Dancing in a Texas Roadhouse

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They say Don’t Mess With Texas, however I have found that Texas is a great place to mess around and have some fun! This is a work of fiction which is based on an idea from a Texan Lady.


My name is Misty. I’m married to an oil worker who travels a lot and sometimes spends over six months overseas. We have one son, John, who’s in college and spends his time at home and on the university’s campus about an hour drive from our house. As he grew into a man, it became harder and harder for me to keep my eyes off him and to control my fantasy of taking him to bed especially when his dad was away.

I should tell you a little bit about us. As I said, I’m Misty, I’m from Texas and have lived here my entire life. Henry and I married when we were young and crazy, not too long after we graduated from college. I’m rather short and busty, with all-natural 36c firm breasts with beautiful large pink nipples. Since I’m a stay at home mom you are more likely to find me in jeans or sweats than dressed up. However, if I’m going out for the night I can dress up in quite a seductive manner. I’ve never had a complaint about my legs or my breasts, and I’ve been told my eyes can draw a man straight to my bedroom.

It had been about two weeks after Henry left for the oilfields that I began feeling horny and was wanting a man in the worst of ways. It did not help that John was home for a semester break and, since it was warm enough for the pool to be open, he spent most of his time in his swim trunks, hanging out with his friends at the pool. It seemed as the clock hit 10am his friends, both boys and girls, would show up on cue and spend the day swimming and laying out in the sun. I found myself not only looking at the boys but there were a couple of girls which caught my eye. “Am I bisexual?” I thought. I’ve never been with a girl but, like I said, there were a couple that I think could get my attention… horsing around in the pool like most college kids. I enjoyed watching the girls sitting on the guys’ shoulders while they wrestled in the water. This was somehow erotic to me. Is that wrong?

Watching them romp in the water, I was surprised none of the girls had lost the tops from their swimsuits. Was I hoping? Mmmm, not sure but it would have been fun to see what happened… to see how the boys reacted. I was sure that all of them were sexually active… well except for me since Henry has been out of town.

Watching out the kitchen window, I could feel the heat in my pussy increasing and my hand unconsciously starting to inch past the waistband of my shorts and under the lace of the black thong that I picked out this morning. It didn’t take but a few minutes before I decided I had better go to my bedroom rather than risk getting caught.

The shorts dropped as soon as I got in my room. I jumped on top of the bed where I would have a clear view of the pool. The French door was open, so I could hear their screams of delight. When I heard one of the girls beşiktaş escort yell my son’s name, “John, that was my boob you grabbed!” just as I reached an orgasm and immediately thought of him grabbing my breast and manhandling me the way his father use to when he was young.

The week passed with me getting hornier and hornier. The last time Henry went out of the country I went to a club and found a young man whom I brought home. We had a wild few months before I broke it off and Henry returned home.

A few weeks after the pool party I was frustrated enough to try anything to satisfy my urges. I’d resorted to buying the industrial-sized packs of batteries for my assorted toys.

It took some convincing, but I finally talked Debbie, a girlfriend whose husband was also on travel, to go out for a night. We didn’t talk about picking up guys, but we decided we would dress the part just in case we met someone we liked. I decided on a jean mini skirt and a pair of casual sandals with about a three-inch heel and a cotton blouse that buttoned up the front and I could adjust the buttons depending on how alluring I wanted to be. Debbie decided on a pair of tight black jeans, black and white cowgirl boots and a white sweater that showed off her firm set of boobs. Debbie’s a bit taller than me, thinner, and has blonde hair that hangs just over her shoulders. We decided on going to a town about thirty minutes away that has an entertainment district with a mix of regular restaurants and bars and an occasional gentlemen’s club with their gaudy flashing lights and pictures of girls scantily clothed behind glass to attract the men as they walk by. It was funny to see the men with their dates or wives try to sneak a peek at the pictures without causing their lady to notice.

We went into one bar, but the music wasn’t right for us, so we left after one drink and headed to another place that I heard the kids mention when they were sunning on the pool deck. Approaching the door, I noticed they had a bouncer checking IDs which would indicate they attracted a younger crowd clientele. Oh my god, what if John and the pool gang was there?

Passing the bouncer, we both scanned the room looking for xxx and his friends but didn’t spot them. with a wave of relieve they must have picked some other place else to hang out for the night. It didn’t take long for a young man just about the age of my son to ask me out on to the dance floor. Not recognizing the music, I took his hand and began to move my hips to the music when the ease of a talented dancer he spun me around until I ended up with his arms around me and our lips just inches from meeting… He started to move forward for the kiss when I decided to play a bit coy and turned my face to let his lips land on my cheek, but He didn’t take it as a rebuff and I felt his hot breath move down my face to my neck where he began kissing from behind my ear and down my neck! Oh, my god, he cannot beşyol escort leave a passion mark on my neck for my son to see… Sliding from his arms I was relieved that the song ended.

I had to get off the floor after the music stopped and before another song started, things were moving faster than I had planned but I was still enjoying the chase. The idea of being wanted by such a young man or boy! Hell, he was probably John’s age. Looking over my shoulder my young friend was just a few steps behind trying to catch up.

“Hey, do not run away!” I turned to face the gorgeous young man. Blond, muscular build of a swimmer, deep blue eyes, a wild 50s Hawaiian shirt, and jeans. I had no choice but to ask him to join us. With a nod to a friend we soon had a blond and matching auburn-haired swimmer. Ordering a fresh round of drinks, the boys introduced themselves. As I turned my attention to Bobby my friend Debbie turned her attention to the other young man that had introduced himself as Aaron. The night was marvelous; the next time we were on the dance floor, Bobby spun me around and turned me into his arms, however, this time I did not turn my head away and his lips met mine. I was kissing him with my eyes closed s but imagining that it was my son. Bobby was not shy about touching me and his hands explored my body every time we were on the dance floor.

Glancing at my watch, I noticed it was getting close to closing time for the clubs. Debbie and I needed to decide what we would be going to do next: Do we take these boys home, find someplace else to go, or leave them high and dry? The last choice would be mean, and I knew if Debbie felt like I did she would want to fuck her young stud just like I wanted to fuck Bobby!

It was a short walk to the no-tell motel where I figured it would be safer to spend the night with them there than to risk taking them back to either of our homes.

We told the boys to go in and get a room with two double beds and we would be waiting for them in our car. It only took a few minutes for them to pay for the room and come back to get us. Aaron stopped by their car to retrieve some beer for the night.

Entering the room, it wasn’t much; it had the required two (or maybe not required) two beds, a small refrigerator, and the assorted cheap furniture that you find in such establishments. The door shut and there was no turning back. We were now committed to showing these boys a good time. Aaron started popping open the beers and Debbie and I excused ourselves to the bathroom, telling the boys we need to freshen up a bit.

Closing the door behind us, I looked at her, “Are you in for this?” Looking back in surprise, “Hell yes!” “Any limits?” I was quite surprised when she grabbed the back of my head and pressed her lips to mine giving me a kiss that rivaled the ones I had gotten from Bobby.

“Okay then, let us give them a show.”

Opening the door, we came back into the room beykent escort with the sluttiest slut walk that you could imagine!

Moving to where they were relaxing on the bed we began to tease them; bending forward to let them see our cleavage until Aaron reached for Debbie’s shoulder and pulled her top overhead exposing a sexy purple bra holding her luscious tits. Not to be outdone, I pulled my top off and immediately turned for Bobby to unhook the back strap of my bra – letting my tits fly free. I turned to meet his face, so he could suck my nipple into his mouth as I floated on a cloud. I was enjoying his oral attention when I felt another mouth and I did not know if it was Aaron or Debbie. Come to find out it was Aaron, because I soon felt Debbie’s lips pressing to mine as we kissed and made out on the bed the four of us rolling and discovering every inch of the other bodies.

Pushing Bobby onto his back, with a few quick moves his belt was loosened, and he was sliding out of his jeans. Kissing up his thighs, I found his fully erect cock waiting for my hungry mouth. The tip was already covered with pre-cum and I slid it into my mouth, paying special attention to running the tip of my tongue over the slit of his cock. It was delicious, but I wanted to feel him deep inside of me so slipped my panties off and mounted him in a reserve cowgirl with me bouncing up and down on his cock, feeling it grow bigger in my pussy. I didn’t want him to cum too fast, so I dismounted and moved over to where Debbie was working on Aaron. I bent over to let my lips run up one side of his cock while Debbie worked the other side when I felt Bobby enter me from the rear, burying his cock again into my pussy and sliding his thumb along my ass and pressing it against my hole. Licking Aaron, I began to feel Bobby’s cock growing and it was with Aaron’s cock in my mouth that I felt Bobby’s hot rock enter my pussy!

I left Aaron to Debbie and rolled over on my back and pulled Bobby down to snuggle and kiss while the tremors of the orgasm ran through my body. It would be in this position that I woke up the next morning with Bobby’s head laying on my chest, his mouth only inches from my nipples, with such a relaxed look on his face. Moving him off me, I needed to do my morning business. I came back into the room seeing Aaron and Debbie in a similar position.

Bobby looked over at me as I started the coffee, I indicated with my eyes asking whether he wanted a cup and he nodded his head yes.

“Look, as much as I would love to play with you all day I have to get home. But, I would enjoy doing this again soon.” Bobby looked over at Aaron and, with a nod of approval from Aaron said, “Well, we are having a party over at the frat house.” Great, I thought, it’s not the school where my son John attends and as far as I know he isn’t in a frat. “Why don’t you all come to the party tonight? What’s your phone number, I’ll send the address to you after I check with the other guys.”

I gave Bobby the number to a burner phone that I picked up at Wal-Mart for this purpose and watched him dress and finish his coffee. With a kiss from my new stallion, he and Aaron headed for the door leaving two delirious MILFs in their wake, wondering what would happen later that night…

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