Deepest Desires

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Here’s a little story that’s been floating around in my head for quite some time. Please be kind, its my first attempt at writing fiction, so obviously I still have a lot to learn. If you like it let me know, if you hate it… also let me know. Be constructive please. I know this first story has a lot of build up to get in to it, but I felt its important to paint the picture for you, as I see it in my mind. xx


Alyssa Carter was ready for a change. At 26 she had recently been promoted at the publishing firm she worked at, receiving a transfer to the city. She was excited for a new beginning, sick of the stagnancy of her old life in her home town. And truthfully, she didn’t have anything, or anyone, keeping her there. Being so busy working her way up the ladder had left little time for dating and socialising. She had lost touch with old friends, not that she was particularly close to anyone to begin with.

The past several weeks had been a whirlwind of change. She had secured herself an awesome new apartment and had settled in nicely at work. She’d even become friends with a couple of the girls in her office, Bree and Sophia, and was loving finally having some girl friends to catch up with after work.

Bree was gorgeous; a leggy blonde bombshell who turned heads everywhere she went, without even trying. She was no nonsense, which Alyssa loved about her. She was quickly learning that Bree was a fiercely loyal friend and that even though she looked like a princess, she wasnt afraid to get in the thick of things. Sophia was more subdued, a petite woman with cropped black hair and a flare for fashion. She was first to introduce herself to Alyssa, taking the newcomer under her wing in the office.

It was Saturday morning and Alyssa, Bree and Sophia were out shopping. They were going out to a bar later that evening, the girls having finally convinced Alyssa that she needed a night out to let her hair down after the stress of moving to the city. They were to meet Bree and Sophia’s boyfriends and their friend at the bar. But first, they needed new outfits. They chatted idly about anything and everything while they browsed the racks. Bree’s phone rang, her boyfriend Andrew calling, so she chatted with him briefly before ending the call and rejoining the girls.

“So Alyssa, are you seeing anyone at the moment?” Sophia asked.

“God no, I’m staying well clear of guys for now. Besides, I’m cursed”, Alyssa replied. At the confused looks of the other two she continued, “I just have the worst luck with guys. Or maybe it’s that I have horrible taste. Either way it’s a nightmare and I’ll probably die alone, a haggard old woman with ten cats”.

“When was the last time you got laid?” Bree prodded. Alyssa had to stop browsing to think. She had been so busy working late nights at work that time had really slipped past her. What was it? Six months? Seven? She answered her friends and almost laughed at the look of shock on their faces.

“What? Why?” Sophia gasped. She had quite the active sex life with her boyfriend Chris and couldn’t imagine such a dry spell. Hell, even back when she was single she still had the odd one night stand to scratch the itch.

“Ugghh I just kind of gave up on the whole thing to be honest. I’ve only been with three guys and each one was such a let down that I’ve given up. I lost my virginity to my high school boyfriend, who, as it turns out was a bit TOO excited and finished prematurely, my next boyfriend was so small I could barely feel him there at all. And then when I thought “fuck it I’ll just take someone home” he was only maltepe escort interested in getting himself off and I really didn’t even have to be there for him to do it, dull as it was”. She leaned in to the girls, checking first to make sure no nosy salesgirls were within earshot. She was embarrassed to admit it aloud. “I’ve actually never had an orgasm at the hands of a man. On my own, sure, but not from someone else”, she confided to her two friends.

“What?!” they screeched in unison. “Oh no girl, we have to rectify that, we’ve got to find you a guy that’ll rock your world”.

Alyssa looked at them in horror, “What? oh no no no. Thanks guys, really, but don’t try to set me up with anyone. IF and when I do meet someone I want it to happen naturally. I’m really not into the whole set up thing.” The two girls looked crestfallen at the lost chance to play wing women for Alyssa, but went on to ask what her “perfect guy” would be like anyway. Alyssa got a dreamy look on her face. She had vividly imagined the perfect man, and it wasn’t someone to settle down with, to whisper sweet nothings into her ear. No, deprived of real sexual release as she had been, all of her fantasies involved the wicked things he would do to her. “I don’t want a boy, I want a MAN. A red blooded alpha male. You know? A man brimming with testosterone who has an air of authority to him. Confident and sometimes cocky, but with the goods to back it up. Always a gentleman but with a wicked side too. He’d be oh so tall, and lean but muscular, nothing too bulky. Defined. With a jaw that begs to be licked, and eyes that when he looks at me would set me on fire, burn me from the inside out with the unspoken promises of the naughty things he’d do to me. A strong jaw, a dusting of hair on his chest, and strong arms that could lift me easily and hold me up against the nearest wall while he ravages me. And a big dick, one he knows how to use well, so well that I forget my own name. That’s what I want.” She looks over to the other girls who stand there slack jawed, shocked and awed by the detail of her description.

“Damn girl, when you find him, he wont know what hit him.”

Andrew, Chris and Mason, stand in the gym change room in silent shock. Andrew had just spoken to Bree on the phone and was at first amused when he realised Bree had failed to properly disconnect the call. Once he realised the girls were engaged in a bit of girl talk he quietly muted the phone and put it on speaker for his two friends to hear. They couldn’t believe how candidly the girls spoke, especially their new friend Alyssa, who they were meeting that night. Mason, being the only single guy amongst them was especially interested, even more so because without knowing it, she had perfectly described HIM.

Mason Reed had a history of casual hook-ups and short term relationships. He loved women, loved getting down and dirty with them. But lately his usual type weren’t doing as much for him as they used to. He seemed to gravitate towards the buxom blondes, but lately he was realising he was done with their transparency, there was absolutely no mystery to them. He never had trouble in picking up women, but his recent lack of interest had meant he hadn’t gotten laid in about a month, which was just unheard of for him. He wondered about this new friend, this “Alyssa”. Her words had turned him on to no end. Her inexperience was captivating to him. He was eager to meet her that night, he only hoped he wasn’t going to be let down by this mystery girl who had already managed to get inside his head without even trying.

That mecidiyeköy escort evening the girls were all primped and preened, on their way to meet the guys at their favourite bar. Alyssa was unspeakably nervous, of meeting these new people and what the night would bring. The old her was really shy around new people. She was determined to be different in this new city, she wanted to exude confidence and charm. The guys were seated at the best lounges in the busy bar. They were good friends with the owner which meant they always got to enjoy the best, most private area. Andrew, Chris and Mason stood when the girls entered. Mason was almost knocked over by the pure beauty of the unknown girl sauntering towards them. Alyssa. She had deep chestnut hair that spilled in long waves down her back, and the most vibrant green eyes he had ever seen. She wore an impeccably well fitting black dress which hugged her every delectable curve, scooping just above her breasts and ending at her knees. Gold strappy heels made her look like a goddess. She had a body built for sin, long legs and the most beautiful curves he had ever seen. He felt himself growing hard in his dress pants. When she turned to meet everyone he noticed the bare expanse of her toned back, and groaned quietly to himself. This woman was a vixen sent to torture him. She was far more covered up than most other women he had ever been with, and yet there was something undoubtedly sexy about her.

Alyssa faltered for a moment at meeting the men, Andrew and Chris were nice and ordered everyone a round of drinks. But it was this other man, who she learnt was named Mason, that had her in a trance. He was the most handsome man she had ever met, it was as if he had been hand picked from her every fantasy. When he leaned in to introduce himself he gave her a lopsided grin that almost made her panties combust on the spot. She blushed, the most beautiful shade of pink he had ever seen. He wondered how far down her dress that blush crept. If her nipples were that same shade of dusky pink, if her pussy lips were. Christ, he had to stop thinking that way or he’d bend her over the lounge right there in the bar.

Everyone settled in at their private lounge to chat, getting to know one another. The drinks were flowing and Alyssa was really starting to relax. Her face flamed every time she looked over and noticed Mason glancing at her. The look on his face said he wanted to eat her. She had never experienced anything like it before, and it had her feeling oh so hot. Like she was a firework ready to burst.

Andrew decided it was time to get a bit intimate. He asked the question of the group: What is your favourite fantasy? As they went around the circle rattling off their most private desires (Bree wanted to be the naughty student punished by her teacher, Andrew a threesome with two women, Sophia the mile high club, Chris with a sexy librarian and Mason who wanted to tie a woman to the bed and have her at his mercy) Alyssa realised what a disadvantage she was at. She was embarrassed to admit it but her fantasy was MUCH kinkier than any of those. Or at least way too intimate to spill to a group of people she had barely met, especially the guys. “Um, “she started. “I can’t say mine, it’s way too embarrassing.

“What? Oh no Kitten, you HAVE to tell us now. It must be a juicy one, “Andrew grinned. She looked so straight laced. They guys all shared a knowing look. No way could this sweet inexperienced girl say anything that would shock even one of them. It was Mason who spoke first. He turned to Alyssa, merter escort whom he was now seated next to, and offered a wolfish grin. She blushed at the sight. Damn it why did that guy have to exude such sex appeal? He had only had eyes for her all night, even as other women ogled him. He was dressed smartly in a dress shirt and pants. She could tell even through his clothes that he had an amazing body. Broad shoulders and strong arms, a narrow waist and strong thighs. God she would love to rip that shirt off him. She realised she was staring at his chest and ripped her eyes up to his face. His answering smirk said he knew exactly what she was thinking, her face flamed at the realisation.

“I’ll make you a deal, “he said to her. “Whisper your fantasy to me and I promise not to tell the others. I bet its pretty tame anyway.”

Alyssa looked at him for a moment. This man who she had only just met yet was pulling a reaction from her that she had never experienced before, just by being close to her. She thought about those three other men she had been with. She never felt this intense want, or should she say, NEED, with them. And she figured if she really wanted to try and be this confident new woman she knew she wanted to be, that she had to take a risk and put herself out there. She hoped to hell she wasn’t going to embarrass herself. She looked over at the girls and smiled. “Here goes nothing”, she thought.

Leaning in to him she could smell him, his cologne, his intrinsically male scent. Oh yes, Mason was all man, and she wanted him badly. He looked over at Chris and Andrew and smiled, waiting for whatever tame little fantasy that ran through her gorgeous head. Little did he know… She pressed closer to him, her breasts lightly touching his arm, a subtle move yet one that lit him on fire. She breathed into his ear, so that only he could hear her, “My fantasy starts off with regular sex, a man and I twisted in the bed sheets, him bearing down on top of me, filling me with his thick cock whilst I gasp for more, begging him to go faster, fuck me harder, deeper. He would thrust relentlessly into me, spearing me over and over again until my pussy clamps down around him, with an orgasm so intense I scream myself hoarse. That would send him over the edge he’d roar with release, and he’d start filling me with his hot cum. But he wouldn’t just stop there. No… he’d pull his huge cock out and pump that cum all over my throbbing pussy, glazing my bare lips. I don’t even know if its really possible but in my fantasy it is, he has so much cum that he starts painting my tits with it, before aiming at my mouth and releasing the last of his hot load on my lips. This triggers another orgasm in me whilst I lick it from my lips and rub it into my nipples and pussy. God, theres so much cum and I just cant get enough of it. The thought of him marking me, claiming me as his in the most primal way. It gets me so wet. Every. Damn. Time.”

The others are sitting silent around the table, straining to hear Alyssa’s confession, and failing miserably. The only clue as to what she’s said is Mason’s reaction. And boy, what must she have said to him? He looks feral, unhinged. Mason’s only response is a pained groan, he cant control it from falling from his lips. He’s floored by her secret admission. It was without a doubt, THE hottest thing he had ever heard, he’d never been so hard and desperate for release in his whole life. And to make matters worse he was in a public setting, seated in front of his friends, with a siren of a woman beside him. He turned to her, nothing but lust in his eyes. And blown away by the pure unadulterated heat in hers.

Oh he would have her, he’d taste her hot flesh himself, feel her quiver around him. He would make her every fantasy come true.

To be continued…

So… what did you think? Please leave feedback, I’d love to know what you thought of my story.

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