Cyber Fun

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Charlotte was a married woman who enjoyed writing erotic tales inspired by her own personal experiences with other men outside her marriage. Her husband knew she was seeing other men, just like he was seeing other women. They had a very open marriage sexually since neither of them could satisfy the other. She had a very high sex drive, and he had a very low one. She wanted sex all the time, several times a day when possible, whereas he was happy with once or twice a month, so they agreed to have the open relationship where they could meet other men & women for sexual adventures.

Charlotte’s favorite experience is with her Cyber-lover William, a retired older gentleman in his mid-sixties whom she met through the website where she posted her writings. She loves sending him erotic emails and photos of herself using the many different vibrators and dildos, and photos of her with her men. She always gets off good after reading about his sexual adventures and fantasies, and when he writes about the encounters with his new neighbor, Nan Lewis, a retired & widowed school teacher. William has never sent Charlotte any photos of himself, nor given any physical description of himself, but she doesn’t mind. Her imagination always runs away with her as she reads his hot emails, and he knows it.

The latest email from William said that he and Nan went to church on Sunday for confession then they went back to William’s house and got down and dirty all over again. He told Charlotte in the email that he started out by ripping Nan’s clothes from her slender body and pushing her back onto the bed. He spread her legs wide and began teasing her pussy with his fingers and tongue, getting her to beg for what she wanted. He told her that Nan wanted to suck him off but he wouldn’t let her until he had her begging and screaming with pleasure. After that, he made her sit cross-legged on the edge of the bed and suck him as she fingered his ass, which made him shoot a huge load of cum down her throat, and she swallowed every drop before having to suck him again to get him hard enough to fuck her.

He made Nan get on her hands & knees after he was hard, and she had to spread her ass cheeks and hold them open as he pressed his eight inch shaft into her rectum, without using any lube except his own saliva. When he was fully embedded within her, he began pounding her asshole as he fucked her cunt with a vibe set on High speed. When he felt her starting to climax, he pulled out the vibe and his cock, and made her suck his shaft clean before sinking into her hot wet cunt and pounding her good & hard, with fast deep thrusts. He shoved the vibe into her ass and fucked her that way, as the vibe went in, his cock came out, and vice versa, so that both holes were being used at one time. This stimulation caused Nan to experience one hell of an orgasm as William came hard again, filling her cunt with his love juices so much that they leaked out and ran down her legs.

As Charlotte read the emails, she couldn’t help but begin rubbing herself through her pants & underwear with one hand as her other hand slid under her shirt and bra to squeeze and pinch her nipples. The emails from William always made her horny so that she usually ended up masturbating with one of the many toys she had in her stash. Her favorite was a big rubber dildo with balls on it that she called Big Willie (total coincidence about the name!). Big Willie was 9 inches long and about 2 inches thick with a veined shaft and life-like head. It was flesh-tone rubber and Charlotte loved using him with her home-made lube of petroleum jelly mixed with baby oil, which made the toy very slippery. When well coated with the lubricant, Big Willie slid into Charlotte’s pussy very easily and almost instantly causing an orgasm as he filled her cunt.

Charlotte would pop a porn video into her DVD player or VCR and watch it as she imagined William and her in the scene on the video. She would rub herself as she worked the dildo, usually cumming several times in a session, which usually lasted anywhere from ten minutes to an hour, depending on how aroused she was. Always after each session, she would make a note in a small journal about the intensity of the orgasm, along with what her thoughts were at that moment as she watched the video. She used the journal so she could write to William and tell him about her sessions beylikdüzü escort every night.

Sometimes Charlotte would even get out her camera and take photos of herself using her toys, then send the pictures to William to enjoy. He always writes back and pours out the compliments on how he loved the pictures and how hard he was from looking at them, as well as how hard he came from stroking to them. Charlotte loved doing this for him, knowing that she’d never meet him in person to give him a taste of the real thing, since they were over a thousand miles apart. Many times, they told each other how great it would be to meet in person for a few nice hot fuck sessions.

As Charlotte sat there watching the video and using her toys, she couldn’t help but wonder what William was doing at that moment, if he was reading one of the many stories she had sent him, or if he was in the middle of his own masturbation or fuck session and thinking about her. She closed her eyes, letting her imagination run wild, picturing William as a tall handsome older gentleman with jet black hair, silvered at his temples; ice-blue eyes; full kissable lips below a trimmed black mustache; broad strong shoulders with muscular arms flat washboard abs tapering down to slender but firm hips; long well-muscled legs & feet. She pictured a firm tight ass lightly sprinkled with dark hair in back, and a neatly trimmed nest of black curly hair surrounding a fully erect eight-inch shaft above a firm pair of testicles.

She imagined him knocking on her door with a bottle of wine and a dozen red long-stemmed roses in hand, and wearing a pair of jet-black leather pants, a tight black t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. He wore a pair of black leather cowboy boots. In her musings, she peered past him in the doorway to see a shiny black 1969 Corvette parked at the curb in front of her house. She invited him in and took the wine and roses. As soon as she sat them on the table in the hall, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply. He slid his hands up and down her back, cupping her ass in both hands as he pressed her pelvis against his so she could feel his erection.

“Mmmmm baby, you feel so good. I have got to get in you NOW!” he groaned in her ear as he picked her up and carried her into her bedroom down the hall. He kicked the door closed behind them and placed her in the middle of the bed, never once breaking the kiss. His hands swiftly removed the few items of clothing she had on, a pair of lavender sweatpants, a pair of white thong panties, her socks, her white t-shirt and white lace bra, leaving her laying gloriously naked in the middle of the bed. It took only a moment for him to remove his own clothing and join her on the bed as his hands caressed her silky smooth skin.

She felt his rock hard erection throbbing against her thigh as he suckled at her breasts, laving first one then the other over and over again. His hand trailed down over her ribcage and her slightly rounded tummy to come to rest in the neatly trimmed patch of curls atop her pussy. He pressed firmly but gently on her mound as his fingers probed within her moist flesh to stroke her clit and inner labia. A moan escaped her as his finger slid deep into her wet sheath, stroking her over and over again rapidly. Her hips bucked with the penetration, wanting him deeper inside her. She reached her own hand down to grasp his shaft, stroking slowly. She felt moisture on her palm and raised her hand to see a few drops of clear pre-cum on her skin, which she eagerly licked off with a pleasurable purr.

He moved over her and she guided his cock to her wet entrance, and with one strong thrust of his hips, he was completely buried within her heat. He started out in a slow steady rhythm to stoke her flames of desire, bringing her higher & higher toward climax. She started moaning loudly, saying over and over again, “I’m gonna cum babyyyyyyy!”

At that prompting, his speed increased and soon he was vigorously pounding his hips against hers, his cock slamming against her womb as he rammed in and out of her hot juicy cunt. She started moaning even louder and within moments, they both reached their climax as he shot his load of jizz deep into her pussy. He felt her muscles contract around his shaft as he pumped her full, emptying his balls within beylikdüzü eve gelen escort her before collapsing atop her with his weight supported on his elbows. They both were panting hard and their hearts were racing from their exertions as he kissed her gently and wiped some perspiration from her forehead and nose. She smiled lovingly at him then kissed him on the tip of his nose.

“Wow William, that was incredible! I don’t think I’ve reached orgasmic bliss that fast or hard in a very long time without using my vibrator. Thank you sweetheart!” she said with a smile.

“You’re very welcome, my sexy erotic lover. It’s a good thing I’ve had a vasectomy, babe. Otherwise, you might have ended up pregnant with the load I just filled you with,” he laughed. “Damn, what a huge load off of my balls! I feel so much better now, baby, how about you?”

She grinned mischievously at him as her hand slid down his chest & stomach, following the trail of crisp curly hair down to his still hard shaft. She gave him a tickle then pushed him back on the bed so he was lying on his back. She sat up and began kissing his chest, her tongue teasing each of his flat male nipples. She left a trail of moist kisses all over his chest and stomach then her mouth closed around his hard shaft. She moaned as she tasted their mixed fluids on him as she sucked and licked him with long slow strokes of her tongue. He groaned with pleasure as she cupped his balls in her hand and took both at once into her mouth, massaging each with her tongue and cheeks.

“Baby, stop or I’ll be shooting another load all over the bed!” he growled as he pulled her up over him and pushed down on her hips to impale her on his rod. He supported her beneath her thighs as she raised and lowered herself on him quickly, riding him like a cowboy on a bull in a rodeo and bringing them both to another mind-shattering orgasm within moments. She leaned over, placing her forearms on his chest, and kissed him tenderly before laying down on him. His cock was still pulsing and throbbing deep in her pussy and she moaned as she felt the jets of cream fill her and leak out of her body to puddle on his now empty sack.

They both sighed contentedly as Charlotte rolled off him, his flaccid member easily sliding from her wetness. She snuggled up against him, resting her head on his shoulder. His arm went around her and he hugged her gently as he kissed her forehead. Charlotte looked up at William and asked, “Honey, would you like to stay for dinner? I can have it ready in about a half hour or so.”

“Sorry baby, not today. I have a doctor’s appointment in an hour. I have to have some tests done.” he said softly as he got up and started dressing. She sat up, and William turned to her, easily seeing the worry on her face. “Don’t worry baby. I’ll call you with any news after the appointment.” he said as he pulled her from the bed into his arms for a tight loving hug and a deep passionate kiss. Charlotte pulled on a robe and slid her feet into her purple bunny slippers, then walked William to the door, thanking him for the wine and flowers as she opened the door and kissed him before he left. She stood there watching him stroll down the sidewalk and get in his car while sending up a silent prayer that his tests would turn out ok at his appointment. She closed the door as he drove away.

Charlotte came around then, her dream melting away as her orgasmic spasms finally eased away. She slowly pulled the vibrator out of her sopping wet pussy and laid it on the small towel on her nightstand, then picked up the phone and dialed William’s cell phone. He answered on the second ring. He could hear the worry, as well as post-orgasm tremors in her voice as she said, “Hi honey, I was just thinking about you and was worried about the results of your tests at the doctor’s appointment. How’d it go?”

It was a couple moments before he answered sadly, “I have cancer, baby. In my colon, and the doctors aren’t hopeful of a full recovery.” He heard the scream over the phone line and then sobs as Charlotte broke down crying. He couldn’t help letting his own tears fall knowing the pain she was feeling and knowing he could do nothing to comfort her in person. He listened for a few moments until she stopped sobbing and he said, “It’s ok baby, I’ve lived a long beylikdüzü masöz escort happy life, and knowing you care about me as much as you do makes it all worth while. And hey, we’ve had fun right? All those hot, steamy emails and phone calls? Now please stop your crying baby, and see if you can get this old man to shoot a load that would drown a pelican!”

She gave a little giggle and William heard her blow her nose, and grab a second tissue, which she probably used to wipe her eyes and cheeks. “Ok babe, I’m fine now. Your news was quite a shock to me, honey. I’m sorry for breaking down like that. Do you forgive me for being such a big baby?”

“No problem baby, I’m sorry for getting you upset. Now, what can you do that would make me blast a load of hot cum to the ceiling?” he asked playfully.

She thought a moment then said, “Well, I’d be on my knees in front of you, naked of course, and I’d be running my hands all over your legs as I licked your upper thighs with long slow strokes of my tongue. I’d gently cup your balls in my hands and roll them around with my tongue before taking them both in my mouth at once and sucking them gently.” She heard him groan over the phone line and smiled before continuing her erotic vision. “I would lick each one like an ice cream cone and then run my tongue slowly, very slowly, up the shaft of your cock. My hands would keep kneading and playing with your balls as my tongue slid all over the head of your shaft, gathering all the pre-cum and licking it off….mmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy! You taste so good babe!”

Another moan sounded, along with a slow steady slap – slap sound. “Are you stroking your cock babe?” she asked, and was answered with a breathy “Yes” from William. “MMMMMMMMM good babe, keep going because this hot mama’s gonna make her big daddy cum real hard.” she said with a throaty chuckle and purr. “I kneel between your legs and take almost all your hard shaft into my mouth between my full cherry red lips. My tongue starts rubbing you, just under the ridge of your cock head, in small slow circles, and I feel you throb as the blood rushes to your cock. I wrap my hand around you and start stroking in a steady rhythm as I continue sucking and licking you. I hear you growl as your climax gets closer, and you start urging me to stop, but I don’t want to. I keep sucking and stroking, going faster now. I moan around your cock, and the vibrations are just too much for you and I feel the first jet of cum hit my tongue, so I take my mouth off and start stroking you real fast now, letting the jets of cum spray onto my bare breasts and my chest.”

“Ohhh, God, babe! So damn good!! I start fingering my pussy real fast for you and I cum hard, my own juices squirting out onto my hand and fingers. My knees get weak and you pull me onto your lap, raising my hand to your mouth to lick and suck off my juices. You move my leg over so I am straddling your lap, and with one shove, you bury your cock deep in my pussy and you have me riding you hard, your cock pounding my pussy and getting me quickly to another mind-shattering orgasm within moments.” She heard him masturbating very fast over the phone as his breaths came in harsh pants over the phone. Within moments, she heard a loud growl followed by several loud grunts as his orgasm claimed him.

“Damn baby! I seem to have made a large mess all over my stomach. You are so great baby! Thank you very much.” William said into the phone, his breath still rough.

Charlotte grinned and said, “You are very welcome, sweetie! I can help you out that way anytime you want…I’m just a phone call or email away, you know! If I was there, I’d be cleaning that mess from your belly for you then riding you good, if you could handle it. Hahaha!”

William growled into the phone and laughing, said, “Why you little vixen! You’d wear this man out good, wouldn’t you?”

She giggled and said, “You know it baby!” Charlotte glanced at the clock on her nightstand and saw that it was close to midnight. She didn’t want to keep William up all night so she decided to finish up the call. “Well sweetie, I see on my clock that it’s almost midnight. I don’t want to keep you up too late. I know you need your rest so I’ll say good night to you now, if that’s ok?”

“That’s fine babe. You have some sweet hot wet dreams about me and I’ll do the same but dream about you. Here’s some hugs & kisses for you, you sexy, beautiful bundle of love! Sweet dreams, love!” he said lovingly.

“Sweet dreams to you too, my handsome friend! Good night!” she said, then hung up the phone, knowing she would talk to him again very soon. She took a quick shower and then went to bed to dream about William.

The End.

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