D Minus Five days

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Normally, I never plan the fun I have with Tara. But having told Tara that she will have one fucking surprise every day leading to her birthday, I was planning what I would do??

That made it more interesting than taking our clothes off and enjoying each other.

Both of us do not drink. However, I planned that we should both get a little high. So, I bought a bottle of Cognac and kept it. I thought Tara might like some chocolate also. So bought some nice chocolate bars. I also got myself some After Eights.

I rang up Tara at her office and told her that I would pick her up. She knew that she had along night ahead. That was planned anyway.

When I picked her up and went towards home, Tara said, “I want to drop in home once and puck up some clothes”

I asked “Why?? You do not have to wear clothes while preparing for your birthday!!!”

Tara said “Shut Up”

I drove to her home. She walked out and went upstairs. I waited in the car down stairs. In keeping with her traditions, she took too long. I parked the car, went up, and rang her bell. She took very long to open the door. Tara said, “Why did you come up?”

I answered, “What is taking you so long?”

Tara said “I am putting some stuff together, so that I can go for work directly from your house”

I helped her take her small bag down and put it in the boot. Tara came down and we drove off to my house.

Once inside my flat, Tara got some Coffee ready and we sat and savored it with crackers.

I asked Tara ‘Want to have bath?”

She said “No. Later”

Tara suddenly asked “So what is the plan for tonight?”

I said, “It is a surprise”

I took out the bottle of Cognac and said, “Let us drink to D Day minus Five days”

Tara was puzzled. She asked, “You want to drink?? You know I do not drink!! Nor do you!!”

I said “Darling. In your honor. Let us drink. Later we will celebrate”

I poured out one drink each in a goblet.

Both of us started to sip the cognac and felt the warmth that it gave.

It wasn’t too distant before we had both downed three drinks each and we were both sweating. Tara was a little drunk. Nevertheless, she was in control. I was feeling a little dizzy.

I got up and told Tara “It is warm. Let us take off our clothes”

Tara said, “You take off your clothes. I will not take them off”

I peeled off my shirt and my trousers and then my vest and then my shorts. I was stark naked.

I sat down and brought out the chocolates that Tara loved.

Tara said “Thanks. That is thoughtful of you”

For some time Tara sat prim and proper with all her clothes on and looked at my naked body. Tara asked, “Come sit in my chair. Let me feel you”

I went next to her and said “Tara. I have a surprise for you tonight”

Tara said, “What is it?”

I fished out the handcuffs that I had got earlier and played with together with Tara.

Her eyes widened as I dangled a shiny pair of handcuffs in front of her. She was feeling the effects of one too many Cognacs as she reached out to feel the cool metal from me.

“Are you sure, Ravi?”

I just smiled.

She blushed a little, but could not deny the rush she felt as she thought of what lay ahead.

Tara said, “Don’t stop there, Ravi. Make me yours.”

I pulled her from the chair and led her towards the bedroom. Giggling nervously, she walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge of my bed.

I pulled her up and made her stand. I licked her lips as I worked on her belt and the fly buttons on her jeans. Tara giggle as it became obvious to me that she was not wearing anything under her jeans. I unhooked her jeans and pulled them down. She stepped over them and faced me.

I unbuttoned her loose top and peeled it off. She was wearing a bra. I unhooked it slowly and with no haste and peeled it off making Tara completely naked.

I smiled and tossed the handcuffs off the bed.

I went around the headboard and attached one cuff each to the headboard ready to get her cuffed in.

Tara licked her lips again bizimkent escort – a nervous habit of hers – then nodded. I kissed her forehead and pulled open one of the drawers built into the base of my bed. Reaching in, I came back with a leather blindfold with thick padding on either side of the divide where the nose was obviously intended to go. She had sudden doubts, but she had agreed after all…… and it was just a blindfold.

I settled it over her eyes, then drew the straps back to fasten them snuggly. She had to admit that it felt confining, but did not hurt.

Bereft of her sight, her whole body seemed to be on alert.

I teased her nipples with my tongue as I led her to the bed and pushed her down on the bed. I adjusted her position to be right for cuffing.

I captured her left wrist with my hands, brought it up, and cuffed it in.

She struggled against my cuffing her right hand.

I slowly lowered myself onto her. She gasped as I began to suck hard on her right breast.

Watching her reactions, I smiled and bit her nipple lightly. It was enough – her mouth flew open wide with her gasp. I had no trouble slipping the plug into her mouth, but I had to press her down harder against the mattress with my body to strap it down.

She was still fighting for all she was worth, but even so, she was surprised to find she could still breath through her mouth even after he had the gag strapped down tightly. Being able to breathe with it in her mouth and being able to speak with it there were two different things though.

Her feet were drumming an angry rhythm, but I soon put a stop to that. First, I pinned her legs and tied each ankle separately with the rope. Tara’s continued attempts to struggle were, as best she could tell, ignored as I tied off first her right, then her left ankles to spread her legs open wide.

Then she felt my hands stroke her thighs as I began to speak softly. “You’re tied, but you’re free, Tara. You don’t have to worry about where to look…. what to say…. where to touch. You don’t have to think about anything but your sensations.”

I continued speaking to her as I picked up the flavored whipped cream, I had purchased and kept ready for tonight.

“You don’t think you’re ready – but you are. Vanilla has started boring you. Do not shake your head – it is true. It may still be sweet, but it has become bland. But just like ice cream, you can’t judge sex by looking at it. You have to try a sample to see if you like it or not.”

Using two fingers, I began to work lubricant into her front passage. “Lots of flavors…. enough to make Baskin-Robbins envious. This one’s fairly mild, as bondage goes. No breast or nipple bondage, no crotch ropes, no hogties, nothing vaguely resembling an extreme position.”

I continued fingering her until she began to respond.

Then I withdrew my hand and slowly started to kiss her clit directly.

Tara became increasingly animalistic and started to grunt and heave as she climaxed.

I used a warm washcloth to clean her. Then I lay down beside her, one of my legs lying across one of hers as I teased her nipples and restarted my one-sided conversation with her as if it had never been paused.

“Now you’ve had a little sample of chocolate – and a bit of strawberry as well. And I think those are all the samples for tonight.”

I began to unbuckled her gag and eased it out of her mouth, deeply kissing her before removing the blindfold and the gag. She caught her first sight of her own bound and spread legs, flushing a bit at the amount of her exposure as well as the memory of what had just occurred. When my hands moved down, Tara thought that I as about to untie her legs. Then she gasped slightly as I reached to finger her clit instead of untying her legs.

“I was in the role of your teacher tonight, Tara. A teacher should always make their student push their boundaries…. discover new worlds. You can long for something more – something different, but you can’t crave the unknown”

Tara started to bostancı escort protest only to have that cut off by my left hand covering her mouth as my right hand easily cupped her mouth.

“For example, if you defy me like that after accepting me as a teacher? I will have to discipline you – which can also be highly enjoyable. The teacher/student relationship isn’t an equal one by definition.”

“Tara. Why weren’t you wearing panties?”

“How does that bother you?”

I said, “Have you been fucking someone else?”

Tara said “No”

“Then how come you were not wearing your panty”

“I went home and took it off. For you.”

I said “No. You will now have to undergo an interrogation session”

Tara said “What?”

I took out my feathers and started to run it over her face and then slowly over her body. It ran over her breasts and then circled her nipples.

Her nipples hardened.

I asked, “Who have you been fucking?”

“No one”

I started to slowly bring down the feather near her thighs and asked, “You will suffer a lot more. It is better you confess”

Tara said, “I don’t have anything to confess”

I ran the feather over her open crotch and went on asking her to confess. Tara went on denying the accusation.

Suddenly I parted her pussy lips with two fingers and started to run the feather over her clit.

Tara was mad with pleasure and started to come.

Soon Tara was screaming and climaxing.

Sweat was pouring down her flanks and she was having her sex shudders.

When she calmed down, I asked her again “Who are you fucking now a days?”

Tara said “No one – but you”

I said, “You wont tell the truth eh?”

I undid her ropes and freed her legs. Tara started to struggle. I quickly caught her ankles, lifted them into the squatting position, and pushed her legs wide apart.

I the lowered my mouth onto her pussy.

I said, “You will be climaxed till you tell the truth”

I started to kiss her mound and sniff her wet pussy. She was squirming and begging me and saying “Lick it here. No No Here”

I did not listen to her and went about my work.

Soon I was licking her pussy along the pussy lips. As the tongue ran over her clit, she would jump up.

Then without warning, I changed to flicking her clit at a fast pace.

Tara started to scream and went on pleading, “Don’t. Please stop. Please stop”

Tara was having quick orgasm after orgasm.

After over three quick orgasms, I stopped and let her rest.

Than I said “Tara. You have still not pleased guilty. I will have to continue with the interrogation”

I added, “You will get beaten and it will hurt”

Tara did not answer.

I grabbed her legs and tied the rope only them and tied the rope ends to the head post.

Her legs were splayed open and she was bent over double. (Quite frankly, I actually did not hurt her. I just wanted her tied up)

I took out my small string based whip and ran the strings over her open crotch.

Tara pleaded, “Please don’t beat me”

I did not answer and slowly started to whip her over her crotch. (The whip was made of thin and light strings and would never hurt)

For about five minutes, I went on whipping her lightly.

I wt on asking “Why no panty?”

Tara went on saying “For you to . . . . . .”

I said “To??????”

I licked my right forefinger and with my left hand, I parted her pussy lips and slowly inserted the finger into her pussy. I said, “May be you have to be fucked to tell”

As the finger went in, Tara started to moan and said “Fuck me . . . .Darling. Fuck me”

I started to finger her open pussy and went on lightly whipping her on her clit.

The finger went faster and faster. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack

Tara was screaming “More. More. Aaaaaaaooow. I am coming.”

Tara had a shuddering climax.

I slowly pulled out the finger and asked, “Will you confess or should I carry on with pussy fuck torture?”

Tara büyükçekmece escort did not answer.

I undid her hands and legs. She slowly relaxed her limbs. But lay in the bed with one leg crooked sideways and the other straight.

I straddled her near her chest and lifted her by her neck. I said, “Open your mouth and sick my dick”

Tara protested mockingly. Before she could say much I inserted by dick into her mouth.

I ordered, “Suck it.”

Tara sucked it for some time. Then she slowly brought her hands under my balls, caressed them, and went on sucking and licking my cock.

While she was sucking my cock, she started to shag me in her mouth.

Soon enough I let loose a stream of spunk into her mouth.

Tara gulped it up and the released my cock from her mouth.

A few drops of sperm dripped off after the cock had come out of her mouth.

She lifted it off with her fingers and applied it drop by drop on her nipples and said, “It is good for the nipples. Why don’t you knead it in”

I put her back on the bed and moved down between her open legs.

I slowly started to knead in the cum into her nipples.

Tara was gasping for air while I was doing that.

I asked again “Tell me the truth. Who are you fucking?”

Tara did not answer. She lowered her hands, caught my now once again erect cock, and ran it between her open pussy lips.

The sensation on my cock was exquisite. I started to scream, “Stop that. That is too good”

She went on and would not stop.

Suddenly Tara parted her pussy lips with her left hand, held my cock with her right, lifted her hips, and let her pussy eat up the knob of my cock.

She lifted her hands, pulled me down, and said, “Fuck me NOW”

I started to slowly hump her. She was raising her hips to meet mine. When the hips met, there was soft sound.

Tara would squeal every time the cock went deep in or it came near the tip.

Tara wrapped her legs around my waist and started to deep kiss me on my mouth.

My cock was going in and coming out faster and faster.

I would slow down, change the angle of attack, and then go deep in. Tara would just say, “Fuck me.”

In about five minutes I was bursting inside her and I was releasing the stream of cum into her”

Tara was having her orgasm at the same time.

When I dropped down on her with exhaustion, she ran her fingers through hair and said “Darling, that was really good”

She dropped her legs and was panting.

I asked Tara groggily “Who is fucking you”

Tara said, “Just fuck me and don’t talk”

I pulled my cock out. I stood up. I pulled her up from the bed and walked her to the specially made reclining bench. She knew the position she liked best. She lay down upside down with her legs open. I tied her wrists to the bench legs in the front.

With one fiery move, I inserted my cock into her pussy from the rear.

Tara let out a short cry and started to accept the deep thrusts that were now possible.

I caught her hips from the sides and went about thrusting her pussy and asking, “Who fucks you. Bitch. Who fucks you”

Tara answered between powerful strokes “You. Darling You”

Shortly, I was pumping hard and fast.

Tara was screaming “Aaaaah. Oooooh. Fuck me. Darling tear my pussy apart”

I screamed back “Promise you will not fuck any one else”

Tara went on saying, “Just keep fucking me. Quench my pussy thirst. Darling no one else can fuck me. Just you fuck me”

I released the measly cum into her while she was having along climax.

I slumped over her and relaxed.

Shortly I got up, untied her hands, and made her get up.

I led her to the bed where she flopped down. Tara said “God that was great”

I picked up the ‘After Eights” and said “I will now have the After Eights”

Tara said “What??”

I placed one “After Eight” over her cunt and started to lick it up.

Tara screamed, “My pussy is so sensitive. Please leave it alone”

Tara tried to struggle. I held her down, licked the “After Eight” chocolate from over her clit, and forced her into one more orgasm.

When Tara came back to her senses, she asked, “It is well after ten? How come you said After Eight?”

I said “After Eight Orgasms!” and laughed.

We soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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