Falling to Pieces

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All stories have some reality to them to make an awesome story come to life. This is just a fantasy or daydream that came alive on paper that I would love to share with you as a writer. In no way has a teacher/student relationship crossed its line in my life or will it ever. So please enjoy your naughty fantasy with me. I have two other stories that were written a few years back called Cat and Mouse part 1 and Part 2 to fancy your pleasure as well.


As I look back at my life as I lay here in my bed with my head hanging over the edge, with just a sheet barely covering my nude body, I hear the door shut as my booty call Mike walks out the door one last time. I wonder to myself why do I allow myself to go through this mess, he does not stay for more than fifteen minutes and he only comes to get his rocks off. Yet I continue to follow this pattern. My life seems to be falling to pieces in this downward spiral; tears start to fall down my face, because the one thing in my life I need is love, not sex. Yes sex is very important at my age of thirty three, I am in my prime. I should have all the fun in the world. I am single. I can date whom I want and when I want. Yet something is missing in my life, and I can not put my finger on it. In a strange sense I can feel my life changing at this very moment that something big is coming and it will be for the good. Sense of change- hmm…. I never thought of it in that sense yet, but it is needed.

Let me introduce myself; my name is Raine. I had lived in Carson City, for just a few years now; actually it will be five years next July. I originally came from a small city from the Midwest, near Lake Michigan. The city in which I grew up in is changing. At one time it was growing city which was very industrialized, but after September 11, 2001, the job market decreased dramatically. I can not blame September 11 for the decline in jobs for our city, but it just made it more real that the city was not developing anymore, downtown just did not bring the new businesses or the shoppers like it did back in the days when my parents grew up. So, it was time to move. I came to Carson City for a job. I left that job over a year and half go, and did a self analysis, on what direction I needed to go in. I loved my job working with customers, but it was just a job, and not a career. I needed something more. The interesting part of this wonderful analysis I did , followed my heart.

I went to technical college after high school, for accounting, radio broadcasting and computers. Nothing satisfied me. I finally got a degree in Radio Broadcasting, but there is no money in the department unless I worked for sales, or if I was an awesome disc jockey. I wanted to be a booking agent for bands, but the music industry in my city was not happening. So the degree fell to the wayside. I was just living my life. I needed to get out and grow and explore my self worth.

I got the job with the airlines as a customer service agent; yes, customer service agents are the mean ones who don’t allow passengers on the airplane when they are just five minutes late, drunk, or just went to the wrong gate because the passenger read the boarding pass wrong.

What is funny, though, in leaving this job, I felt a great sense of relief after four years of working for this particular airline. The stress level was gone. Yes I missed the perks of free flying and parking, but the stress was gone.

During that same time frame I had decided to go back to college: this time to be a teacher. I was nervous but I had longed to be a teacher since childhood. I took some tests on the internet for personality and career choices, and many of these unique tests said I should be a teacher or a writer. Hmm… funny how little life’s quirks work out. The funny thing that happened when I decided to go back to school I was chased down by a few teachers at the dog park telling me I have the best patience with my dog, and that I would be awesome working with children. So here I am going back to school to become a teacher.

I should be happy, but like I said earlier something is missing in my life that would make my life complete. Ah yes, love. What is that anyway? And who needs it? Not me. No time. I don’t have time to be cleaning up after someone else. Yet I long for it. I see couples with children, women pregnant: some single and some with husbands. I wonder why I can’t have it. Great! The biological clock is ticking pretty hard, and I just started going to school again. This is not good. I really don’t have time for this. I need my concentration to be focused. But yet I feel that deep longing, of having that satisfaction. I come home to an empty home; just once I wish I had someone greeting me at the door, with a kiss, and the question “How was your day today, honey?” as he pulls me in for that deep passionate kiss.

Ah yeah that kiss, I have dreamt of that kiss many times, as I close my eyes. He pulls me into him, his hands cup my face, his eyes have that twinkle of “no good but in the same sense he wants to tease elmadağ escort me as long as he can”. His lips are soft and warm; I can taste something sweet, chocolate or strawberries on his lips like he ate them on purpose so I would crave more of that sweetness. He cups my face and lets his thumbs caress my cheek, our eyes meet. I can see a small smirk on his face as if he knows what he wants as he tilts his head and our noses meet gently, little Eskimo kisses as our lips meet. I shut my eyes for the pure enjoyment of just sinking into him as I part my lips allowing him to tease me with his tongue and mine. Gently at first, then deeper as our tongues meet and intertwine, that dance, the slow tango that grows with passion which will make our bodies follow to that same mode. It sounds so good and so loving, I can feel my body getting all tingly inside just thinking about it.

I allow myself to lose myself within, letting my hands find my inner self. One finger, sliding in and out, just enough for a little juice to lt my fingers find my clit as I slowly rub it as if I was playing a musical instrument. I can feel myself getting warm and tingling feeling going down into my toes. My body heat starts to rise, as I can feel myself on the brink of coming. I try to fight it, to hold on to that wonderful feeling. I lose myself within and I start to shake and moan, allowing the sensation to take over. I scram and gurgle with pleasure as I come. I fell my body to totally numb with this wonderful sensation. I go limp after just a few seconds of pleasure, and feeling myself come. I can smell the scent of my after glow as I slowly drift off to sleep.

Months go by and I am into my spring semester at college, it was a rough start this semester after the fall semester ended. I went home for a quick visit to see my family before Christmas; it was great. I have not been home for Christmas for four years now. How much has changed as if everyone aged. Even the news anchors on television, have gotten grayer and started to age themselves. I have one cousin who visited came with his wife who was expecting their first child, while my other cousin’s son is counting the days until he can start driving and head off to college. Wow! So much has changed yet it feels like I never even missed one Christmas with my family. I even got to see my grandfather who moved into an assisted living home. He is my only grandparent left and very special to me. We share the same birthday in June, but I had this sensation that he was not going to make it through this winter, and if he did, he really did not have that much time left with me here on earth. I lost him that following January after the first week of spring semester started. I could not make it back to the funeral due to a sinus infection. God, how I miss him! I don’t understand, but I kept getting this dark goose bumpy feeling that he was going to pass away. He took a tumble shortly after I came back from Wisconsin, that left him basically in pain from the chest down. He quit moving and caught pneumonia, and passed away.

Now spring semester started and that feeling of change definitely was on its way. For the first time in my life, I felt I was heading in the right direction on my career path. My friendships started to change in the direction of more teacher-oriented friends. I find it weird once that I was in college that as a pre-professional education degree seeker, that I met a couple of students at my job who were also seeking a degree in education. I also met a few coworkers who were in the field of education as well. This was interesting to me and I could finally relate to them in a sense. It seems like most teachers who got their degree in education, did not start as education majors but went into a different field that they thought fit their mode. However, deep down inside they had always yearned to be a teacher; especially here in Nevada. Back home the education students went to college after high school to become a teacher, and tried to make living as substitute. The school district had a wait list not only for teachers but substitutes as well. Now I just found out that the superintendent wants to close down three more schools and a high school due to low enrollment back in Wisconsin. Where did all the citizens of my city go? They went to find jobs in other cities and states to earn a living. I was one of the few that made that change in my life as well, and I am extremely happy that I did.

In Carson City, the demand for teachers and substitutes is just not enough. The students out-number not only teachers, but facilities due to such large growth of the city. I just hope one day that my dream of teaching will come true. I know when the day will come will be hard. There are so many subjects to teach in the elementary school, and in the secondary education, even though you only have to teach one subject ,you better have an idea of what is going on to help the students along with their education.

That first week of my spring semester was rough. I started esenyurt escort a second job, had a nasty sinus infection, and I had gotten my period that week on top of feeling crappy. So walking into my classroom I sat in the back the first day trying to stay away from anyone who had gotten close to me. I would have felt bad giving my cold to a student who sat next to me, or even my professor for that matter. My temperature kept going up and down; so one minute I was hot and the next I was freezing and trying to stay warm. I never expected that day, that my professor would be the most beautiful, handsome male to walk the face of this planet.

He was young; at first I would not consider that he would be older than the age of twenty seven. He was not tall but average height of about five foot ten. His body shape was of athletic tone. I could tell he was gym rat, from the shape of his hips and butt. He definitely kept up with his cardio exercise because his buttocks were the perfect shape. His dress pants hung on his hips just perfectly, and I could just imagine that he had a hidden six pack on his stomach. He definitely kept up with his water since his water bottle was quite large. His eyes were soft and dark, I thought at first they might be greenish- brown, but he wore contacts that made his eyes a soft deep ocean blue. His voice was unfathomable sexy and soft, something that sounds like a soft jazz disc jockey late in the night. His walk was interesting; he floated across the room as if he was an angel or an ice skater that glided across the ice. Quiet, but gentle, his smile reminded me of young high school kid, boyish and shy. When he spoke and introduced himself, he mentioned there was a teacher change at the last minute, and that he was going to teach my math class. His name was Professor Trenton Hayworth. He gave us his credentials for teaching mathematics, and small time change in the class schedule, since he drove from across town from another teaching job.

What caught my eye was just not his looks but his eyes, as if I met him from somewhere else and I could not place him in anyone place or destination. That first day I could feel my temperature rising and dropping, so I started to bounce my knee for circulation to get my blood flowing. I think unintentionally my math professor thought I was nervous, and he kept on coming near me as if to calm me down. Granted I asked a lot of questions in the class because I took the class on line and got a “C-” and I wanted to improve my grade, I made myself talk and ask a lot of questions: one lesson was to keep my mind from going into the gutter, and the other was for truly the learning experience and extra brownie points for participation.

Professor Hayworth wore a gold colored band on his right hand that I mistakenly thought was on his left hand. So I pictured him coming home to a loving wife with two little ones under the age of five, and possibly a third on its way. But that was not case, Professor Hayworth was divorced, and had no children. It saddened me that such a good looking man like himself to be living alone. I thought about him a lot wondering how he goes on his daily routine, with him working three teaching jobs.

I really can not say much about myself, since I am in the same boat. I work the switchboard for school, and I also missed the airlines, so I went to work for another airline. The most important job I have is going to school full time. So I really can not talk about having a relationship or even his for that matter because we are kind of the same in that odd sense.

Professor Hayworth wore a gold colored band on his right hand that I mistakenly thought was on his left hand. So I pictured him coming home to a loving wife with two little ones under the age of five, and possibly a third on its way. But that was not case, Professor Hayworth was divorced, and had no children. It saddened me that such a good looking man like himself to be living alone. I thought about him a lot, not in a sexual tone, but how he went about his daily business. Since he teaches at a high school near his home, I bet he heads to the gym first thing in the morning, rushes home to take a quick shower, and get dressed for work as he grabs a protein shake as he heads out the door for first teaching job.

Professor Hayworth loved being married, I think he is the one that got hurt in the relationship when his wife decided to leave him. I think she gave him unfilled promise of being happy when she really was not happy with herself. Which makes him work three jobs not only because he enjoys teaching but also to keep him from being alone at night.

I really can not say much about myself, since I am in the same boat. I work the switchboard for school, and I also missed the airlines, so I went to work for another airline. The most important job I have is going to school full time. So I really can not talk about having a relationship or even his for that matter because we are kind of the same in that odd sense.

I do wonder though etiler anal yapan escort if he misses those special times, sitting on the couch grading papers while his wife laid her head across his lap while she watched television. And he would just admire her beauty, and she would admire his. Or if he even had that kind of closeness with his wife or any other woman. I get a chill just thinking about that one special moment that could lead to so much more. I start to daydream as if I was lying my head on his lap, as he graded his papers he would look down and see me and admire my beauty, my eyes, my full lips, and my soft skin. I look up to him just watching him concentrate on grading as he looks down our eyes meet with that twinkle in our eye that is so loving and passionate. I turn my head back to watch television, and I start to caress his thigh with my thumb just a small circle, he continues to grade his papers but as the pile grows smaller, he puts them down to the side and continues to grade as he possessively lays his left hand across my chest and mimicking the same small caresses on my right breast tantalizing it ever so softly. I take in a deep sigh and let out soft moan as I can feel myself getting turned on. I shut my eyes enjoying the sensation that is happening to me, when I open my eyes I can see a playful smirk of “I got you!” in his eyes and face. I slowly shift my body towards him, slowly unbuttoning his shirt just above the belt of his pants and plant a small kiss with my lips just below his belly button. He giggles and says “Hey that is cheating.” With quick grin I reply “I know, all is fair in love and war.” I continue to slowly unbutton his shirt moving upward kissing every small opening, even letting my tongue taste him as bite and nibble my way up to his lips. He throws his head back enjoying the sensation that slowly is working up is arousal within himself.

I reach his chest and slowly let my tongue flick on each nipple watching it grow hard with each touch of my tongue. I allow myself to enjoy the sounds of his moans and I let my hands slowly slide deep inside his pants. He brings his head forward and looks at me with anticipation of watching me turn him on. He whispers “Oh god!” and I can feel his manhood become rock solid with one soft glide. He continues to whisper “You want me badly don’t you?” as he gives into his arousal, as he bites his lip trying to hold back all the pleasure that is rushing through his body. I slowly inch my way up tantalizing his neck, earlobe and mouth with small kisses. He starts to pant and I take in his breathe as I cover his mouth with mine, his left hand holds onto the back of my neck, while the other hand slowly finds its way up my shirt trying to unclasp my bra.

With one swift move the bra is unclasped and my bra frees itself from my breasts. He allows his hands to drop and continues the slow torture of tantalizing my breast as we continue to let our tongues dance with each other in a feverish tango. We break away for one moment and we both take off our shirts, and throw them off to the side, he helps me with taking my bra off nice and slowly, as he snuggles his head into my left breast teasing it with his tongue, he nibbles, sucks and bites just a little making my breast nice and firm as he continues to torture the one with his mouth his other hand is letting his fingers tantalize other breast, making it rock solid. I began to moan giving into the wild passion inside of me. I can feel my body making my juices, waiting for that anticipation of him entering me. My back arches allowing him to take more of breast and in one swift move he has me on my back, and is undoing my shorts. I can see his eyes flicker with sexual excitement, with one swift movement not only are my shorts gone but my French cut panties as well.

He backs off just admiring the view of my soft pink shaven treasure spot. I watch him slowly insert one finger and watch me squirm as he allows himself to crawl up on me and whisper in my ear “You want me don’t you? But you can not have it until I hear you come. Come for me.” I squirm feeling his finger slowly going in and out of me, I try to hold back but lose control once I feel his mouth on my clit. His tongue flickers tormenting my clit in feverish way, I can feel myself come with my first orgasm as his fingers slowly change from one to two inserting at a faster pace, my body starts to quiver and shake, I let out a moan, and it is replaced with a kiss from his lips, which I can taste my sweet juices on his lips. In the mist of our foreplay he removed his pants as he slowly enters me as he kisses me, his tongue following the deepness of his manhood entering me.

Our bodies began that slow rhythm of two bodies coming together, slowly at first, then faster with speed. He pushes my one leg up to my chest while the other slowly rests on the back of the couch for deeper penetration, he moves to his knees and arches his back. I love it when he does this move, his muscles are taut and he looks extremely sexy from this angle which makes allows me to start coming. He can feel me starting to come and he plays with my clit to make my orgasm even stronger, and it does. I can feel my body heat to rise fast and I get extremely warm, and body gets a strong tingly feeling that turns to numbness, I can no longer scream out words except letter or two.

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