Drunk Mommy

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“What are you doing on a Saturday?” Mom’s voice drifted through the darkened room and my eyes looked up.

Mom was drunk as anything.

“Nothing,” I said, glancing down at my phone.

“Shouldn’t you be with your girlfriend, doing lovers stuff?” she said, and my Mom had a way with words that were second to none. She dropped next to me and then peered at my phone. “Why are you looking at photos of your girlfriend? Wouldn’t it be better to have the real thing?”

“Ex-girlfriend,” I found myself saying to my Mom.

“What?” Mom gasped out and sounded shocked. “Since when?”

“She broke up with me,” I admitted sadly.

“Really?” Mom said in a surprised tone. She furrowed her brow, looked suspiciously at the photo and took my phone away. “I thought she was the one for you. Well, I did.”

“You’re telling me!” I laughed bitterly. “We were talking about moving in together and having a child. We’ve been together since we were kids. The whole thing is just fucking messed up.”

“You’re a young, attractive young man. You’ve just turned eighteen, and you’ll find someone that you can spend the rest of your life with. If I wasn’t….”

“What were you going to say?” I asked, looking at her as I wondered why she had suddenly stopped talking.

“Well,” she said, pausing and giggling again. “No. I don’t think a mother should say these things.”

“What?” I asked.

“I was going to say, if I wasn’t your mother, I would mind you in my bed!” Mom said that and erupted into a fit of childish giggles. She pressed her finger against my lips and shushed me. “Shhh. You must tell nobody what I said. A mom should not be having these thoughts about her son. It’s wicked.”

“I won’t tell anyone, Mom. Honest!” I said and we both laughed together. Mom looked gorgeous underneath the light of the lamp.

“You’ve always been a good son,” Mom said and kissed me on the forehead. “I wish I was young again, I’ll be able to pick up a cute guy from the club, take him back home, and get my brains fucked out. Now, I’m too old to have another lover.

“You’re not too old, Mom! You’re just mature,” I said.

“Mature?” Mom chuckled. “Is that what you mean? Mature?”

“Yeah. Mature is good. You never hear someone praising a young wine or cheese, do you?” I joked, earning a nudge from Mom.

“Can I ask you something?” Mom asked and her breath hitched in her throat.


“If I wasn’t your mother, would you find me attractive?” she asked me and gave me a severe look. “I know I’m a little old for your tastes. I’m forty-five.”

“Mom!” I said in a sharp tone. “You’re not old, and stop putting yourself down. You’re really hot for an older woman.”

Did I really just call my mom hot? Retracing my words, and I did.

“You think I’m hot?” Mom squealed, and then drunkenly shushed herself.

It took me a moment to realize that my Mom’s hand had been resting on my knee, slowly snaking upwards and going towards my crotch. My breath hitched in my throat and looked into the deep, bright, beautiful blue eyes on my mother and drank in the sight of her gaze. I was completely stupid, it took me so long to realize that my mother had been flirting with me. The smiles were too much to take from her pretty face and I tried to get up. Mom, drunk, and having some strength behind her, pushed me back down onto the sofa.

“Mom!” I protested and she shushed me.

“What’s wrong?”

“You’re drunk,” I told her but did not push her hand away from me.

“And horny,” Mom mentioned, breathing hard against my face as she squeezed a hand around my leg. “I want to be fucked tonight. You need to forget about Jessica, she doesn’t deserve you. I can’t believe that my sweet boy has been abandoned. Make love to me, please.”

“Mom?” I said, and I didn’t pull away even though her face was becoming inches away from mine. Her lips were puckered, her eyes were closed, and she was about to kiss me.

“Just let me,” Mom said softly, our lips softly brushing together as we were inches away from kissing. My heart was hammering as our lips engulfed each other’s, kissing each other hungrily. Mom was such a good kisser, that it took me by surprise. She knew how to kiss, when to go fast, slow down and her lips were so sweet tasting. We continued to kiss as Mom’s hands found their way to the buckle of my belt.

She undid my belt, helping me out of my trousers and my huge cock was sticking out.

“Wow!” Mom said, clearly enjoying the sight of my hard cock and drinking in the sight of it. It was huge, and very thick, and was now poking a bit out of my clinging boxers. “You’re fucking huge! Jesus Christ! I knew you were big, but fuck! Not this big.”

“How did you know I was big?” I asked, laughing and blushing as Mom’s hands traced around my thigh, dangerously close to my aching

“Do you not think I don’t know my son has a big cock, especially when he’s walking around in his underwear. You nearly poked my eye on some mornings. Can I see it?”

Mom asked canlı bahis in such a breathless, pleading whisper that made me shiver and immediately take a hold of my boxers. I took them off, my giant cock bobbing free and Mom without asking took it in her small, dainty hands. She slowly stroked my cock, running her fingers right to the aching head, and then bringing her hand all the way down to the shaft, cupping the balls, stroking them, tracing a finger over my skin and making me shudder. I was a complete mess when Mom touched me. She had a concentrated look on her gorgeous face, and with one hand, began unbuttoning her blouse. She was braless, her pale, creamy skin came into view, and then two enormous mounds of flesh that hung beautifully down her chest. Mom did have one of the best looking tits that I had ever seen up close, they compared to nothing. Nobody looked like Mom, she was perfect to me, and my cock nearly exploded when she scratched her fingernails down the side of my twitching shaft.

“Do they look okay?” Mom asked me, pressing her huge, motherly tits for me. Mom had the biggest pair of natural tits that I had ever come across, and I couldn’t speak when I saw them. I just nodded, clearly desperate to touch them.

“Mom, they’re so fucking big,” I told her.

“Well, I don’t think I’m the only one who is well-endowed, don’t you think?” Mom asked in a soft, flirty mocking tone and took a hold of my thick, rigid cock in her hands. “You have a fucking big fat cock! Holy fuck! I bet you’ve stretched some pussies out with this. I’ve heard what you’ve done to the girls in your bedroom. That poor girl, she couldn’t even handle you.”

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” I said, finally finding her nipples

“I remember when you sucked my breasts,” she said, trembling. “I never knew that you would be back, doing it again. Suck them, honey, suck them nice and good, make Mommy feel so good again.”

She pumped her hand around my cock. I found her tits, hungrily sucking on them as Mom moaned breathlessly, whispering dirty words into my ear and encouraging me with the steady beat of her hand beating down on my cock. I sucked on her nipples tugging them with my teeth, making her nipple wet, hard and desperate for attention. I quickly moved to the other breast, giving the same attention that I gave to its neighbour. Mom kissed my head, running a hand through the strands of long hair, tugging at them, smoothing a hand on my scalp. I couldn’t remember sucking my mother’s breasts when I was younger, but I knew that I would not forget this moment. Her tits felt incredible to my mouth and hands, as I was sucking her nipples with so much hunger, to someone watching this, it would look like a horny man enjoyed the taste of huge, motherly big breasts.

“You’ve always loved momma’s breasts,” Mom whispered, unbuttoning her jean shorts and throwing them. “I’m so wet.”

“Take your panties off!” I ordered her and Mom did what I said, all smiling, laughing and practically stripped nude with a second. “Keep your fucking socks on.”

“You love socks?” Mom asked with a faint quiver. “So did your Dad.”

She spread her legs wide open, separating her thick, motherly legs completely spread on the sofa. I looked, my heart hammering in my throat as I stared at the little tufts of blonde hair, and a very wet slit, the same place that came out. For her age and the amount of time she was fucked, Mom’s pussy still looked tight as fuck. Her slit looked wet, inviting, and it was begging me to be inside her. I needed to return to my home. I belonged here, not those crappy boyfriends that she had in the few years that Dad passed. I was the one who was going to make her happy, feel loved.

I took her panties and pressed them against my nose. Inhaling, I had to say, it was one of the best smells my nose had ever whiffed.

“Do you like the smell of my panties?” Mom asked in a giggle. “My pussy smells better.”

That I could not disagree with. Mom had not stopped jacking my cock. I could last for ages and Mom knew.

“I want to be fucked upstairs,” Mom said suddenly, pulling me up from the sofa and leading me away. I followed her, nearly tripping over my feet as Mom’s huge ass wobbled right in front of me. I gave it a sharp spank, making sure it was very red and Mom slowly turned around, and grinned at me. “Do that again.”

I slapped the other cheek, making sure it was the same shade of red that her other ass cheek was. I followed her into the bedroom, pushing her down on the bed, my huge cock bobbing in front of me, pointing directly at her. It looked like the biggest it had ever been, and Mom was still surprised by the size of my cock. I stroked it in front and watched her hungrily lick her lips.

“You’re going to lick my pussy out, then I’m going to suck that nice cock of yours,” Mom said, lying down on the bed.

I roughly spread her legs and Mom yelped in response. Her naked pussy looked inviting, waiting to be touched, licked and fucked. My face was in between bahis siteleri her thighs, inches away from the place that I came out. Her pussy looked as if it was the wettest, most beautiful-looking pussy ever created. Mom’s fingers came into view and slowly parted her lips, inviting him. I didn’t move an inch further, just gazed at it, wondering how good it felt to be inside this. Mom was beautiful from head to toe, she just oozed sex. Easily, she could play the part of the good housewife, perfect mother and then be a complete slut in the bedroom.

“I remember when you came out of here,” Mom said with a shuddering breath. “And your inches away from it again. Go on, taste your mother.”

One hand was teasing her clit and the other was slowly rubbing her nipples.

“Kiss my pussy!”

I teased her and kissed her thigh. I loved hearing the sound of my mother complaining while moaning.

“No, not my thighs,” Mom said as my mouth clamped down her thick thighs

“You were saying,” I said, and one of my fingers found her clit and pushed into the fold of her hot, soaking wet pussy. The warmth emitting from it was almost incredible.

Mom moaned so loudly at the entry of my finger and I found her pussy clenching around my finger. I added another, and then the third one until my mother’s pussy was completely stuffed by my fingers. I was kissing her thighs, and fucking my fingers into her, earning little cute moans from her twisted mouth.

“That’s so fucking good,” Mom said and began matching her pussy with my fingers. “Jesus! You hung bastard!”

“How does it feel, knowing that your son is making your pussy go crazy?” I asked her, giggling as I found her clit and sucked it hungrily.

“Suck my fucking clit!” Mom screamed out, holding me firmly against her pussy and tightly wrapping her legs around my neck.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I moaned, still sucking and pawing away at her nipples. One of Mom’s hands was soon placed on mine, keeping my hand close to her tit and entwining her fingers together.

Mom’s eyes flashed open, she was breathing heavy, some strands of her golden hair were stuck to her sweaty forehead, and she drank in the sight of my aching cock that was just waiting to find a warm, motherly home.

“Let me suck you!”

Mom was on her hands and knees, her huge tits dangling in front of her as I offered her my cock. She looked at, inspected every bump and vein, and then traced her tongue across my shaft, softly kissing it, making sure that every bit of skin was touched and loved. I nudged my cock towards her motherly, plump lips.

Mom gagged at first, and then slowly, with all the time in the world, began opening her mouth further, taking my huge cock into her mouth.

“Do you like this?” Mom gasped, panting as beads of glistening spit connecting her mouth and my cock broke and fell onto her chin. I looked down, my cock harder than ever, glistening with her spit as she gripped it in her fingers, stroking it.

“Yes!” I shouted out. “Fuck! Your mouth is so fucking hot and warm. “All this cum is going to be yours. I want to fill you up.”

“Oh, yeah?” Mom said, pulling her mouth from my balls with a huge pop. She reached down and cupped my heavy sack in her palms, stroking my ball sack softly, clinging her fingers to it and grinning. “Are you saying that every drop is for me?”

Mom grinned when she kissed my scrotum.

“Fuck, yes! Every drop is for you. You can have it in your pussy or your mouth, your choice. Or, how do you feel about it covering your face, with me standing over you, stroking my cock, you being on your hands and knees, worshipping my cock.

“Hmmmm” Mom moaned, clearly thinking about it. She traced her tongue across up and down my shaft, making sure it was very wet and glistening. “That does sound wonderful. You hosing your mommy with your thick loads of cum. Do you cum big?”

Mom giggled as she stroked my heavy sack.

“I cum loads, Mom,” I said, stroking her hair and bringing her close to my cock and tried to pry her mouth open with my thick cock. Mom giggled, kissing my head and then let her mouth slowly open. I slid into her mouth, feeling right at home and Mom’s mouth was stuffed with my cock. “Suck my cock!”

She looked up at me, her mouth full of cock, some inches still hanging out and her eyes met with mine. Mom popped my cock out of her mouth and slathered her tongue across my shaft, kissing, cradling my balls.

“Your balls feel so full,” Mom told me, and I was unsure if she was trying to coax an early loud

“Do you want my load?” I asked.

Mom looked up, her eyes glimmering in delight as she nodded.

“Yes,” she said, fluttering her eyelashes. “I want your cum. Cover my face and breasts.

It was close, and I could feel my balls bubbling. It erupted, a huge load of thick, hot, warm cum came shooting out of my aching slit, and splashed across my mother’s face and tits. She had been covered by the thickest load that I had ever shot, it hung from her chin, splashed down bahis şirketleri to her tits, covering her huge tits, marking her as belonging to me.

“Tastes so good,” Mom asked, and I bent down, kissing her on the lips. “I want to fuck you.”

“Fuck,” I said, stroking my cock.

“Are you going to make me cum?” Mom asked, still dripping with cum as she laid down on the bed.

Mom grabbed my cock, bringing it towards her slit, and stroked it a few times before pushing towards her entrance. The warmth of her heat pressed against my cock, making me tremble, and slowly, with encouragement, I entered the warm hole of my mother’s pussy. I pushed into her very hard, driving the throbbing cock into her motherly cunt. Her puffy lips had slightly spread around the tip, but had not opened the entrance. I stabbed at her pussy, trying to welcome me in my pussy. Her lips finally gave away, and I sunk inside her, earning a loud moan from my mother’s lips.

“Mom!” I grunted out as I slipped inside her, spreading her lips apart.

Her smooth pussy lips clung around my throbbing cock.

“So fucking tight!”

“You’re so fucking big!” Mom shouted as I split her wide open. I could tell that nobody had been deep inside her pussy, and she was clearly struggling with my cock. It was a sight to see, my mom’s cunt impaled and split open by my huge cock. “Holy fuck!”

“Jesus Christ” I grunted out, softly nudging my mother’s cervix. She jumped off my dick after a stroke of my cock was too much of her. I looked down, my cock was jutting out in front of her, and it had never looked thicker, throbbing with excitement. “Do you see how thick this cock is?”

Mom looked down, past her breasts and nodded.

“It’s so big and thick. You’ve got such a fat dick! Put it back in me!” she pleaded with me, her upper lip and I obliged, shoving my cock into her, burying it all the way to the hilt. “Oh, fuck! Fuck me!!

I picked up the pace again, slamming my cock into her pussy.

“Do you like that?” Mom gasped out. “You feel that? You feel your mother’s cunt wrapping around your shaft? I want every fucking inch of it.”

I gave her every inch, Mom took it, moaned and bucked her hips back at me. Her tits were shaking and wobbling as I pounded into her, driving my cock into her, touching every bit of her pussy. I could tell by her face, the look of shock and orgasmic expressions that nobody had been this deep. Nobody in the world had made Mom moan this loud, another sharp stroke, touched her quivering pussy and I had one leg over my shoulder, holding it tightly and the other was spread so far across the bed. Her body was shaking with the thrusts. My long cock stroked the inside of her pussy in a rhythm that made her moan.

Suddenly, Mom rose up from the bed, holding her arms around my neck, and we fucked each other. I took it slow, kissing my mother on the lips, holding her tightly. We wrestled, my cock still inside her and for a small woman, she was strong and had managed to flip me over onto my side and clamber on top of me.

She bounced on me, swallowing my cock from knob to root. Mom was breathing heavy. I lay my head on the pillow, looking up at the huge tits bouncing up and down, as my mother sunk her pussy all the way down onto my throbbing cock. Jesus! Mom could ride a dick. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was twisted, and she was moaning with every bounce. I drank in the sight of her body, the huge bouncing tits. Lifting myself up, I reached around, grabbed at her back, and held her close as we bounced together. Mom suddenly kissed me and I kissed her with so much passion that her pussy nearly spasmed around my cock. I kissed her huge tits and her curvy, motherly, all natural frame pressed against my body, something that I have been wanting for years. Mom was so good at fucking, and now I wondered why Dad didn’t fuck her as much as he did. Mom pulled away from my lips, opening her eyes and cradling my cheeks with her trembling fingers.

“You’re fucking me so good,” she said in a drunken giggle. “I don’t think I would have known.”

“What?” I asked, tracing my hand over her nipples as she never missed a beat.

She giggled and kissed me again.

“That my son was just a perfect fucker!” Mom said, giggling again as she continued to feed her every inch of my cock.

I matched her thrusts with stabbing motions. Mom’s body was working up a sweat, her huge tits continued bounce. She started to ride me even further, bouncing. The bedsprings had not felt a bounce like it, and they continued, springing as the headboard slammed against the wall.

“Oh, fuck!”

“Take this cock!” I told her and she whimpered.

“Fuck!” Mom shouted out and her pussy clenched around me.

“Mom!” I gasped out, attacking her tits with my mouth and flicked my tongue against it.

“Don’t stop!” Mom shouted, cradling her hand around my neck and shoving my mouth further onto her breasts, hungrily sucking as Mom rode me, bouncing, making the bed bounce in rhythm. It was some time that the bedsprings had felt a bounce like it. “Fuck me!”

“Love you, Mommy!” I told her, and she became a quivering mess on my cock. “I love your body. Your tits and arse, slamming down onto me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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