Doing It on the School Swing Set

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Chapter 1 – Bike Riding


One day Steve and I were out riding our bikes near dusk so we started heading towards my house. I was wearing my favorite cutoffs for bike riding. I’d ripped them so high that I didn’t dare wear them into a store or most public places as I would’ve probably been asked to leave for indecent exposure! Then again, it’s amazing what you can get away with when you’re a teenage girl even though now that I was well past being eighteen I couldn’t pass for being quite so innocent anymore.

Naturally Steve loved me to wear this particular pair of shorts when we went bike riding because they put most of my butt on display, especially when I leaned way forward on some of the steep hills which I’m sure is why he always wanted me to take the lead! Of course I never wore panties under them because I loved to tease Steve when I sat down by spreading my legs just wide enough for him to get a glimpse of my fuzzy brown pubic hair peeking out the sides.

On top I was wearing my favorite black stretch tube halter. As small as my boobs were it didn’t have to be very wide so it was almost more like a headband stretched around my chest. I liked it was because it was thin which allowed my nipples to poke through and best of all it was easily pushed out of the way while still just as easy to pull back in place. in other words, perfect for the occasional flash. It goes without saying that there I didn’t wear a bra. Besides, my boobs were so small I really didn’t need a bra anyway although sometimes on dates I wore one just to give my boyfriend something to play with.

Along the way we had to stop and wait to cross a busy four-lane road. The road we were on was small with little traffic so a stoplight wasn’t available. As usual, the traffic was terrible this late at night and without a stoplight it was looking like it would be a bit before we had an opportunity to cross. Steve, never one to pass up an opportunity of his own, took a look around and seeing nobody was behind us he pulled up right next to me. Next thing I knew I felt his hand slide between my ass and the bike seat. I couldn’t help but wiggle a little in response to his hand as he started massaging my half-exposed butt.

“Steve! People can see us you horny jerk!” I said, pretending to be annoyed while secretly turned on.

Steve knew by now that his girlfriend loved it when he touched her “inappropriately” no matter where we were. In fact, I thought it was fun when we fooled around in public and people would stare at us as if they simply couldn’t believe what we were doing. Some, especially the older women, would frown and shake their heads in disgust but most of the guys didn’t seem to mind the show. I imagined more than a few went home with bruises on their sides from the stiletto elbows they got from their wives when they caught their guy looking at us! My mom had never been thrilled by my thirst for PDA (Public Displays of Affection) but she knew better than to tell me to stop as all that would do is encourage me do it all the more!

“Ahhhhhh, who cares?” he said with a grin, “Just a bunch of horny guys heading home from work. Besides, they’re going sixty miles an hour. Even if they do, why not give ’em something to think about?”

I shook my head in mock despair but at the same time I wasn’t exactly doing anything to discourage him from groping me. As they say, actions speak louder than words! If anything I leaned forward and lifted myself off the seat just enough to make it easier for him to feel me up. He noticed my little movement and responded by slipping his hand even further under my ass. I was wondering just how far he was going to go when I got my answer. One of his fingers started working its way under the crotch of my shorts until I felt it sliding into my pussy! I was pretty wet already from the anticipation and so he slid easily up inside of me. It was just up to his first knuckle or so but enough I could feel it in me.

“Steve!” I exclaimed, genuinely a little concerned now, “C’mon, you can’t do THAT! There’s someone behind us!”

Indeed, he may not have noticed but a black SUV had just appeared behind us.

“So what? You know you love it you little slut!” Steve said as he pushed his finger even further up into me. “Hmmm, somebody’s horny!” he laughed as he felt the wetness of my pussy on his finger.

Yes, I WAS horny and yes, there was indeed a big black SUV now right behind us. I glanced back and I could see that inside was your stereotypical soccer mom. At first I wondered if she even noticed what Steve was doing to me and even if she did it probably looked like he just had his hand under my ass. As things turned out though, Soccer Mom knew EXACTLY was going on right in front of her. Steve had been working his finger even deeper into me and I couldn’t resist moving my ass up and down just a little. Mmmmmmm, I was literally being fucked by his middle finger right there in the middle of istanbul escort traffic! I’m sure anyone looking would just think he was feeling up my ass as who would ever dream he’d had the nerve to actually finger me?

The sheer naughtiness of what we were doing had me dripping wet and I was thinking I might even cum when Soccer Mom evidently thought that enough was enough. She honked her horn at us but it was too late as I didn’t care what she thought at this point. Heck, it wouldn’t have mattered to me at this point if the whole neighborhood was watching. In fact, that would have only made it even better! Steve, however, jumped nervously at the sound of the horn and for a moment it seemed he was going to lose his nerve as he started to pull his finger out of me.

I reached back and grabbed his hand, holding it in place. “Don’t you DARE,” I scolded him, “You started this you horny jerk so don’t stop now!”

I leaned my head back more and moaned loudly as his finger plunged into me again. I wasn’t worry about being quiet as with all the traffic noise nobody was going to hear me anyway. Can you believe it? Good heavens I was actually starting to cum standing over my bike in full view of some bitchy lady!

My thoughts were interrupted as Soccer Mom honked at us again, a little longer this time. This time it was probably more out of impatience for us to get out of the way than protesting our little show. Either way, I looked back at her and grinned and wiggled my butt as best I could with Steve hand under me. I was rewarded by a horrified look which simply made me laugh. I was thinking of ways I could show off a little more to the prude but I didn’t get the chance as just then the traffic finally cleared. I wasn’t about to move, not being this close, but Soccer Mom hit the gas hard and her tires squealed as if to send a message as she raced around us and merged into traffic. I wondered later if Soccer Mom told her husband when she got home what she’d seen or least what she THOUGHT she’d seen.

For now I didn’t care. My eyes were closed at this point as I focused on Steve’s finger wiggling in me like a worm on a hook. Nobody was behind us now and everyone on the crossroad was flying past too fast to have time to get any real view of what Steve was doing so I used my free hand to reach down and rub my clit through the tight denim material.

“That’s it Steve… make me cum,” I moaned, trying not to fall over on my bike. I leaned forward, hoping he would press his finger even deeper into me but it was my shorts causing more problems than anything. Well, I DID set a limit when it came to dropping my shorts on a public road, especially given I wasn’t wearing any panties so I would just have to make do with what I had.

While it may not have been the biggest orgasm I’d ever had, I still felt that warm glow I loved so dearly between my legs and it even raised goose bumps on my arms as I gripped my handlebars tightly. I could feel myself cumming on Steve’s finger almost like I was peeing on him. When I finished I moaned loudly and he pulled his finger out of me and immediately stuck it in his mouth like a smelly sucker. I looked down and my seat was wet with my cum. I couldn’t help but wonder how much I could make selling it to some pervert, LOL.

“Mmmmmmm, you’re tasting especially sweet today madam,” Steve said mockingly with a devilish grin. “I guess it must be from doing it in the great outdoors.”

Then he reached out and put his finger in my mouth for me to taste. Mmmmmmm indeed! I WAS tasting pretty damn good! Then again, I’ve always loved the taste of my own pussy from the first time as a little girl when I explored myself lying in bed. As I got older I learned that the hornier I got the better I tasted and I was downright delicious at this moment!

At the next opening in traffic Steve and I quickly led the way as we crossed the road to continue on the way home.

Chapter 2 -Playground BJ


It was still over a mile to my house and on the way we passed the old elementary school where we turned to cut through the playground. The school must have been thirty or forty years old with an old playground in the back surrounded by large overgrown hedges and trees that isolated it from the nearby neighborhoods. They’d closed it a couple of years ago after building a new school complex but the swings and stuff were still there although it was too far out of the way for kids to use them. A little dilapidated maybe but still serviceable.

Still horny, I pulled over by the swing set and jumped on one of the seats. I called to Steve telling him to come over and give me a push. As he approached me I leaned back a bit and spread my tanned thin legs wide apart to offer him a better view. My cutoffs rode deep into my pussy slit a little of my pubic hair stuck out on both sides where the thin strip of denim tried avcılar escort valiantly to cover my pussy. Based on Steve’s wide eyes it was failing miserably in its duties.

“Oh Stevie boy… see anything you like?” I called out to him in the sexiest tone I could muster.

Judging by the horny grin on his face and the quickly growing bulge in his shorts I could tell he certainly did! I think his little head was doing all the thinking for the big head at this point because as soon as he got up close to me he unzipped his shorts and out popped that hard cock I’d grown to love so much in the past month or so. It also had the distinction of being the ONLY cock I’d ever sucked and after Steve had started fucking me I liked to think of it as something that now belonged to me.

He wasn’t the only one mesmerized. I loved Steve’s cock almost like it was some sort of personal pet. It was always ready for me to suck it and make it cum whenever I was hungry for it believe me that was quite often! I’d only started sucking his cock a few weeks ago and the newness of it had not yet worn off and hopefully it never would. Steve teased me sometimes that the only reason I went out with him was because he let me suck his cock whenever I wanted. There may have been more truth in that statement than he realized. After all, it’s not just guys that date for sex.

“God Kelly, you’re such a slut! Well, does this answer your question?” he said, waving his dick around knowing how much that teased me. “Let me guess, is my horny little girlfriend hungry for the real thing now?”

I grinned broadly at that. Silly question as I was ALWAYS hungry for his wonderful cock and for that matter, any kind sex in general. It was amazing. Barely a month ago I’d been a virgin and now it was like I was some sort of sex-crazed nympho. It was as if I was some sort of rubber band that had been wound up tight over the years and now that I was let loose I couldn’t contain myself! What can I say, I LOVE sex!

Steve stepped up closer to me so his awesome dick was just an inch or so away from my face. We’d been riding our bikes pretty hard and I could smell the musky combination of sweat and sex which made me only want to taste it even more.

“Dang it, will you just quit teasing me and come closer,” I demanded. “Awwwwww, it looks so lonely and cold… do you want me to make it warm and happy?”

Steve certainly didn’t need an invitation. By now he knew what I craved and besides he wanted the same thing so while I hung onto the swing to lean forward, he slid his hard cock into my open waiting mouth. My tongue started to wander and tease the tip just the way I knew he liked me to touch him. As tongue moved around my lips caressed the bottom ridge of his cock head.

Steve gasped out loud as he always did when he first felt his cock in my mouth. “Oh god Kelly, I can’t believe how good you can make my cock feel! Ahhhhhh, suck my dick you fucking little cunt. That’s it… lick it just like that!”

OK, so maybe calling me a cunt was getting carried away but I would complain to him about that later after he’d fucked me. Notice I wasn’t thinking IF he fucked me…

Now while I may not have been sucking cock for very long, in my opinion I was already pretty darn good at it. It just goes to show that when you love doing something you learn quickly and I was learning FAST. I got a kick out of the way Steve reacted even when he even just thought that I MIGHT suck his cock. Once his dick was in my mouth it was like he was completely under my spell, willing to do anything just to get me to keep his cock in my mouth.

I guess Steve would have been classified as an average guy in terms of his dick. Not like I ever took a tape measure to him but I could get both of my small hands around him like I was choking a baseball bat. My girlfriends all like to talk about cock size and brag about their boyfriends but I really didn’t care. Besides, it wasn’t like I had all that much to compare being Steve’s was the only one I’d ever sucked or been fucked by. In any case Steve’s cock was just the right size for me. He was small enough that it was easy for me to take all of him into my mouth without having to deep throat him (I wasn’t ready for THAT quite yet), yet large enough to feel nice and big inside of me when he fucked me. I liked to tease him and call it the Goldilocks cock – not too big, not to small, just the right size!

I loved to bury my face in Steve’s hairy crotch, holding him inside of my mouth and feeling his bushy black pubic hair tickle my face. Steve kept himself clean for me which I also appreciated. He always smelled and tasted so good! At this moment I could smell the strong odor of his crotch with him being all sweaty from bike riding which was a bit of a turn-on for me as well.

I held my head still when Steve groaned and started stroking himself in and out, fucking my mouth as if it was my pussy. I loved the şirinevler escort feel of his crotch hitting me in the face, my mouth pushing against the base of his cock as he thrust forward into me. Steve put both of his hands on the back of my head, pulling me tighter into him as he moved faster and faster.

Letting go of the swing I planted my hands on his firm bare butt, one on each cheek, squeezing his luscious tight teenage boy ass as it clenched each time he pushed himself into my mouth. I could always tell when Steve was getting more aroused from the way he would start talking dirty to me. The closer he got to cumming, the more he talked and the nastier his vocabulary became.

“That’s it Kelly, yeah that’s it… Take my big dick in your mouth… God I love fucking your face. You’re such a slut, just a little whore. Damn you look so slutty sucking my dick!”

He just went on and on, calling me even nastier names and urging me on. It wasn’t that long ago when if a guy had called me a slut, let alone a whore, I would’ve been furious. I STILL didn’t really care much for the whore moniker but I knew Steve wasn’t really thinking straight whenever we had sex so I just ignored it during those times. Now that I realized how much I loved sex though the slut label took on a whole new meaning to me. If some guy saw me as a slut then I assumed that it meant he thought I was hot and enjoyed sex. Well, I certainly wasn’t going to argue with that so now being called a slut had actually become a sort of compliment for me!

Regardless of what Steve might think, the truth was I never did anything with him that I didn’t want to. I was always the one in control, even when I let him THINK he was in control. After all, it was MY sharp teeth surrounding his tender cock! Fortunately for him, right now the thing I wanted most to do was suck his hard dick until it exploded in my mouth so we were both getting what we wanted.

Keeping his lovely erect cock in my mouth, I slipped off my shorts and dropped them to the ground such that I was now sitting bare-ass in the swing. There was nobody around and even the closest houses were far enough away that we were hidden by the overgrown bushes so it’s not like we were in any real danger of being seen. I slid my tube top down from my boobs around my torso and instantly my nipples tingled from the touch of the cool evening air. Holding onto the swing for balance with one hand, I fondled my pussy with the other which was still pretty wet from Steve’s earlier stop sign fingering, even more so if anything thanks to the excitement of sucking him right smack in the middle of a public playground where anybody coming by would see us. Not that it was likely but the possibility was sort of thrilling.

I could tell Steve was getting close to cumming as his strokes got faster and faster and soon and he was ramming himself deeper into my mouth with each one. As I worked my clit it became swollen and soooooo wonderfully sensitive! I heard him groan and then felt his cock expand ever so slightly and so I pulled him partly out of my mouth just in time before his dick exploded into my mouth.

The feel of my boyfriend’s hot semen bursting into my mouth and the rubbing of my clit was bringing me to another orgasm but this one was much better than the little thing I’d experienced earlier on my bike. I held my mouth still and let his cock squirt his sperm again and again into my mouth. Even though I’d pulled him out a bit to make room, some of it still began to run down the sides of my mouth and it dripped from my chin as I just sat there and allowed the wonderful sensations of my orgasm run through my body.

When his last load was delivered Steve held himself still in my mouth, then shaking it to get the last drop of cum out. Then he pulled it out from my mouth and watched me as I let out a long low guttural moan. It wasn’t until then that he realized I was cumming again and he watched as his naughty little girlfriend came hard, fingering her pussy for him to watch the way he knew he loved.

Chapter 3 – Sex on a Swing


As my orgasm ebbed I opened my eyes and was thrilled to see my sexy boyfriend was ready to go again. Yeah, you gotta love nineteen year-old boys! When my dad came when he masturbated it would be like half an hour or an hour before he was ready to go at it again no matter how horny he might be. I just loved the way Steve’s cock would stay hard after he came the first and even sometimes after the second time he would cum. My dad use to tease me about it, asking me how many times Steve could cum on one date. I don’t think he believed me when I told him once that Steve had fucked me four times during one date but really that was the truth!

Steve licked his lips hungrily as he looked at me the way a starving dog would look at a raw T-bone steak. My pussy tingled as I knew what it meant when he looked at me that way. Some girls try to claim they hate it when men look at them as just sexual objects. Oh bull! At times like this I found it incredibly exciting that I could drive a man into this state of mind just by having him look at me! If that made me an “object” to him then so what so long as he fucked me. I knew what he wanted before he said it but I still loved hearing him say it…

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