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He heard a car pull up into the driveway and got up to see who it was. He groaned out loud once he recognized the car and walked over to the door and made sure it was locked. He picked up his PS4 controller and collapsed back down in to the couch, rolling his eyes slightly as he heard a car door slam.

He heard her stomp her way up the steps and then a short pause before she knocked politely. A very tiny grin crept up the side of his face as he waited. He knew she was pissed. He knew she wanted to break the door down. He also knew that short pause was her trying to contain herself. Any moment now, she would…

“DAVID!” she yelled, pounding on the door harder. “David, I know you’re in there!” She pounded again. He turned and looked at the door just as she started to yank on the handle to see of it was unlocked. He turned back to his video game as he heard her kick the door once and stomp back down the steps.

He heard the shuffling of branches before the soft yet urgent knock on the glass of his front window. He didn’t turn to look. “I can fucking see you!” she yelled. She knocked again. Then knocked constantly for a whole minute solid. Still, he did not move.

“Fine,” she said, and David heard the shuffling of the branches again as she moved away, cursing and calling him all sorts of colorful names. Her car started up and she drove away, much to his relief.

But it was short lived. About fifteen minutes later he heard a car in the driveway, again. He got up to check and saw that she was back. He just went back to the couch, prepared to ignore her some more. He heard a couple thumps, but thinking it was her making her way up the steps again he ignored them.

Then he heard more thumps than steps he had leading to his front door. He looked towards the window just in time to see an egg shatter against it, it’s contents running slowly down the glass. The bitch was egging his house.

Fury enveloped him, but he quickly kept it in check before he jumped up and ran out of the house. It was mid July! He was going to have to clean these up quickly before the entire property started to reak. Yet, the thumps kept coming, so he popped up and looked out the window.

There she was, a huge pack of eggs sitting on the trunk of her car, smiling like the bitch she was while she threw egg after egg. She had so many, and she was having far too much fun. He walked over to the door, took a deep breath and unlocked it. Then he opened it and took a couple steps into the blazing heat so that he was standing on the porch.

They glared at each other for a good thirty seconds. She had an egg in each hand, a messy ponytail bun thing on top of her head to hold back her unruly hair. Her grey eyes narrowed as he stepped off of the porch and to the nearby water spout that had a green hose neatly coiled beside it on it’s hook. He uncoiled some of it, walked towards her while not breaking eye contact, and dropped it at her feet. Her lips tightened as he turned and made his way back to the porch.

He stopped dead in his tracks as the egg hit him in the right shoulder. He felt the weight of the yolk slowly sliding down his back. The fury hit again and again he kept it in check as he walked up the steps, carefully pulling the shirt off over his head to contain the yolk in it as he threw it onto the porch next to the front door. He went inside and made his way back to the couch, not bothering to close the door behind bostancı escort him. There was not stopping her now.

David had just sat down when she came huffing in, holding the whole tray of eggs, and using her foot to slam the door. She didn’t even look at him as she made her way to the kitchen. The familiar sound of the refrigerator opening and closing and the faucet turning on and off came next, then her heavy footsteps making their way into the living room. He could feel her glaring at him as she used a wet paper towel to wipe down her face, neck, and the little bit of chest exposed by her red tank top while standing under the ceiling fan.

She looked over at the loveseat that was full of unfolded clothes, grabbed a shirt, and threw it at him. “Come on, you’re buying me lunch,” she said as she unfolded the paper towel and placed it on her neck.

David nicely set the shirt aside. “I’m not hungry,” he said, simply, not taking his eyes off his video game.

“I didn’t say you had to eat. I said you were taking me out,” she said, shoving some clothes aside and taking a seat on the loveseat. She absently started picking up random pieces of clothing and folding them, sitting them on the coffee table in front of her.

He shook his head. “It’s too hot. I don’t feel like going out.”

She gave an exasperated sigh. “David. You need to get out of here…”

He just kept playing his video game.


No change.


Still nothing.

A wet paper towel hit him on the side of his face. He took a calming breath before picking it off of him and putting it on the armrest of the couch, and continued to play his video game. He could almost feel her rage bubble as she popped up off of the loveseat. Very quickly she walked over to the tv and unplugged the HDMI cable that went from his PlayStation to the tv, walked over to the door, opened it, threw the cable outside, and slammed the door shut.

He stood up, angry, but said in a completely calm voice, “God damnit, Beth. Get the fuck out of my house.”

She took quick strides to stand right in front of him, getting right in his face. “No, YOU get the fuck out of your house! This is fucking pathetic!” she yelled. She started listing all of the things that he was or was not doing to piss her off, but he couldn’t hear any of it. All he could hear was the blood pumping through his veins as she screamed in his face, her arms waving every which direction and her cheeks flushed.

He breathed deeply through his nose and out of his mouth until her voice started assaulting his eardrums again. “You know what you need to do? You know what you REALLY need to do? You need to…”

“I DON’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING!” he bellowed. She didn’t back down, but she did shut up. Her eyes narrowed and she put her hand on her hips as he breathed deeply.

“David, I’m just trying…” she started, but he cut her off.

“Let me start by telling you what I DON’T need,” he said as he started walking forward. At first she didn’t move, but then she didn’t have a choice as his body moved her backwards towards the door. “I DON’T need bitches egging my house in ninety degree weather. I DON’T need to leave my house. I DON’T need a whole fucking case of eggs in my refrigerator. I DON’T need my clothes folded, and I sure as shit don’t need you here, telling me what I need to do!”

His last declaration çeliktepe escort had Beth pressed up against the door with him only a few inches from her. They were almost the same height, and as he glared down at her he could still see the anger and determination in her eyes, and her jaw set. She didn’t look frightened at all, and what pissed him off is that she looked even more determined than before.

“Let me make something perfectly clear, but first I need you to get out of my face and take a step back from me,” she stated calmly, but her head was cocked a little to the side.

He stayed perfectly still.

She let out a loud breath and surprised him by shoving him away, but he quickly moved right in front of her again. He knew where he was now. Her hands on his bare chest as she shoved him away confirmed it. He was at the point where he either needed to destroy something, or he needed to bury himself deep inside of her. One or the other. And while either one would leave him completely satisfied, burying himself inside of her would be much more enjoyable.

She tried to move to the side, but he quickly placed his arm in her way and closed the distance between them, his face close enough to hers that their breath mingled. “You’re so good at this Beth, so tell me. Right now, what do I need?” he asked quietly as he started moving in.

He saw her eyes get wide. “Don’t you dare!” she got out right before his lips covered hers. Her last word had left her mouth slightly open and he quickly darted his tongue into her mouth and slid it across hers. Beth made a strangled noise before pushing him away, breathing hard. “David Alexander! I will…” was all she got out before he came at her again. This time was a little rougher, both of them letting out an “umph” as their bodies made contact.

He grabbed ahold of her arms so she couldn’t push him away this time and covered her mouth again with his. He kissed her hard, the small distressed noises she was making turning him on more than he wanted to admit. He groaned, right before she soundly bit his bottom lip. He sucked in his breath as he broke away, licking his lip and tasting blood. She was breathing hard, her eyes a different kind of determined, and then he realized she wasn’t struggling to try and get away.

Beth grabbed his head and pulled him towards her, first licking his bloodied lip before sliding her tongue into his mouth. They both groaned, and he pressed even harder against her. She moved her hands from his face and slid them down his back and then dragged her nails upward, causing goosebumps to break out across his flesh.

David moved his knee between her legs while his hands grabbed her thighs, pulling her upwards and pining her to the door with his hips. Her gasp broke the kiss and David moved his mouth to her neck, sucking hard across it, causing her to dig her nails into the shoulders she had instinctively grabbed to steady herself.

“I know what you need,” she gasped. David released one of her thighs and moved it to her shoulder to move her tank top and bra strap aside. He sucked his way over and scraped his teeth across before biting down. Beth called out and thrust her hips forward, grinding against him.

He backed away from the door, slowly easing her down so that she rubbed against his hardness and then turned, taking a couple steps towards the loveseat and then stopping to pull her cihangir escort to his mouth again. She reached down between them and under the waistband of his shorts and wrapped her hand around him, moaning into his mouth as he jerked slightly from the contact. She broke away from the kiss and then started to walk backwards, pulling him with her by the dick with a wicked grin on her face.

Beth stopped when she backed into the back of the loveseat. She stroked David a couple times before pulling her hand away to take off her tank top and bra. She then undid the button of her shorts and pulled them off, along with her panties. She stood before him completely naked, the side of her neck red and slightly welted, red outlines of his fingers all over her upper arms and thighs. She looked down at the huge tent his dick was making of his shorts.

David pulled his shorts off and took a step closer to her. He then grabbed her by the arm and quickly turned her around and pushed her forward so that she was bent over the loveseat. He roughly placed a hand on each ass cheek and squeezed. Beth gasped and looked back at him over her shoulder as he slid his hands down, his thumbs spreading the cleft between ass and leg to expose her glistening entrance.

He placed the head of his cock there and eased in, just an inch. Beth moaned and looked back at him. “What do you need?” David said, almost growling. He eased in a little more, and Beth moaned again, louder as she felt herself stretching around him. “What do you need?” he asked again, a bit more demanding as he eased in just a little more. She didn’t answer as he ran his hand over her back and took a fistful of her hair while slamming the rest of himself into her at the same time.

Beth yelled out. He stayed deep inside of her, and she took a deep breath and tried to answer. “I need…” she started, but then he pulled out and rammed himself deep into her again, causing her to yell out again. He stayed still again, and once she caught her breath she turned her head as much as she could to try and look back at him. “I need…I need you to fuck me like you hate me.”

David growled as he tightened the fist that was in Beth’s hair, making her gasp. He pulled out and slammed back into her over and over, and yell and cry escaping her lips with every thrust. He pulled back on her hair, watching as one of her hands moved to the armrest of the loveseat and the other grabbed his fist that was tangled in her hair.

He quickened his thrusts, and soon she was chanting “I’m coming, I’m coming,” over and over. He felt her tighten around him as her legs started to shake, her ass jiggling against him as they did. He let go of her hair in order to grab her hips, the feeling of her tightening and releasing around him coaxing him into release. He dug his fingers in as he pulled and pushed her against him, her moans fillings his head.

He yelled out himself as he came, unloading his seed deep inside of her while she was still contracting around him. He didn’t move for a bit, and then slowly pulled himself out, watching their mingled juices ooze out of her; some running down her leg and some falling to the floor. When she started to straighten herself even more oozed out, the sight deeply gratifying to David.

As Beth turned around she had a t-shirt in her hand, which she used to wipe between her legs and down her thigh. She threw it at David, which he caught. “You’re buying me lunch,” she said, as she started to wobble toward the bathroom.

David followed. “I’m not hungry. Anymore.”

“I didn’t say you had to eat. I said you were taking me out,” she said over her shoulder.

David smiled. “It’s too hot. I don’t feel like going out.”

Beth laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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