Escaping the Mundane

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I wrote this while drunk. I’m only posting it here for a friend. Don’t take my writing seriously.

It was a weekend of total liberation for Bram and Lynn… They had escaped from the boredom of their everyday lives to a semi-local gaming convention, only some two or three hours away from home. Lynn had a boyfriend and it wasn’t Bram, unfortunately, but fortunately enough for Bram her boyfriend had bailed last minute on the con due to work. Bram and Lynn had promised up and down that nothing would happen between the two of them, and both had meant it… However, promises are fragile things, often bent and broken with enough motivation.

It was Saturday night when the straw finally broke the camel’s back. Bram and Lynn had just come back from a rave at the convention, the heavy bass still thumping in the back of Lynn’s mind as the swirling colors and lights lingered in her thoughts, a hypnotic blur. There had been alcohol involved… Not too much, of course, but enough to whittle away inhibitions. Slinking into the quiet and cool hotel room, Lynn made her way to the queen size bed and dropped herself on it with a contented sigh.

Bram followed shortly afterward into the room, lowering himself onto the bed and testing the resilience of the box-spring, bouncing slightly. “These hotel beds are always so stiff,” Bram commented while running a hand through his short-clipped black hair, glitter falling off of him, “Heh… Stiff.” Bram was never the type to miss an opportunity to make a dirty joke, especially around Lynn, they shared a flirtatious sort of friendship that was riddled with almost and exposure. Giggling and slapping Bram in the chest from where she lay, Lynn let her hand rest perhaps too long, her fingers tracing down Bram’s abdomen, admiring his toned body for a moment.

Bram wasn’t an athlete, per se, though he was certainly “fit”… Not overly broad, but slim and toned with abs that Lynn had always admired… He was tall too, something like five-foot ten. Olive toned skin with just the slightest of tans, quite a bit of Bram was on display now, covered in sweat and glitter from the Rave, wearing only shiny blue boxers and a pair of long-burned-out glowing wristbands. Against her better judgment, Lynn kept her hand on Bram’s chest, her heart etiler ucuz escort stirring as she pushed herself up a bit to admire those abs she liked so much. “Let’s not talk for a little bit… Just, let’s be quiet,” The crimson-haired party-girl spoke finally.

Bram grinned back at Lynn and laid back, the repositioning causing the woman’s hand to unintentionally brush over his package. That was probably the moment where the spark became the flame for Lynn when she finally realized the placement of her hand, Bram’s rigid length pressing back against her palm as she allowed her body to work in spite of the dissonance brewing in her mind. Daintily wrapping her fingers around Bram’s clothed member, Lynn would give him a gentle squeeze, her heart fluttering in her chest as she once again admired another quality of his that she really shouldn’t… His rather large manhood.

“If… If we do something here, none of it can get back to my boyfriend,” Lynn finally spoke, brushing her hair out of her face with her free hand. Hazel eyes met brown as Bram looked down at her, offering her a quiet nod of acceptance… “O-of course,” he’d splutter after a moment to collect himself… That squeeze alone seemed to have rendered him nearly mute. Their agreement struck, there was little holding them back anymore besides the loyalties that hung in their hearts. Gingerly, cautiously, carefully, Lynn lifted herself up and then straddled Bram’s knees, her hand still snugly wrapped around Bram’s now throbbing member… She’d seen it so many times, but now here it was, in her hand at at her availability.

Leaning forward from where she’d perched on Bram’s legs, Lynn finally released his length with slight reluctance, both her hands moving to his sides for balance as she hovered her face a mere few inches from his abs. “I’ve always wanted to do this, you know,” the woman admitted with a bit of a giggle, running her tongue across his ridged stomach. The contact and the admission brought a laugh to Bram’s lips and his abs flexed, all the more defining his stomach as she gave him a lick.

The two of them were barely clothed by now… Raves generally go by that rule. Lynn had been wearing a miniskirt with a lacy bra and panties, the bra already etiler üniversiteli escort being stripped off of her by an eager Bram. Unfastening her skirt, she’d rise up a bit to pull it off before settling down on Bram’s lap now, her heated sex separated from his length only by their respective underclothes now. There was something sexy about this closeness, they were treading on taboo, perhaps even spitting in its face as they pushed themselves together, grinding slightly to play. The mild tingle in Lynn’s body built up to a buzz, a hot and needy buzz as she could feel her body readying for sex, hyperfocused on the limited contact between her and him.

They would continue this grind for almost five minutes before Bram had reached his breaking point.. He could no longer hold himself back from her, and as his hands found her sides, he’d pull her close and roll her over, wrapped up in her legs. “You’ll have to forgive me later,” Bram spoke down to her, “I’ve been needing this for a long time.” “Oh god, you and me both,” Lynn allowed herself to think. Slinking down her body, Bram lowered himself until his shoulders were between her legs, his gaze locked on the lacy green panties she wore that were now soaked with anticipation. Trembling fingers found their way to the last shred of fabric Lynn wore, peeling them away inch by aching inch, finally exposing the smooth and flushed flesh beneath, still connected to the panties for a moment by a thin strand of sexual fluids.

Up and off the panties went, discarded for the moment as Lynn was layed bare before Bram… This moment was all he’d wanted all night, and now that she was exposed to him, all he had to do was go for it. Pressing his lips to Lynn’s tender flesh, he’d inhale the scent of her desire, shivering slightly as his heart skips a beat. Lynn’s own body would react to the contact, a leg looping over his shoulders to keep him there as she whimpered, “Keep going.” That was all the urging he really needed. Burying his face in her sex, Bram lapped and licked, prodded and tasted with his tongue, probing deep within the folds of her sex to bring her pleasure. He’d trace every inch he could reach, exploring her and devoting this moment to memory as the buzz built fatih escort for the both of them.

Their needs were dire by the time Lynn spoke next, her body shivering as every probe of Bram’s tongue caused her to flinch and squirm. “Please… Just come up here and fuck me,” Lynn begged with a breathy voice, having long disposed of thoughts of her boyfriend, “Let’s just fuck… I need it.” Obeying as he was commanded, Bram rose up from between her thighs and reached for the last shred of clothing he had remaining… Those silken blue boxers. Lynn had seen his cock before, but when it sprang free of the cloth this time, it was a completely different experience for her… He was large, very large, and curved just enough that she knew it was going to be an incredible night for her. As Bram lined himself up with her, Lynn wiggled herself down lower, the tip of his length working into her and spreading her walls… God she was so hot and ready. “Come on,” she pleaded, and he responded with just what she wanted, pushing forward and giving her every last bit of his length.

“My god, he’s so deep,” Lynn revelled in her mind, her body syncing with his instantly as she pulsed around his member, her walls rippling around his hot hard length. This new object embedded in her, it brought her so much pleasure with each stroke, every sensitive area being stimulated. He remained close to her, keeping as much of himself in her at all times. His mouth sought hers in the middle of it all, balancing the need for breath with his desire to kiss, their breathing becoming ragged as she clawed at his back, nearing her peak. Gasping, whimpering, moaning, the two of them continued their dance at a frenzied pace, their pleasure coming in waves until finally Lynn couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m… I’m gonna… I’m so close, Bram,” Lynn urged Bram on… This admission was enough for him to stop holding himself back, and as she rippled around his length and convulsed with pleasure, he embedded himself as deeply in her as he could possibly go, allowing himself release as he timed his own orgasm with her.

His arms collapsing under the weight of his body as they finally come down from their highs, Bram pulls himself from Lynn, rolling over next to her and cuddling up. The guilt would hit later for Lynn, she made sure of that, she wanted to at least enjoy this moment for now. She wouldn’t even realize that sleep was creeping up on her, one moment she was staring at the ceiling through half-closed eyes, the next she was on her side staring at Bram who was holding her hand.

“Maybe I could sleep a little more…”

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