First Time Squirting

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Well tonight’s the night!! After weeks of messaging and a few photos exchanged we are finally meeting up.

He looks fit in his pics. Gorgeous cheeky smile, piercing blue eyes, sexy toned body and his full sleeve tattoos look soooo horny.

Every other photo he sends me are of him in his tight white boxers shining against his dark tanned skin and he is certainly packing his pants well.

It’s been a while since I’ve had any sexual contact with anyone and prior to that I was with the same guy for years with the same boring sex that was hardly worth getting excited for, unlike him, he is very confident sexually, certainly talks a good talk but does he walk the walk and will I even be able to even walk or talk afterwards??

He should be here any minute. I’ve bought new lingerie, got my stockings and high heels on, as he requested and I feel like a right idiot. An idiot who’s got butterflies in my tummy and a fizzing between my legs.

DING DONG!! Omg. He’s here!!.. Play it cool girl, open the door, smile nicely, a little kiss on the cheek then ask him if he wants a drink. That’s what I’ll do. Let him see me in my sexy outfit and hopefully he won’t be able to keep his eyes off me!!

I open the door… Smiling escort izmit as I say hello.

He’s standing there in his tight white t-shirt, looking hot and smelling gorgeous!! Mmmmmm

He steps inside my hallway, shutting the door behind him as he gently but firmly presses his body against mine until I’m pressed against the wall!!

Before I even get the chance to ask him if he wants a drink I feel his arm reach behind me as he grabs my arm pulling it and holding it behind my back. His aftershave smells gorgeous!! His piercing blue eyes staring deep in to mine!! I sooooo want him to snog my face off!!… Kiss me for fuck sake!!…

I lean forward for a kiss. I want to taste those gorgeous lips of his!!.. But then he pulls his lips away slightly!! What is he doing!!.. KISS ME!!.. Then I feel his lips gently suck my bottom lip. I’m paralysed in a trance!! I don’t know what he’s doing to my lips but I can’t even move mine. Teasing, nibbling, sucking, brushing his lips against mine. This isn’t kissing this is blowing my mind!!…

I feel like I’m floating feeling his hand running and stroking over my body as he runs his hand down my back, over my bum then down the back of my leg as I feel his hand stroking round to the izmit darıca escort front of my leg and slowly sliding up the inside of my thigh!!… I feel like I’m nearly orgasming and he hasn’t even touched my pussy which is absolutely dripping wet!!… My clit is throbbing for his touch. Touch me!!… Stop teasing me. It’s feeling like a lifetime waiting for his hand to get up my leg!!… And then!!.. WOW!!.. There it is!!… My clit screams in pleasure feeling his fingertips stroking and teasing my clit. I’m ready to burst… Then.. WOW!!… I feel his fingers sliding inside me deep. Oh god that feels soooo good!!..

As he slowly strokes and teases my pussy inside as his palm is pushing on my clit. What is he doing to me?!?! I’ve never felt like this before!! Floating and paralysed on a magic bed of air. He is driving me crazy!!… I feel his fingers stroking against my wall inside my pussy, pushing his fingers harder, feeling his palm in circular motions. I’m ready to cum. I need to cum. I will orgasm any second. Just do it, do me, fuck me.. I need to orgasm and I’m going to scream in pleasure… His fingers are getting faster and faster, stroking me, finger fucking me, pushing my clit harder and faster. izmit rus escort My legs are starting to shake, I can’t move, floating high in a numb ecstasy.

His fingers and hand have just hit full steam ahead I can’t take it anymore. I feel like I’m going to explode as my whole body shakes violently with electricity shooting through my whole body paralysing all of me as a bolt of lightening shoots out of my pussy!!… Screaming!! What’s happening to me?!!… I’m violently squirting out of my pussy as he forces me too more and more and more as more and more of my juices is gushing out non stop!!… This isn’t just an orgasm. This is the most intense non stop mind blowing pain pleasure I’ve ever experienced!! I’m holding on to him for dear life to stop me from flying off, falling down, collapsing or exploding!!…

Then silence!!.. I’m hanging off his neck like I’ve just survived a tidal wave, a hurricane and tornado rolled into one.

My whole body jolting in shock, my pussy pulsing in relief and amazement, my legs feeling like bambi collapsing under me as he holds me against him securely. I need to catch my breath. What has he just done to me?!?! I eventually find some strength to lift my head up and make eye contact as he looks at me staring at me for what seems like ages as he smiles, giving my forehead a gently kiss.

“Hello beautiful”


This is my first story. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to send me any comments and feedback. Thank you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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