Destiny in Daytona Ch. 03

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8===> Disney World was only the second happiest place on earth this day!

The room phone woke me up immediately when it rang at 7AM. Trent sleepily answered it as I quickly shifted Greg’s arm from being draped over me. Once again, sometime during the night, we had ended up in a spooned position and he had me in a cuddle like I was a giant teddy bear. While it felt good being held and having him pinned against my back; and had a lot to do with the erection between my legs; I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of Greg or Ethan seeing we had slept with such intimate closeness. I rolled him to his back and shook his shoulder. “Time to get up, Greg,” I ordered.

With a big grin and a grope of the giant tent in the sheet over his crotch, Greg replied softly, “I’m getting there, Kevin. Just give me a few more minutes.”

I had to laugh at the double meaning of his comment and watched as Greg covertly slid his hand over the lump once again. I took the liberty of letting him see me squeezing my own bulge and the look we shared said both had the same desire…but one that couldn’t be fulfilled at the moment. It had become almost a test for us every new day to be able to will down normal morning wood instead of getting relief. There was also the problem of exhibiting minor decorum and not crawling right out of bed showing off huge packages.

That morning was a little different though. We had plans and time was too short for any of us to laze around waiting for night bones to wilt.

Trent broke the ice first by standing up as soon as he had replaced the phone receiver in its cradle. “Let’s get moving guys,” may have come from his lips, but all our eyes; even Ethan’s; went to the more-than-obvious swelling that was showing in his tight boxer briefs. “Hey! What can I say? I had a good dream,” was his simplistic explanation that was coupled with a laugh as he headed for the bathroom.

I was next to take the plunge into refusing to be embarrassed and walked over to my suitcase with my loose boxers advertising the wood inside them. I began searching through my clothes trying to decide what to wear.

Greg was soon beside me and needless to say, his boxers were barely holding back the Sequoia cock I knew was behind them. “I’m thinking cargos and a tee,” he offered as he began digging for his choices.

“Would these and a polo be OK?” suddenly came from Ethan. He was standing a few feet away, holding up a pair of khaki shorts seeking our approval.

Pretty sure that neither Greg nor I actually noticed the shorts as we nodded because our eyes had both shifted to the unmistakable outline of a fairly impressive hard dick straining at the fabric of Ethan’s tighty-whities. Even he was so excited about getting to Disney, that he allowed his normally excessive modesty to vanish. The temptation to tease him some was overwhelming, but both Greg and I let him hold onto his dignity and pretended we hadn’t seen the big bulge. ‘There may be hope for him yet,’ I thought to myself.

The gym locker room nonchalance atmosphere remained as all four of us rushed through quick showers and getting dressed. By the time we were piling into Trent’s Explorer, I was still attempting to figure out the meaning behind Greg’s cryptic whisper of ‘Don’t beat off yet. Save it like I am,’ when it had been my turn for the bathroom. Getting nothing but grins from him, I settled back into the rear seat we were sharing. We were five minutes ahead of schedule when we hit the road and it took only a few blocks for his devious plan to be put into action.

“Gonna be a long, hard, but fun day,” he stated to everyone. The words ‘hard’ and ‘fun’ had both been accompanied by a rapid simultaneous squeeze to my crotch and a wink.

‘So this is how it’s going to be,’ went through my mind. ‘Tease my ass right in front of everybody and hope we don’t get caught, eh?’ I accepted the gauntlet he had thrown down by countering with, “Nothing wrong with long and hard if fun comes with it,” and double groping Greg back on the word ‘comes’. The smirk on my face told him that the score was one to one.

* * * * *

By the time Trent was nudging the Explorer into one of the thousands of parking slots in the Disney World lot, the score between Greg and I had reached a tie of four. We both managed teasing rubs twice while zooming down Interstate 4, and he got even with me for creating a boner just after we pulled into the massive parking area. The more this little edging game went on, the more I realized that getting caught at it wasn’t going to the be the largest problem. Our cargos showing off the results was! I had already started leaking pre after Greg’s second touch and was worried about stains appearing in the light colored shorts. The monster dick he had, kept pushing out to where it couldn’t be missed each time it hardened anew. I was thinking maybe we needed to cool it, but Greg had other ideas.

“Now the real fun begins, Kevin,” he said as we stood behind Trent and Ethan in line at the ticket gates. The seemingly innocent comment came along with his hand rubbing my left butt cheek. Thankfully, casino siteleri we were all crowded so tightly together, no one seem to notice his blatant move. “Score five to four,” came softly but with a deep chuckle.

My chance to even things back up didn’t finally happen until we had been waiting in line at the famous Space Mountain for about 15 minutes. We were finally deep enough inside the semi-dark structure working our way through the rat maze that corralled us, when I reached down and took a healthy grab of his box. I wouldn’t have chanced it there had it not been for the combination of dim light and the crowd forcing us together. “Five up, dude,” I announced proudly as I rubbed him a little longer than I should have.

“That one was almost good enough for two points…but just ‘almost’ and your payback will be a bitch.” The mixture of compliment and warning he gave me came with a knowing smile I wouldn’t fully comprehend until we had finally taken seats in the roller coaster and the car headed into the shadows.

Trent and Ethan had gotten in the car ahead of ours. Greg and I were in the last two seats of the next narrow three person contraption. With him sitting behind me, I knew I was screwed and just after the first neck-snapping turn, he let me know it by reaching around and shoving his hand down the front of my cargos and inside my boxers. As his fist tightened around me, he whispered in my ear. “Just remember rule number one…you can’t cum!” With that, he began what would be nearly two full minutes of working me as we rocketed around the rails of the coaster. Just before we burst through the doors at the end of the ride, by cock was begging to burst also, but Greg only pulled his hand from my pants and laughed hysterically. As we exited the car; both of us doing our best to hide the large lumps in our shorts; he triumphantly declared, “Don’t even try to score that one, Kevin. You’ll be spending the rest of the day playing catch up as it is.”

I gave him a congratulatory fist bump, but cautioned him with, “Don’t call the game after one completed pass, buddy. This scrimmage has just begun.” The dual grins we shared said that the rest of the day would probably get increasingly interesting. And it did!

* * * * *

We got our money’s worth by staying in the park all the way to closing. As we stood in the darkness watching the grand finale fireworks show, Greg got in one more point by leaning back into me and murmuring, “I’m gonna make you explode like that yet tonight,” as his hand took yet one more stealthy graze over my crotch and creating what had to have been my fiftieth new erection for the day.

We had stopped keeping an official score after his coup on Space Mountain, but thanks to the wide variety of rides and some creativity, I had gotten in almost as many successful boner-inducing teases throughout the day as he had. My best one came during the long ‘Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’ ride where I had Greg hard as a rock and squirming pretty good by the end of the seven minute trip. I also managed to con him into riding the fairly tame ‘Astro Orbiter’ and thanks to it being only a two person cabin and the privacy the ride provided once it got high in the air, I got even for his Space Mountain tricks by worming my hand into his shorts and jerking on his long shaft for a couple of minutes.

By mid-afternoon, both of us were showing spots on our cargos from all the pre that we caused each other to leak and not be contained by our boxers. Luckily the humidity and temperature were both high enough, that they looked enough like sweat stains and we didn’t have to buy oversized and overpriced Mickey Mouse tee shirts to hide them. As evening came on, we tended to take in some of the tamer attractions, but even those provided opportunities to keep Greg’s and my edging game going strong.

When the last flurry of fireworks went off, the four of us headed for the parking lot at a fast trot, anxious to be as close to the front of the mass exodus as possible. Once again, it was Greg and I alone in the back seat which only told me that the final whistle of the game probably hadn’t blown yet. Surprisingly, we both kept our hands to ourselves until Trent had us buzzing back up I-4 to Daytona Beach. It was only a few miles though before Greg snaked his hand over to my lap in the darkness and began rubbing me into another stiffy with his palm.

But I was ready for him! Feigning exhaustion, I curled up on the seat with my butt wedged against the door and my head pressed to Greg’s thigh. I gave him a smirk that said ‘Prepare to be owned,’ and then announced, “Wake me up when we get there if I fall asleep.”

“OK lightweight,” came from Trent with a chortle. He and Ethan busied themselves with selecting music to listen to and I watched Greg’s eyes open wide as he figured out what he was in for. He sighed, smiled, and then closed his eyes and leaned his head back as if he was going to take a nap too. It was really a surrender and we both knew it.

Between the darkness inside the SUV, and Trent and Ethan paying total attention canlı casino to each other and the road, it very easy for me to carry out my strategy. I had my hand up inside the loose leg of Greg’s cargos and rubbing his cotton-trapped balls quickly. My fingers finally moved higher and found him as hard as I had made him countless other times that day. Not satisfied with just teasing him through his boxers, I managed to tug the waistband down and took a firm grip on flesh. For the next hour, I remained totally silent but constantly playing with him. I could feel his new juices dribbling down the sides of his cock and took an almost sadistic joy in seeing how worked up I could make him. Each time he quivered when I brought him too close to cumming, I looked up at him and thought to myself, ‘Wanted to make this a contest, did ya? We’ll see who is begging the hardest back at the motel.’ The only part of the plan I hadn’t formulated, was just how to accomplish what we would need to. We were going to need more privacy than what sharing the room could provide, to properly bring the fun we had been setting up for all day to a fitting conclusion. When we hit the exit for the motel in Daytona, I sat up as if I was coming out of nap mode.

* * * * *

Greg was either a mind reader or just simply felt the same was as I did, because as soon as we pulled into the motel parking lot, he was already talking about how totally awake he was now. On the other hand, Ethan and Trent were both expelling yawns and looking like the only thing they were interested in, was a quiet room and a soft pillow. Greg looked at me and suggested, “I think I’m gonna grab a Coke and go sit by the pool for a while. How about you, Kevin? Up for some stargazing?” The wink that came with the question said he had a plan if I didn’t. “Sounds good to me,” I replied with a knowing wink back even though I had no clue what he had in mind specifically.

“We’re both whipped. Just be quiet when you come back to the room and leave the TV off,” was all that Trent offered as he and Ethan dragged themselves towards the stairs.

After Greg and I got sodas from the vending machine, we walked into the pool deck area on the backside of the motel. All the lights were off and with it being a near moonless night, I was surprised by Greg choosing to meander around all the chaise lounges, pool chairs, and tables in order to get clear to the darkest and farthest corner of the already somewhat secluded area. I followed him into the shadows doing my best to not trip over anything. I knew it had to be midnight or after, and had never seen anyone around the pool after 10PM; finally surmising that he was seeking out the most hidden spot he could find. My cock twitched with the possibilities that idea created.

The spot he finally stopped at…a windowless corner of the building on one side with a privacy fence with giant elephant ears and Sago palms surrounding it running the other way…created an almost completely hidden alcove. It was perfect since we would see someone entering the pool area long before we would be noticed by them. He grinned at me as he took my can of Coke from me and sat both mine and his on the nearby table. His now empty hands pulled me into him and he began grinding against me. “Do you have any idea how fucking horny you got me on the way back?” he throatily whispered in my ear. Before I could answer, he spun me against the wall and I felt his hands feverishly unsnapping my shorts.

“Probably not any more horny than you have had me all day,” I replied as his fingers unzipped me.

“I hope so because I am so ready to fucking get off with you it isn’t funny.” He peeled back my fly and pushed both my shorts and boxers to my knees in the same frenzied motion.

“Well then these need to go,” I stated as I tugged at his cargos. I couldn’t see his massive bulge in the darkness, but I knew it was there because I sure had felt it when he had pinned his body to mine. Before I could start to undo him, Greg did it on his own and let his pants and underwear go clear to his ankles. I reached out in search of what I knew was there and looked in his eyes smiling when I found it.

“Ahhh fuck yeah,” he moaned softly when my hand wrapped around him. His hips humped into my grip a few times. “I want this to last so much, Kevin.” The way he was whispering as he took my hard bone in his hand and squeezed out some pre was so erotic. “Have it be as special as this whole day has been. As special as can make it out here anyway.”

It took everything I had in me to keep from leaning in and kissing him. I was too afraid of how he would take it and only kept slow stroking his pole. He was taking similar casual pulls on my cock, both of us knowing that too much action too quickly, would put us beyond the brink of what we wanted to enjoy as long as possible. I was sorting ideas in my mind that might extend things when Greg changed the pace a little.

Greg brushed my hand from his cock and he moved up tight against me. Suddenly the hand that was working me, was joined by his other one which was full of his large kaçak casino shaft. He laid my shorter one on top of his larger one and pinched them together just before using both hands to join masturbation and frottage in one. “Mother FUCK,” seeped from my lips as the new sensations flowed through me and my hips involuntarily humped to match his strokes. Every thrust we made drove the tip of my mushroom into his thick pubes and his cock head into my full balls. With the firm grip he had and the increasing friction, I warned after only a minute or two, “I don’t wanna cum yet, Greg. Ease up a little.”

“Me neither,” was his only verbal reply as he released the death hold and switched to fondling my nuts and sliding a hand under my tee to tweak a nipple.

That caused me to moan and grab for his cock again. I teased the tip by thumbing the slit and then smearing his jis all over the head before tracing a finger around the ridge. I knew I was hitting every sensitive spot but not enough to bring him off yet. My legs quivered when his hand left my balls and joined the other under my tee to work over the second nub. Since we had been continually going new places, I abandoned my attention to his tool and took two handfuls of firm ass cheek and pulled him into me. With our height differences, my cock was now drooling on his upper thighs and his was pressed tight to my abs. Filled with lust, we began grinding once again while staring into each other’s eyes.

“I don’t think this can get much hotter,” Greg managed to get out between his soft moans.

As much as I feared the repercussions, I spun away from him and pushed his back against the wall. Looking him directly in the eyes, I countered, “I don’t know about that.” Before I could make any other decision I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my hand. When I hesitated just long enough to look up to his face, I was rewarded with a huge smile and an expression that could only be interpreted as a go ahead. “All new uber uber, buddy,” was all I let out of my mouth before I stuffed it full with his manhood.

“Sonbitch!” slipped almost too loudly from Greg’s lips. His legs quivered as I orally worked on him. Fingers from both hands were suddenly gripping my hair, holding me tight to his crotch. “Feels so fuckin’ good,” came along with the gentle humps his hips began giving my face. “I don’t think I can take too much more, Kevin,” was the quietly issued warning.

While I was processing whether to ignore that caveat, I was yanked to my feet. Looking in Greg’s eyes, I asked, “Something wrong? You didn’t like that?”

“Enough that I want you to know how good it feels too.” With that, Greg slid down the wall and had most of me in his mouth before I even realized what was happening.

No matter how many stars were in the sky at that moment, I saw a billion new ones when Greg took my entire rod in one motion. I grabbed at the wall for support when his nose buried itself in my crotch fuzz. “Ohhh fuck yesss!” I moaned as he began taking full swallows on me and using his tongue to tease my silky pole. My hips took up a natural thrusting and I felt what had to be his tonsils urging my overly sensitive head to thoroughly enjoy this new experience. With all the edging that day, my balls were begging for release, but I didn’t want our first blow jobs to end like this…getting it on in the dark in such a rushed manner. It was so very hot; especially with the possibility of being caught; but we deserved a much more intimate way to share such a groundbreaking moment. Before he had me to the point I couldn’t stop the release, I forced myself to pull my tool from his mouth and urge him back to his feet. I looked at him and simply said, “We can finish that the right way when we have much more time and much more privacy.”

Greg grinned back at me and nodded his agreement just before lashing our cocks together again with both hands. “You still want to get off now though, don’t you?” he asked as he began slow yanking on both of us.

“Well hell yeah,” I shot back along with hip thrusts to match his tugs. Once again, my shorter tool was pressed to the top of his longer one. His thick pubes were imploring my slit to do more than just ooze pre on them as it brushed into them. His mushroom kept smacking my nuts making them cry out for release. “I am so ready Greg. Don’t stop,” I begged.

“Me too buddy,” was all he said, but it came with a renewed vigor of stroking.

I held onto his waist as he worked us faster and faster. “I wanna cum, Greg. Make me fuckin’ cum. Please!” I pleaded as I leaned in and bit down on his shoulder.

“Give it up then, Kevin because you are getting mine now!”

The first splashes of his day-long built-up load against my nuts felt like a fire hose hitting them. That caused them to give up their fight and I drenched his pubes with more sticky whiteness than had ever spewed from me before. His balls seemed to never empty either as I felt at least seven or eight more splatters on my balls and the juice running down my thighs. As his hands and our bucking hips finally came to rest, Greg took me in his arms and did what I had been totally afraid of trying…brushing his lips over mine. It wasn’t completely intimate and he broke it off before our tongues got involved; but none the less; it was a kiss. I smiled and he smiled back.

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