Course of Passion Ch. 02

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Day Two

Stuart awoke with a start, his alarm rousing him harshly from his slumber. For a couple of seconds he wondered where the hell he was until it all came flooding back to him. He heard the shower running in the bathroom and jumped out of bed and padded into the bathroom naked. He could see Lyn’s silhouette through the shower curtain as he sneaked up to the shower stall.

Lyn was busy lathering herself with her back to the curtain when Stuart reached through and playfully smacked her bare bum. Lyn shrieked in surprise as she realised what had happened.

“Can I join you?” Stuart asked.

“Mmmm be my guest,” Lyn smiled.

Stuart squeezed into the shower and took the sponge from Lyn’s hand and began lathering her back for her. The sponge glided over her smooth, pale skin as Stuart slowly made his way down her back and over her buttocks. He paid particular attention to her firm little bum, discarding the sponge and using his bare hands. He slid one finger along the cleft of Lyn’s bum, sliding lower until her reached between her thighs.

Lyn leant forward slightly and parted her legs a little encouraging Stuart to continue with his exploration. Stuart’s soapy hands worked their way further between the cheeks of Lyn’s arse, pressing lightly at the entrance to her bum before continuing on to her pussy. Stuart began gently stroking her pussy lips as Lyn opened her legs a little further. Lyn’s pussy opened slightly as his finger delved between her love petals.

Stuart’s limp penis was rapidly growing harder at the sexy image before him. Lyn’s soft skin felt electric to touch as his hands wandered over her body. Stuart arranged himself so that his cock was nudging at Lyn’s butt, the head of his dick on fire once again. Lyn reached behind her and stroked her soft, wet hand along his length, scraping her nails gently over Stuart’s balls and up his penis before wrapping her delicate hand around his raging cock and started to masturbate him, exposing the head of his cock again and again. Lyn’s touch soon had Stuart on the verge of orgasm so he broke away from her touch.

Stuart knelt behind her, water cascading over their bodies as he began kissing her derriere whilst his fingers continued to play with Lyn’s wet pussy. His tongue began to dart between her cheeks as with one hand he held open her arse. The tip of Stuart’s tongue attacked the tight puckered arsehole, flicking over it and occasionally delving inside. Stuart then slid a single finger into her tunnel of love and began to stimulate her tight pussy. Lyn started to breath heavily and gave little sighs of pleasure as both of her holes were invaded.

“God that feel wonderful but you must stop! We have a course to get to… save this until later,” Lyn stated.

Grumbling Stuart washed and dressed as Lyn finished her make up and went downstairs to the training room. Stuart arrived five minutes later and settled down with the other class members to try and absorb at least some of what he needed to learn. Stuart found himself struggling to concentrate as Lyn went about training the two other members of the class. The wiggle of her bum entrancing him as Lyn travelled around the room. The morning passed in a blur until Lyn called a halt to the course for lunch. As the course members left the room Lyn whispered to Stuart,

“Stay here!”

Stuart did as he was told whilst Lyn disappeared from the room. She returned a few minutes later and locked the door and pulled the blinds. As soon as that was done Lyn unzipped Stuart’s trousers and released his manhood, which was already hard with the anticipation of what was to come next.

Lyn knelt in front of him and began to delicately run her tongue along the underside of his cock from root to tip, pulling his foreskin back to reveal the head of his penis. Her tongue began to roll over the head causing the blood to boil in Stuart’s loins. She then took the head of his cock in her wanton mouth and began sucking hungrily on it. Lyn’s head moved back and forth along its length, gradually taking more and more of Stuart’s cock. Before Stuart got too carried away Lyn stopped what she was doing and enlightened Stuart to where she had briefly gone.

“I have a little treat for you!” She grinned, as she produced a tube of chocolate sauce from her bag. She proceeded to apply the sauce along the length of Stuart’s penis, coating his member with the sticky liquid. Steadily Lyn resumed sucking and licking his cock, the sticky sauce smearing over his swollen dick as she greedily swallowed the chocolate. After a few feverish minutes the sauce had all but disappeared leaving behind Stuart’s quivering cock, aching to be relieved. Lyn once more allowed Stuart’s dick to slide deep into her mouth this time opening her throat to allow him entry. bursa escort Stuart’s cock disappeared fully inside of Lyn, his balls pressed against her chin as her throat began milking his phallus. The tightness of Lyn’s throat wrapped around his engorged cock soon had Stuart breathing heavier and heavier as Lyn moved her head to and fro. Again and again she took his manhood deep into her throat until Stuart held her head in his hands and held his cock within her throat. He came convulsively, wave after wave of semen disappeared down Lyn’s throat as he collapsed onto the chair, drained.

“Fuck Lyn, you have a wonderful mouth,” he grinned as Lyn finally came up for air, licking her lips teasingly.

“That was just a quick bit of fun; you will repay the favour later tonight!” She replied, “Now sort yourself out as the other two will be back from lunch soon.”

Stuart did as he was told whilst Lyn rearranged herself and unlocked the door, barely moments before the other course members returned.

All afternoon Stuart sat with a stupid grin on his face as Lyn continued teaching and he silently vowed to make her cum harder than ever before. Little by little Stuart actually began to understand what Lyn was teaching and whilst he would never fully understand it all he felt that he could bluff his way through it. This allowed him to fantasise about her succulent body all the more until he couldn’t wait for the end of the day to come.

Finally it did and as the class made its way out he whispered,

“See you in about an hour, I need to shower. Meet me in the bar and I’ll treat you to dinner.”

Lyn replied, “I need a shower too. See you soon.”

With that they made their way to their rooms and prepared for the night ahead.

Stuart showered and dressed in a shirt and jeans, splashed himself with aftershave and headed for the bar.

Lyn meanwhile showered and picked a stunning black dress that finished barely a couple of inches below the cheeks of her arse. She picked a black bra that pushed her pert little breasts together to create the most amazing cleavage. As a surprise she didn’t wear any panties and grinned to herself at the face Stuart would pull when he found out. She then headed down to the bar where Stuart was waiting.

Upon seeing her Stuart had a flashback to when he first saw her in the very seat where he sat now and remembered nearly falling out of the seat. He also took in the numerous pairs of eyes following Lyn across the lounge now as he rose to greet her, kissing her cherry red lips lightly.

“Shall we go?” he asked, “I have booked a table at a local restaurant for 8.30”

“Sounds great, let’s go.”

They headed out to Stuart’s hire car and were soon weaving across town to a plush Italian restaurant. As they were a little early they sat at the bar and had a couple of drinks, her Vodka Ices and him Lager shandy as he was driving. They sat chatting on their bar stools, the sexual tension emanating from them both almost palpable.

Finally they were called to their table and as they rose Lyn uncrossed her legs allowing Stuart the briefest of flashes of her nether region, totally shaven, asking to be ravaged.

Stuart almost choked on his drink as Lyn looked back over her shoulder and winked, overjoyed at Stuart’s reaction.

Once at the table Lyn innocently asked,

“Did you like my little surprise?”

“Bloody right!” Stuart responded, “I’m just lucky that the table is covering my reaction.”

Lyn lifted her foot from her shoe and lifted it under the table and placed it in Stuart’s lap, resting her foot on the bulge in his trousers. She gave it a little massage with her foot before lowering her foot, allowing him to recover some decorum.

As they sat and ate they discussed what Stuart needed to pass the course whilst Lyn continued to drink. Stuart had ordered a bottle of Champagne to accompany the meal and Lyn had all but finished the bottle, Stuart having the smallest of glasses.

All through dinner Stuart couldn’t get the image of Lyn’s pussy from his mind. Added to the sight of her cleavage opposite him it was a potent combination and Stuart could hardly wait to get her alone.

Finally, they finished their deserts and Stuart paid the bill. He escorted Lyn, arm in arm to the car as Lyn slurred slightly,

“I’ve had a wonderful evening, thank you. But it’s not over yet is it?”

“No fear, not after your little surprise!”

Stuart opened Lyn’s door for her then jumped in himself and began to drive them back to the hotel. Or so Lyn thought. Stuart actually drove out of town and down a little country road until there were no lights to be seen. He pulled over in a little used side road certain that at that time of night they would be uninterrupted. bursa escort bayan He undid his seat belt and leant over and took Lyn’s face in his hands and lightly kissed her lips. Lyn reciprocated his kiss, pressing her lips against his, her mouth slightly open as the kiss continued.

Stuart began kissing her more ardently, his tongue darting in her mouth, their tongues dancing together passionately. Stuart moved his hand down to her chest and cupped Lyn’s breast, softly rubbing her nipple causing it to harden. Further encouraged Stuart then began kissing her neck and throat, planting soft kisses again and again causing Lyn to moan with delight as he found out one of her weaknesses. Stuart continued kissing her whilst Lyn began running her hand through his hair, gasps of desire escaping her lips as Stuart kept heightening her pleasure. Her breasts were heaving with excitement, hardening under his touch, begging to be released.

Stuart did just that, pulling her dress down along with her bra, exposing her pale globes. In the moonlight the paleness made them look like ivory, sending Stuart into raptures. He lowered his head taking one of Lyn’s tits in his mouth, gently sucking her breast into his mouth whilst rolling his tongue deftly around her nipple. He alternated then between her breast and kissing her neck as her breathing became more and more laboured.

“Stuart we need more room, get out of the car!”

In a flash they were out and leaning against the car, Lyn pressed against the cold metal whilst Stuart devoured her neck with yet more kisses. Lyn managed to get a hand between them and was rubbing his already erect penis whilst wrapping a leg around him. Stuart broke away to take in the vision of beauty before him whilst he unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. He approached her once more, his head sinking to her chest as he caressed and teased her nipples, making them stand proudly out demanding attention.

To doubly excite her Stuart managed to slide a hand down Lyn’s side and underneath her short, short dress that had ridden up exposing her perfect petals of love. Her pussy was already wet to touch as he traced a finger along her tiny little pussy hole and gently circled her clitoris with one finger. Back and forth he stroked the entrance to her love tunnel, his fingers becoming moister with every stroke.

There they stayed, Stuart kissing and sucking on Lyn’s perfect breasts and nipples whilst his fingers continued to trace the contours of her vagina and tease her now erect clit. Unable to contain himself any longer Stuart slid two fingers into Lyn’s shaven haven of delight causing her to moan out loud with desire.

“OH GOD! Your fingers feel so good in me!” she screamed as she lifted one leg higher to allow his fingers free access to her warm moist cunt. Stuart increased the pace of his fingers, sliding them faster and faster in and out of her wet fanny. Lyn’s pussy juices were flowing from within, coating his hand with stickiness. Her body was trembling at his every touch and with every stroke from his hand she moved closer and closer to cumming.

Finally Stuart broke from her and lifted her against the car so that her elbows were supported on the roof. He lifted her pussy to his mouth as Lyn put her legs over his shoulders. His mouth attacked the core of her desire as his tongue plunged deep inside her. The sweetness of her pussy drove Stuart even wilder as her musky scent enveloped his tongue. Lyn in turn was thrusting her pussy up at his face, fucking his mouth with her cunt, taking his tongue deeper inside her than ever before.

With a giant shudder Lyn came, her pussy contracting around Stuart’s tongue as wave after wave of her cum flowed into his mouth. He drank her sweet nectar, swallowing her love juice as her pussy spasmed over and over.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Lyn whispered as she almost swooned with pleasure.

Stuart remained lapping at her pussy, supporting Lyn’s weight whilst she regained a level of control. Finally able to support herself Stuart lowered Lyn to the ground where they kissed passionately as Lyn tasted her own sweetness on his tongue. Aggressively now Lyn threw Stuart against the car, kissing his chest and stomach whilst undoing his belt, before tugging his trousers down and taking his rock hard cock in her hand. Lyn slid her dress down and stepped out of it so that she was totally naked in front of him.

She began furiously wanking his cock whilst rubbing her sopping wet cunt against him, his pre-cum covering her petite hand.

“Are you gonna fuck me with your big, hard cock? Do you wanna bend me over and take me on your car?” Lyn demanded as she continued to toss his dick.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do!” Stuart panted.

With escort bursa that Lyn led him around to the front of the car by his cock and lay back on the bonnet. Her legs were spread wide apart and the moonlight glistened on her sopping wet bald cunt.

“Fuck me, Fuck my cunt Stuart!” Lyn snarled as she guided his weapon into her pussy.

Stuart began plunging earnestly into her pussy, his cock devouring her fuck hole, his balls slapping against her with every thrust. He held her legs wide apart, making her cunt even tighter around his dick. He had never felt a pussy so tight as his blood boiled with desire. Lyn was looking him square in the eye as his cock ravaged her.

“Fuck my slutty little cunt you bastard!” She ordered, “Fill my pussy with your big, fat cock.”

Stuart was pounding into her now, his cock stretching her tiny, hairless snatch. How he hadn’t came already he would never know, but he was sure that he would remember this fuck for the rest of his life. Even more so when Lyn cried out a few minutes later that she was cumming again.

Her back arched on the bonnet of the car as she held his cock deep inside her. Waves of ecstasy centred on her pussy as her cum erupted over his cock and balls. Lyn thrashed about on the car uncontrollably as her cunt contracted around Stuart’s blazing manhood. Stuart remained perfectly still, desperately trying not to cum at the exquisite site of Lyn cumming all over his cock. Her beautiful features contorted in pleasure as her orgasm reached its crescendo.

With Lyn in delirium following her latest orgasm Stuart withdrew from her and turned her onto her front, her ivory buttocks begging to be adored. Before Lyn even knew where she was Stuart had plunged his rampant manhood back into her pussy and continued furiously fucking her, slamming his entire cock inside her body, his weight pressing her against the bonnet of the car. He began nuzzling at her neck whilst his dick invaded her beautiful pussy hole, before Lyn had even had the chance to recover she was quivering and shaking all over as his cock drove her close to oblivion accompanied by his light kisses on the back of her neck.

Barely a couple of minutes had elapsed when Lyn cried out in animalistic passion as another orgasm exploded through her body, her cunt aflame with desire. Her moans of passion were almost undecipherable as she muttered in ecstasy.

“Fuck, Oh god! I’m cumming again, your cock, give it to me, Oh fuck YES!!!”

Stuart knew that it was a matter of minutes before he would be unable to hold off any more and he wanted to take her in her arse before that happened so her slid his sopping wet cock from her ravaged pussy and began nudging at the entrance to her exquisite tight arsehole. Gradually he forced his cock a little further inside her as she slowly came round from her latest cumming. Eventually Lyn realised what he had done and desperately began begging him to fill her with his cum.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck my arsehole you fucking bastard. Shove your big hard cock up my tight fucking hole. I want to feel you cum in my arse. I want your dick to fill me arse up.”

Stuart forced all of his weight down onto Lyn as she lay there pinned to the car, his cock forced deeper into her sphincter than ever before and he lay there barely moving as Lyn cried in both pleasure and pain. Her arsehole felt on fire as his cock pressed home again and again. Stuart withdrew until his cock was barely inside her butt before plunging it back inside of her ravaging her arse time after time until he could hold back no longer and with one final deep thrust, cum flooded from the end of his cock and erupted into Lyn’s arsehole. His animalistic roar seemed to go on forever as he emptied his balls deep inside her rectum, frantically forcing his cock inside her, desperate to give her all of his cum.

Totally drained Stuart collapsed beside her on the bonnet of the car, desperate for breath as they both tried to recover enough to move. Lyn just lay there, face flushed and quivering with the pleasure she had just experienced. Stuart’s cum started trickling slowly from her butt hole and into her gaping pussy before running down her stunning shapely thighs.

“That was the most amazing experience of my life!” Stuart gasped, finally able to speak.

“I have never been taken like that before; I can’t believe how you made me cum.” Lyn whispered in reply.

Eventually the pair of them roused themselves enough to dress themselves for the drive back to the hotel. On the way back Lyn teasingly reached down to Stuart’s groin and stroked his flaccid cock.

“I’m sorry Lyn but there’s no way that will rise again tonight!” Stuart despaired.

“Not to worry. There is always tomorrow night. We’ll have to do something extra special as it’s our last time together.”

With that they drove back in contented silence, Lyn leaning against Stuart as he drove. Upon reaching the hotel they both collapsed into her room before sleeping the sleep of the gods entwined together.

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