Dating Dana

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This is my 3rd entry in the Erotic Coupling category in the Literotica Survivor Contest.


Jessica was lying on her stomach in bed, finishing the last of her coffee when I walked into the room. Naked as the day she was born, I remembered every curve of her body and the way she sounded during a heated session of sex. She is an incredible woman and the kind of lover who gives it her all in the bedroom. I considered myself lucky just to have spent the night with her.

“Can I get you some more coffee?” I offered as she turned over and gave me the kind of smile that ignites heat in every man she meets. That beautiful face, that long blonde hair and those deep, rich brown eyes, she is perfection with a capital “P”.

“No, thank you,” she said to me in her soft, feminine voice. “A night like that and breakfast in bed, you spoil a girl. You make it hard for me to want to leave this morning.”

“I told you he was the best lover and most considerate lover that I’ve ever had,” Dana said as she walked out of the en-suite bathroom. “Sorry baby, but yes, that even includes you. I’ve never known a man like Frank before, I suppose that’s why I actually let him trap me this way,” Dana said to our guest, flashing the huge diamond I had purchased only a few weeks back.

My name is Frank Sutton and I’m about to tell you about Dana and how she has enriched my life. I’m an attorney here in Los Angeles; I specialize in patent law, with litigation as a backup. I’m very good at my job and thus, my billable hours are quite high. I’ve earned a tidy sum over the years and invested well, therefore, I’m comfortable. I can generally buy what I like, go where I want, do as I please.

What I am not and have never been is a smooth talker, not with the ladies. Oh, I can litigate with the best of them, although it’s not my passion. I love to help smart people patent a new product I know will make them money or help to make the world a better place. Sometimes, I even work pro bono if the inventor is someone I think has the best interest of others at heart. My own dad, bless his heart, was always trying to make like easier for others. Easier for my mom, for me and for my 4 siblings. It’s a sad fact that he tried so hard to improve the lives of others that he forgot to work on his own life. He died without a pot to piss in. I promised not to let that happen to me, so while I help other people as much as I can, I’m also smart enough to look out for my own interests.

My mom and my siblings are all looked after – not a one of them has a mortgage or any massive debts. Never again will any of them want for a thing. For a time, that might not have been true of Karen, my youngest sister. She was a bit too much like our father and thought with her heart and not her head. Stuart was her husband and a bit of a nebbish. You never would have thought of him to have a gambling problem, but he did. He got them into massive debt and when his “creditors” came after him, looking for their money, Karen found out just what a mess he had made of things. Stuart had a second mortgage on their home and the kid’s college money was wiped out. When Karen confronted him, the nebbish vanished and the S.O.B. emerged. He actually found the balls to hit her and then went out and got massively drunk. My mother and father didn’t raise any fools. Karen knew right there and then her marriage was over. She got on the phone to me and I called one of the associates in my firm. When Stuart arrived home 3 days later, drunk as a skunk, he found himself facing the police and a restraining order. Karen had the locks changed and never looked back. With some swift legal maneuvering, Arnie, her attorney, managed to have the house transferred entirely to her name. She hadn’t signed the second mortgage; the little prick forged her signature – badly. He now had to sink or swim on his own and Karen is thriving. She got a job, lost some weight and with help from big brother, paid off the mortgage. She is currently dating a pretty paralegal at our firm named Gwen and she’s happy.

This story isn’t about Karen though, it’s about me and it’s about Dana and how we hooked up. I just wanted to give you some back story.

I became a partner at my firm about 5 years ago and I’m very pleased about that. To celebrate, I bought a new car and a new home. I’m not like my old man, not in the least bit handy, so I hired a gardener and his wife, she was a combination maid and cook. Felipe and Rosa have become like family, so when Felipe showed me this gardening device he had been working on, I helped him to obtain a patent for it. It’s making him a tidy sum of money, so much so that I may have to hire a new staff next year. It’s a small matter, I was happy to do it and I like to see people succeed.

Sometimes a good deed will come back and bite you in the ass, sometimes; you get showered with a bit of good fortune. This is the latter. Rosa’s sister worked for a man who was looking for a patent attorney who also had experience in litigation. This gentleman is a rather well-known inventor who holds several beylikdüzü otele gelen escort patents. In recent months, he had seen blatant copies of his products turning up on late-night infomercials. Apparently, this guy had a full head of steam about this, because the products weren’t even slightly different than his, just cheaper – bargain basement knockoffs. He didn’t want someone buying one of these shoddy products thinking it was his. His products were, at times, a bit pricy but worth every penny. Hell, my own mom has a few of these products and has since I can remember. His company builds things that last.

He also hires only the best people in the business and he doesn’t skimp on the salary. When I walked into Ron’s office one afternoon, I saw evidence of that. The furnishings were of the highest quality, everyone was working in a spacious environment – none of that cubicle crap. I was to find out that they had a high-end cafeteria with a cook on staff who had once worked in a fine hotel. Meals were part of the salary package and the benefits were something many people only dream of. I talked to a lot of his employees and I swear, this has never happened – not a single one of them had a bad word to say about Ron. There was something else I noticed – his employees were attractive, all of them. In the “drop dead” sense of the word attractive.

After interviewing several of Ron’s most trusted employees, I knew for sure that this guy was a straight shooter and as honest as they came. It wasn’t hard to discover who was responsible for the knockoff products, a disgruntled former employee had been selling some of Ron’s secrets to a low-budget competitor. I went to Ron’s office to give him the good news and let him know that we likely had a good case for copyright infringement. I almost didn’t make it to his office door.

I was stopped dead in my tracks by this – vision – sitting at her desk. In bare feet, she had to be at least 5’9″ in height and when she came out from behind the desk to greet me, I saw she was wearing 4″ high heels. Her blouse was cut low, not unprofessionally so, but low enough to display a generous amount of cleavage. She didn’t so much move towards me as she did saunter, almost like a cat. Luminescent green eyes met mine – I was lost. I had always believed it to be a cliché, but it was a simple truth – love at first sight. I had just met Dana Hall and my life was never again going to be the same.

This walking, breathing goddess was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Gorgeous legs were in a short and tight black skirt that perfectly matched her blouse. Her skin was flawless and she didn’t have a single hair out of place. When she looked at me, I actually forgot what I was there to accomplish. I know she spoke to me at least three times before I could compose myself and comprehend that she was telling me that Ron was expecting me and I could go in. Her voice was as sexy as the rest of her. It was as if the universe had one really great day when she was put together.

When I could finally gather my wits about me and enter Ron’s office, I was only half there. The rest of me was most certainly in the outer office with the gorgeous brunette I had just encountered. I did manage to give Ron the information that he needed and fill him in on the game plan. He seemed pleased, so I decided to take a risk in asking “Just who was that gorgeous creature I met on the way in here?” I asked him.

“I see you’ve met Dana,” Ron laughed. “She has that effect on everyone. Dana’s my niece on my sister’s side. I gave her the job as a favor, but it turned out to be the best decision I ever made – she’s totally devoted and a hard worker. But don’t bother wasting your time; she’s shot down every guy here that asked her out.”

I know that I should have been dissuaded at his words, yet I wasn’t. Quite the opposite – I wanted the challenge and being a lawyer, I had my arguments ready. I approached bench and the beauteous Dana with my head readied for any objection she might give me. I intended to overrule all of them.

In a manner that is just as mystifying as a woman, she surprised me by accepting. “I was hoping that you’d notice me when I saw you enter the building earlier today,” she stated boldly. “I liked the look of you and the manner in which you conducted yourself. Pick me up at 8 and handsome, wear a suit. I intend to dazzle you later on,” she smiled. Later on? I was so dazzled at that point, I didn’t know if my poor heart could take much more excitement. I knew that I was going to take her to the swankiest place I knew of, the Bella Bistro and Lounge. Everyone that worked there was a friend of mine, from the owner right down to the busboys. I dined there often and I tipped well. I knew that they would pour out all of the stops for Dana and I hoped it would impress her.

Over dinner and drinks, I found that I had underestimated Dana by a wide margin. First, “dazzle” would be an understatement. She descended from the heavens (okay, from her brownstone beylikdüzü rus escort apartment) in a tight black dress that left little to the imagination. It showed both a vast expanse of tits and legs. “36DD,” she said to me and winked as she got in the car. Her skirt rode up to reveal she was wearing stockings and garters. “I didn’t want for you to keep wondering.” Once we arrived, she disarmed everyone with her charm and style, yet when we were together, I found that she had quite the bawdy sense of humor. She was so gracious and sincere with everyone that I knew before our evening was done that I was in love with her.

“I’d invite you upstairs, but I …”

I thought I knew what she was going to say. “I understand completely, it’s only our first date,” I said, sincerely trying to be considerate. Once more, Dana turned my world upside down.

“Oh no Frank, it isn’t that at all,” Dana said, molding herself close to me and laying a kiss on me that ignited my libido higher than it had ever been before. “I’m a big girl and I’m very naughty, you’ll find out soon enough that I go after what I want whenever I want it. I don’t worry about propriety, I can be both professional and have a very audacious private life. It’s just – my roommate is home tonight and she’s called dibs on our apartment, so I thought we can wait until next time. Believe me, I’m well worth the wait,” she said as she sashayed up a few flights of stairs. I was sure that she knew I was watching her every move and was intent on giving me a little show.

I was halfway home before I realized that I could have offered up my own apartment for our night’s enjoyment. I laughed to myself because I had never before encountered anyone who could get me so flustered. I also slapped my forehead when I realized that I hadn’t asked her for a second date. I was just pulling into my driveway when my cell rang. “Look in the glove compartment,” Dana said on the other end of the phone. I did and found a little memento of our evening – the tiniest, sheerest black thong I had ever seen. “That should remind you that when you have chemistry like we have, it’s a good idea to ask a girl on a second date,” she chuckled. “However, as I said – I’m a big girl. Friday night, I have something I want to do and it’s not expensive, just fun. See you then, lover.”

When Dana called me “lover” my cock got almost rock-hard and I think I gained about two inches in length. At work the next day, my colleagues, my secretary and a few of the paralegals noticed I was in a fog. Man, oh man, did I have it bad.

Not that I was complaining. Not for a single, solitary second. I had met my match and was thrilled about it.

Dana called on Friday afternoon to remind me of our date – as if I could possibly forget – and she alerted me to the fact that she would be picking me up. “You’re footing the bill, I can at least provide the transportation,” she insisted. I told her I had three cars that I loved to drive, but my lady was more than a match for me. She won out, of course. If Dana had told me that she was picking me up on a camel, I still would have let her have her way.

When Dana arrived promptly at 7 PM on Friday evening to pick me up, I got my head blown again. She was driving a vintage 1964 Corvette in pristine condition. “It was my mother’s,” she informed me. “It was Daddy’s bribe to get her to marry him,” she chuckled as I got in. She was wearing the tightest white booty shorts and low-cut black top her body could support and not get us arrested.

She took us to a restaurant called Moxies where every server was a drop-dead hot babe. “I can appreciate the eye candy too,” Dana smiled. Even though I had spent six hours with her just a few days earlier, I still didn’t know much about her. I got the impression that was the way she wanted it, because she deflected some of my questions and kept asking me about myself and my romantic history. I was honest and somewhat discreet, which she seemed to appreciate.

I wonder to this day what she saw in me, but she wore a perpetual smile all throughout our meal. It was expensive for what we had, but I guess they have to pay the “eye candy” a decent enough wage. Now that we were done with our meal, I wondered what Dana had in mind for the rest of our evening. It wasn’t even nine o’clock. Would she want to go dancing or perhaps to a movie or perhaps a nice café for coffee and dessert? It really didn’t matter to me what we did, so long as I was in her company. I would have gone with her to “Gilligan’s Island” if she had asked me to.

I’m sure you’ve figured out that the answer is “none of the above”. Do you want to know where we did eventually end up?

At a bowling alley. She continued to catch me off guard by taking me bowling. “You don’t mind, do you?” She asked excitedly as she was putting on her shoes. “I never get to do this anymore, none of my friends like doing it and I used to bowl in a league.”

I assured her that I didn’t and wondered how sexy bowling could possibly be. I should have known. beylikdüzü türbanlı escort She had this way of moving and bending that was unconsciously sexy and I caught a lot of eyes watching my date as she bowled. She was good, too.

Of course, I was better. I bowled a 300, a perfect game. For the first time since I had met her, I had flummoxed Dana. “I’ve been bowling since I was 9 and I also used to be in a league,” I told her. “I went pro before I entered law school and winning tournaments was how I paid for part of my tuition. That was my fifth perfect game,” I said, feeling vaguely superior since the first time I met her.

“You rat!” Dana laughed and broke into a huge fit of the giggles. She had bowled a 240, a very respectable game. “I wanted to show you up and see how you’d react to a woman beating you,” she told me. “I happen to think it’s very sexy when a man doesn’t have an ego about a woman being better than he is at things.”

“Then don’t ever shoot pool with me,” I smiled. “I’ve been playing pool since I was 7.” She roared with laughter and I was now far more comfortable with her. She had toppled from her pedestal and I knew my goddess had a human face as well.

It was still early and we did go to that café. The dessert was amazing, but with the spell I was under, it could have been cardboard. “My roommate isn’t home tonight,” Dana purred as she put her hand on my knee. “Do you think you can handle an all-nighter?”

I was still slightly intimidated by Dana and I thought I should make sure we were on the same page. “Just to clarify, we are talking about …”

“I’m taking you back to my place, fixing you a nice drink and then we’re going to have a nice, slow, leisurely fuck followed by several more,” Dana purred as she bit my ear. “That clear enough for you, lover?”

Each and every time Dana called me “lover”, my cock did a little happy dance. Dana was a terrific driver and I still think we broke a few speed records getting back to her place. We were kissing and tossing clothes around when I heard someone call out “Dana baby, is that you?”

A gorgeous, busty blonde emerged from one bedroom. She was wearing only a man’s dress shirt and nothing else. Had I not been blinded by Dana’s beauty, I would most certainly have been mesmerized by the blonde. Dana, however, was neither mesmerized nor happy. “Damn it Aurora, what the fuck are you doing here?”

The sloe-eyed blonde looked over at me and then back at Dana. “My date got the measles, can you believe it? So I was left with no alternative but to come home.” She looked at me again and smiled. “You know Dana, we could …”

“No, we could not,” Dana glared at her. “Frank, this blonde intruder is my roommate, Aurora.” I smiled and nodded in her direction. She was lovely and I liked her unique name. “Don’t worry baby, she won’t bother us … will you, Aurora?”

I got the impression that Aurora would very much liked to have “bothered us”, but I was a guest in their home. Added to that was my overwhelming desire to win Dana’s affections and you certainly don’t do that by suggesting a threesome. It might make the other girl think you’re not interested in a relationship and all that I wanted at this juncture was to start a relationship with Dana.

“Keep him company for a few minutes, but no more!” Dana said, making it clear that I was as dangerous as plutonium. We talked for a few minutes and I did find Aurora to be enchanting. If I had met her first, I might well have dated her, but the “spark” was so much more with Dana. When she called my name, I almost galloped to the bedroom.

She was worth running for. In a black merry widow, stockings and garter, I was in heaven. Dana was in my arms and we were almost fused into one entity. We toppled to the bed with Dana almost ripping my shirt from my body. “Fuck Frank, you’re really built,” she exclaimed. “You weren’t just bragging when you told me that you worked out.” My law firm has its own gymnasium and I had told Dana that I used it regularly. Her mouth flew all over my chest as she deftly removed the rest of my clothes. “Frank, you are the total package,” Dana said to me. I think at that point, I felt ten feet tall.

Dana wanted to assume control, but some part of me knew I had to pull my own weight in the bedroom. I gently moved her on to the bed and spread those gorgeous legs of hers. Surrounded by softly-perfumed thighs, I ate her sweet, bare pussy until I had her yelping and thrashing about the bed. “Christ Frank, you’re almost as good as …” she started to say and then, she stopped herself. I was pretty sure at that point she might have slipped up and blurted out “Aurora”. I sensed that there was something between them that was more than a friendship, but that was none of my business. I made her cum in a few more minutes and she was practically beaming.

With a hearty laugh, Dana pushed me on my back and went to work on my cock. She was a terrific fellatio artiste with a technique such as I had never before experienced. I said a silent prayer for all of my past partners, who had taught me endurance. I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of my new lady by cumming too soon. Thankfully, I managed to hold out for a while until I felt enough time had passed. I made the move to pull away but I could see the look for “no” in her eyes and I let myself cum in her mouth. She was so adept that there wasn’t even a trace on her mouth when we kissed.

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