Delicious Savannah Night

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Oh, the sky is so blue & it’s a vacation. This is Savannah, Georgia and that blonde woman in the halter top and sunglasses makes me think it’s the free love ’70’s, but it’s just the present.

You, my first glimpse of you, in that riverfront candy store and I wasn’t looking at the pralines. You are standing by the divinity in the sunlight and you’ve got your own sunlit halo from the window. Oh, it’s hot and humid and your black t shirt is clinging for life on those muscles, one tuft of brown hair sneaks out at the collar. You’ve got your sunglasses on and they’re pushed up on your forehead, and those blue eyes are brighter than any man’s should be. Oh, look over here, look over here, but I’m gonna pull something out of Scarlett’s playbook and I saunter over and drop my scarf to see if you’re a gentleman and will pick it up.

And you are a gentleman.

How can I see you again, but you make it so easy and we end up at a restaurant that night. You’re on vacation, too, but I can hear the Southern honey dripping from your vowels and you are an Atlanta man. I can feel your eyes dipping to my neckline and I did wear hot pink and my brunette hair is in a pony tail to show you my eyes and neck. şirinevler escort And you ordered the oysters and somehow that seems just right.

They’re playing jazz, we’ve got to dance now. And you can dance, but not too well. Your cologne could be Ralph Lauren, but maybe I just want it to be, because that’s my favorite on a man. You’re a little taller than me, but big shouldered and you’re holding me like you mean it. When you dip me, you touch a little too close and did you mean to? I think I must have had a wardrobe malfunction by that flushed look on your face and you say we should sit and have dessert after two dances. But, I don’t want a ladylike dessert, I want Savannah candy.

Let’s walk by the riverfront again and you can buy me those pralines. And you kiss me by the river, like you’re falling in love and I don’t care if I’m getting caught up in a fantasy. Oh, you’re telling me about having a room at the bed and breakfast to yourself and I shouldn’t go there with you, but I can’t imagine not being there tonight.

And I know you are good and everything we’re gonna do is good and we’re just clinging on to something we found. And there’s sherry şirinevler elit escort and cheese waiting for us and the room is good enough for Scarlett, but I’m the one kissing you. Whatever else comes along, we’ll always have Savannah.

The light turns on, just like a flash of heat lightning. A man, about your age, is standing over us, wearing nothing but black pajama bottoms. He’s got taut muscles for days and just a sprinkle of chest hair. What’s on his head is black and wavy and his eyes are grey as the ocean gets sometimes. I must be blushing, the sheet’s covering my lower half, but you’re deep inside me and surely he’s gotten a good look at my breasts. I am blushing like a rosebush.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t know you had company, Matt,” he says, as polite as can be and the door clicks behind him. “That’s my friend, Will. This trip is kind of a business venture, but I’ll get into that later.” I can’t get back in the mood just yet and you pat my hand. We decide to get dressed and get me properly introduced to your friend.

Later, we’re out on the porch swing on a balmy, Southern night, talking like three best friends. Will keeps apologizing for şirinevler escort the interruption, but I joke that maybe we should make this a threesome. Will looks down at his sherry like it’s not a joke and I start blushing again. I look at you like it’s okay and you just smile like maybe it’s okay with you. “Can I give your friend a kiss?” I verbalize and you just nod. “Let’s go back inside the room; this camellia scented courtyard isn’t all that private.” I tease.

My gracious goodness, I don’t know who to pay attention to first. You lie back in your boxers, graciously letting me get acquainted with Will. His sac is tight against his body now that he’s disrobed and his manhood is starting to wake up. You’re texting someone, but I know you’re watching as I begin to touch him. I stroke that penis a little and I am jolted when Will doesn’t quite want to wait for foreplay and soon we are in a hot side by side position. Will is not circumcised like you and this is so different. You begin to spoon me from behind, as if awaiting permission, and I’m a bit busy with Will, but you know the backdoor is open. This is a bit too much, a sensory overload, but I don’t want it to end. This is happening to me…

We all fell asleep afterward, entwined on the giant bed. I wake up first, gazing down at my two gentlemen callers in contentment. Will starts to stir soon afterward, promising to return with a breakfast in bed of the Southern specialties of Savannah. Who knows what we’ll do while we’re waiting on him to get back…

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