Feet Sex with Chemistry Professor

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It was the time when the exam papers are out and we, the usual bunch of students wait for our fate to be decided by our mentors – some of those who we have not even seen for months! It was just another lazy afternoon when I decided to stay back in the campus for some additional reads in the library.

I had finished my lunch and headed to the library. It was almost half an hour before I could decide upon the book to study or take home for later read. That was when I noticed my Chemistry teacher sitting in the lone, somewhat dark corner of the far end of the library, with his boring eyes in some book. I decided to accompany him and took my book and began to walk towards his table. As soon as i reached his place, he looked at me and smiled. He motioned me to sit across his chair, which I did. It was almost fifteen minutes that we remained silent. I was curious to know my Chem marks. I knew this was the moment to ask him. He could probably read my mind. He closed the book he was reading and spoke to me.

“I presume you have something to ask me?” he said.

To which I replied, “Yes sir, it was about my Chem marks that I wanted to know.”

Strictly speaking, no professor would ever give away the marks to any student. But his eyes seemed to say something else.

“Well, pretty curious, eh?” he mocked me in a friendly way.

I managed a faint smile and nodded. He then asked me to join me to the staff room indicating that he could help me know my marks.

Once casino oyna we reached his room, I became a little nervous. I could hear my heart pound very fast. It was only the two of us in and around the room. As I stepped inside, he gently closed the door and locked it. Then he signalled me to sit on the chair and he sat on the table across it.

He began, “Well, I could help you know your marks, but in return I need something too…”

I looked at him puzzled as he paused momentarily.

“It might sound crazy, but since last week, I have been imagining having sex with you in every kinky way possible. Particularly it’s your feet and those sexy toes that make me horny” he said.

I was having mixed feeling about what he said. On one end, I thought it was weird since he is my teacher, way too old to be my dad. But on the other end, I was feeling horny too as I had sometimes fantasized about old men.

He was waiting curiously and patiently for my reply. After moments of thoughts, I just lowered my head, closed my eyes and bit my lips. I was feeling shy and my face had turned pink.

He got the signal and got down from the desk. He came towards me and asked me to get up. Then he lifted me up in his arms and placed me on the desk where he was sitting. I was shivering in anticipation and shyness. He then caressed my cheeks and lips with his fingers and gently kissed me on my lips. I could feel that he was getting hard, while I was getting aroused too. He gently canlı casino began to undress me.

He went down on his knees and took my right foot in his hands. He began to remove my shoes and then took off my socks. There! He could now see my barefoot in all its beauty. I always keep my feet clean and hence there was no smell. He undid my left shoe and sock. Now, he held both my feet in his hands and brought them to his face. He gently pressed them on his face and began to smell them. I could feel his hot breath on my feet and my hardness began to increase.

He then began to kiss every corner of my feet slowly and lifted my soles towards his face. He pressed them on his face. I could see his hardness growing, I began to get wet. He then started to lick my soles in long, slow motions savouring every moment under my feet. It tickled me and I bit my lips. It was then he could control nomore and took my toes in his mouth and began to suck them hard. This elicited loud and sexy moans from me. He sucked my big toes on both feet like they were the sweetest candies. I wanted more…

He worshipped my feet for almost ten minutes and got up satisfied. He began to take my shirt off and soon he undid my trousers too. I was now only in my boxers in front of my horny professor. He brought his hands towards my boxers to take them off. I held him.

I said, “Well, if you have to take off my boxers, why don’t you use your mouth instead?”

He smiled and slowly made me lie kaçak casino down on his desk. He then brought his face near my boxers. As soon as his teeth gripped the elastic of my boxers, I closed my eyes and moaned loudly. That was so erotic for me.

He then pulled down my boxers with his teeth and my hard cock sprang out into life.

He could control no more, neither could I. He immediately opened his mouth and took my cock in his hot mouth. I could take it no more as I began to melt because of what he was doing. That was sheer lust and pleasure waves sweeping me off my feet. He began to suck my cock in rhythms of long and short spans and I could feel my cum rising within. He then took both my feet and began to massage his face while he was sucking me deep.

I began to caress his face with my sexy toes, wiggling them on his lips. He took my big toes along with my cock and sucked them together. At the same time his expert hands were massaging my naked body.

He was a strong man and I could realize this when he lifted me up on his shoulders sucking my toes and cock. This was the horniest and the pinnacle of lust between us. I was reaching the climax and could not hold on any longer.

I closed my eyes and bit my lip hard. All the pent up hunger for lust was let out in the form of hot sticky cum that spurted out of my cock and into my professor’s mouth. I could feel my big toes getting coated with the sticky gooey.

After what seemed like an eternity, I was spent and was sweating. He then put me slowly on the desk and sat on his chair. He took hold my right foot and began to massage it.

Then, he kissed the sole passionately and said, “You have cleared your papers!”

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