Craigslist Dream

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It’s midnight and I’m restless. I’ve scrolled through enough Facebook and Twitter. Out of boredom and horniness I start to get crazy thoughts. I begin to browse through the ‘Casual Encounters’ section of Craigslist.

I have toyed with the idea of hooking up with someone on Craigslist, and getting lost in unattached pleasure. I have always talked myself out of it. Tonight- I’m feeling more courageous.

I haven’t been intimate with anyone since I left my husband, which was over a year ago now. Being out-of-practice has made me kind of shy to approach potential partners.

I’m not sure if I’m really craving dick or massaging a hot woman’s tits.

Feeling naughty- and in serious need of a confidence boost, I decide to go for it. I roll out of bed, and grab my phone as I sneak off to the bathroom. I don’t need my brother in the other room to hear me getting up and snapping photos in the bathroom at midnight.

After some skilled angling and tweaks, I settle on an image. I decide to create two ads on Craigslist- one for the man-for-woman and one for the woman-for-woman. I direct the replies to a bullshit Gmail account. Within mere minutes replies are pouring into my inbox. There all responses from men. I guess the women are a bit more timid.

The simplest response seems to be the winner: “Nice tits. I have a hotel room for the night. Feel free to come join me.”

“Nice tits” was about all I needed to hear. Confidence boost granted.

I email him back. Before I know it I’m calling him and getting directions. I decide to be the slut I feel like being tonight. I simply pull on my jeans I wore earlier today, skip the bra, and get into my zip-up ‘Cal’ hoodie.

I’m not the make-up wearing type, and to be honest I really don’t need it. I’m 5’4″ at 130 pounds. I have the right amount of meat on my bones. I have dark eyes and long dark hair, with perky full tits, and a bubbly, round ass. I get right to the business of throwing on clothes, brush my teeth, and exit my apartment.

I drive to the hotel- feeling slightly stupid, and nervous. I think how I should retreat, and call off this crazy idea, but I don’t stop driving, and I don’t turn around.

Before I know it I’m standing at his door. I knock. His door pulls back slowly. He’s standing there instantly taking me in. The hotel feels a little warm and humid, and smells of Old Spice. He had just gotten out of the shower.

His dark hair is still wet and slicked back. He’s standing there in nothing else, but a pair of house shorts. His upper body is cut. He’s not the scrawny or fat guy. He’s perfect. He’s big and muscular. I get closer and notice his piercing blue eyes. He looks like he belongs in a calendar wearing fireman garb. I’m stunned, and it all seems surreal. I must be dreaming. There is no way I found this guy on Craigslist.

We both must have been speechless for a good minute, as his voice suddenly interrupted my daze.

“Hi, glad you found the place alright,” Kyle says in a sweet, yet deep tone.

My pussy is already torturing me. I’m wet. His skin still looks moist from his shower and his skin is a little red from the hot water.

I decide to give in to the dream. I simply smile back at him, and show him I’m not here for chit-chat, or mere company. I came here to deliver.

I step towards him and pull his face beylikdüzü otele gelen escort to mine- placing my lips on his. He picks up on my mood instantly, and graciously accommodates my hunger. His lips match mine perfectly as our kissing deepens. I kiss harder and he kisses back harder. Suddenly our mouths are lips and tongue, with just the perfect amount of minty sweetness, from his freshly brushed teeth, and saliva.

I stretch my arms around him more and he pulls me into him- wrapping his arms around my waist. The harder we kiss the tighter he pulls me in. I feel his hard muscles against my chest, and even better I feel the hardness straining in his shorts. I start moving my hips to take more pleasure in the feeling of his cock pressing against me through his shorts.

I unzip my hoodie and throw it on the floor behind me. Instantly I feel his warm rough hands groping my perfect C-size tits. My nipples are still hard- ever since he opened his door. My hips are still being pressed against his cock as his hands fondle my chest. His hands already feel magical. He knows how to knead them just right.

He continues to attack my tis as his kisses move my lips to my ear lobes and neck. My head is thrown back in complete abandonment. Our breathing is hot and heavy. I hear him let out low grunts in between his lips contact with my skin and his quick breaks for air.

I pull his head down; I want my tits to get wet. He gets the cue and licks my nipple and starts sucking, while biting lightly here and there. He moves to the other tit and soaks that nipple. My nipples are both wet now, and he continues to give each nipple its turn to be sucked. His hands move back to my waist and move back and down to my ass. He starts squeezing my ass and filling his hands up as he returns his lips to mine. I pull my hips back just enough to get my hand on his cock. I’m tired of feeling it through his shorts, so I only briefly grasp it from the outside and in seconds I’m shoving my hand inside his shorts. He’s hard as a rock, and thick. His cock is so thick and long, and the skin is nice and smooth. I need to see it.

I push him back towards the bed as I squeeze the tip of his cock and grasp his balls lightly. I pull his shorts down and let him lay back on the bed.

His cock stands at a perfect 90degrees. It looks like it has to be at least 7-inches. Better than that though is his incredible thickness. Even if he was only 5-inches, his girth would make up for everything. It shot up in the air, ending in a perfect mushroom-cap head.

I don’t want to waste any time. I climb up on the bed between his legs. I take his cock in my hand once again and lick the inside of his thigh. I’m kissing up the inner fold between his upper thigh and pelvis, while my hand plays with his balls. My other hand his admiring the feel of his hard abs. I move my mouth from kissing and nibbling at the bony-sides of his pelvic region and lick the tip of his cock. Both of my hands take position of his cock. My tongue works its way down to his balls. I suck on them as my hands continue to take pleasure in the feel of his shaft and head and return to his abs and back. Even feeling his thighs is amazing. He’s so hard and muscular. It still feels like a dream.

I lick up from his balls, all the beylikdüzü rus escort way back to his tip. I envelope the entire head of his cock with my mouth and suck slow and hard. I take my mouth of it a second and look at his face. He looks as lost in the moment as I am. He grunts more as I take his head back into my mouth and suck. I suck as my tongue continues to lick and swirl around his head and play with his tip. I take more of him into my mouth.

I’m sucking his cock fully now. Up and down. My lips just centimeters from actually touching his balls again. I suck, and my tongue swirls.

Listening to his breathing get heavier as he begins moaning has my pussy dying for attention. I free one of my hands from his cock to give my pussy what it needs. I undo the button and zipper of my pants and stick my hand into my panties. The feel of my flesh against my pussy is beyond satisfying. I start to alternate between playing with the entrance of my vaginal canal and my clit. I’m rubbing in circles and protruding into my hole just slightly. I’m soaked. I’m touching light because I don’t want to get off yet, but I’m already close. I can’t take it. I free his cock from my mouth and crawl up, kissing up his abs to his chest. I playfully lick and suck at his nipples briefly, and giggle with him a bit over it. I start to kiss his neck and earlobes. Once again I find his mouth and tell him I can’t take it anymore. I push my panties and jeans off at the same time and throw them on the floor.

I lie on top of him, and take his cock in my hand. I rub my clit with the head of his cock. He’s thick. I know it will hurt a bit. I ease his cock into my slit. Anxious to take it all in. I get it in and start to grind my pussy down on to his cock. Working my hips and letting every bit of my pussy walls make contact with his dick. I grind until it manages to all get in. He’s fully inside me. It is slightly painful, but in the best of ways. I start to move up and down and grind. He pulls his mouth up to my tits again, and sucks while his one hand fondles the free tit and his other hand starts rubbing my clit in circles as I grind into him.

“Oh my God!” I start to raise my voice. “Oh my God your cock feels so good.”

He responds, ” Your pussy feels good. You’re so fucking tight.”

“Oh fuck,” I yell out.

I cum on top of him as he busts his load.

“Oh my God,” he repeats my words. “I hope you have birth control” he says suddenly, as his cock is still throbbing in my cunt.

“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill,” I reassure him. I take the pill to keep my menstrual cycles regulated, so I’m always good to go.

I bring my lips to his again, and join him in a softer, more passionate kiss. Our tongues play. He’s still hard inside of me. My clit is too sensitive to ride him.

He rolls me over onto my back and kisses me some more. Before I know it he’s pumping into me harder and faster, than we fucked yet.

“Oh!” I yell. “Fuck me hard!” “Like that!” “Oh my God! Fuck!” I continue.

He’s grunting louder and starts gripping harder at my tits and moves his mouth from my lips to my neck to my chest and back to my lips. I dig my nails into his back- clawing a bit lightly, but hard. He moans louder every time I scratch. He grips me tighter. His whole body takes control of beylikdüzü türbanlı escort me. He’s pounding even harder. All I can hear is our cries and his balls slapping against me as he shoves his whole girth and length into me repeatedly. I haven’t been fucked like this in forever.

I feel like I’m in another reality. I feel drunk on pure lust.

Just as I feel I’m about to cum he pulls out of me and gets me to turn over. I’m lying on my stomach now with my ass arched up towards him. He buries his entire length back into my cunt. He starts slow for a second, and really grinds it in. I grind back. He starts to thrust harder and faster again as I buck back into him.

He starts to pull at my hair and suck on my neck and ears. I turn my head back to meet him again and fierce lip-locking.

“Uhhhhh!!” He lets out his loudest moan yet. The sound makes me lose it completely. My whole body shudders. My head thrashes uncontrollably. I came harder than last time. With a final thrust his throbbing cock in me unloads. He collapses on top of me.

We’re both hot and sweaty. I never wanted him to take his cock out of me again. It felt so perfect. Of course, we can’t stay like this forever, so he slides it out reluctantly. I feel some of his warm cum dribble out of my cunt. He bites my ass lightly and gives it a light smack.

He gets up to go to the bathroom and I hear the shower start up. He tells me to come join him. The shower is hot. I still feel drunk. We immediately start kissing again. His cock is pressed up against my stomach. It’s hard almost hard again. I kneel in the shower and put it back in my mouth and suck and lick, while I play with his balls.

He stands me up in seconds- turns me around, pushes me up against the shower and slides his cock back up into me. I turn my head back to kiss him some more as his cock pumps into me and his hand reaches around to grab my tits.

He asks me to swallow him this time. I comply. He pulls his cock out of me, and pushes my back against the wall. He kneels between my legs and starts to lick and suck at my pussy lips. He sucks my clit. His middle finger finds its way into my hole, and then his index. He has two fingers pumping into my hole, as his mouth continues to suck.

“I’m not going to last long like this!” I tell him.

He just looks up at me and flashes his knowing, seductive eyes.

“I want your cock back in me!” I beg him.

He gets up and quickly gives me what I asked for- wasting no time he simply grabs up one of my thighs and aims his cock back into my hole. His whole body his pressed against me as he fucks me some more against the shower wall. After the assault job his mouth just did on my pussy, I cum in a matter of minutes.

He pulls out of me, and as I agreed I get on my knees and position my mouth at the head of his cock and suck as my hands pump at his shaft and squeeze his balls.

I feel that telling throb, and his hot, gooey cum shoots into the back of my throat. I swallow every bit of his cum I can handle, and let the rest splash onto my tits.

We decided to then actually shower.

We showered, dried off, and got dressed again. He got back into a pair of shorts. I put my jeans and hoodie back on. I tell him he can keep my panties. He smiles.

“Maybe if I’m in town again, we could meet up?” He asked.

I told him, “We’ll see.”

We shared one last exchange between our lips and tongues. He wraps his arms around me. He feels so strong and warm against my body. I’m still feeling drunk. I don’t want to leave, but we both knew what this was.

I went home. It was the best fuck I’ve ever had, but I’m sure I’ll probably never see him again.

The end.

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