Damn You

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When I walk into the room, you seem very much surprised. Its apparent you weren’t expecting me, and that I was the furthest thing from your mind. Regardless, I smile and make my way over to an available chair. Mild annoyance flickers over your face, and I can’t help but feel excited.

“I’m busy. What do you want?”

I laugh at you, something I know you can’t stand, and lean back in the chair. My jeans tighten over my thighs and I see your eyes glance down briefly before returning to my own.

“You aren’t busy. You look bored, even.”

“I’m sure I can find something to entertain myself with. You know your way out.”

Unconcerned with your hostility, I get to my feet and make my way over to stand in front of you. You appear to be absorbed in a book, which looks to be fairly new. I reach down and take it from your hands, tossing it to the floor. Anger flashes over your face, and you get to your feet. This is the response I wanted, and I smile as I place my hand on your chest and push you backwards. Unstable, you sit back down, and before you can get back up, my hands are on the buttons to my shirt.

Slowly, I begin to undo them, my eyes locking with yours. One…two…three…my skin begins to tingle as I watch your eyes burn down the length of my chest, observing as I bare my skin for you. Three….four..The last button is undone, and I slide the shirt off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I continue to watch you, watching me, your eyes burning with anger and now with lust. Your hands tighten in the comforter of your bed, and I feel inward satisfaction.

My hands slowly slide down my stomach and find the snap of my jeans. In one smooth movement, it is undone, and I slide the zipper down slowly. My tongue reaches out to wet my lips as I slide them even further down, and step out of them. Now I’m standing, in front of you, clothed only in red. You start to reach up with your hands, but I step back. Smiling, I reach back to undo the clasp of my bra, baring my breasts to the chill in the air. My nipples tighten at your gaze, and I shiver. I can almost feel that old familiar touch, and my heart begin to beat wildly.

I reach up to touch myself, cupping my breasts in my hands, my fingers finding the nipples and tweaking them. I sigh. With a small smile, I then proceed to step out of my panties, bending down to give you a nice view of my breasts. They are almost touching you, and I can feel your breath close. I shiver again. I now stand naked before you, staring at you. You are breathing heavy, your eyes now burning into my skin as I watch you look me up and down, taking it all in. Your eyes meet mine again, bakırköy escort and I know that look.

Without a word I drop to my knees in front of where you sit, settling myself into a comfortable position. My hands reach up to your waist, sneaking inside your jeans and I begin to undo them. I can feel your heat, your hardness through the material, as I unclasp them and slide the zipper down. You lift up to help me slide them off you and to the floor. Your boxers soon follow. I smile as I watch your eyes, losing myself in them. My hands slide up your thighs, and then to your cock, grasping you firmly in my hands. You are hot, so very hot, and I sigh as I begin to lower my mouth to you.

My tongue darts from my mouth, and teasing, I slowly sip at you, licking playfully, prolonging. If its even possible, you get harder in my hand, and I slide my tongue over the head, tasting you. I’m wating, as I always do, for that moment. Small, slow licks, tasting the salty heat of your cock, my tongue swirling down your sides. You moan and I instantly take all of you into my mouth. That is what I wanted. Appreciation for your pleasure. You now fill my throat, large and throbbing in my mouth. I begin to slide my mouth up and down the entire length of you, trying my best not to gag. You are much larger than anyone I’ve ever been with before.

I can feel your excitment, pulsing through your cock, and you begin to thrust your hips upward to meet my downward strokes. This is what I wanted. I begin to moan as I feel you, sliding down my throat. Your hands reach up to fist in my hair, and you begin to push my head down on you. I gag, but don’t stop, increasing the speed of my mouth sucking you. I can barely see for the tears leaking from my eyes, but I do not care. I can hear the small gasps of your excitement, feel your cock begin to shudder as you pump in and out of my hot mouth. Its almost here, what I crave.

My pussy begins to dampen, my juices now running down my inner thighs and I resist the urge to reach down and touch myself. Moaning, I raise up to meet your thrusts, choking on the length of your cock. I can feel your thighs tightening, and you grow even harder.

“Do you want it?”, you gasp in between strokes.

I moan, pausing only to mumble around your dick.

“Yes. Give it to me.”

With a groan, you shove my mouth back down around you, and explode. It goes on forever, your cock pumping into my throat. I can taste you, salty and hot, and I swallow greedily. You taste so good. With a moan, I let your cock slide from my mouth, and I proceed to lick my lips clean of your cum.

Our bakırköy eve gelen escort eyes meet.

With a grunt, you climb to your feet, snatching me up by my hair. Bringing my face close to yours, you kiss me. Our tongues tangle only briefly before you toss me to the bed behind us, shoving my face into the mattress. My heart beats wildly, and I know whats coming. My nipples begin to harden again, and I can feel the coolness of the sheets burning into them.

“You bitch. You’re going to get what you came for.”

I feel your fingers on me, touching my wetness. I shiver as you fondle me, your fingers rough and probing. I am soaking within seconds, panting into the sheets. You reach up to grasp my ass, your nails digging into the soft skin until I wince with pain. Chuckling, you let your nails trail up my back, raking my skin. I can feel it burn, the marks you have left on me. One hand grasps a handful of my hair, and the other reachs around the cup my right breast. Your fingers feel wonderful. You knead me slowly, while you pull my hair back until it touches my back. I groan, and you pinch my nipple until I yelp. The pain brings tears to my eyes, and you laugh at me.

One hand still grasping my hair, you bring your body close to mine. I can feel your hardness, your heat, against me. I push against you, panting like a bitch in heat. Just like you wanted. In one smooth move, you are inside me. All of you. I can feel your hardness, filling me up to the point of pain. I bite my lip and moan. This feels so incredible. Just like I wanted.

You don’t move slowly, but head right into a hard fucking. Within seconds I am to the point of cumming, soaked and sensitive. Every inch of you pounds into me, and I can’t hold back my cries. Your hands grasp my hips, nails digging, your cock slamming into me over and over. I cum, convulsing around you. You don’t stop.

Instead, you reach down only to grab my feet and turn my body to face you. I am now on my back, my legs up around your shoulders, my eyes locking with yours again. You are angry. It is written all over your face. I shiver, knowing you mean to make me hurt before the time is over with. This time, you stop, leaning forward to clasp your mouth onto my nipples, sucking at them, teasing me. I gasp at the pleasure, amazed at how you can always make me feel so much with them. Your tongue flickers around them, and your teeth clamp down to bite. I moan, my head tossing side to side.


You laugh at me, your tongue now trailing down my cleavage and to my bellybutton. My body begins to tense up, and I wait bakırköy grup yapan escort for it. With a gleam in your eye, you slam your cock into my body, so hard that I yell out and try to jerk away. Your hands grasp my hips, holding me down firmly, and you begin to fuck me again. I am to the brink of pain now, but the pleasure is overwhelming. My cries are urgent now, and my body lifts up to meet you despite how I try to fight it. Over and over, I can feel you, so deep that I am about to cry. I can feel it coming closer. I stare into your eyes, hating what I see there. The look is mutual. Within a few more trusts I succumb, tensing up and crying out as I cum again. Its so intense that I can barely breathe, panting and digging my nails into the sheets. They’ll be shredded soon if you don’t stop.

You aren’t done yet. Snatching yourself from my body, you reach up to grab my hair and sling me to my feet. I am tingling all over, stumbling to and fro. I am led to the wall, where you press my body against it. It is cold, and I shiver, trying to turn to face you. Your hand remains fisted in my hair, and you push me forward until my face is pressed against the wall again. Your other hand is in the small of my back, pressing down and causing me to spread my legs. You reach down, and are inside me again. I don’t think I can take much more of this. I am sore, my legs are shaking to the point I might fall.

You fuck me again. Harder, your thrust into me, and I can feel your length deep inside. You are hot, and I can feel your sweat. It only turns me on more, and I begin to tighten around you as I feel another orgasm building. I pant heavily in between cries, as you slam into me over and over, your hand reach around to fondle my breast. You pinch my nipple hard. I can feel you growing bigger, and I know you are about to cum inside me. Excitement builds, and my entire body begins to shiver and shake. Just a few more strokes….

With a deep groan, you slam into me one final time and begin to spill yourself deep inside me. I lose control, and once again, I cum all around you, yelling loudly. Seconds pass, and only heavy breathing and sighs are heard. My knees are shaking uncontrollably by now, and as I feel you slide out of me, I fall to the floor. I am done.

I lay there, catching my breath, your juices sliding down my thighs, as I watch you walk across the room and reach for your clothes. No words are uttered as I watch you dress slowly. With a grimace, I crawl across the floor to my own, and begin to shuffle into them. I am sore, but satisfied, as is almost always the case when it comes to sex with you. Clothes donned, I crawl to my feet. By now, you have resumed your spot on the bed, and your book is opened to the spot where you seem to be reading. You look up briefly, and our eyes meet again.

“You know, I hate you.”

I cannot resist the urge to tell you, as I turn and head for the door. You chuckle.

“The feeling is mutual. Now get out.”

I leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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