Enticed by the Sight Ch. 04

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That all happened years ago, and the thrill of that first time has never left me. I still get shivers up and down my spine when I think of Dad plunging himself into me. Now I know that every girl remembers her first. But I don’t suppose that most girls’ lives are so completely colored how they lost their cherries.

To this day that first orgasm I had with my father has remained the absolute strongest one of my entire life. And it wasn’t as if I didn’t try to recapture the experience. I was pretty much a slut in college, sleeping with more boys than I can easily remember. Girls, too, once or twice. But none of them ever got me off like my Daddy.

And I still sleep with him, but only once a month or so. “Nobody does you like your daddy!” – that’s my secret motto. He and Rita are still very happy together. She’s still a cutie, and I still love her. Of course she has no idea about what her husband has been doing to his daughter all these years.

I’ve never ever told anyone else about my initiation into the joys of sex. Not my lovers, not my best friends, and certainly not my husband.

That’s right. I’m a happily married girl, going on 20 years now. Kevin and I met in college and it was love at first sight. For him I stopped sleeping around (well, with that one paternal exception). He’s the love of my life, and a sweet guy too. And Kevin’s almost as good in bed as Daddy. Not that I would ever tell him about that – he’d leave me for sure.

My two lovers are both as necessary to me as the air I breathe. Kevin is my partner in love, bringing out all of the anticipation and excitement of a first time lover every time we make love, even after 20 years. And Daddy always makes me feel protected and desirable as he pounds himself into me and I cum over and over. I can’t do without either of them.

Kevin works as a pro at the Cherry Brook Golf Course. He’s in really good shape – rugged and handsome. More than once I’ve seen the ladies at the club checking him out behind his back. We live in an expensive home behind the course. He makes a lot of money teaching and entering golf tournaments, and he’s a really good father to our daughter, Marie.

I’ll bet that you thought a slut like me wouldn’t want a little girl of her own, but you’d be wrong. Our little girl was such a blessing to our lives that I can’t begin to imagine life without her. She was always such a sweet little girl, friendly and fun. Even when she got to be a young adult she didn’t turn into your typical angst-y teenager.

Ever since she was little, Marie reminded me of myself, only better. She was more determined, a better student, and even better looking. Her dream all through high school was to work in the justice system, gearing up for a career as a lawyer. Pretty impressive stuff for a high school girl, right?

We were always close, and she shared her aspirations and dreams with me. She had assured me that she hadn’t had sex with any boys yet, and I believed her. Not that they hadn’t tried, you understand. Marie was quite good looking, with a cute figure, large dark eyes and fine brown hair which she wore long, about halfway down her back.

Marie had a confidence in her appearance that I never had. I would have been ashamed to wear the skimpy clothes that she did. Whenever Daddy saw her he said, “It’s like the 60’s never left.” Bell bottoms, platform shoes, miniskirts and peasant blouses with nothing but little strings holding them up made up most of her wardrobe. She was always showing off bare skin somewhere – her thighs, the small of her back, her belly button. And her shoulders were almost always naked.

I began to realize just how sexy she was one summer day when Marie was a senior in high school. I found Kevin staring at her. She was in her bathroom, leaning over the sink while she put on her eye makeup. The door was open, and Kevin stood just outside out of her line of sight, and I was behind him out of his. He was wearing what he almost always did – a very expensive short sleeved knit shirt and khaki slacks. He was tanned and buff – I just wanted to eat him up right there.

I didn’t notice exactly what he was doing, and I was about to sneak up and throw my arms around him. Then I noticed the intent look in his eye. Girls all know that look – the one the boys use when they’re checking you out and they don’t think you’re looking. The one that’s equal parts appraisal, lust, and dreamy imaginings. And Kevin was using it on our daughter. I was a little hurt because that was the way used to look at me, and I pretended not to notice.

I threw my arms around him and he flinched at the surprise of being yanked from his reverie. Out of the corner of her eye Kevin’s sudden movement caught Marie by surprise, and she gave a little startled jump and squealed. She looked at him in surprise and said, “Daddy!”

We all started laughing because she had accidentally gotten eye shadow all over her cheek. Marie stomped her foot and said, “That’s not funny!” as she turned back to the mirror to fix the damage. But it was hard to take her seriously because she cennet mahallesi escort was giggling as she put on more makeup.

Leaving Marie to get ready for school, I took my chuckling husband by the hand and dragged him off towards our room.

“So, staring at our daughter, were you?”

He wisely didn’t say anything, and I took him to bed and had my way with him.

Kevin had a tournament to golf in the next week, and he’d promised to take us girls along on a ‘road trip.’ We didn’t get to go with him often, so this was a special treat. He usually flew and left us behind to hold down the fort. Marie was pretty excited – she didn’t get to see her father perform in front of a crowd very often, and she was tickled to be allowed to go.

It was just far enough away that we could make the drive in one day, but barely. It would be an all day drive, mostly across the Nevada desert. We’d get to Lake Tahoe, where the tournament was being held, a little after dark. We packed up the SUV and took off early in the morning.

We told jokes, sang songs, and watched the dry sandy scenery go by. As the long drive wore on, Marie built herself a place to lean on out of our bags, a few pillows and the car blanket. As I looked back at her I remembered how often she used to fall asleep in the back of the car. Kevin and I used to joke that the old white Monte Carlo we used to own was just a big ‘baby-sleep-machine.’ Had it really been that long ago?

I remembered what it had been like before she was born – long drives to tournaments, stopping at hotels across the country or sometimes just camping out. Having a baby really changes everything, and one of the things it changes is where you can get laid.

I’d always loved car sex, but ever since Marie got old enough to know what was going on, we’d had to stop. It had been years since I’d gotten laid in the car. But as we cruised along my mind kept coming back to the time Kevin suddenly become very randy right along this stretch of road. It was dark and the night was cool. He’d stopped the car, pulled me out, ripped off my pants and taken me on the car hood as the occasional car went by. It was one of the most memorable sexual experiences of our lives.

You’d think I was some unfulfilled teenage bimbo instead of a longtime happily married woman. But the memory was that strong. My slit was warming up as I remembered having my legs spread wide on the hood of the car and the engine humming under my bare ass as Kevin stood in the dirt by the side of the road and frantically threw a fuck into me. But I couldn’t help myself. Gosh, I was getting moist. I pretended that I was scratching my thigh and I let my fingers brush against my pussy. Boy, I was going to have to screw Kevin silly tonight. I looked over at him and gave him a wink, knowing that he was remembering the same night that I was.

I leaned over smiling to whisper in his ear. “Remember? I was so sore from you fucking me right here that I limped around for two days! Your cock spit out so much cum that I dripped it all over the desert when I got back into the car.” Never pass up an opportunity to talk dirty, that’s my motto.

Kevin glanced in the backseat to see what Marie was doing. A suggestive smile came to his lips. Then he looked at me and wiggled his eyebrows.

“She’s asleep,” he said, his tone somewhere between pleading and hopeful.

I giggled as I felt my face flush – I’m sure that it was as pink as my pussy. We couldn’t really have sex there in the car with our teenage daughter in the seat behind us, could we? I twisted in my seat so that I could see if he was just pulling my leg. But Marie was indeed asleep, several pillows piled high behind her head as she napped in the back seat. I sat back down and looked at Kevin.

Kevin didn’t say a word, but he glanced down at the growing bulge in his pants and then wiggled his eyebrows at me again. I had to laugh. I sure did love him. He glanced down at his crotch suggestively, and I had to suppress another giggle.

I looked around but, as was often the case for this stretch of road, there weren’t any other cars coming along. I got up on my knees on the seat, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. When I dropped my head to his lap Kevin reached beside his seat and leaned it back a little. Giggling quietly at the fun of it all, I unbuckled his belt.

I unsnapped and unzipped his slacks and gently put my hand inside. Still constrained by his underwear, his sex was engorged but not erect. I ran my hand tenderly around his mound, not allowing it the freedom to extend itself to its full length. Through his underwear it still felt warm and wanting. Kevin moaned and wiggled a little under my hand, trying to set himself free as he drove down the highway.

Now after all of years together I’d learned a few tricks about my husband. One of them was, if I took my time getting him off, then when he came he was all through. On the other hand, if I could get him to cum pretty fast then he was almost always good for a second one not too long esenler escort after. And I was really going to need that second one the way my pussy was pleading with me. So this was going to have to be a dirty, fast blowjob. And that was just fine with me, because nothing makes a girl feel more efficient than a dirty, fast blowjob.

I reached up and pulled his underwear down. His sex was happy to see me – I could tell it was. It popped right up, swollen and pink and ready for his wife. I slipped it into my mouth, and began bobbing my head up and down. I let my hair fall over his lap, tickling his tummy and thighs as I gently sucked him. I added my hand, gently twirling my wrist as I slid it up and down under my lips.

His little slit beckoned my tongue with its juices, and I probed it with my wet tongue.

I knew that Kevin loved my ass, and I did want him to get off in a hurry, so I undid my pants and slid my shorts down so that he’d have more to look at. My pussy was dripping, and as I slipped my panties down to my knees I caught that scent of girl in heat. Did that odor tell him how horny this made me? Seeing my bare buns bent over was enough to make Kevin start thrusting himself into my mouth. It was so erotic to feel him getting ready to cum. He buried his hand in my hair the better to guide his thrusting into me. The swollen tip of his shaft grew even larger in my mouth, and with a groan of pleasure my husband pushed himself into me as deeply as he could and came.

I swear that the first spurt went straight down my throat. It was hot and slippery, and it slid into me so neatly that I didn’t even have to swallow it. The second and third weren’t so well aimed, and they hit the roof of my mouth. I tried to swallow them too, but the angle was wrong and with Kevin’s huge shaft still sliding in and out of me my ability to gulp it down neatly was severely curtailed. My mouth filled with his delicious hot seed, but some of it managed to drizzle from my lips. I held him gently as his erupting manhood slowed its thrusts into me and then stopped.

As I slowly withdrew my mouth, I intended to swallow it all so that there wouldn’t be a mess on his slacks. But some of it spilled from my lips. Before I could suck it into me some of his goo drooled out of my mouth and all over the back of my hand. Kevin moaned as his sex left my slippery warmth. I swallowed the hot load in my mouth and then I licked the sperm from my lips and swallowed it, too. I let go of his spent shaft, and Kevin released his hold on my head, letting me go so that I could return to my seat.

There’s something very satisfying about taking the sperm from your husband’s body into yours. It doesn’t require that a wife even have sex, it’s the act of the transfer that’s gratifying. Even so, as always, giving Kevin a quick blowjob left me wet and wanting. I had to close my eyes in mute pleasure for a moment as I felt his warm goo slide down my throat so that it could become part of me.

A little dazed, I sat up to return my naked butt to its seat. I drew my hand up to my lips so that I could slurp the sperm that had landed there. As I sucked the white juice off of my hand I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. I quickly turned my head and saw Marie quietly watching me swallowing her father’s sperm. By the look in her eye she’d seen the whole thing. Her nipples were very erect under her t-shirt, and there was an awed look on her face.

As soon as she noticed that I’d seen her Marie quickly turned her head away. But she didn’t jump up, she didn’t scream, she didn’t even move. She just stared out the window at the approaching dusk. I looked at her for just a second, and then I sat my naked ass down on my seat, debating with myself about what to do. I wiggled back into my shorts while Kevin brought his seat back up. The image of the look on Marie’s face was burned into my brain. And that look in her eye? I think it was jealousy.

Kevin had a smug look on his face, and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before he’d want me again. But I was a little too concerned with what my daughter had seen to pay much attention to him right now. Was Marie sitting back there shocked? Was she disgusted at what her mom had done? Of course, the thought occurred to me that she might be going through the same powerful emotions that I had gone through with her grandfather when I was about her age. But that couldn’t be possible, could it? I mean, it was an extraordinary and rare girl who would become obsessed with her father’s manhood. Surely it couldn’t happen twice in the same family, could it?

My conversation with my conscience was broken as Kevin suddenly slowed the car. We hadn’t driven more than 10 miles or so farther down the highway. The sun was almost set, and as usual in the desert the sunset had seemed to last only a couple of minutes. The fading light had turned into shades of purples and indigos over the mountains, and the evening was cooling quickly. I wondered what Kevin was doing, but only for a moment. I looked out the window and I recognized esenyurt escort the grouping of cactus and a nearby abandoned ranch building. It was the same spot where he’d taken me on the car hood years ago – he wanted to do it again

Kevin put the SUV in park and looked in the back seat to check on Marie. She must have closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep, because Kevin turned back to me, wiggled his eyebrows and gave me his goofy grin.

“Remember this spot?” he asked, knowing full well that neither of us would ever forget it. There was that eyebrow thing again. “I’m thinking maybe we need a replay. Maybe I can get you to water the desert again.”

A smile broke over my face even as my thoughts raced elsewhere. Kevin jumped down out of the car and began walking around to my side. How could I stop him? I didn’t want him taking me in front of Marie. I mean, it’s one thing to come across your parents doing it by accident, it’s quite another if one of them knows you’re watching.

And I was sure she’d be watching. I remembered my first look at Dad’s erect manhood and where it had led me. Since Marie obviously wasn’t disgusted it meant that she was probably so excited that it was all she could do to keep from touching herself. Nope – I was sure she was awake in the backseat, pretending to be asleep and waiting to see what we’d do next.

And I couldn’t tell Kevin that she’d seen us, could I? He’d be mortified if he thought his daughter had just watched him cum into my mouth. Kevin was a living doll in so many ways, but he was also kind of a stick in the mud. And Marie would just deny it anyhow. She was the apple of his eye and responsible enough that he would at least listen to her. And there was no way I could just tell him no – he’d seen me take down my pants a few minutes ago and he’d caught the odor of his wife in heat. He knew I wanted it, and for the life of me I couldn’t think of a way to stop him from giving it to me. Besides, I’d never ever told him no before, and he’d know something was up if I refused him now.

My rushing thoughts were brought to a halt when Kevin opened my door. He took my hand in his and gently helped me climb down out of the SUV, shutting the door after I was out. We were in the same spot where he’d taken me on the hood of the old white Monte Carlo. I remembered our unbridled excitement that night, me laying on the warm hood with my legs spread wide for anybody to see as Kevin pummeled himself into me. And when I added that memory to the lust generated by our blowjob in the car, I could feel myself practically dripping into my panties.

We stood there for a moment, holding hands as we gazed at each other. As always happens in the desert, the sunset had come almost immediately. It was practically dark, with just a few stars out. There was almost a surreal cast to the landscape. But my eyes were only for my husband. As I looked in his eyes most of what I saw was bare unrestrained lust. But I knew Kevin, and I could also see a hint of the love and affection that was always there when he looked at me. And there was definitely a touch of humor too, as he remembered our Monte Carlo night. I know that Kevin saw the same things in my eyes.

He put his hands on my waist and pulled me close to him. I raised my lips to his mouth and, as always when his lips touched mine, I melted. I loved this man so much. He ground his hardness into my belly, pushing me back against Marie’s window. Pinned between the car and my husband’s needs, I wished that I could stop him for Marie’s sake. But at the same time my body turned to putty, and I knew he could have me however he wanted me.

Our tongues intertwined as each of us tried to become the other with a kiss. “Kissing of the very best kind” was what we always called it. He’d never failed to make me dizzy with lust by gently crushing my lips with his, by tickling my tongue, by allowing me to share myself with him. I had learned long ago that this was my favorite part – it will never replace a good cumming, but kissing is always the most intimate act of all.

After a few minutes of gentle necking that left us both a little breathless, we both looked down between us and watched his hands as Kevin unsnapped my pants. He unzipped them and slid his hand under my panties and down inside while I stood there blushing. When his fingers reached my slit and he discovered how wet I was, a little smile came to his face. He gave me a quick teasing tickle, moving his fingers in slippery little circles and making my knees tremble. Then my husband slid his hands under my shorts and panties and slipped them down to my knees.

Kevin put his hands back on my hips and turned me to face the car. Apparently we weren’t going to do this on the hood, which was just as well – the SUV was a lot taller than the Monte Carlo. I could hear him behind me unzipping his slacks, and I put my hands flat on the side of the car to brace myself against his approaching onslaught. I arched my back and spread my legs as wide as my shorts allowed so that he could have easier access to my secret place. It felt so damned sexy to be standing half-naked by the road, my pussy dripping as I waited for my husband’s penetration. My breathing became even shorter as I impatiently waited for that initial thrust. You know, the one that never fails to fuse you to your husband in a shuddering paroxysm of desire fulfilled.

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