortable with. Besides, having both my hands-free in this position offer’s me a lot of pleasure, and her body was exceptional eye candy to be explored. I am really considerate. Lmao.

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