Forbidden Fun

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Creampie Cleanup

Chase is hardly through the door and she’s already looking for him. She knows it’s wrong. Dean is dating a mutual friend, so they have bumped into one another several times at parties and social events. They always chat briefly, polite conversation about the weather and such, both knowing that to discuss anything deeper would be a mistake. Right or wrong there is an attraction between them that they are both trying to ignore.

Her date is saying something, offering to take her coat. She hands it to him, distracted. Dean is nowhere to be seen so she moves into the crowd, finally able to relax. It’s better that he’s not here. That’s what she keeps telling herself as she tries to fight the disappointment. Her date returns with a drink for her and they move through the group, talking with friends, smiling and laughing. Things are as they should be.

After nearly an hour, Chase excuses herself to go outside. These are her friends; she should be having a great time. She just can’t get him out of her mind. Telling herself to snap out of it, she steps back inside and heads down the hallway.

“Chase, I didn’t realize you were here.”

She sees him and smiles, “Hey Dean, did you just get here?”

He holds up the coat in his hand, “Yeah, we just walked in. I was headed to put Lisa’s coat away. Got any idea where it goes?”

Grinning, she turns back the way she came. “Follow me.”

Chase leads him down the hallway to the first bedroom where the bed is piled with jackets. Depositing his alongside the others, they head back to the living room. The two chat about nothing, as usual, getting ever closer to the party. The closer they get, the slower they walk, both trying to prolong this moment. It’s the first time they’ve ever really been alone together. Stopping at the end of the hall, only steps away from a room full of people, they struggle to keep the conversation going, wanting to keep it light.

Finally Chase says she better get back in there and turns to walk away. Dean reaches out and touches her shoulder. She turns kadıköy escort back just as he says, “I was hoping you would be here tonight.” Knowing it’s wrong, she gives in to the moment and steps closer to him. She starts to tell him that she hoped he’d be here too, but the words are left unspoken as he leans down to kiss her.

The kiss is soft, just a brief touch and then he pulls back slightly, still close enough she can feel his breath on her face. It seems like he’s hesitating, waiting for a sign maybe, but then he kisses her again. His lips press hard against hers and she sighs, letting go of her fear as the passion she’s been hiding overwhelms her. She moves her arms up around his shoulders, pulling him closer as they deepen the kiss, his tongue sliding boldly into her mouth.

“Dean,” she whispers as they move slightly farther back away from the crowd. He slides his hands down her back, gliding them over her hips. As he pulls her tight against him she can feel his cock, already hard, pressing against her stomach.

“Tell me you want this to happen, babygirl,” he whispers as his fingers start to work the hem of her skirt higher.

“I need this … I’ve wanted it for so long,” is all she can say as she starts to unbutton his shirt.

With one hand working her skirt up to her waist, he takes the other and slides the straps of her dress down over her shoulders. Sliding his hand inside as he pushes it down, he closes it over her breast. She moans softly as he caresses her through the fabric of her bra, circling his thumb around her aching nipple. Chase runs her hands over his bare chest, squeezing occasionally, fighting for control. Dean squeezes her ass again, pulling her hard against his cock and her control is gone. She fumbles with his pants, clumsily, finally getting them open. She pushes them down, briefs and all, letting them pool at his feet. Now her hands are forceful, touching him, feeling his ass, his hips, running up and down üsküdar escort the back of his thighs.

With her dress nothing more than fabric bunched at her waist, Dean breaks the kiss, trailing his lips down her neck. Finding her nipple hard and waiting, he takes it in his mouth. Quivering, she moans louder, praying the noise of the party will cover the sounds as he pushes her panties down, sliding them over her feet as she steps out of them.

They turn and Dean pushes Chase back against the wall, moving to the other breast, biting down gently as he sucks her nipple deep into his mouth. She leans her head back against the wall, eyes closed, and take his cock in her hand, touching him there for the first time. Both moan at the contact, his cock throbbing, thick and ready as she begins to pull gently.

Releasing her breast, he kisses her again deeply as his fingers slide down between her thighs. He drags his fingertips slowly over her lips, caressing just outside, finding them swollen and wet. He pushes his thumb deeper, gliding it over her clit. The contact makes her tremble, her moans getting louder as he devours her mouth to muffle the sound.

Dean’s need takes over as he picks her up, sliding his hands along her thighs as she wraps her legs around his waist. He places a hand flat against her stomach and slides it lower until his thumb reaches her clit, stroking it gently. Chase squeezes her legs tight around him, his cock sliding beneath her, the shaft gliding between swollen lips. He rubs firmly against her throbbing clit making it tighten and swell until she starts to cum.

Moaning into his mouth, desperate with need, she whispers, “Fuck me now, Dean. Please, I need to feel you inside me.”

He slides his hips back, aligning himself, the head of his cock pressing into to her. “Tell me you want this babygirl. I want to hear you say it again.”

“Please, Dean. I want you to fuck me. Right here. Right now.”

She slides her hands down to his ass and pulls him hard tuzla escort against her, burying his cock all the way inside her waiting pussy. Squeezing around him, the walls of her wet cunt begin throbbing with her orgasm.

“Oh fuck, babygirl,” he whispers against her lips and then he starts to fuck her, long deep strokes, sliding out to the tip slowly, and then driving his cock in hard and fast, pounding into her, his thumb still strumming against her clit, forcing her higher again until they are both on the edge.

Her body is on fire, aching, tingling everywhere as he moves faster, her pussy squeezing his cock with each stroke. As her second orgasm reaches its peak, she feels his cock swelling, stretching her. He begins fucking her harder as her pussy tightens around him. Chase cries out, his lips pressed hard against hers as he tries to swallow the sound, and the tension in her body breaks, rolling over her in waves.

Chase begins to shake, her legs weak, but Dean grabs her ass with both hands, pushing her back hard against the wall, and continues pounding into her, slamming his cock into her pussy harder with each stroke.

Suddenly he moans into her mouth, growling as his cock erupts. Holding still, buried as far as he can get, she can feel his cock throbbing, giving her what she needed, feeding her desire.

As his climax ends, so does the kiss. He looks at her and she smiles, laying her head on his shoulder.

The sounds of the party start to filter through the hall, reminding them both where they are. He slowly lowers her to the floor, sliding out as he does, and then pulls her against him. They stand there, snuggling tight for a moment, and then silently break the contact. Their eyes meet and they begin to dress, never looking away from one another.

He smiles and she can’t help but giggle as she smiles back at him. With a sigh, Chase turns and walks back into the living room.

Dean leans back against the wall, breathing deeply, waiting to let her get settled into the crowd before he comes in. When he pushes away from the wall ready to head in there he glances down and sees her panties lying on the floor at his feet. Grinning, he picks them up and puts them in the pocket of his sports coat.

“I wonder if it will be as much fun putting them back on her as it was taking them off,” he mumbles to himself as he heads around the corner.”

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