Cuban Paradise

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“Really Adam? If you don’t move your ass, we’re gonna miss our fucking flight.”

The simple solution would have been for Megan, my girlfriend of the past year and a half, to come back and help me with some of the luggage. Instead, she chose to bark orders while I pulled both our suitcases and lugged our carry-ons. Heaven forbid my princess break a nail. Her self-imposed job was to carry her purse and her all-important neck pillow, a must have for the just over 90-minute flight.

Megan and I met at Duke University. She and I were both second year students, and it was at one of the many parties on campus that I noticed Megan looking at me from across the room. From what I recall of that night, she looked great. She had long straight blonde hair, shiny blue eyes, beauty with very little make-up and she had on a Blue Devil’s sweatshirt and a pair of leggings.

Her hometown beauty and All-American looks, put her out of my league on my best night, and her loud and boisterous nature made her someone that I wouldn’t have pursued even if I thought that I stood a chance, but like lots of great college romances or should I say misadventures, there is always a what if.

My what if started when the blonde-haired beauty and I bumped into each other at the lone beer keg in the house.

“Hey, I’m Megan. I haven’t seen you around much.” Her voice was shrill like, almost as if when she spoke, she needed others to be aware that she was speaking.

“Adam. Yeah, this is the first party of the year for me.”

“ECON, you?” For some reason this beauty felt compelled to tell her major, as if it was an ice breaker.

“Biomedical Engineering.”

“Holy shit. That sounds hard.”

“It is. That’s why I don’t get out much.”

“It sounds expensive. You full ride?” She meant scholarships, which was exactly the scenario, but considering I would probably never speak to her again, I decided to have a little fun.

“No, wealthy family. After this semester, I plan on doing a lot of partying, smoke a little weed, and travel the world. That is until they kick my ass out of here.” This was an outright lie. My family had humble origins and I worked hard to be where I was at. I was on the Dean’s List and hoped to be on the Dean’s List with Distinction, when I graduated.

“Wow, a rich bad boy! Cool.”

We talked a little more, then she made the rounds talking with people in her circle. Every so often my buddy Wheezer, would elbow me letting me know that Megan was looking at me or pointing her finger in my direction while talking with her friends. Something about me had piqued her interest.

On a couple of occasions, I wanted to go over and chat, but Wheezer kept me reeled in. “Careful man, she’s a handful. I’ve heard some crazy stories about her.”

The night was loud and rowdy, but in the end, it turned out to be uneventful. With not having any classes the next day, I had a couple beers more than I probably should have, but I wasn’t drunk. I knew enough to know that any more might be trouble for me, so I bailed on being Wheezer’s wingman and made my way toward the door. I was almost home free, until someone grabbed my arm.

“You leavin so soon?” Megan was holding on to my sleeve.

“Yeah, gonna make an early break for it.”

“Walk me home.” It wasn’t a request, so much as it was a demand.


We walked hand in hand to her dorm, which could actually be seen from the party that we were at. Megan asked me to walk her up and being a gentleman, I did.

Like all the love scenes from any college themed movie, we practically fell through the door kissing and into each other’s arms. Megan pulled off her sweatshirt and pants in the blink of an eye. I could feel myself growing, watching her standing there in a set of peachy colored bra and panties, waiting for me as I hopped around on one leg, trying to get my pants off.

When I was finally naked, I sat on the edge of the bed looking at Megan hard little body. She reached behind her back to undo her bra, but as fast as I could I grabbed her arm. “Please, let me.”

“Oh, you are a bad boy.” She said, lowering her arms down to her sides.

I stood, hooked my fingers into the sides of her panties, and eased them down to the floor. Stepping out of her sexy lingerie, I gathered them into a ball and brought the moist fabric up to my nose.

“You like that bad boy?” Fuckin right I did. Megan would be only the second girl I had ever slept with and my first since I started college.

Pulling the blonde temptress toward me, my hard cock found the cleft between her legs and pushed up toward her wetness. I pulled the hasp on the bra apart releasing a beautiful set of 34B boobs. Her areola and nipples were the lightest pink color that I’d ever seen, including magazines. Megan’s mouth tasted of stale smoke and beer, but I was immediately addicted.

Her neck and breasts smelled of her perfume, so I rubbed my face and hands everywhere trying to absorb the scent. Megan squealed with glee as I licked and nibbled esenyurt otele gelen escort at her nipples. As much as I wanted to stay where I was, the hand pushing my head down told me what was next. I pushed her back onto the bed and went to work.

The first few licks were not what I had remembered from the days with Sarah, my high school sweetheart. Our sex was always pre-meditated and well thought out, so we were spotless at all times, but today with Megan it was different. The pissy residue of a girl that had just came from a frat party, coated my tongue, but it didn’t last long until the true nectar of her pussy took its place.

Megan was very vocal about what she wanted and how she wanted it. “Put a finger in. Suck my clit. Lick harder. Oh, fuck yes, just like that.” At the time, I found it to be a distraction, but over the next few months my new lover would teach me a lot.

With two fingers curled up into Megan’s pussy and my tongue flicking away at her clit with reckless abandon, she came with a screech, letting her hands flop to her sides like she was dead.

“Holy fuck you are a bad boy, and a dirty boy.” I was starting to like my new persona.

I thought that she might reciprocate with a little oral of her own, but it wasn’t to be. I would find out later that Megan didn’t like the idea of putting a penis in her mouth. She thought that it was degrading to women. So instead of oral, Megan rolled over and bounced up onto her hands and knees. “From behind, okay.”

The possibility of me saying no was non-existent. I lined the head of my bare dick up with her wet, hairless gash and rubbed it up and down, parting her lips in the process. When I pushed into my maximum depth, her vagina felt like a tight, wet glove holding me in place. All common sense had flown out the window. Here I was fucking a girl that I had just only hours before without a condom or any other form of protection that I was aware of.

I could tell immediately that Megan had way more experience than I did. She moved in ways that I’d never seen or felt, while I just thrust forward. It seemed to work for right now, but like I said before, I would learn more in the ways of sex over the next few months.

Watching the shaft of my dick parting her pink lips, while pulling my meat out of her frothy vagina, then pushing it back in again had me on the brink of climax. My hands held her hips like they were my only rescue line of safety.

Megan had her head buried in her pillows when she screamed out in what I could only assume was a climax. I was right behind her, “I’m gonna cum.”

Her ass pounded back against my dick and she hissed, “Do it.”

I wasn’t sure what to do next, so I asked, “Where?”

“In me for fuck sakes.” And that’s where it started, we’ve been dating ever since.

Things haven’t gone as smoothly for us as they had our first night. I knew that Megan had motives different from my own, but it wasn’t a hardship to have a hot girlfriend hanging off my arm wherever I went. Megan took my “wealthy family” comment to heart and before she found out the actual truth about their wealth, she told everyone that she knew that we were dating and made plans for us to move in together. The latter part didn’t happen. She always wanted to do something over the top that I couldn’t afford, and it pissed her off that we didn’t go out every single night. The only reason she kept dating me was because her friends continually told her to stay focused on the end game, knowing that if I graduated at the top of my class, I would make pretty decent money in the future, which brings us to our current vacation.

The winter weather and school were both cold and shitty, so I took out enough of my hard-earned savings to pay for a trip to Cuba for Megan and myself. The money that I earned tutoring was supposed to be spent on a relaxing getaway during reading week, but Megan who had told me that she just needed to get away, saw it as party time.

The long sweaty bus ride to the resort was well worth it once we felt the heat of the tropical sun beating on our face and the smell coconut suntan lotion and saltwater filled our noses. Adding to the pleasure of a tropical island was Megan’s toned and tanned body, it looked incredible in her yellow bikini.

Of course on the way to the beach, I carried her bag filled with lotions, magazines, books and everything else that could be crammed in it, while Megan wiggled her tiny hips as she searched the beach for the perfect spot, so that we could make ourselves at home.

The sounds of the clear blue waves softly rolling onto the beach and the feel of the warm ocean water made the fact that I’d spent almost all of next terms spending money, worth it. I was on an island with my beautiful girlfriend, embracing in the waist high surf and her hard nipples were poking through her wet top and into my chest, what more could I ask for.

Excessive amounts of rum and sun required us to call it an early night. Our room had a esenyurt rus escort large king-sized bed that was adorned with a towel rolled up into a swan and red flower petals, but Megan didn’t notice any of it when she flopped her wet ass down and fell to sleep.

A morning shower washed yesterday’s sins down the drain, but soaping up Megan’s hard, lithe body had me as hard as a rock. I watched in fascination as the small bubbles from the lather, meandered down the curves of her torso and found their way to the ground.

Try as I might, Megan wasn’t having it. She was in a hurry to get to the beach, so that we could retrieve the same chairs as yesterday. I tried to give her oral, no go. I asked if she would considering blowing me, like we had spoke about before the trip, again a no go. When she couldn’t help but notice the pouting looking on my face, she raised her leg and said, “let’s go, I don’t want to lose those seats from yesterday.”

Under normal circumstances I would have been inclined to tell her to forget about it, but there we were, together in the shower. She was hot as hell and it had been at least 12 days since we’d last had sex, so like a starving beggar, groveling for scraps, I pushed my hard cock into her.

Megan was always an active partner. She knew how to move her body to and touch her lover so that she could manipulate the situation to her benefit. Today she rammed her tongue into my mouth and moaned with the passion of someone who was fully engaged, even if she was faking it. “Oh yeah baby. Just like that. Oh, fuck yeah. Come for me baby. Make that big fuckin cock of yours explode.”

She was talking a mean game because she was in a hurry, but there really wasn’t a need for it, because with not having popped a nut for so long I was a sure thing. With one hand on her tit and the other holding her ass cheek, Megan painfully raked her nails across my back. “Do it baby, do it now. Cum for me. Just pull out before you do.”

“Baby, can I cum in your mouth?” In the heat of passion, it was worth the effort to ask the question.

“Are you fucking retarded? No way.” She had promised before we came on vacation to consider giving me oral. It would appear that she had no intentions of holding up her end of the bargain. Normally her comments would have killed the moment, but today I was already emptying my load into her.

“What the fuck Adam? I don’t want your fucking goop dripping out of me all day.”

“Well Meg, you had the choice and you never have a problem cumming in my mouth, do you?” I didn’t want to start a fight on our second day of vacation, but I had to at least defend my actions.

It was a quiet walk to the beach, but as luck would have it, we found the beach almost empty and when we got the precious beach chairs that Megan wanted, I was able to live another day.

When the morning started to near noon, the beautiful people of the resort flocked to the sea. The sounds of laughter and frolicking filled the air. Getting a bit overheated I headed to the water to cool down. The saltwater felt good on my skin until I dove under. An underwater scream escaped my mouth as the salt found its way into the wounds on my back. Coming up for air, I looked over my shoulder trying to see what damage had been done by Meg earlier.

“Oh mec, on dirait que cafait mal.” I knew that Cuba had a large contingency of Quebecers and this guy must have thought that I was also from Quebec. “Elle doit etre sauvage dans le lit.”

“Sorry man. I don’t speak French.” The guy looked around my age, early to mid-twenties, fairly jacked, a shaved head with a long enough brown beard.

“I said that your scars look like they hurt, and your girl must be wild in bed.” His broken English was easy enough to understand, but he had an unmistakable accent.

“Yeah. The salt is killing it, but maybe it will help with healing. Adam.” And I stuck out my hand in his direction.

“Alexandre, but just Alex works. That’s Gabrielle.” He pointed to some unknown place on the beach and with a quick scan through my sunglasses, I could only assume that he meant one of the fifty women sitting on the beach.

“Been here long Alex?”

“No, got here yesterday. You?”


“Rester en securite. Sorry. Stay safe and try not to hurt each other too much this week.” And he headed into deeper water.

“Thanks. Merci. I’ll try.” His English was way better than my French.

After a late dinner Megan and I found a spot in the lobby with a cool breeze and a good view of the band playing a mambo. The smells of cigars and rum filled the area where we were seated. It felt good to be relaxing on a tropical island.

“May we?” Alex and his girlfriend or wife, I wasn’t sure, were standing beside our table, requesting the two vacant seats.

“Please. Help yourself. Megan, this is Alex and Gabrielle. Alex and I met in the ocean this morning.” Megan gave a polite nod and shook hands with Gabrielle.

“Wow Gabrielle, what a pretty dress.” Megan esenyurt türbanlı escort had given her the once over and must have felt compelled to exchange a pleasantry.

“Merci. Please, call me Gabby.”

Conversation flew around the table, along with loads of questions. Alex had no problem in the spotlight and seemed to be a bit of a braggart, telling us about all of his motorcycles, fast cars, big trucks and the money that he spent, while Gabby was laid back and very reserved, but still, the night was full of good conversation. It seems that Gabby was an under-grad at a school in Canada and Alex as he put it “dabbled” in a bit of this and a bit of that. A statement that brought a head shake from Gabby. We drank, sang and danced late into the evening and by the time it was decided to call it a night, we all had a shiny coat of sweat on us.

The air-conditioning in our room almost felt cold on our moist skin. Megan told me that she was going to soak in the tub for a bit and asked what I was going to do.

“I’m having a quick shower and then I’m going to sit on the balcony with a beer and puff on this cigar I bought.” A raised eyebrow showed her disapproval.

“Man, Alex seems pretty cool, doesn’t he?” It was more of a statement than a question coming from Megan.

“I guess.” I was more interested in my cigar than I was Alex, so I wasn’t about to get into this conversation tonight.

The clear night sky was perfect for stargazing. The reflection of the moon bounced up off the water illuminating the night sky so much that most of the resort was visible. The only things that made it better was the occasional falling star.

Changing up the game plan from the past two days, we found a spot by the pool. Close to the water. Close to the bar. Lots of sun, with good areas of shade. It was a win, win.

“Boujour mes amis.” It looked like our French friends were going to sit near us.

Last night didn’t give me the opportunity to get a close up look at Gabby, but today, here in the daylight, that all changed. She had very soft facial features, with the most striking green eyes, her wavy midnight black hair, that had to have been dyed a color so dark, draped down between her shoulder blades and formed a “V”. She was shorter that Megan and had a more solid athletic build, but it looked really good on her. Her curves were very womanly. The jury was still deliberating as to whether or not her solid round “C” cup breasts were original stock equipment, or they were an aftermarket purchase. But it was her ass and muscular legs that caught my undivided attention. Luckily I was wearing sunglasses because my eyes were glued to Gabby’s ass as she shimmied her cheeks out of the tightest little pair of jean shorts, then bending at the waist, she hooked her fingers into the sides of her bikini bottom and pulled the material out of the crack of her butt, giving me the quickest glimpse of a red and yellow, lightning bolt tattoo. The entire act was by far the sexiest thing I had ever witnessed in my life.

“Very nice en?” Alex’s voice snapped me out of my trance. He had caught me checking out his girlfriend and wanted to point it out to both girls. I’m a red-blooded young guy, that wasn’t overly embarrassed at looking, so I gave him the thumbs up signal.

Gabby smiled over her shoulder at me and surprised me by saying, “Thank you. Alex always tells me that I’m too fat.”

At a loss, I sat quiet, but the always competitive Megan chimed in with her two cents worth, “Really? With me, it’s the exact opposite. Adam always tells me how skinny I am.”

It was meant as a shot, but Gabby showed her class and looked Megan up and down and said, “No, I believe that you may be perfect.” Well that was it for Megan, she glowed all day long.

Alex told story after story and Megan hung onto his every word as if her life depended on it. At times I would look over at Gabby during one of his grandiose tales and she just sat there with her head hung low as if she’d heard them all a million times before. It got to the point where when we were sitting at the pool bar Megan would continually make contact with Alex, either by touching his shoulder, bicep or arm.

I have never been the jealous type. My feeling is that if your partner wants to be with someone else, do it, just don’t expect an open armed reception if you should ever desire to return.

Our group spent that whole day together, met up for dinner, went out for drinks and dancing afterward. Gabby held it together very well considering the attention Alex was showing Megan and how much she was eating it up. His dips and twirls on the dance floor brought squeals of delight from Meg every time he did it.

Back in our own room Megan gushed about Alex this and Alex that, to the point where I wanted puke. When Megan got into our bed, I recognized the look in her eyes, she wanted to fuck. Yeah fuck. Hard, fast and dirty. Nothing loving about it, and as pissed off as I was, I was still willing to oblige her. In her famous doggy style position, I aligned myself and drove my cock home.

Megan grunted with every hard, pounding thrust. Her steady “Uh, Uh, Uh.” was music to by ears. Every slap of my balls on her skin sounded like the hands of the bongo player that was banging along to the Rumba earlier. Megan’s fingers mauled her clit until she stiffened like a board and came, “Oh my fucking god.”

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