Cycle Massage and Aromatherapy

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When I was eighteen, I took a massage course and my girlfriend at the time, Emma loved it! She particularly loved getting a massage the day before she started menstruating and on the day of menstruation. Strange thing was we never got as far as making love and needless to say, massaging her almost naked body (just a skimpy pair of knickers) regularly left me needing to take matters in hand so to speak. That isn’t to say she didn’t take care of my needs when she wasn’t suffering due to menstruation. Just that we didn’t in Bill Clinton’s words, “have sexual relations.” Though I must admit it felt pretty sexual to me!

Despite, not losing my V status, I was upset when she decided that the relationship wasn’t going anywhere though when I took an honest look at my feelings and the relationship, I had to admit she was right but I was young and since when does knowing something is right stop it hurting?

We did stay friends however and Emma clearly wasn’t the jealous sort as she told several her friends how much my massages helped around the time of her period. Over the six months or so after we broke up, I didn’t have another girlfriend but I did get to see eight or nine of her friends in a similar state of undress plus some of their friends and while I am now a pretty good cook, at the time given my financial situation, and lack of ability in the area, I was grateful for the many free meals I received in payment. That and the material for my right hand to work with! Two of them even went as far as asking me to massage their breasts which ached pre-menstrually! I was also innocently the cause of two of the young women breaking up with their boyfriends who wouldn’t believe that they hadn’t been fucking me. I wish!

So, June18th, Lynette, came for a massage, for the usual reason. She had been the previous month and said it had really helped. This time, the temperature was up above 35C however and when she arrived at my modest student pad, she asked if she could have a shower first to get rid of the stale sweat. I was lucky enough to be somewhere where the water was heated in summer by a solar-thermal panel and the water wasn’t metered so even if I was tight which I wasn’t there was no reason to say no. I always had a shower and brushed my teeth before giving a massage, just in case I got lucky as well as not wanting my, “clients” to be put off by unpleasant odours.

“Sure.” I smiled and found her a towel. A few minutes later, she came out carrying her clothes and wearing just the towel around her waist despite the fact that it was large enough to cover her breasts had she wanted. I did say (after the massage when she asked) that they were the best tits I had ever seen, only just a B cup but beautifully firm and nipples that even when not aroused just begged to be sucked but I am getting a bit ahead of the story now!

The massage was pretty much my standard routine. It included a lot of time on the lower back and also the buttocks which I have found for some women though not all really make a difference to their monthly pain. I also spend longer on the abdomen than I do if the massage is not for menstrual problems. Lynette did ask me to massage her breasts which she hadn’t the previous time and I was very good and avoided the nipples as I had decided quite near the start of my amateur career that being creepy and pushing my luck was probably not a good idea.

At the end of the session (almost two hours after I had started) after the head massage, I bent down and gently kissed Lynette’s forehead. I never did work out what made me do that, something about how sweet her face looked in her relaxed state after the massage.

An hour later, at a restaurant that was beyond my price range except for really special occasions, was when Lynette started to gently tease me. “So, what is it like beylikdüzü otele gelen escort getting to see so many girls without their clothes on?”

I answered honestly, “Sometimes it is really frustrating. Not so much during the massage when I am concentrating on doing a good job but afterwards, I often imagined what it would be like to have them naked with me for other reasons.” I blushed.

“Oh? And what would those other reasons be?”

Sometimes I am a bit slow but I knew after the second question that she was trying to wind me up. I dropped my voice a bit so she had to lean closer to hear what I was saying, “To squeeze their breasts and lick their nipples till they are both really erect and then lick their pussy and clitoris to the point where they are desperate to cum before making love for hours on end.”

I had the satisfaction of seeing Lynette choke on her drink to the point where I had to slap her on the back and also seeing her face even redder than mine had been moments earlier. This was also the point where Emma and Grace, another of my supper clients happened to walk in. “Happy birthday.” I greeted her, remembering from seeing her the previous week that her birthday was exactly a week after my own.

Emma smiled at me, “Still earning your supper I see!”

I smiled back noticing that by now I wasn’t feeling any regrets. I grinned, “Beats working for a living and I don’t have to pay any tax on it!”

Grace who was a friend of both Lynette and myself as well as coming to me for massage looked at Lynette who was still struggling and asked, “What did you say to make her choke?”

I did my best to look serious and probably failed completely, “I couldn’t possibly say. Client confidentiality and all that.”

All three of them glared at me though obviously for different reasons though moments later Lynette did get an uncontrollable fit of the giggles. She also punched me on the arm.

“What was I supposed to say?” I asked innocently.

“I don’t know but you could have made something up.” At that we both laughed, knowing that it would wind the other two girls up.

I would have enjoyed eating with all three of the girls but their reservation was in a different part of the restaurant and it was busy enough that the staff there would have found it too difficult to change the tables around for us so birthday girl and Emma eventually left for their table with a promise to meet up in the bar afterwards.

I really enjoyed the meal but even more so the conversation after I had proved myself able to match Lynette on the teasing front. We talked about anything and everything, often laughing together. When we ended up walking hand in hand to the bar to meet the others, I don’t remember it happening, just that it had happened.

Needless to say, Grace and Emma noticed immediately and smirked at each other. Emma had a try at getting an answer to Grace’s earlier question but I just answered, “No point in asking because I won’t be telling.”

It was Grace however who pouted, saying to Emma, “See, he’s no fun. You were right to leave him.” Lynette responded by leaning closer to me and briefly kissing me on the lips. At the same time, Emma replied to Grace wistfully, “If he was no fun, I wouldn’t have stayed with him for three years. It’s just that we didn’t have enough in common. It was still fun though.”

Grace wasn’t giving up though and noticing how much closer Lynette and I were now sitting suggested, You two need to get a room!”

We looked at each other and in response to my unspoken question, Lynette nodded and I responded, “Now there’s an idea. Do you want to join us?” This left both Grace and Emma choking on their drinks and Grace blushing beetroot red as Lynette burst beylikdüzü rus escort into laughter. Grace was and still is probably the least likely person I know to ever be involved in a threesome and it is something I have never experienced nor expect to experience.

I knew I was being a little unprofessional in what I had said. Grace had been the most embarrassed of any of the girls I had massaged, both about stripping to her knickers even though I saw nothing of her body a bikini wouldn’t have shown and also about telling a man details of her menstrual problems so I had known she would never have been able to bluff and answer in the affirmative.

Lynette looked at me approvingly, “You are evil!” And at that all four of us burst into laughter.

We walked home together most of the way, then for the last ten minutes, we diverged with Lynette and myself taking the road to our respective pads, Grace and Emma to their own places, opposite each other a couple of roads across from myself.

Lynette lived with her parents and it was no hardship to walk her home as the house was on the way to my pad. We took our time kissing each other good night and before going through her door, Lynette asked, “Why don’t you give me another massage next week and we can see what might happen when I am not bleeding?”

Needless to say it was a date!

I spent much of the next week with my mind in turmoil. Yes I really wanted to lose my virginity but I wanted more than that. Did Lynette want more or did she just want to fuck? If that was all she wanted, did I want to still fuck anyway? Would I be able to resist the temptation? Would I be able to last long enough to satisfy her?

Fortunately I also had a lot of studying to do and it is very difficult to think of anything else while trying to follow the recent proof of Fermat’s last theorum. (It took over 380 years for someone to prove it and that proof is long and complicated despite a note in the margin Fermat’s writing about it saying he had found an elegant and simple proof.)

It was still hot the following week so again Lynette asked if she could shower first before adding as if afterthought, “You could join me and scrub my back?”

Not wanting to seem ungenerous I replied, “It would be rude to make you do it yourself, wouldn’t it?”

Lynette didn’t answer but started walking towards the shower, humming a tune to herself as she did so.

Undressing took seconds. For Lynette, it was short skirt, knickers and t-shirt. For myself it was shorts, underpants and t-shirt as I nearly always go bare foot indoors except when it is too cold for it.

There is something incredibly erotic about washing a woman’s long hair even without any overt sexual contact. When her taut buttocks are constantly rubbing against your cock there is absolutely nothing to compare to it and I don’t think I had ever been harder.

Once the conditioner had been rinsed out, I reached around Lynette’s thin waist and brought my hands up to her tits. This time as I was washing them, obviously I couldn’t avoid the nipples and by the time I had finished, I don’t think anyone could have made a cleaner breast of it! (Sorry, just had to put that in there as normally I don’t usually manage to say it without getting a slap.)

Lynette was still trying her best to get me to cum using her buttocks as my hands moved down to ensure her pubic hair was as clean as that on her head. After several minutes longer than was strictly necessary, I started to gently explore the junction between her skin and her pussy, moving on at last to her clitoris.

A very wise woman (my sister no less!) once told me that the secret to pleasing a woman was to play close attention to how she reacts to what I do as what works for beylikdüzü türbanlı escort one woman will be a complete turn off for another.

With this in mind, I varied my ministrations according to the moans coming from Lynette. I must have been getting something right as these got louder and a hissed, “yes” came from her when I inserted a finger inside her. I fucked her with first one finger then two as my thumb kept working on her clitoris.

It was almost as if our orgasms were competing in a race which hers won by a about a minute, mind starting just as hers was finishing.

I don’t know how long it took, just that we must have been over half an hour in the shower before our orgasms as shortly afterwards, the water started cooling down.

“I hadn’t bargained on getting one before the massage.” she smiled at me but I thought you needed to get one out so you can last a bit longer.

We went through to the room where the massage table was set up and once she was lying down on it, I used the hydraulic pedal to raise the table and started work on Lynette’s shoulders.

Just over three quarters of an hour later I was working on her legs and as well as enjoying the view of her vagina with its thick but tidy bush of dark hair above it I was teasing her every time my hands reached the top of the leg I was working on at the time.

Legs done, I moved on to her sexy, taut belly running my fingers through her bush and occasionally brushing her clitoris. When Lynette started to move her butt, trying to get more out of me I moved up onto her chest and spent several minutes never touching more than the edge of her areolae before giving in and ever so slowly working in towards her erect nipples.

After what seemed like an age, I finished my teasing and then massaged first her arms, then more work on the shoulders, neck and finally face and head. While dong this I must have slipped into a more professional mode as by the time I had completed the massage my erection had subsided. And, I had gotten my just deserts for all the teasing as Lynette was fast asleep!

I pressed the appropriate pedal to lower the table as I didn’t want her to wake up and fall off the table. Lynette still didn’t wake up so, I sorted out a quick snack, some cheese, cold meat and salad with sourdough rye and put the kettle on to make some fresh coffee, my one addiction.

Just as I finished making the coffee, Lynette came through to the kitchen, still naked as was I. She hugged me which quickly brought my member back up to full attention. “I want to make love to you but it has to be more than a one time thing. I don’t want to give my virginity to someone who is not going to be there for me in the future. I really like you Dave but much as I love what you do to my body, I feel I can only make love to someone I really care about and who really cares about me.”

I kissed her before answering, “I care about you too Lynette. I don’t think I realised it till last week and I really enjoyed our evening out after the massage. As to a long term future together, I would love to give it a go. I can’t promise what might lie ahead but I know that I want to give it everything I have got and while you have the sexiest body I have seen, you are also witty, clever and one of the kindest people I have ever met and that is more important to me than just …” It was only later that it occurred to me that perhaps we should have had that conversation before we shared a shower!

We kissed again and when we eventually came up for air, Lynette said, “Enough talking. bedroom, now!”

Five years later, PhD in the bag I divide my work between teaching and research at the university and my complementary therapy business, “Cycle Massage and Aromatherapy.” The picture of a bicycle on my cards and prominently displayed on my website might well give the impression that it is because when I see clients in their own home, I cycle there carrying a roll up mat, towels and oils etc. Only those who dig a bit deeper and of course my early clients ever know the real origins of the name!

And yes, Lynette is still a part of my life and within the next few weeks our family will expand.

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