Eric and Sarah

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Eric Newman’s fingers steadily clicked away at the keyboard of his Mac PC, which sat in the middle of the mahagony desk in his bedroom. A portable CD player sat on his lap, piping soothing ‘environmental’ music into Eric’s ears, via headphones. The digital clock on the corner of his desk read 11:10 PM. Normally, Eric would be ready to go to bed very soon, at this time of night. However, since it was a Friday night, he could afford to stay up later than usual. He was on a creative roll, and he was taking full advantage of it. The inspiration – his muse, if you will – was a young woman named Sarah – Sarah Rhine.

Eric had met Sarah online, just two nights earlier. The chatroom nic “CaliforniaGirl” attracted his attention, and he P2Pd her. They had a nice, friendly chat. It turned out that she lived in Southern California, just as he did, but she was reluctant to give the exact name of the town. She told Eric that she worked as a ‘gal Friday’ at a law firm, and liked music and gardening in her spare time. Sarah liked the fact that Eric was older than her – he had twenty-six years under his belt, compared to her twenty-three. After talking for an hour or so, they exchanged e-mail addresses. She promised to send Eric a picture, if he did the same for her. After they ended their chat, he e-mailed Sarah a scan of a recent photo of him. She replied later that evening. “Thanks for the pic, Eric – you’re a cutie! 🙂 Here, as promised, is my picture. Let me know how you like it!”

Her photo showed her to be a slender, attractive young woman. She had windswept brunette hair (just a few shades lighter than his), soft hazel eyes, and an infectious smile. Eric was smitten, from the moment he lied eyes on her photo.

The story that Eric was composing on his PC was meant to impress Sarah. If words worked for Cyrano de Bergerac, when he wooed Roxanne, then maybe they could work for him too, he figured. He typed quickly, finally ending his story about half an hour after midnight. Once he was through writing, he leaned back in his chair, turned off his CD player, and stretched out his arms. He got up and fixed himself a snack in the kitchen, as reward for finishing his story. He returned to his desk with a slice of chocolate cake and a steaming cup of cappucino. He nibbled on the cake while he looked over his work. After making a few small corrections, he was very pleased with the results. He wrote a short, tongue-in-cheek e-mail to Sarah, explaining that the attached story was about one of his ‘more chivalrous ancestors’. The final version read as follows:


Brave Sir Eric of York set out on horseback, one fine spring morning many years ago (back in the fourteenth century, as a matter of fact). This knight’s mission was to find and slay the notorious Green Dragon, which was terrorizing the local populace (and we all know how populaces hate to be terrorized!). He rode his mighty brown stallion Pegasus across the pastoral English countryside. He passed many rolling hills, and the banks of the Flairn River. Sir Eric’s metallic armor suit reflected the sun’s steady glare.

The knight spotted the entrance to a cave, on the horizon. He knew he needed to investigate further, to see if it was the dragon’s lair. Eric rode his trusty steed across the wide grassy fields. His heard began to beat faster, and he became keenly aware of a sense of fear building underneath his breastplate. “True knights do not run from danger – they must face it head on!” Sir Eric told himself, to stifle his nerves.

When he reached the gaping mouth of the cave, he dismounted Pegasus, and tied the horse’s reigns to a slim birch tree nearby. Sir Eric entered the cave, which was made up of black rock and led down into the ground. He gripped the scabbard of his sheathed sword Valripon, and stepped into the dank tunnel. His metal boots made loud clanking sounds upon the hard cave floor. Each step took him further away from the security of daylight and closer to the unknown dangers within. He became aware of a foul, unpleasant odor coming from ahead. Suddenly, a blinding flash of orange light filled the cavern, followed by a big puff of thick grey smoke. Sir Eric trembled, for he knew that the Green Dragon was within a stone’s throw of where he now stood!

Taking a moment to gather his courage, the bold knight of England set forth to slay the beast, where it lay. His visor was drawn up, to protect his eyes. He held Valripon high in the air. The dragon – now keenly aware of the knight’s presence – breathed fire once again. Sir Eric will never forget the sight of the hideous creature’s scaly green body, flashing red eyes, and oversized jaws dripping with saliva. The dragon was as big as it was ugly. “How can I vanquish such a huge, ferocious monster?” Eric asked himself. Knowing that he was sworn to protect his countrymen at all costs, even at the risk of life and limb, he bravely charged the Green Dragon.

Riled to anger, the dragon sat upright on it’s haunches. It spewed forth a third blast of deadly flame. Sir Eric şişli grup yapan escort ducked, just in time. He knew he act to act quickly, to avoid being fried like a boar carcass on a spit. He ripped the tunic off his chest, with his free hand. Aiming for the dragon’s head, Eric flung the heavy cloth upwards. “Sshrrnnkk??!!” the dragon grunted in annoyance, as the tunic fell right across it’s eyes. Taking advantage of his foe’s confusion, the daring knight leapt forward. He plunged his strong sword into the dragon’s soft white belly. A loud hissing noise emanted from the spot which Valripon had penetrated. Eric pulled out his blade from the beast’s belly, and stumbled backwards. The dragon trembled, as thick yellowish fluid poured from the open wound on it’s belly. It’s wide head wobbled back and forth upon it’s elongated neck, as life seeped out of it’s grotesque body. Sir Eric watched in awe, as the awful creature completed it’s death throes. It finally collapsed onto the floor, with a deafening thud. Eric waved away the foul stench of the vanquished dragon, with his gloved hand. He pulled his tunic away from the monster’s eyes, and then slowly withdrew his sword from the felled beast. After catching his breath, he turned and headed back out of the cave. He took three steps, then heard something most unexpected – a woman’s voice.

“Oh thank you, thank you good sir!” The woman came up from the depths of the cave, and embraced him. “Brave sir, you have slayed the horrid dragon! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!” She kissed his helmet’s cheeks, in gratitude. Sir Eric gently grasped her dainty arms.

“Milady, I know not who are you, nor where you live. But I am surely heartened to know that I have saved thee from a ghastly fate! Now may I escort you out of this wretched dark hole?” The woman readily agreed. She linked her arm with his, as he led them both back up the tunnel and into the light of day.

Once outside the cave, Eric removed his helmet, out of deference to the lady. He was struck by her beauty. She had long locks of golden-blonde hair, and smooth, porcelian-white skin. Her slender form was covered by a dress of white linen. “We must introduce ourselves properly, good sir! I am Lady Sarah, of Barrington.” She bowed to him. Sir Eric took her hand.

“Lady Sarah, I am Sir Eric of York. I am honored to be of service to thee!” He bent his head down and kissed her hand. She silently swooned. She explained to the knight that she had been kidnapped by the dragon earlier that day, when she was out picking flowers in the meadow. She shuddered to think what her fate would have been, had the handsome knight not saved her. Sir Eric cleaned his blade by rubbing it along the grass beneath him. Lady Sarah was quite impressed by the tunic which he re-attached to the front of his armor. “That is a handsome tunic, Sir Eric – as befits a handsome knight!”

“I am humbled by your kind words, milady,” he replied. “And may I state that thy beauty and grace surely rival that of the ladies of York – and that is saying quite a lot!” He went to untie his horse’s reigns from the small tree beside the cave entrance.

“Thank you, Sir Eric.” She cleared her throat. “May I trouble thee to take me back to the Manor Elindor, where I reside?” she asked him, hesitantly. “I shall see to it that you recieve generous reward, for saving my life.”

“Milady, it would be an honor, to return you to your home!”

Sir Eric rode his mighty steed across the large green fields, with Lady Sarah clinging to him from behind. Sarah could not help but wonder about the masculine form lying underneath that top layer of thick metal. Were Sir Eric’s legs, arms, and torso as strong and well-formed as his armor suggested? She hoped to find out, before too much longer…

The one dozen servants of Elindor Manor were overjoyed to see the lady of the house returned safely to them. “Sir Eric of York, we shall prepare you a feast fit for King Arthur himself!” said Cedric, the burly cook of Elindor. He and the other servants went to work preparing a fine feast for Sarah and her guest. As night fell, Eric and Sarah dined on roasted pheasant, mashed potatoes, and stewed vegetables in the spacious dining room.

“This is quite a lovely house, milady. I hope you are proud to call it yours!” said Sir Eric, between sips of wine.

“Oh yes, to be sure,” replied Sarah, with a slightly wistful look in her eyes. “But even the large rooms and fine furnishings cannot assuage the lonliness I sometimes feel. Oh, it’s been so long since a man has spent the night here! Please, sir – will you spend the night in the guest room? It would be such a pleasure to share breakfast with thee, tomorrow morn!”

Eric accepted her kind invitation, and Sarah instructed two of her servants to prepare the guest room for him. They bowed to her and scooted upstairs to perform that task.

Sarah and the knight took their time, in finising dinner. They both savored the fine red wine that was served to them both, to wash down the şişli masöz escort fine food. After they finished their meal, she led up the wide marble staircase, that led to the second floor of Elindor Manor. They walked down the narrow hallway, Eric’s armor-clad boots echoing loudly as they stepped across the floor. They door to the guest room was left slightly ajar, by the servants who had just gotten it ready.

Eric and Sarah entered the guest room together. It was about thirty feet by twenty-five feet, with high cielings. A tall purple candle (placed on the night-stand) lit the space. The walls were painted bright yellow. A large mirror lay on the wall opposite a glass window. A large, four-poster bed made of polished oak lay in the center of the room. A deerskin rug lay by the side of the bed. A washbasin filled with warm water was placed on the night-stand, along with a washcloth and a bar of soap.

“Do you find this room to your liking, Sir Eric?”

“Yes, Lady Sarah! I imagine I shall sleep soundly, in that fine bed!” he replied.

There was a moment of silence. The neon light of the full moon shone through the clear glass window on the far wall, silently prodding Sarah and Eric to a deeper level of intimacy. “You must be rather warm, under that heavy armor,” she said softly.

“Yes, milady – I do feel a bit warm!”

“Then perhaps you might want to… remove thy armor. I would be honored to bathe thee, with the soap and water the servants were thoughtful enough to provide.” Sarah gestured to those very items, with her hand. “It would be the least I could do, for the brave knight who saved my life today!” He agreed to let her bathe him.

Eric began to remove his armor, laying it down one piece at a time. He made sure his tunic faced upwards, as he lay his heavy breastplate upon the floor. With his armor taken off, only his black cloth tights covered his manly form. They clung to his as tightly as the skin on an apple. Lady Sarah went over to the washbasin, and soaked the washcloth in it. Eric peeled his tights off, and put them on the floor. He stood stark naked upon the deerskin rug by the bed. Sarah cleared her throat, and walked over to him. She stood behind Eric and ran the moist cloth over his bare skin. She scrubbed his upper back with loving care. “Sir Eric, I must compliment thee on your physique. You have such firm, strong shoulders!” she told him.

“You are too kind, milady,” he replied softly.

Lady Sarah could not deny the inklings of carnal desire, stirring within her breast. She glimpsed down and saw the rivulets of water running down Eric’s back, and over his smooth buttocks. She wanted nothing more, at that moment, then to trade places with those drops of water. Sarah gulped hard, and looked at the wall to regain her composure. She reached around the knight’s sturdy shoulders, to run the damp cloth across his chest. As she washed his chest, her eyes wandered about the room. She saw something for which she wasn’t prepared – the reflection of Eric’s nude body, in the mirror. His brawny physique – hardened by years of rigorous training and devotion to his knightly duties – was a remarkable specimen of manhood. Sarah gasped at the sight of hit, and she very nearly dropped the washcloth she was holding. Whatever resistance she had left crumbled like a bursting dam. She felt a great yearning for Sir Eric of York, a burning desire licking at her from within. She made a fateful decision, right then and there.

Lady Sarah leaned forward, pressing her slender body against his nude, slightly wet body. “Sir Eric of York, I offer thee a further reward, for your services this day. If you will have me, I offer you… myself.” The knight slowly turned around. He met her penetrating gaze with his own, and gently kissed her lips. No more words needed to be exchanged, from that point on.

After blowing out the candle on the night-stand, the Lady of Barrington quietly stepped out of her slippers, and removed her dress. Her naked form was cloaked in darkness, save for some patches illuminated by moonlight. She swooned as the gentleman of York scooped her up in his manly arms. He gently laid her down on the bed, which was stuffed with goose feathers. She spread her legs wide, giving herself completely to the handsome knight. The two of them joyfully locked loins, on the starched white cotton bedsheets. Sarah’s svelte body sank into the soft mattress, pinned by Eric’s muscular figure. Her pliable breasts were squeezed almost flat by his firm pectoral muscles. She was delighted to discover that Sir Eric wielded the mighty staff between his legs with the same vigor and skill with which he used his sword of metal.

“Oh, Sir Eric, thou art a fine lover!” she cried passionately, as the knight filled that most intimate of her openings. They made love with such blissful abandon, they made the very bed shake. Sarah was so impressed with Eric’s prowess, she wished she could restore her maidenhood, to let him have the honor of taking it.

After their passion ran şişli otele gelen escort it’s course, Eric fell asleep in the warm confines of the guest bed. Sarah kissed the unconscious knight on the cheek, then got up to put her dress and slippers back on. She tiptoed out of the guest bedroom, and went down the hallway, towards her own room. When her servants awakened her the next morning, they would know nothing of her erotic encounter with Sir Eric of York, the night before. Unless, of course, the lady’s knowing smile at breakfast-time should reveal her little secret…

Eric slept soundly that Friday night, after sending Sarah his customized story. Saturday morning, he turned on his computer at about 10. There was some spam in his e-mail account, but no reply from Sarah. Eric was disapointed, but tried not to dwell on it. “She may not have read the story yet,” he reasoned. He went out for a jog in the park, and stopped for lunch at a local eatery called Joey’s. He bought a few items in the drug store, including some after-shave and deodorant. He returned to his apartment, and idly watched TV while snacking on pretzels and soda. In the early evening, he checked his e-mail again. To his delight, there was a message from Sarah.

“Dear Eric: I just read your story, and all I can say is WOW!” I printed it out, so I can re-read it any time I want. You are a VERY talented writer, and I am so grateful that you decided to share your writing with me. If you have any more stories, I’d love to read them. I hope you have a really good weekend, my dear. Thanks again for that GREAT story! Hugs and kisses, Sarah. P.S. I just may dream about that handsome “Sir Eric”, when I drift off to sleep tonight… ;-)”.

Eric was relieved that Sarah liked his story. It occurred to him to start another one right away, to help ‘seal the deal’ with her. He gave himself a few days, to let his creativity flow again. On his lunch breaks at his job at a brokerage firm, he jotted down some story fragments and ideas. By Wednesday night, he had finished his second customized story for Sarah. He sent that one via e-mail, with a short note saying “This story is shorter than my first one, but I hope you like it, too!” That story read as follows:


The morning sun slowly peeks over the horizon, in the Land of Paradise. I am sleeping peacefully on a bed of soft green grass, with my beloved Sarah in my arms. We are as naked as the day we were born. The weather in Paradise is always perfect, so there is never a need for clothes, here. I awaken first, and look down at Sarah. She looks so lovely, with her head nestled on my chest. I crane my neck, so I can plant a kiss upon her cheek. Sarah slowly stirs awake. She opens her eyes, and smiles at me. After kissing me on the mouth, she whispers in my ear. “Good morning, my love. What do you say we eat some breakfast?”

We rise from the grass and stretch out our arms, symbolically greeting the new day. Obtaing food will be easy; we are surrounded by many lush trees, that bear fruit year-round. I pick two ripe mangoes from an overhanging branch, and give one to my lady. We stand side-by-side, happily chewing away, gazing up at the bright yellow sun beginning it’s ascent into a beautiful clear blue sky. The mangoes are quite tasty and sweet. Sarah playfully brings her mango up to my mouth, letting me have a bite of it. After we finish eating the mangoes, we snuggle and kiss. Our mouths and tongues absorb the mango juice sticking to our lips. “Thanks for fetching me breakfast, my love,” Sarah tells me. “It was delicious!” She suggests we get some water to drink.

We make our way to the nearby fresh-water stream, holding hands the whole time. We kneel down on the banks of it, and use our cupped hands to take our fill of the clear, cold water. Once my thirst is slaked, I stand up again. The soft rumble of the waterfall in the near distance fills my ears, as I walk over to the patch of flowers by the base of an elm tree. While Sarah washes her nude body in the stream, I carefully remove some white petals from the flowera. Once I have about twenty petals safely in hand, I pull out an equal number of long blades of grass, from under my feet. I tie the flower petals together in a circle, using the grass to hold them together. When Sarah emerges from the stream, I walk towards her, holding the makeshift crown of petals and grass. I carefully place it on the top of her long blonde hair. “This is for you, my queen; a crown of flowers for you!” She beams when I present her with my gift, and embraces me lovingly.

As we share a lingering kiss, the oddest thing happens. The air around us seems electric, crackling full of life. Some leaves spontaneously fall from the tree branches. Mist rises from the waterfall, and a rainbow slowly forms in the sky above it. Sarah and I are utterly awestruck by this sudden maelstrom of nature. We hear a faint ‘clop, clop’ sound coming closer. It seems like hoofbeats of some sort. We both gasp loudly as a magnificent white stallion gallops through the trees, it’s long mane flapping in the air. The horse slows down as it approaches us. He has a strong, sinewy body, and brilliant eyes of gold. We are not afraid of this mighty animal, as he is very docile in our presence. He slowly kneels upon the ground, and nudges his head towards our hindquarters. “Oh, Eric… I think he means for us to get on his back!”

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